Cole Family Genealogy
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Copyright © 1999-2004 by Matthew Broyles. All Rights Reserved. NOTICE: Annotations herein are the author's surmise from research. In some cases, the information may be erroneous or incomplete. The author makes no warranty or representation regarding the veracity of the information.

The English names Cole and Coles mean "descendant of Cole, a pet of Nicholas (people's victory)." The Old English word col, meaning "coal" in the sense of coal-black hair or swarthy complexion, was the parent of this name.

Several under-tenants with the single name Cola and Cole are recorded in the 1086 Domesday Book. Geoffrey Cole lived in Huntingdonshire in 1148 and Richard Cole lived in Warwickshire in 1185. Robertus filius (son of) Cole lived in Lincolnshire in 1206. Elias and Johannes Cole were on 1379 Yorkshire Poll Tax Rolls and George Coles lived in Yorkshire in 1555. Baziel Beconn and Anne Coale were married in St. Michael's Church, London, in 1665. Burke's General Armory describes the arms for the various spellings. Francis Cole came to Virginia from England on the ship Susan in 1616 and William Cole came aboard the Neptune in 1618 and both were living in 1624. A William Cole held 100 acres of patented land in Elizabeth City County, Virginia around 1626. A William Coale was living in Virginia in 1623 and Edward Coles came to the colony in 1635. Isaac Cole, a carpenter of Sandwich, England, his wife and two children sailed for New England in 1634.

BARON COLE (1-1). Baron was born in 1040, in Hampshire, England, died in 1080, in England.

4-1.William (born in 1160, Hutenesleigh, Devonshire, England-died in 1243, in Hutenesleigh, Devonshire, England) (Married Ysabella)

YSABELLA Married WILLIAM COLE (4-1) about 1185, in England. Ysabella was born about 1160, in England, died after 1201, in County Cornwall, England.

6-1.Roger (born in 1185, Hutenesleigh, Devonshire, England-died in 1273, in Hutenesleigh, Devonshire, England)

ROGER COLE (6-1). Wife's name unknown. Married in 1210, in Hutenesleigh, Devonshire, England.

8-1.William (born in 1210, Hutenesleigh, Devonshire, England-died in 1245, in Hutenesleigh, Devonshire, England)

8-2.Richard (born in 1212, Hutenesleigh, Devonshire, England)

WILLIAM COLE (8-1). Wife's name unknown.

14-1.Sir Roger (born in 1235, Hutenesleigh, Devonshire, England-died in 1302, in Coleton, Chumleigh, Devonshire, England)

RICHARD COLE (8-2). Wife's name unknown.

16-1.William (born in 1243, Hutenesleigh, Devonshire, England)

SIR ROGER COLE (14-1). Wife's name unknown. Married in 1280.

18-1.William (born in 1280, Coleton, Chumleigh, Devonshire, England-died in 1301, in Scotland) (married in 1300)

18-2.Roger (born in 1285, Coleton, Chumleigh, Devonshire, England)

WILLIAM COLE (16-1). Wife's name unknown.

20-1.Roger (born in 1260, Devonshire, England)

ROGER COLE (18-2). Wife's name unknown. Married in 1305.

24-1.Sir John (born in 1305, Devonshire, England-died after 1338, in Counteye of Devon and Cornwall, England) (also known as John Cole de Tamar, man-at-arms) (original records show John passing in 1336, before his son was born)

SIR JOHN COLE (24-1). Wife's name unknown.

28-1.Sir John (born in 1338, Devonshire, England) (he was also known as the Knight of Nytheway) (Married Anna Brodrugan)

ANNA BRODRUGAN Married SIR JOHN COLE (28-1) in 1356, in Parish of Brixhano. Anna was born in 1337, in England.

34-1.Sir William (born in 1357, Devonshire, England-died in 1415, in Devonshire, England) (Married Margaret Beaupell)

MARGARET BEAUPELL Married SIR WILLIAM COLE (34-1). Margaret was born in 1361, in England.

38-1.Sir John (born in 1383, Devonshire, England) (he served his king during the 1415 Battle of Agincourt) (Married Agnes Fitz Waryn)

AGNES FITZ WARYN Married SIR JOHN COLE (38-1) in 1408, in Nythway, Devonshire, England. Agnes was born in 1389, in England.

44-1.Adam (born in 1409)

44-2.John (born in 1411, Devonshire, England) (Married Janet Meriot)

44-3.William (born in 1413)

44-4.Robert (born in 1415)

JANET MERIOT Married JOHN COLE (44-2). Janet was born in 1415, in England.

48-1.William (born in 1439, Devonshire, England) (Married Elizabeth Weston)


ELIZABETH WESTON Married WILLIAM COLE (48-1). Elizabeth was born in 1455, in England.

52-1.John (born in 1468-died in England) (Married Mary Archdeacon)


MARY ARCHDEACON Married JOHN COLE (52-1). Mary was born in 1472, in England.

56-1.Thomas (born in 1494-died in England) (Married Elizabeth Hargraves)

ELIZABETH HARGRAVES Married THOMAS COLE (56-1). Elizabeth was born in 1472, in England.

