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Stephen Bailey


722. Lawrence Gordon Stewart

Delores, My name is Patricia Lee Stewart (Phillips). I am the daught
er of Lawrence G Stewart.I found your site while surfing thenet. My au
nt is WinifredStewart Mise. I was so blessed to find my family histor
y. I never had much contact with my dads side of the family.This mea
ns so much to me to find thisinformation.I recently established conta
ct with my aunt whom i have not seenin 20 years.When my father died in 19
77, i had to leave home due to my mother,s mental illness. I went to li
ve with my family doctor until I was able to leave home for college.I nev
er returned to Harlan County and never had contact with my father's si
de of the family. I am giving you info to complete mydad's geneology. La
wrence Gordon Stewart married Lola Bailey December 7 1952. My brother w
as born September 7 1953.(wedding night baby) I was born September 10 19
60 in Lynch Kentucky. I am sorry that i dont remember where mom anddad we
re married or where my brother was born. I will ask my mother.Her mental s
tate may not allow her to remember much.My brother never married and h
as no children. I married Tommy Dean Phillips December 29,1984. We have o
ne son living, Joshua Nathaniel Phillips -born January 2,1986 in Lexingto
n, Kentucky.We lost our son Jared Andrew Phillips .he was born and died de
cember 13,1989.i know that Jared is with Jesus. Please excuse my poor typi
ng skills.I ammore educated than my typing indicates. I ust can't type
.I actually have a masters degree in biology.i've taught high school biolo
gy,chemistry,etc.We nowlive in Columbia, Maryland. Columbia is about 30 m
iles from Washington,DC.Please email me back if you have time.God bless yo
u. trish <Testiosterone@aol.com>

J. C. "Cedar" Mize

Date of Birth: 6 Jun 1927
County: Harlan
Mother's Name: Georgia Whiteaker
State: Kentucky
Volume Number: 100
Certificate Number: 49655
Volume Year: 1927
Death Date: 26 March , 1994
Death Place: Fl
Age: 066
Residence: Harlan
Volume: 902
Certificate: 330

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