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John D Breeding
and Martha Isom

John D Breeding b 15/18 Oct 1883 d 2 Sept 1936 Hazard, Perry Co KY as a result of an appendectomy performed at Hazard Hospital, Hazard, Perry Co KY; buried Isom Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Isom, Letcher Co KY; s/o James H Breeding and Vina Cody. John D Breeding m. 18 May 1905 Letcher Co KY to Martha Isom b 22 Jan 1887; d/o James Ison and Polly Victoria Cornett. Children of John D Breeding and Martha Isom;

1. Corbin Breeding b 21 Apr 1906 KY; m. Ruby Maggard; d/o Jim Maggard: Per Carl Breeding: Living 30 Apr 1966 on head of Garner, Letcher County, Kentucky. He attended school at Berea College and Eastern. Taught school at Breeding's Creek for one year, decided to quit teaching. He worked for Kentucky and Virginia Power Company until he retired due to a heart and eye condition. He is a ham radio fan. Children of Corbin Breeding and Ruby Maggard:

i. Claudetta Breeding b 21 Apr 1937; m. H. Adams.

ii. Phillip L. Breeding b 12 Mar 1947. Per Carl Breeding he attended Georgeown College in 1966.

2. Carlice Breeding b 3 Jun 1907 KY; m. Lonnie Hogg b 16 May 1914; d/o Chester Hogg and Mattie Ison. Per Carl Breeding: She is a graduate from Morehead University and Indiana University, taught 26 years in elementary school and served as principal of Elementary Schools at Charlestown, Indiana, for 4 years. She was Letcher County Supervisor and established a traveling library in that county that is doing (1966) a great service to the children as well as the adults.

Carlice graduated in Morehead, Rowan Co, KY. Institution: Morehead University. Carlice's occupation: teacher in Whitesburg, Letcher Co, KY. He taught for 29 years at Whitesburg High School.

Per Carl Breeding: He graduated from Morehead University, taught in Whitesburg High School, Fleming High School, and Charlestown High School at total of 29 years before retiring in 1962. Served 4 years on Charlestown School Board and re-elected in 1966 for 4 more years. While teaching he received a grant at Indiana University and Morehead University. They together have toured Mexico, Hawaii, and Alaska. Children of Carlice Carl Breeding and Lonnie Hogg;

i. Carl Revel Breeding b born 22 Sep 1942.

Per Carl Breeding: Graduated from Campbellsville College and received a M.A. Degree from Western University, Bowling Green, Kentucky. He was born in the Norton Infirmary, weight 6 lbs 7 ozs, and 22 inches long. He taught school one year at Flaherty High School and one at Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

3. Cullen Breeding b 7 Feb 1909 KY; m. Allie Blair b 27 Jan 1914; d/o Green Blair and Sis Caudill. He resided in Isom, Letcher Co, KY. He raised his family at Isom, Letcher Co, Ky. Per Carl Breeding: They both attended Berea College. They reared their family at Isom, Letcher County, Kentucky. Children of Cullen Breeding and Allie Blair:

i. Cullen Breeding JR b 19 Feb 1932; m. Reva Wadkins.

ii. Louise Breeding b 10 Feb 1934; m. Neil Hampton

iii. Shelby Jean Breeding b 18 Nov 1936; m. Seldon Caudill.

iv. Edward Lee Breeding b 10 Aug 1939; m. Female Mitchell.

v. Doris Ann Breeding b 16 Aug 1941; m. Lowell Hopkins.

vi. Larry Ray Breeding b 19 Mar 1944.

vii. Toby A. Breeding (female) b 10 Dec 1945; m. Male Adams.

viii. Rodger Breeding b 11 Nov 1948 d 9 Apr 2008; m. Linda Stout. Children of Rodger Breeding and Linda Stout;

I. Tonya Breeding; m. David Short

II. Holly Breeding; m. David Caudill. Children of David Caudill and Holly Breeding; II.i.) Emily Grace Caudill II.ii.) Madison Layne Caudill

ix. Michael. Breeding b 21 Feb 1951.

x. Timothy Breeding b  26 Dec 1953.

xi. Jeffery Breeding b 7 Jun 1956.

xii. Kevin Breeding b 23 Dec 1959.

