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William Bowen
and Ada Fuller

William Bowen b abt 1901 KY d 25 Nov 1927 Letcher Co KY; shot and killed by Sheriff James Maggard who was trying to arrest him for illegal possession of whiskey; s/o John D Bowen. William Bowen m. 9 May 1917 Pine Top, Knott Co KY to Ada Fuller b 10 Sept 1901 d 21 Dec 1977 Lexington, Fayette Co KY; d/o Green Fuller and Margaret Amburgey. Ada Fuller was a nurse. She worked many years at the Eastern State Insane Asylum in Lexington, Kentucky. Children of William Bowen and Ada Fuller;

1. Olga Bowen (aka Olgie) b 25 Aug 1918 Knott Co KY d 14 Dec 1976 Lexington, Fayette Co KY; age 58; buried Lexington Cemetery, Lexington Fayette Co KY; m. 22 Feb 1949 Georgetown, Scott Co KY to (2) Albert Calvin Lunsford b abt 1925; s/o Lewis Lunsford and Margaret Haggard. Albert Calvin Lunsford was a US Marine at the time of their marriage. He was listed as single and this was his 1st marriage. Olga was listed as divorced and this was her 2nd marriage. She was 28 years of age at the time of this marriage. Olga Bowen Boggs was a very pretty woman. She had golden colored eyes. I don't think I've every seen eyes that color before. She was a natural blonde and small in stature. Children of Calvin Lunsford and Olga Bowens;

i. David Lane Lunsford b abt 1950 d abt 2015 Tampa FL; buried Camp Nelson National Cemetery, Nicholasville, KY. David was in the military and fought in the Vietnam War. He was never the same after he came back. He had several children with whom he decided not to spend time. In his youth, he decided that he did not want the burden of children, and in his old age, he regretted that decision. Needless to say his children wanted little to do with him when he did decide to finally contact them. Children of David Lane Lunsford and Martha Webb;

I. James Lunsford; m. Kim Unknown; children; 1. Morgan (female triplet) 2. Jayson (male triplet) 3. Travis Lunsford (male Triplet)

II. Christie Lunsford (2 children)

Olga Bowen m. (divorced) (1) Earnest Boggs b abt 1915 KY. Child of Earnest Boggs and Olga Bowen;

i. Judith Judy Boggs b abt 1940 KY

Olga Bowens m. (3) Arthur "Huff" Huff (no children). Olga was married to Huff at the time of her death in Lexington KY. Huff preceded her in death. I believe Huff worked in the air conditioning business. He was not home a lot. He was a man of average height and weight.

2. James Edward Ed Bowen b abt 1921; buried Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Fayette Co KY. I don't think Ed Bowen every married. Ed was a large man in height and weight. He chose very large cars and put the seat all the way back to accommodate his large size. Ed worked in the air conditioning and appliance repair business.

Ada Fuller
Burson Dison

Ada Fuller b 10 Sept 1901 d 21 Dec 1977 Lexington, Fayette Co KY; d/o Green Fuller and Margaret Amburgey. Ada Fuller m. 23 May 1931 Wise Co VA to Burson Dison. Children of Burson Dison and Ada Fuller;

1. Jackie L Dison b 1933 Perry Co KY

2. Betty Joe Dison b abt 1935 KY; m. Male Wagner. Child; Debby? Wagner

3. Ernestine Dison b abt 1937 Perry Co KY

Ada Fuller
and W M Wilder

Ada Fuller b 10 Sept 1901 d 21 Dec 1977 Lexington, Fayette Co KY; d/o Green Fuller and Margaret Amburgey. Ada Fuller m. 5 Nov 1927 Wise Co VA to W M Wilder; s/o Andy Wilder and Lucy Unknown

William Bowen

My mother told me that Will Bowen took a horse whip and beat his wife, our Aunt Ada Fuller quite often. He was apparently a very violent man. I also think that he was very mean to her in other ways as well as he was also known as a womanizer. Her life with him was probably quite unpleasant to say the least.

Ada Fuller Bowen was a lovely person and when she was in her old age, she lived with my mother, Ida Fuller Potter for a time. They enjoyed being together. They lived in an old red brick home in Lexington, Kentucky. They enjoyed raising African Violets. Those old homes were well built with large spacious rooms and high ceilings. Very nice.

More About Ada Fuller
1901 - 1977

Will "Willie" Bowens m. 9 May 1917 Pine Top KY by Alex Hale, in the presence of Linsey Amburgey and H Bowens (Notes: Attest: W. T. Francis -County Court Clerk Book 10 pg 141 to Ada Fuller b 10 Sept 1901 Knott Co KY d 21 Dec 1977 Lexington, Fayette Co KY; buried Blue Grass Memorial Gardens, Nicholasville, Jessamine Co KY; d/o Green Fuller and Margaret Amburgey. It is said that William Bowens was a very mean man and used a horsewhip to beat Ada when they were married. Ada remarried after he was killed by Sheriff James Maggard who was attempting to arrest him for a warrant due to possession of illegal whiskey.

Ida Fuller, my mother, said that Aunt Ada Fuller was a very beautiful young woman and that the family disliked Will Bowens very much because he was mean to Aunt Ada. Aunt Ada worked at the Eastern State Mental Hospital in Lexington, Fayette Co Kentucky for many years and after her retirement, she worked at local area nursing homes in Lexington, Kentucky.

I recall that one of Ada's patients was a Mrs. Yancy in the nursing home she worked. Our mother, Ida Fuller Potter also worked in that same nursing home. Mom and Aunt Ada shared an apartment together for a time in Lexington, KY. Aunt Ada and Mom enjoyed growing African Violets and were skilled at it.

William Bowen Killing
by James Maggard - 25 Nov 1927

On November 25, 1927, James Maggard shot and killed William Bowen. Upon his trial under an indictment for murder he was found guilty of manslaughter, and his punishment fixed at two years in the penitentiary. He has appealed. (This order was reversed).

Maggard was a deputy sheriff, and claims he was pursuing Bowen in an effort to arrest him under a warrant for illegal possession of whisky. He fired his pistol twice, and called to Bowen to halt, but Bowen heeded not. He says he overtook and got in front of Bowen, that Bowen dismounted, got behind his mule, drew his pistol, and directed Maggard to drop his pistol. He says he replied, "Big Boy, I can't do that, I have got a warrant for you and will have to arrest you, you drop yours;" to which Bowen replied, "Sheriff, if you don't drop that pistol I am going to kill you." Thereupon Maggard fired; the ball struck Bowen in the neck, just above the collar bone, and came out just below his shoulder blade, killing him instantly. For the commonwealth there was evidence that, when Maggard got in front of Bowen, he dismounted, and saying to Bowen, "By G__, why didn't you stop when I told you," fired, and Bowen fell off his mule. Maggard v. Commonwealth, 232 Ky. 10, (Ky. Ct. App. 1929)

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