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Thomas Chapman
and Ginny Unknown

Thomas Chapman b about 1781 Montgomery Co VA d before 1870 Logan Co WV; s/o Richard Chapman and Margaret 'Peggy' Abbott. Thomas Chapman m. before 1807 to Ginny Unknown b after 1781. Children of Thomas Chapman and Ginny Unknown;

I. Chloe Chapman b about 1807 VA m. 2 Jan 1823 Pike Co KY to Hiram McCoy b about 1803 Pike Co KY; s/o Samuel McCoy and Elizabeth Davis. Child of Hiram McCoy and Chloe Chapman;

1. George Thomas McCoy b about 1839 Logan Co WV m. about 1860 Rebecca Sansom b Dec 1836 VA; d/o Davidson "David" Sansom. i. Luemma K. McCoy b about 1861 Logan Co WV ii. Lewis McCoy b about 1863 Logan Co WV iii. Chloe A. McCoy b about 1864 Logan Co WV iv. Rocksey McCoy b about 1867 Logan Co WV v. Victoria McCoy b: Dec 1869 Logan Co WV vi. Mary McCoy b about 1874 Logan Co WV vii. Juley Ann McCoy b about 1876 Logan Co WV viii. Hiram McCoy b about 1878 Logan Co WV ix. Lonzo McCoy b about 1879 Logan Co WV

II. Edward Chapman b about 1812 Kanawha Co WV

Thomas Chapman and
Mary "Polly" Farley

Thomas Chapman b about 1781 Montgomery Co VA d before 1870 Logan Co WV; s/o Richard Chapman and Margaret 'Peggy' Abbott. Thomas Chapman m. 18 Jul 1829 Pike Co KY to Mary 'Polly' Farley b about 1801 in Montgomery (Giles) County, Virginia; d/o Henry Farley and Sarah Elizabeth Chitwood. Children of Thomas Chapman and Mary "Polly" Farley;

I. Thomas Chapman b about 1830 Pike Co KY m. 28 Sept 1854 Pike Co KY to Mary "Polly" Harris b about 1822 Cabell Co WV d/o Simon Harris and Mary Taylor. Children of Thomas Chapman and Mary "Polly" Harris;

1. James H "Jim" Chapman b Feb 1855 Pike Co KY m. 27 Jun 1878 Logan Co WV to Burnum Anna Duncan b 27 Feb 1860 Sandy, Logan Co WV d/o Anderson Duncan and Mary "Polly" Taylor. Children of James H "Jim" Chapman and Brunum Anna Duncan; i. Louisa Chapman b SEP 1878 Logan Co WV ii. James L. Chapman b JUN 1881 Logan Co WV iii. Mary Chapman b 12 MAY 1885 Logan Co WV iv. Wilbur Chapman b JAN 1888 Logan Co WV v. John C. Chapman b MAR 1890 Logan Co WV vi. Bernard Chapman b JAN 1891 Logan Co WV vii. Martha C. Chapman b NOV 1894 Logan Co WV

2. Martha Chapman b about 1858 Logan Co WV

3. John Calvin Chapman b Feb 1859 Pike Co KY m. 14 Apr 1887 Logan Co WV to Bettie Ann White b 28 Feb 1867 Delbarton, Logan Co WV d 15 Dec 1949 Delbarton, Mingo Co WV; d/o Reuben White and Emily Stone. Children of John Calvin Chapman and Bettie Ann White; i. Thomas B. Chapman b: JAN 1893 Logan Co WV ii. Carrie Chapman b: FEB 1895 Logan Co WV iii. Dixie Chapman b: JAN 1899 Mingo Co WV iv. Ray Chapman b about 1901 Mingo Co WV v. Martha Chapman b about 1903 Mingo Co WV vi. Esther Chapman b about 1906 Mingo Co WV vii. Albert Sidney Chapman b about 1915 Mingo Co WV

4. Shadrick Theodore "Shade" Chapman b 25 Mar 1860 Sandy, Logan Co WV d 17 Jan 1911 Martin Co KY; of typhoid fever; m. 3 Aug 1886 Emily KY to Tennessee Stepp b Apr 1865 WV d/o Dr James Madison Stepp and Esther "Easter" Cassidy.