4. Bertha Breeding b 22 Apr 1910 KY d 25 Apr 1977 age 67; m. Easter Mullins He resided in Isom, Letcher Co, KY. He raised his family at Isom, Letcher Co, Ky. They reared their family at Isom, Letcher County, Kentucky. After she sent her children through Steuart Robinson High School, she moved to Lexington, Kentucky. Per Carl Breeding. Bertha Breeding and Easter Mullins had the following family:

i. Cramer Mullins b 21 Nov 1928; m. Chas. Ann Caudill.

ii. C. Eugene Mullins b 3 Nov 1929; m. Ilene Cottrell.

iii. Marshlee Mullins b 24 Jun 1931; m. Vernon Hall.

iv. Katherine Mullins b 10 Dec 1932; m. Truman Adams. They divorced.

v. Lucille Mullins b 15 Mar 1934; m. Henry Cunningham. They divorced.

vi. Harold Mullins b 3 Oct 1936; m. Willa Deane Woods.

vii. Wayne Mullins b 19 Aug 1939 d 4 Nov 1979 at 40 years of age; m. Christine Asher.

5. Grace Breeding b 16 Dec 1912 KY; m. Green G Fuller, s/o Elijah Green Fuller and Leona Smith. He was killed in the mines at Carr Fork Coal Co., Vicco, Kentucky, per Carl Breeding.  Grace Breeding m. 2nd to James Boston. Jim and Grace have a farm, but they both work away from home. Per Carl Breeding. Children of Green G Fuller and Grace Breeding Fuller;

i. Ralph Gee Fuller b 1 Apr 1935

Children of James Boston and Grace Breeding;

ii. Juda Miller b 1 Mar 1947; m. Keith Duncan

iii. Johnny Miller b 12 Dec 1948

6. Burnett Breeding b 20 Apr 1914 KY; m. Lillian Miller. Burnett Breeding m. IDA SEXTON who died young. Burnett Breeding m. Madge Back who died young. Burnett Breeding served in the U. S. Army in Iceland during WWII. He reared his family in Isom, Kentucky, where he was living in 1966. Children of Burnett Breeding and Lillian Miller:

i. Donnie Breeding b 28 Sep 1948.

ii. Darrell Breeding b 16 Apr 1950. He is twin to Juda.

iii. Juda A. Breeding b 16 Apr 1950. She is twin to Darrel.

iv. Jerry V. Breeding b 29 Jun 1952.

7. Orpha Breeding b 16 Sept 1916 KY; m. 21 Jan 1943 Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY to Watson Adams b 1916 KY; s/o James Adams and Anna Adams?. He served in the U. S. Army in WWII per Carl Breeding. Orpha Breeding and Watson Adams had the following family:

i. Jimmie Adams b 6 Aug 1944. Jimmie's occupation: mechanic per Carl Breeding.

8. Van Breeding b 27 Jun 1919 KY d 3 Aug 1998 Isom, Letcher Co KY; buried Isom Cemetery, Isom, Letcher Co KY; military service, abt 1942, Staff Sgt. US Air Force, WWII; in Isom, Letcher Co, KY; m. 25 Apr 1947 to Joy Wray Frazier b 20 Sept 1927 Letcher Co KY d 29 Aug 2010 Lexington, Fayette Co KY; buried Isom Cemetery, Isom, Letcher Co KY; d/o Troy Wallace Frazier and Lola Collins. Joy is a graduate of Eastern State University and is a Foreign Language teacher in the Whitesburg High School. Van Breeding attended Georgetown College. He is a WWII veteran. Children of Van Breeding and Joy Wray Frazier:

i. David L. Breeding b 13 Jan 1952 d 14 Jan 1952 at less than one year of age.

ii. Randy Breeding b 5 May 1954.

iii. Van Stanley Breeding b 27 Feb 1962.

