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Stephen Bailey


252. Benjamin David Middleton

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
Thank You, so very much for the Middletoninformation, I have been looki
for about 3 years, not a long time, but it is wonderful people like you, t
makes it easy for me.
My father wasthe grandson of Benjamin Franklin and Mary Jane Ball. Samu
married LettieJane Capps. Again, Thank you, Elnora (Middleton) Johnson <
EJohn32638@aol.com> 8-19-2001

William T. Stewart

Rec'd from William Swanson, Oct 7, 2005:
"Herald Dispatch (Decatur, Illinois)" - 27 Jun 1896 - KENTUCKY VENDETT
London Depot, Ky., June 23 - On Clover Fork, in Harlan County, six mil
es above Harlan court house, one of the bloodiest battles of modern yea
rs - took place yesterday with John Pace, IrvinCornett and Harrison Corne
tt on one side, and George Dean, William Stewart, and Dave Eldredge on t
he other. Dean and Eldredge were killed. The slayers have been arrested a
nd are in jail. The fight was the result of an old feud of long standing.

553. Beatrice Stewart

Social Security Death Index Record
about Beatrice Napier
Name: Beatrice Napier
SSN: 224-92-6184
Last Residence: 24265 Keokee, Lee, Virginia, UnitedStates of America
Born: 10 Jul 1906
Died: 12 Mar 1993
State (Year) SSN issued: Virginia (1973 )

Milton Napier

Social Security Death Index Record
about Milton Napier
Name: Milton Napier
SSN: 227-05-6554
Last Residence: 24265 Keokee, Lee, Virginia, United States of America
Born: 16 May 1900
Died: 7 Jun 1989
State (Year) SSN issued:Virginia (Before 1951 )

James Dean

From: William Swanson
Date: 10/15/05 15:57:23
To: darlene
Cc: GJNolan@aol.com; felinesmama@msn.com
Subject: Re: James Dean
1900 Harlan County, Kentucky
James Dean h May 1862 38 m 13 KY KY KY s/o James De
an & Margaret Hale
Mary w Jun 1862 37 m 13 5/5 KY KY KY
Alisee d Jul 1888 11 KY KY KY
George s Feb1891 9 KY KY KY
James s Jul 1892 7KY KY KY This is him.
Gillie d Jul 1896 3 KY KY KY
Brown s Dec 1898 1 KY KY KY
Dean v. Hall
105 S.W. 98
Ky.App. 1907.
Nov. 8, 1907. (Approx. 2 pages)
31 Ky.L.Rptr. 1306
Court of Appeals of Kentucky.
Nov. 8, 1907.
Appeal from Circuit Court, Harlan County.
"Not to be officially reported."
Action by James Dean against W. F. Hall to reform a deed. From a judgme
nt for defendant, plaintiff appeals. Reversed, and new trial ordered.
A grantor in a warranty deed, which, either by fraud or mistake, embra
ces lands not intended to be conveyed,has the right to have the deed corr
ected, and this is true even though the grantor has no title to such land
s, for the law will not impose upon him the hardship of defending the tit
le to lands which he did not own and which were improperly included in t
he deed.
Plaintiff alleged that he owned two tracts ofland for which he obtain
ed patents; that defendant purchased from the heirsof H., one of whom w
as plaintiff's wife, all lands owned by H. at the time ofhis death; th
at plaintiff, to enable his wife to convey, joined in the deed,and th
at by mistake plaintiff's tracts, which were not owned or claimed by H., w
ere included in the deed. Defendant denied the allegations, except the exe
cution of the deed, and affirmatively alleged that he purchased all lan
dsowned by H. at the time of his death, and that he disclaimed any tit
le to thetracts of plaintiff under or by virtue of the patents issu
ed to plaintiff. Held, the disclaimer was insufficient to warrant judgme
nt for defendant, as itleft in issue H.'s ownership of the tracts in ques
tion at the time of his death.
*98 J. G. & J. S. Forester, for appellant. W. F. Hall and Greene & V
anWinkle, for appellees.
This is an action to reform and correct a deed from appellant, James D
ean, and others, to appellee, W. F. Hall. The petition alleges that appell
ant had surveyed for himself two tracts of land on Millcreek in Harlan co
unty, Ky., embracing about 100 acres, which are describedin the petitio
n, and for which he obtained patents from the commonwealth of Kentuc
ky on November 1, 1900, and appellant is the owner of two said tracts ofl
and; that on August 9, 1902, appellee purchased from Mary Dean, wife of ap
pellant, and Julia Ann Clem, wife of John C. Clem, who are both daughte
rs ofW. T. Hall, deceased, all the interest they had in the land of sa
id W. T. Hall owned by him at the time of his death; that on said date, f
or the consideration of $150 paid to Mary Dean and Julia Ann Clem, appell
ee caused to be drawn up and presented to them for execution and delive
ry a deed of conveyance,which, as appellant then believed, embraced on
ly the lands claimed and ownedby said W. T. Hall at the time of his deat
h, but which, as a matter of fact,embraced not only the land own
ed by W. T. Hall, but the two tracts of land patented by the commonweal
th of Kentucky to appellant; that appellant joined insaid deed with his w
ife only for the purpose of enabling her to convey her interest in her fat
her's estate, and appellant did not sell appellee any land,nor did appell
ee pay him anything for any land; that appellant is an illiterate man, a
nd at the time said deed was made he relied solely on appellee to prepa
re same so as to include only the land owned by said W. T. Hall, but tha
t, by reason of being a skillful lawyer and shre

555. George Dean

Parents as listed on Death Certificate: James Dean, KY and Marry Hall, KY
DClists George as married at the time of his death but no name for wife.
Note from Darlene Pace: has this death cert as well. 1916 Death Cert fi
lm 7016187Death Cert 20585
County: Harlan voting pct Coxton no 14
Name: George Dean
Male, white, married, does not list wife name
DOB: 9-20-1890 place: KY
DOD:8-27-1816, age 25 yrs, 11 mo, 7 da
Cause: Shot and instantly killed
Occupation: Sheriff
Father: James Dean of KY
Mother: Mary Hall of KY
Informant:JS Forester of Harlan, KY
Bur: Greys Knob 8-28-1916.........................Darlene Pace

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