5. Napoleon Chapman b about 1863 Logan Co WV (listed as an "idiot" in the 1870 Pike Co KY Census).

6. Thomas B Chapman Jr b about 1867 Pike Co KY d 13 Jul 1932 Delbarton, Mingo Co WV of carcinoma, old age and senility; m. about 1888 to Elizabeth Stepp b 8 Jul 1859 Martin Co KY d 12 Dec 1944 Williamson, Mingo Co WV of coronary thrombosis, uremia; d/o James M Martin and Martha Cassidy

Mary "Polly" Harris m. 5 Sept 1839 Pike Co KY to Jackson Slater b before 1818. Children of Jackson Slater and Mary "Polly" Harris;

1. Narcissa "Sissie" Slater b May 1845 OH m. before 1876 to Young Maynard b about 1830 KY; s/o William C Maynard and Sarah "Sally" Campbell. Children of Young Maynard and Narcissa "Sissie" Slater;

i. Tennessee "Tenny" Maynard b 16 Mar 1876 Pike Co KY d 19 Jul 1920 Williamson, Mingo Co WV m. 31 Oct 1899 Mingo Co WV to Elliott Murphy Sr b May 1878 Pike Co KY d 19 Apr 1961 Greenup Co KY; buried Craft Cemetery, Lynn, Greenup Co KY; s/o Stephen Adkins and Mary A Murphy. Children of Elliott Murphy Sr and Tennessee "Tenny" Maynard; i.I. Gracie Murphy b about 1901 Mingo Co WV i.II. Clarence Murphy b about 1903 Pike Co KY i.III. Thomas Murphy b about 1905 Mingo Co WV i.IV. Mable Murphy b about 1908 Pike Co KY. Elliott Murphy m. 13 Sept 1921 Mingo Co WV to Mary Jane Terry b about 1880 Wayne Co WV d 17 Jun 1923 Pike Co KY. Elliott Murphy m. 26 May 1924 Toler, Pike Co KY to Rosa Hinkle b 14 Feb 1905 Pike Co KY d 20 Aug 1973 Greenup Co KY; d/o Jacob Hinkle and Nellie Stanley. Children of Elliott Murphy and Rosa Hinkle; i.I. Harold E Murphy b 6 Mar 1925 Pike Co KY i.II. Madeline Murphy b 14 Aug 1926 Pike Co KY i.III. Nina Mae Murphy b 27 Oct 1927 Pike Co KY i.IV. Elliott Murphy Jr b Oct 1930 Pike Co KY i.V. Mary Ann Murphy b 1 Oct 1936 Pike Co KY i.VI. James Thomas Murphy b 2 Apr 1941 Pike Co KY.

ii. Matilda Jane Maynard b 4 Jul 1877 Pike Co KY d 19 Jan 1955 Orem, Utah Co UT; occupation, school janitor; m. William "Pontious" Porter. Child or William Pontious Porter and Matilda Jane Maynard; i. Sherman Pontious Porter b about 1904 Pike Co KY

iii. Laura Maynard b Nov 1878 Pike Co KY d 7 Feb 1945 Williamson, Mingo Co WV of heart failure; m. 28 Sept 1894 Logan Co WV to John Compton Runyon b 8 Mar 1833 Pike Co KY d 28 Aug 1915 Pike Co KY; s/o Adron "Adrian' Runyon and Nancy Jane "Jennie" Maynard. Child of John Compton Runyon and Laura Maynard; i.I. Robert "LeRoy" Runyon b 6 Oct 1897 Pike Co KY d 9 May 1955 Logan Co WV of coronary thrombosis.