9. Hubert Breeding b 7 May 1923 KY; m. Margaret Hoggard b 11 Nov 1927 from Arkansas, per Carl Breeding. Per Carl Breeding: Hubert Breeding served in the Navy in WWII. He is in the refrigeration business, in Michigan. Children of Hubert Breeding and Margaret Hoggard:

i. Gary M. Breeding b 23 Nov 1946 KY. He is talented in music, per Carl Breeding

10. John D Breeding Jr b 8 Feb 1929 KY; m. 8 Aug 1952 Van, Letcher Co KY to Josephine Jo Blair b 5 Mar 1934 d 5 Apr 2019; age 85; Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Healthcare Center, Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY; buried Isom Cemetery, Isom, Letcher Co KY; d/o Rankin Blair and Lucinda Smith. John D Breeding Jr. m. Thelma Napier. John's occupation: owner / operator of truck mine and lived at Isom, Letcher County, Kentucky, per Carl Breeding. Children of John D Breeding Jr and Josephine Jo Blair:

i. Gregory Breeding b 3 Apr 1953 d 12 Jan 2019 Kentucky River Medical Center, Jackson KY; age 65; m. Tracie Morris. Children of Gregory Breeding and Tracie Morris; I. Casey Joe Breeding II. Henrietta Breeding; m. Male Hensley III. Morgan Blair Breeding (f)

ii. Rhonda Breeding b 22 Jun 1959; m. Dean Hays. Children of Dean Hays and Rhonda Breeding; I. Justin Hays II. Nick Hays

iii. David Mark Breeding b 20 Dec 1962.

1900 Knott Co KY Census ED 44 District 2 Carr
221 225 Breeding James Head W M Sept 1849 50 M 28 KY VA VA Farmer
221 225 Breeding Viney Wife W F Jan 1852 48 M 28 11 11 KY KY KY
221 225 Breeding Lucinda Daughter W F Mar 1877 23 S KY KY KY
221 225 Breeding Mary Daughter W F Mar 1879 21 S KY KY KY
221 225 Breeding William Son W M Jan 1881 19 S KY KY KY Farm Laborer
221 225 Breeding John D Son W M Oct 1882 17 S KY KY KY Farm Laborer
221 225 Breeding Nancy Daughter W F Nov 1884 15 S KY KY KY
221 225 Breeding Clementine Daughter W F Dec 1886 13 S KY KY KY
221 225 Breeding Alafair Daughter W F June 1888 11 S KY KY KY
221 225 Breeding Hetty Daughter W F April 1891 9 S KY KY KY
221 225 Breeding Elihue Son W M Dec 1893 6 S KY KY KY
221 225 Breeding Berthy Daughter W F Sept 1895 4 S KY KY KY

1910 Letcher Co KY Census Precinct 3 ED 147
71 71 Breeding John D. Head M W 25 M1 5 KY KY KY Farmer General Farm
71 71 Breeding Martha Wife F W 22 M1 5 3 3 KY KY KY
71 71 Breeding Corbin Son M W 4 S KY KY KY
71 71 Breeding Carless Son M W 2 S KY KY KY
71 71 Breeding Cullen Son M W 1 3/12 S KY KY KY

1920 Letcher Co KY Census Colby District 0061
59 59 Breeding John D Head M W 37 M KY KY KY Farmer General Farming
59 59 Breeding Martha Wife F W 32 M KY KY KY House wife
59 59 Breeding Corbin Son M W 13 S KY KY KY Works on farm house
59 59 Breeding Carlice Son M W 12 S KY KY KY
59 59 Breeding Cullin Son M W 10 S KY KY KY
59 59 Breeding Bertha Daughter F W 9 S KY KY KY
59 59 Breeding Grace Daughter F W 8 S KY KY KY
59 59 Breeding Brunett Son M W 6 S KY KY KY
59 59 Breeding Orpha Daughter F W 3 10/12 S KY KY KY
59 59 Breeding Van Son M W 6/12 S KY KY KY

1930 Letcher Co KY Census Rockhouse ED 14
28 28 Breeding J. D. Head 500 M W 46 M we KY KY KY Farming
28 28 Breeding Martha Wife H F W 42 M 18 KY KY KY
28 28 Breeding Corbin Son M W 23 S KY KY KY
28 28 Breeding Carlice Son M W 22 S KY KY KY
28 28 Breeding Cullen Son M W 20 S KY KY KY
28 28 Breeding Gracie Daughter F W 17 S KY KY KY
28 28 Breeding Brunett Son M W 15 S KY KY KY
28 28 Breeding Orpha Daughter F W 13 S KY KY KY
28 28 Breeding Van Son M W 10 S KY KY KY
28 28 Breeding Hubert Son M W 6 S KY KY KY
28 28 Breeding John D Jr Son M W 1 1/12 S KY KY KY

