George W Brown and Arminda Combs
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George W Brown
and Arminda Combs

George W Brown b 12 Jun 1876 d 2 Nov 1965 s/o Stephen Brown and Elizabeth "Bessie" Combs (aka Betty). George W Brown m. 8 Jul 1897 Letcher Co KY to Arminda Combs b Dec 1879 KY; d/o Granville P Combs and Sarah "Sallie" Combs. Children of George W Brown and Arminda Combs;

1. Bessie Brown b Sept 1899; m. Sherman Combs s/o Shadrach "Shade" Combs and Nancy Davidson. Sherman Combs m. Children of Sherman Combs and Bessie Brown;

i). Arminda Combs

ii) Sallie Combs m. Jasper Jack Sumner. Children; i.1. Bessie i.2). McKinley i.3). Shirley i.4). Maud i.5). Jasper Jake Sumner Jr 

iii). Rado Combs m. Ruthis Messer; children; iii.1). Irene Combs. children; iii.1.I. Mary Collette iii.1.II). Denise Pollette iii.1.III). Phillip Ray  iii.2). Lorene Combs m. Marion Chaney. Children; iii.2.I). Marion Chaney Jr iii.2.II). Johnny Darrell iii.2.III). Lena Faye iii.2.IV). Merrill iii.2.V). Sherman iii.2.VI). Lois Ann Chaney. iii.3). Corine Combs m. Lowell Combs. Children; iii.3.I). Thelma iii.3.II). Robert iii.3.III). Tina iii.3.III). Otis iii.3.IV). Crissy iii.3.V). Christopher Combs. iii.4). Daisy Combs m. Mark Beverly. Children; iii.4.I). Mark Douglas Beverly iii.4.II). Sabrina Kay Beverly.  iii.5). Jasper Combs m. Wanda Turner; children; iii.5.I). Wayne iii.5.II). Carol iii.5.III). Phillis iii.5.IV). Allen iii.5.V). JoAnn iii.5.VI). Susan iii.5.VII). Jasper Combs Jr iii.5.VIII). Christy Combs.  iii.6). Calvin Combs m. Ruth Sandlin; children; iii.6.I). Pete iii.6.II). Birshell iii.6.III). Susie iii.6.IV). David iii.6.V). Onis Combs.  iii.7). Ernestine Combs m. Sammy Spencer; children; iii.7.I). Sammy Ray Spencer iii.7.II). Jesse Wayne Spencer iii.7.III). Jeffrey Lee Spencer iii.7.IV). David Allen Spencer. iii.8). Betty Combs  iii.9). Linda Combs iii.10). Edith Combs iii.11). Eli Combs iii.12). Sammy Combs.

iv). Bernice Combs m. Leonard Sumner. Children; iv.1). Christine Sumner m. Bill Davis iv.2). Maxine Sumner m. Roosevelt Davis iv.3). Grandville Ray Sumner iv.4). George Sumner iv.5). Vadie Lee Sumner

v). Lora Combs m. Thurman Sumner. Children; v.1). Verlon Sumner v.2). Alberta Sumner m. Elmer Sumner. Children; v.2.I). Charlene Sumner m. Rickie Joe Sumner. Child; v.2.I.i). Julia Sumner v.2.II). Roger Sumner v.2.III). Donna Sue Sumner m. Randall Sturgill v.2.IV). Arlene Sumner v.2.V). Darrell Sumner v.2.VI). June Carolyn Sumner v.2.VII). Elmer Dwayne Sumner v.2.VIII). Jewel Carol Sumner. v.3). Ravon Sumner m. Carlene Smith. Children; v.3.I). Nathan Dwayne Sumner v.3.II). Samuel Ray Sumner v.3.III). Norma Jean Sumner. v.4). Fairley Sumner (female) v.5). Cleon Sumner (male) v.6). Amy Sumner m. James Moore

2. Delores Lora Brown m. Johnny Hurst. Children;

i). Dewey Hurst m. Sarah Sumner. Children; i.1). John Dewey Hurst i.2). James i.3). Paul i.4). Sue i.5). Esta Hurst (female)

ii). Johnny Hurst Jr m. Dora Mae Polly; children; ii.1). John Lloyd Hurst ii.2). Charles ii.3). James Dewey ii.4). Danny ii.5). Elizabeth Hurst

iii). James Hurst m. Jenny Black. Children; iii.1). Jesse Edward Hurst iii.2). James Hurst Jr iii.3). Charles Wesley Hurst iii.4). Bobby Hurst

iv). Faye Hurst m. John L Baker

v). Daisy Hurst m. James Black

3. William Brown

George W Brown and
Rebecca "Becky" Caudill

George W Brown b 12 Jun 1876 d 2 Nov 1965 s/o Stephen Brown and Elizabeth "Bessie" Combs (aka Betty). George W Brown m. Rebecca "Becky" Caudill b 23 Apr 1888 d 15 Mar 1971 d/o James Caudill and Lucinda Unknown. Children of George W Brown and Rebecca "Becky" Caudill;

4. Alberta Brown b 13 Oct 1911 d 18 Aug 1978 Johnson Co KY m. Ollie Combs. Children of Alberta Brown and Ollie Combs;

i. Burchell Combs

ii. Rebecca Combs m. Evan Campbell. Children; 1). Roger 2). Rita 3). Donna 4). Ray Campbell

iii. Maxie Combs

iv. Sam Combs

v. Lena Combs

vi. Frankie Combs

vii. Evan Combs

Ollie Combs m. Ruby Pennington b about 1915. Child;

i. Alfredia Pennington

5. Charlie Brown b 19 Sept 1914 m. Elma Johnson b about 1915. Children of Charlie Brown and Elma Johnson;

i. Roberta Brown m. Bobby Craft. Children; 1). Catherine Craft m. Dave Peterson 2). Brenda Ann Craft m. Rick Perkins; Child; I). Christina Dawn Perkins 3). Anthony Craft 4). Dennis Michael Craft 5. Malia Michelle Craft

ii. Libern Brown m. Patricia Unknown. Children; 1). Charles "Chuckle" Brown Jr m. Patricia Unknown. 2). Lindell Brown (male) 3). Doll Brown 4). Danny Brown 5). Jeffrey Brown

iii. Lindell Brown m. Claudia Unknown. Child; 1). Christine Brown. Lindell Brown m. 2nd to Judy Unknown. Children; 2). Lindell Brown Jr 3). Tonya Brown

iv. Loretta Brown m. Lloyd Belcher. Children; 1). Lloyd Belcher Jr 2). Richard Belcher

v. Ellen Brown m. Jerry Weschke. Children; 1). Tina Weschke 2). Lori Weschke 3). Jerry Weschke. Ellen Brown m. 2nd to Richard Dryfuse.

6. Dixie Brown b 26 Sept 1919 m. Hiram Johnson. Children;

i. Vincent Ralph Johnson m. Carol Byrd. Children; 1). Mark Johnson 2). Christopher Johnson 3). Sheri Ann Johnson

ii. Richard Ray Johnson m. Charlotte Unknown. Child; 1). Jeffrey Johnson

iii. Van Gay Johnson (male) m. Mary Ann Witzen. Children; 1). Rodney Johnson 2). Jason Johnson.

iv. Cindy Lou Johnson m. Donnie Charles. Children; 1). Nathan Dean Charles.

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