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Emanuel William Church
and Sarah W E Church

Emanuel William Church b about 1808 Wilksborough, Wilkes Co NC d before 1850 WV; buried Poplar Springs Cemetery, Burke Mtn, Keystone, WV; s/o Joel Church and Margaret Adams. Emanuel William Church m. about 1827 VA to Sarah W E Church b about 1810 VA; physical description, blind in old age. (1860 Wise Co VA Census). Children of Emanuel William Church and Sarah W E Church;

1. Sampson Church b about 1828 Lee Co VA d 27 Feb 1898 Smythe VA; m. 9 Dec 1850 Washington Co VA to Mary Polly Unknown b about 1832 IN d 1877. Child of Sampson Church and Mary Polly Unknown;

I. Valentine Virgil Church b 21 Jul 1855 Seven Mile Fork, Smyth Co VA d 14 Nov 1947 Westfield, Clark Co IL; m. 17 Feb 1877 VA to Lucinda Caroline Catron b 6 Dec 1855 Smythe Co VA d 11 Sept 1918 Westfield, Clark Co IL. Children of Valentine Virgil Church and Lucinda Caroline Catron;

i. John Crockett Church b 15 Jul 1857 Smyth Co VA d 17 Mar 19150 Dayton, Yamhill Co OR; m. Florence Rebecca Minnick b 7 Mar 1876 Arbington, Washington Co VA d 14 Nov 1967 McMinneville, Yanhill, OR

ii. James William Church

iii. Joseph Sampson Church

iv. Mary Ellen Church

v. Carrie C Church

vi. Margaret A Church

vii. Walter Fraklin Church

viii. Infant Church

ix. Leache Baldwin Church

x. Virgie Jane Church

xi. Nannie Winfred Church

xii. Sallie Mae Church

Sampson Church m. Mary S West b about 1852 Smythe Co VA. Children of Sampson Church and Mary S West;

I. Newton "Newt" Church b about 1880

II. William R "Bill" Church b about 1882

III. Rebecca "Beckie" Church (aka "Syd") b 15 May 1894 St Clair district, Smythe Co VA

2. Rude Church b about 1831; m. Mary R Church. Child of Rude Church and Mary R Church;

I. Sarah Church b 20 Aug 1856 Wise Co VA

3. Emanuel Church b about 1833 KY d about 1918 WV; buried Poplar Springs Cemetery, Burke Mtn, Keystone WV; m. 10 Oct 1852 McDowell Co WV to Lucinda Ratliff d before 1883 Algoma Hollow WV; buried in an unmarked grave. Children of Emanuel Church and Lucinda Ratliff;

I. Lee Church

II. Jesse Church (female)

III. James C Church b 3 Nov 1854 Lee Co VA; m. 5 Jan 1873 McDowell WV to Jane Smith b 1853 Mercer WV. Children of James C Church and Jane Smith; i. Albert Church ii. Sarah Lucinda Church b about 1874 McDowell WV iii. Mary A Church b 1878

IV. Isaac Church b 3 Apr 1857 Wise Co VA; m. 31 Jan 1874 McDowell WV to Sarah Ann Lambert b 1852 McDowell WV. Children of Isaac Church and Sarah Ann Lambert; i. John Church ii. Mary Lucinda Church b 1881 Wyoming WV iii. Nancy Louvenia Church b 1884 Wyoming WV iv. Jesse Preston Church b 2 Feb 1886 Wyoming WV v. Bessie V Church b 28 May 1889 Wyoming WV vi. Isaac Elzy Church b 16 Sept 1893 Wyoming WV

V. Joseph "Calvin" Church b 2 Dec 1860 Wise Co VA d 14 May 1945 Wyoming WV; buried Mitchem Ridge Cemetery, Burke Mtn, Keystone WV; m. 13 Dec 1879 McDowell WV to Causby Jane Burke. Children of Joseph "Calvin" Church and Causby Jane Burke; i. William B Church b 1882 ii. Martha Church b 1884 iii. Liza J Church b 1886 iv. Sampson Church b 1888 v. John Church b 1892 vi. Isaac Church b 1892 vii. Evaline Church b 1896 viii. Flora A Church b 1899 Anthony Creek, Greenbriar WV ix. May Church b about 1905

