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Descendants of Hans Michael Carle

First Generation

1. Hans Michael Carle was born about 1730 in Germany. He died on 25 Feb 1813 in Orange County, NC (now Alarmance and Gulliford Co.).

Hans married Catherine ? in Rowan County, North Carolina. Catherine was born about 1734 in Holland.

They had the following children:

  2 F i Margaret Charles.
+ 3 M ii George Charles , Sr. was born about 1763. He died in 1859.
  4 F iii Elizabeth Charles was born in 1772 in Rowan County, North Carolina. She died in 1839.
        Elizabeth married James Essex on 18 Jul 1802 in Guilford County, North Carolina.
  5 F iv Catherine Charles was born about 1775. She died about 1839 in Coffee County, Tennessee.
        Catherine married Jon Gunn. Jon was born in 1765 in Virginia. He died in Coffee County, Tennessee.
  6 F v Ann Charles was born about 1777 in North Carolina.
  7 F vi Sarah Charles was born in 1779 in North Carolina. She died before 1810 in Russell County, Virginia.
        Sarah married Samuel St. James. Samuel was born in 1779 in Virginia. He died in Jun 1836 in Johns Creek, Pike County, Ky.

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