60-1.William (born in 1520-died in 1600, in England) (Married Anne Colles)



ANNE COLLES Married WILIAM COLE (60-1). Anne was born in 1524, in London, England.

64-1.William (born in 1546-died in 1611, in England) (Married Elizabeth Deards)




ELIZABETH DEARDS Married WILLIAM COLE (64-1) probably about 1569, in Essex County, England. Elizabeth was born about 1550, in London, England, died in England.

68-1.William James (born about 1570, in Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland-died about 1598) (there is a Cole monument in Enniskillen, which is about one hundred feet high, and can be climbed to give a good view over the town) (Married Susan Bale)







SUSAN BALE Married WILLIAM JAMES COLE (68-1) in 1585, in Barnstaple, Devonshire, England. Susan was born about 1564, in Littlebentley, Essex, England, died in 1609, in London, Middlesex, England.

74-1.James (born about 1600, London, England, or Barnstaple, Devonshire, England-died about 1688, in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts) (his name was also spelled Coale) (migrated to Plymouth, Massachusetts as an adult with his wife Mary and their four children) (James first appears in the Plymouth Colony records in 1633, the name of the ship on which he sailed to America is not known) (James was an innkeeper, operating an inn, or "ordinary," was a public service and the Colony authorized money to keep the ordinary in good repair) (James also appears in the records of Plymouth Colony for violations of the Colony’s liquor laws on numerous occasions) (James Cole’s ordinary was near but not actually on Plymouth’s "Coles Hill") (Coles Hill most probably takes its name, not from James Cole, but from John Cole who bought property on the hill in 1697, the first reference to "Coles Hill" appears on March 6, 1698 in the Records of the Town of Plymouth) (Married Mary Lobel)

74-2.Job (born in 1605)

74-3.John (born in 1610)

74-4.Daniel (born in 1613)

74-5.Zaccheus (born in 1618)

74-6.Nathaniel (born in 1620)

MARY LOBEL Married JAMES COLE (74-1) on May 8, 1625, in England. Mary was born about 1604, in Lile, Nord, France, died in 1659, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, daughter of Mattien Lobel.

78-1.James Jr. (born in 1626 or 1627) (took over the operation of his father's tavern in 1670)

78-2.Hugh (born in 1628, London, England-died on Jan. 22, 1699, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts, now Warren, Rhode Island) (buried in Tyler Point Cemetery, Barrington, Rhode Island, no marker) (baptized on June 29, 1628, in Barnstaple, Devonshire, England) (moved to Swansea, Massachusetts in 1668 and built a home on the west bank of the Mattapoisett River, now called Cole's River) (Married Mary Foxwell on Aug. 8, 1654)

78-3.Mary (born in 1632)

78-4.John (Nov. 21, 1637-died in 1677, in Swansea, Massachusetts) (moved with his brother Hugh to Swansea, Massachusetts) (Married Elizabeth Ryder, daughter of Samuel Ryder of Yarmouth) (had four children including Elizabeth who married William Hammond of Swansea, Massachusetts on Jan. 10, 1695)

MARY FOXWELL Married HUGH COLE (78-2) on Aug. 8, 1654, in Plymouth or Swansea, Massachusetts. Mary was born on Aug. 17, 1635, in Scituate, Massachusetts, died in 1688, in Swansea, Massachusetts, daughter of Ann Shelley and Richard Foxwell. Hugh remarried twice after Mary's death in 1689.

86-1.James (Nov. 8, 1655, Plymouth, Massachusetts-died in 1712)

86-2.Hugh II (March 8, 1658, Plymouth, Massachusetts-Feb. 17, 1737 or 1738, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts) (Married Deborah Buckland on May 6, 1681)

86-3.John (May 15, 1660, Plymouth, Massachusetts-died in 1748) (Married Susanna) (remarried to Sarah Butts, widow of Zacheus Butts) (the part of Swansea, Massachusetts where John lived later became part of Warren, Rhode Island)

86-4.Martha (April 16, 1662, Plymouth, Massachusetts)

86-5.Anna (Oct. 14, 1664, Plymouth, Massachusetts)

86-6.Ruth (Jan. 8, 1666, Plymouth, Massachusetts)

86-7.Joseph (May 8, 1668, Plymouth, Massachusetts)

86-8.Ebenezer (born in 1671)

86-9.Mary (born in 1676)

86-10.Benjamin (born in 1678)



ELIZABETH LETTICE Married HUGH COLE (78-2) on Jan. 1, 1689, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Hugh's second marriage. Elizabeth was born in 1636, in Lincolnshire County, England, died on Oct. 31, 1693, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts.

MARY SHELLY Married HUGH COLE (78-2) on Jan. 30, 1694, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Hugh's third marriage. Mary was born on Nov. 2, 1639, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts, died in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts.

ELIZABETH RYDER Married JOHN COLE (78-4). Elizabeth was the daughter of Samuel Ryder of Yarmouth. They had four children.

90-1.Elizabeth (Married William Hammond of Swansea, Massachusetts on Jan. 10, 1695) (had son Gideon Hammond who married Hannah Cole, daughter of Susanna and John Cole)

DEBORAH BUCKLAND Married HUGH COLE II (86-2) on May 6, 1681, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Deborah was born on Sept. 16, 1658 or 1660, in London, England, or Rehobeth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, died on Nov. 7, 1724, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts, age 66.