Joseph "Calvin" Church m. 5 Apr 1873 McDowell WV to Jane Smith

VI. Albert Jackson Church b 1865 Buchanan Co VA d 12 Dec 1945 McDowell WV; buried Poplar Springs Cemetery, Burke Mtn, Keystone WV; m. 9 Jun 1883 McDowell WV; buried Poplar Springs Cemetery, Burke Mtn, Keystone WV to Louisa Mullins b Apr 1864 Wyoming WV buried Poplar Springs Cemetery, Burke Mtn., Keystone, WV; d/o Robert Mullins and Malinda R Mullins. Children of Albert Jackson Church and Louisa Mullins; i. Manuel Riley Church b 23 Mar 1886 McDowell WV ii. William Isaac Church b 17 Apr 1886 Laurel Hollow Wyoming WV iii. Rebecca J Church b 1889 McDowell WV iv. Martha Jane Church b 1891 Buchanan Co WV v. Lucinda Church b 1892 vi. Preston Church b 1893 Wyoming Co WV vii. Lillie Belle Church b 1894 WV viii. Noah Church b 13 Jun 1899 WV ix. Mary Church b 28 Dec 1902 McDowell WV

VII. William P Church b 1869 McDowell WV d 23 Dec 1917 Wyoming WV; buried Poplar Springs Cemetery, Burke Mtn., Keystone, WV; m. 26 Jun 1889 McDowell WV to Margaret Mullins b about 1871 McDowell WV. Children of William P Church and Margaret Mullins; i. Zach Church ii. Nathan Church iii. Armor Church b 1893 Pocahontas VA iv. Mary Church b about 1895 v. Miles William Church b 1899 Pocahontas VA vi. John Church b 2 Aug 1903 Pocahontas VA

VIII. John Church b 8 Jul 1875 WV d 11 Mar 1890 or 10 Dec 1900 from a fall from a bay horse.

Emanuel William Church m. 26 Nov 1883 McDowell WV to Rebecca Godfrey b about 1849 Wyoming WV d Sept 1934 Wyoming WV; buried Bud WV; d/o Thomas Godfrey and Margaret Lusk.

Rebecca Godfrey m. Wilson England

4. Gabriel Church b about 1835; m. America G Church. Children of Gabriel Church and America G Church;

I. Christey Church (male) b about 1854 Mt Savage, Carter Co KY

II. Henry Church b about 1856 Mt Savage, Carter Co KY

III. William R church b about 1859 Mt Savage, Carter Co KY

5. Ann Church b about 1838

6. Israel Church b about 1841 Lee Co VA

7. William Church b about 1852 Pike Co KY

8. Margaret Church b about 1844; m. 10 Nov 1859 Wise Co VA to Adam Stidham Jr

9. Silas Church b about 1848

Emanuel Church was a Doctor who practiced medicine in the McDowell Co. area of WV in the1860's. He studied medicine under Dr. Crockett of Graham, VA. He later moved to the mountain section of Greenbriar and Pocahontas.

Family stories say his father's name was Joe and was killed in the war. He also was supposed to have once lived in Crumpler, NC, and in Alderson, West Virginia. He may have served in the Civil War as a Doctor.

Emanuel (age 17) is listed in the home of William Church age 20 and Rachael Church age 18 in the 1850 census of Lee Co., VA. He is also listed (age 16) in the home of Ike Baker (farmer) in the 1850 census of Scott Co., VA.

Emanuel is listed (age 25) as head of household including Lucinda age 24, James age 5 and Issac age 3 in the Wise Co., VA census of 1860.

President Abraham Lincoln issued an amnesty proclamation in early 1864. This proclamation basically stated that if Confederate soldiers would turn themselves in and take the oath of allegiance, they would be allowed to live peacefully in the North until the war was over. Several members of the 7th Battalion Confederate Cavalry took advantage of this proclamation and deserted in Wise County in March 1864. While not a major problem for Prentice's battalion, the records indicate some disaffection with Prentice at that time. Some of the prisoner of war records indicated the men had been conscripted and only served briefly with the battalion. Among the Wise County residents who took advantage of the amnesty proclamation were: Henry Adkins, Emanuel Church, Emanuel Fleming, John W. Hubbard, James A. Kilgore, John and Marshall Mullins, William P. Neal, Levi Perry, William Perry, William Poe, and George W. Porter. Additionally Noah Sykes, a Buchanan County resident deserted and took the oath

Special note: Emmet Church sent me a note on Joseph and Emanuel and it is as follows: They served in the 7th Battalion Confederate Cavalry of Virginia, Emanuel enlisted in Wise Co, Va. and took oath at Louisa, Ky. Resident of Wise County, VA, Dark complexion, hazel eyes, grey eyes, 5'10". Previously served in the VSL.

Emanuel deserted at Wise Co. VA and took the oath at Louisa, KY. He previously served in the Virginia State Line. He was a brother or Joseph Church, 2nd Lt Emanuel is believed to have been a physician with a practice in West Virginia after the war. (contributed by Barbara Church)

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