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James Lafayette Clark
and Hattie Edna Boggs

James Lafayette Clark b 19 Mar 1890 Elliott Co KY d 10 Feb 1955 Ashland, Boyd Co KY; buried Pennington Cemetery, Carter Co KY; s/o James Anderson Clark and Rachel Kitchen. James Lafayette Clark m. 12 Nov 1912 to Hattie Edna Boggs b 24 AUG 1895 Orr, Elliott Co KY d 17 Aug 1949 Willard, Carter Co KY of breast cancer; buried Pennington Cemetery, Carter Co KY; d/o John Milton Boggs and Nicy Margaret Wheeler. Child of James Lafayette Clark and Hattie Edna Boggs;

1. Beatrice Ethel Clark b 26 Dec 1913 Elliott Co KY; m. 25 Aug 1934 Ashland, Boyd Co KY to (1) Daniel Watson "Watt" McDavid b 25 Dec 1914 Carter Co KY d 18 Mar 1986 Carter Co KY; s/o D W McDavid and Florence Wilcox.

Beatrice Ethel Clark m. 28 Feb 1939 Carter Co KY to (2) William Ernest Robinson b 3 Oct 1915 Carter Co KY d 10 Jul 1998 Carter Co KY; buried East Carter Memory Gardens, Grayson KY; s/o Burrell Adelbert Robinson and Edna Mae Walker.

William Ernest "Ernie" Robinson was a teacher for many years and then became the Carter County Superintendent and later a principal in Boyd County. He had a very long and distinguished career in education in Eastern Kentucky. He graduated from Morehead State College with a Bachelor of Science degree on July 24, 1952, and a Master of Arts in Education on August 6, 1959.

Beatrice Clark was born in Elliott County, Kentucky. When she was just a young girl, her parents moved to Ashland, Kentucky, where her dad worked for Armco Steel. Beatrice went to Hatcher Elementary School and then later went to Hager School. Her family eventually moved to Willard, Kentucky, and Beatrice attended Webbville High School. At the start of her senior year in high school, Beatrice was sent to live with Carson and Nettie Boggs Blevins in Ashland, Kentucky. Beatrice can recall Nettie packing a lunch for her with a sandwich made of mashed pinto beans mixed with relish. Beatrice says that the sandwiches were really good! She graduated from Ashland Senior High School on May 25, 1933. About the time that she had completed high school, she was getting ready to go back to her parents' home and had packed her suitcase to go. Her little cousin, Gene Blevins, was still in diapers and wet on her bag of clean clothing. They really got a big laugh out of that! Beatrice Clark Robinson was a teacher in Elliott and Carter Counties for many years. She taught one room school early in her career. She graduated from Morehead State College with a Bachelor of Arts degree on August 7, 1958. Bea recalled for me the day that her two little sons, Jack and Bill, rolled the family car down the hill and ran it into the house. A neighbor lady saw what was going on and yelled out to Bea. As soon as Bea realized what the boys had done, the car started to roll on down the hill! Bea ran to the car and got her foot on the break, saving a real disaster.

Att and Hattie (Boggs) Clark ran a store in Dobbins, Kentucky. Gertrude Rice could remember the salesmen coming to the store and having their lunch. Att was struck by a car and killed one mile south of Grayson outside of Bea's home. He is buried in the Pennington Cemetery, Willard, Kentucky.

Hattie Edna Boggs was the eighth child of John Milt Boggs and Nicy Margaret Wheeler. She was born on the family farm in Orr, Kentucky. She was only seven years old when her mother died and probably knew Hattie Pennington Boggs as a mother more than her own. Hattie married James Lafayette "Att" Clark, probably in Elliott County, Kentucky. Together they ran a general store in Elliott County, near Dobbins. Aunt Hattie and Uncle Att had one daughter, Beatrice Ethel Clark. She was a member of the United Baptist church. Hattie's daugther, Beatrice, told me that there used to be a loom house on John Milt Boggs' farm. Hattie Boggs Clark would weave lindsey woolsey cloth and make clothing from it. I have been told my other members of the family that John Milt raised sheep and that is likely where the wool came from. (See also story of Carson Blevins and Nettie Boggs) She made two little dresses for Beatrice when she was just a small girl. Beatrice can remember eating biscuits with molasses and butter on them and the molasses ran down the front of her linsey woolsey dress, making it sticky and stiff. Her mother was not too pleased to have to get the mess out! Hattie Boggs Clark died of breast cancer and is buried in the Pennington Cemetery, Willard, Kentucky.

(Source: Barbara Jacobs - blacklickmachine@insight-bc.com)

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