John Compton Runyon m. 5 Aug 1852 Pike Co KY to Arena "Reenie" Bevins b 6 Oct 1836 Pike Co KY d 24 Aug 1893 Pond Creek, Pike Co KY; d/o Joseph Bevins and Mary "Polly" Williamson. Children of John Compton Runyon and Arena "Reenie" Bevins; i.I. Joseph Adron Runyon b 5 May 1857 Pike Co KY i.II. Thomas J Runyon b 6 May 1860 Pike Co KY i.III. William Runyon b about 1863 Pike Co KY

iv. Delaware "Della" Maynard b Oct 1883 Pike Co KY.

Young Maynard m. about 1864 to Katherine Small. Children of Young Maynard and Unknown; i. Sarah Emma Maynard b 18 May 1865 Pike Co KY d 17 Nov 1942 Chattaroy, Mingo Co WV of acute pneumonia; m. 8 Nov 1885 Logan Co WV to James "Polk" Harris b 4 Mar 1857 Logan, Mingo Co WV d 22 Dec 1925 Falls Branch, Mingo Co WV; s/o James "Jim" Harris and Margaret "Peggy" Pinson. ii. Flora Maynard b about 1867 Pike Co KY iii. Floyd Maynard b about 1869 Pike Co KY.

2. William Slater b about 1848 Pike Co KY

II. Cynthia Ann Chapman b about 1833 Pike Co KY m. 24 Mar 1849 Pike Co KY to James Thompson b about 1829 KY; s/o John Thompson and Sarah "Sally" Slater. Children of James Thompson and Cynthia Ann Chapman;

1. Lilburn Mcfarland Thompson b about 1853 Logan Co WV

2. James Burwell Thompson b about 1856 Logan Co WV

3. Lorenzo Dow Thompson b 20 Aug 1858 Logan Co WV

4. Matilda Thompson b about 1861 Logan Co WV

5. Andrew Thompson b about 1864 Logan Co WV

6. John B. Thompson b about 1866 Logan Co WV

7. Hilbert Thompson b about 1869 Logan Co WV

8. Floyd Thompson b about 1871 Logan Co WV

9. Bettie Thompson b about 1875 Logan Co WV

III. Unknown Chapman b before1839

IV. Andrew J. Chapman b about 1839 Pike Co KY m. 4 Oct 1868 Pike Co KY to Delilah Frances

V. James Burwell Chapman b about 1841 Pike Co KY m. 20 Jan 1859 Logan Co WV to Martha Jane Evans b about 1843 Logan Co WV d 23 Feb 1937 Naugatuck, Hardee District, Mingo Co WV; d/o Lowery Evans and Lucy Matilda Young. Children of James Burwell and Martha Jane Evans;

1. Lorenzo Dow Chapman b 17 May 1860 in Miller Creek, Logan Co WV

2. Matilda 'Tilda' Ann Chapman b Aug 1861 Logan Co WV

3. Susannah Chapman b about 1864 Logan Co WV

4. Joseph Chapman b Feb 1867 Logan Co WV

5. Mary E. Chapman b about 1872 Logan Co WV

6. Malicie J. Chapman b about 1874 KY

7. William Chapman b about 1876 Logan Co WV

8. Martha Chapman b about 1879 Logan Co WV

Martha Jane Evans m. Mar 1891 Logan Co WV to Samuel B Starr b May 1849 Logan Co WV; s/o John Starr and Juliet Ann Aldridge Taylor.

Samuel B Starr m. 9 Mar 1873 Logan Co WV to Colby Toney "Cosby" Patrick b about 1846 VA. Children of Samuel B Starr and Colby Toney "Cosby" Patrick;

1. Victoria Starr b about 1874 KY

2. Esther Starr b about 1876 Logan Co WV

3. Rush Starr b Nov 1876 Logan Co WV

4. Rebecca Omega Starr b Nov 1879 Logan Co WV

5. Wallace Starr b Feb 1885 WV

1850 Pike Co KY Census
10 506 506 Chapman Thos 69 M Farmer VA X
11 506 506 Chapman Mary 49 F VA X
12 506 506 Chapman Thos 20 M KY X
13 506 506 Chapman Andrew J 11 M KY X
14 506 506 Chapman James B 8 M KY X
15 506 506 Lawson Sarah 24 F KY X

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