1940 Letcher Co KY Census Other Places 67-20 Highway 15
31 Breeding Cullen head M W 31 M KY School bus driver Private owner
31 Breeding Allie X wife F W 26 M KY
31 Breeding Cullen Jr. son M W 8 S KY
31 Breeding Helen Louise daughter F W 6 S KY
31 Breeding Shelby Jean daughter f W 3 S KY
31 Breeding Edward Lee son M W 3/12 S Ky

Obituary: Gregory Breeding
3 Apr 1953 - 12 Jan 2019; age 65

Gregory Breeding
Gregory Breeding, 65, of Wilmore passed away Saturday, January 12, 2019 at the Kentucky River Medical Center in Jackson, Kentucky.

Greg was the son of Josephine Blair Breeding of Isom and the late John D. Breeding Jr.

Surviving other than his mother is his wife: Tracie Morris Breeding; 1 son: Casey Joe Breeding of Whitesburg; 2 daughters: Henrietta Hensley of Whitesburg and Morgan Blair Breeding of Wilmore; 1 brother: David Mark Breeding of Isom; 1 sister: Rhonda Hays of Knott County; 5 grandchildren: Zack, KarLee, Shelby, Hannah, and Nick.

Memorial Service: 1:00 O'clock P.M. Sunday, January 27, 2019 at the Isom Presbyterian Church with Van Breeding and Joe Walters officiating.

Obituary: Roger Breeding
11 Nov 1948 - 9 Apr 2008

Roger Breeding, 59, is buried at Ermine, Letcher Co KY.

Funeral services for Roger Louie Breeding, 59, of Isom, KY, were held April 12 at Letcher Funeral Home.

Burial was in Green Acres Cemetery at Ermine.

A son of the late Cullen and Allie Blair Breeding, he died April 9 2008 at Clark Regional Medical Center.

He is survived by his wife, Linda Stout Breeding; two daughters, Tonya Breeding Short and husband David, Lexington, and Holly Caudill and husband David, Little Colley; eight brothers, Cullen Breeding Jr., Kissimmee, Fla.; Edward Lee Breeding, Mt. Washington; Larry Breeding, Louisville; Toby Breeding, Jeremiah; Mike Breeding, Tim Breeding, Jeff Breeding, and Kevin Breeding, all of Isom; three sisters, Louise Hampton, Dayton, Ohio; Shelby Caudill, Franklin, Ohio; and Doris Hopkins, Middleton, Ohio; and two grandchildren, Emily Grace Caudill and Madison Layne Caudill.

Obituary: Josephine Blair Breeding
5 Mar 1934 - 5 Apr 2019

Josephine Blair Breeding, 85, of Jeremiah passed away Friday April 5, 2019, at the Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Healthcare Center.

Josephine was the daughter of the late Rankin and Lucinda Smith Blair.

She was the widow of the late John D. Breeding, Jr.

Surviving are 1 Son: David Mark Breeding of Isom, Ky; 1 Daughter: Rhonda (Dean) Hays of Pinetop; 4 Brothers: Dennis Blair of Jeremiah, Ivan Blair of Van, Chester Blair of Middletown,Ohio, Danny Blair of Letcher; 6 Grandchildren: Henrietta Hensley, Casey Breeding, Dustin Hays, Nick Hays, Blake Breeding, Morgan Breeding; 10 Great Grandchildren: Zack, KarLee, Shelby, Nick, Hannah, Gracie, Melody, Conner, Kendra, Mason.

Josephine was preceded in death by 1 Son: Greg Breeding and 1 Sister: Elva Crocker.

Funeral 1:00 P.M. Monday April 8, 2019, at the Isom Presbyterian Church with Keith Adams and Others officiating. Visitation 6:00 P.M. Sunday April 7, 2019, at the Isom Presbyterian Church.

Burial will follow in the Isom Cemetery. In Lieu of flowers family requests that donations be made to the Isom Presbyterian Church.

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