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Hugh Herston Boggs
and Nora Mae Wheeler

Hugh Herston Boggs b 3 Feb 1905 Orr, Elliott Co KY d 27 Jan 1980 Ashland, Boyd Co KY of colon cancer; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Ashland, KY; s/o John Milton Boggs and Hattie Pennington. Hugh Herston Boggs m. 15 May 1926 Catlettsburg, Boyd Co KY to Nora Mae Wheeler b 8 May 1903 Blaine, Lawrence Co KY d 26 Jan 1982 Atlanta, Fulton Co GA of Alzheimer's Disease and also suffered from Heart Disease; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, AShland, KY; d/o Amos Harrison Wheeler and Mary Belle "Mollie" Booth. Children of Hugh Herston Boggs and Nora Mae Wheeler;

1. Ruth Wilhelmina Boggs b 11 Jan 1927 Ashland, Boyd Co KY; m. 17 Sept 1949 Berea, KY to Wilma Marvette "Mac" Davis b 17 Aug 1927 GA d 28 Apr 2005 Atlanta, Fulton Co GA; buried Colquitt, GA; graduated from Berea College and Duke University. He worked for many years for the Federal Reserve Bank both in Atlanta and Miami.

Ruth Boggs was named after a baby of a lady for whom my grandmother used to clean house. Ruth and the other baby must have been very close in age as they graduated from high school together. She graduated from Ashland High School in January 1944 and worked for a time for Ashland Oil. She ran an adding machine and said that the monotony of it nearly made her crazy. She broke down crying at her machine one day and her supervisor told her that she needed to go on to college instead of doing this. Ruth entered Berea College and rode the train to get there. It was at Berea that she met her future husband, Mac Davis. Aunt Ruth has lived in Washington D.C., Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. She now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is very involved in volunteer work in the Atlanta region.

Wilma Marvette "Mac" Davis graduated from Berea College and Duke University. He worked for many years for the Federal Reserve Bank both in Atlanta and Miami.

2. Russell Lowell Boggs b 19 May 1929 Ashland, Boyd Co KY d 3 Oct 1977 Franklin Co OH; m. Kitty Patton; d/o Charles E Patton and Dora G Babcock. Russell Boggs was a graduate of Ashland High School. He attended Kansas State University and that is where he met Kitty Patton. At the time, he was going to college on a ROTC scholarship that required him to remain unmarried. He married Kitty and lost the scholarship. Uncle Russell had gone through the machine trades program at the Ashland vocational school. He was a machinist. Russell Boggs died of a massive heart attack.

3. Hugh Herston Junior Boggs b 31 Jan 1931 Ashland, Boyd Co KY d 16 Jun 1981 Franklin Co OH; m. Female Strauss

Uncle Junior was a machinist by trade. He went through the Ashland Vocational School in the machine shop. He worked for my dad for a period of time just before he died. He was also in the Navy, although I don't know when he enlisted or when he exited. He entered the Navy along with a buddy. I do know that he was a boxer on his ship and had quite a reputation for being able to carry his own. Junior Boggs died of cancer of the larnyx.

4. Living Boggs

5. Gerald Dean Boggs b 17 JUN 1936 Ashland, Boyd Co KY d 7 Feb 2007 Ashland, Boyd Co KY; buried 11 Feb 2007 Ashland Cemetery Mausoleum, Ashland, KY; m. 18 Jan 1959 Coal Grove, Lawrence Co KY to Janet Rupert Smith b 3 Dec 1938 Ashland, Boyd Co KY d 17 Aug 2007 Rush, Boyd Co KY; buried 21 Aug 2007 Ashland Cemetery Mausoleum, Ashland, KY; d/o Kenneth Elven Smith and Virginia Katherine Rupert.

Nora Mae Wheeler is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Ashland, Kentucky. She was my grandmother. Most of my memories of her are from when she was very sick. She had Parkinson's Disease, diabetes, and angina. My grandmother was very skilled at quilting. I have one of her quilts. She also made a quilt for my brother when he graduated from high school in 1977. I remember when they sold my grandmother's estate that there were many quilts stacked up on the couch. If I only would have known then what a loss it would be to have sold those quilts. My grandmother raised five children. She also worked side jobs such as teaching sewing to adults and later as a cook in the local elementary school. During WWII she worked in an optical factory making scopes for rifles. I do remember that my grandmother liked to play jokes. She once had some china which she bought when the railroad (C&O) quit running passenger cars. The china was very hard so that it wouldn't break if it fell to the ground. She held a cup out to me once, and since she had Parkinson's she was shaking very badly. I reached out to take hold of the cup and she intentionally dropped it, knowing it would not break. I jumped to try to catch it, but didn't get there in time. She laughed heartily at seeing me jump! My grandmother was also very talented at constructing things. She laid the tile on their front porch and around the fireplace in the front living room. She was also primarily responsible for building the kitchen on to the back of their house (which was located at 614 Gartrell Street, Ashland, KY).

Hugh Herston Boggs was the first child of John Milt and Hattie Pennington Boggs. He was born on the family farm on the Lawrence / Elliott County line. He attended school in Lawrence County at the head of Lick Creek. At that time school was only available through the eighth grade unless a family could afford to send their children to a city to attend high school. My grandfather completed the eighth grade. My grandfather moved to Ashland, Kentucky and worked for Armco Steel for 41 years. He loved to hunt and collect antique guns. He was a Mason and belonged to the Oak Springs United Baptist Church in Ashland, Kentucky. There is an old family story that my grandfather and his wife's cousin (Jim Wheeler) were out running moon shine. They boiled down too much mash and they didn't have enough jugs to put it in. My grandfather sent Jimmy to find some more jugs. He was gone a very long time. Suddenly my grandfather heard the leaves rustling and Jimmy popped into the clearing and declared "Brother Hughie, I done got religion. I ain't gonna run shine no more." It seems that he had passed a tent revival on his way to find more jugs and stuck his head in to see what was going on. When the preacher gave the alter call, he went forward and got saved. My Aunt LaRue Wheeler told us that my grandfather made the best shine she ever drank. I don't know how much shine she drank, so it's hard to tell if that is a good recommendation!!! My grandfather was a very gentle and sweet spirited man. He always seemed so easy going to me.

(Source: Barbara Jacobs - blacklickmachine@insight-bc.com)

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