98-1.Buckland (Feb. 11, 1682)

98-2.Hugh III (May 30, 1683, Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts-Feb. 17, 1736/37, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts) (Married Martha Luther on Dec. 13, 1705)

98-3.Mary (April 17, 1686)

98-4.Joseph (March 19, 1687)

98-5.Lydia (Oct. 7, 1691)

98-6.Bethia (born about 1697)

98-7.James (June 11, 1699)

98-8.Hannah (July 6, 1702)

98-9.Deborah (Feb. 11, 1704)

98-10.Christiana (born about 1706)


SUSANNA Married JOHN COLE (86-3). They had at least six children.

102-1.Hannah (Feb. 4, 1698) (she was the fifth child) (Married Gideon Hammond on Dec. 13, 1722, in Swansea, Massachusetts, they were second cousins) (Gideon was the son of Elizabeth Cole and William Hammond)

SARAH BUTTS Married JOHN COLE (86-3) on Aug. 15, 1712, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts. John's second marriage. Sarah was the widow of Zacheus Butts. No children.

MARTHA LUTHER Married HUGH COLE III (98-2) on Dec. 13, 1705, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Martha was born on Dec. 9, 1681, died in 1765, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts, daughter of Mary Abell and Samuel Luther.

114-1.Hugh IV (Sept. 19, 1706)

114-2.Nehemiah (Feb. 23, 1708)

114-3.Joseph (May 3, 1716, Swansea, Massachusetts-April 22, 1785, in Washington County, Tennessee, age 68) (possibly buried with his wife in Sinclair's Bottom Cemetery in the back under a pine tree) (moved to Washington County, Tennessee between 1771 and 1774 and settled on the South Fork of the Holston River) (Married Freelove Mason on May 1, 1738)

114-4.Martha (born in 1718)

114-5.Peleg (Sept. 5, 1720)

114-6.David (April 2, 1723)

114-7.Deborah (April 6, 1727)

FREELOVE MASON Married JOSEPH COLE (114-3) on May 1, 1738, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Freelove was born on Nov. 14, 1720, in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts, died in 1792, in Washington County, Tennessee, possibly buried in Sinclair's Bottom Cemetery in the back under a pine tree, daughter of Elizabeth Barney and Joseph Mason.

124-1.Elizabeth (July 16, 1739)

124-2.Joanna (born in 1742-died in 1757, about age 15)

124-3.Hugh (born in 1744-died in 1760, about age 16)

124-4.Urania (born in 1746-died in 1828)

124-5.Joseph Jr. (born in 1750-died in 1826)

124-6.Sampson (March 7, 1755, Swansea, Massachusetts-June 25, 1833, in Smyth County, Virginia, age 78) (buried in the cemetery at Old Blankenbeckler Shool, north of South Fork of the Holston River, above Riverside and below Adwolf, Smyth County, Virginia) (purchased land in Smyth County, Virginia as early as 1770) (Married Keziah Cole, then Lydia Wheeler)

124-7.Zacheus (born in 1759-died in 1813)

124-8.Lydia "Ledy" (born probably in 1760-died probably in 1830)

JOHN COLE. John was born about 1761, died before 1870. John was living in the household of Hardin and Nancy Pack in Thompson Valley, Tazewell County, Virginia in 1860. John's name was also spelled Coale. John was probably a brother of Charles Cole, who was born between 1760 and 1770, and his second wife was Sarah, who was born about 1798. John was living in Washington County, Virginia in 1840. Charles was living in Grayson County, Virginia. The following were children of either John or Charles Cole.

132-1.Joshua (born about 1802, Virginia) (Married Eveline Tabitha Osborn) (living in Grayson County, Virginia in 1850)

132-2.James (born about 1805) (Married Lydia) (living in Grayson County, Virginia in 1850 and 1860)

132-3.Charles (born about 1807) (living in Grayson County, Virginia in 1850)

132-4.Lorenzo Dow (Feb. 27, 1817, North Carolina or Washington County, Virginia-May 15, 1877, in Washington County, Virginia, age 60) (he was said to have died of blood poisoning as a result of a cut from an ax while cutting wood) (another story is that while hunting with his six year old son Charlie, they came to a fence, and Lorenzo set his shotgun down and started to cross the fence, the gun fell over and went off, and killed Lorenzo right there while Charlie was watching) (Lorenzo's ancestors landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts about fifteen years after the Pilgrims came in 1620) (he was said to be from Carroll County, Virginia) (he was a chair maker in Washington County, Virginia) (served as an elected 1st Lieutenant in Company E, 13th Battalion Reserves, Echols Army, Southwest Virginia, served under Captain Henry B. Roberts, Confederate Army, during the Civil War) (he was also known as L. D., "Ransey," "Lonnie," and "Lon" Cole) (he was a farmer and a Methodist minister) (Married Nancy Hanshoe, then Ailey Baker, then Phoebe McMeans) (it was said that Lorenzo had a family back in Carroll County, and that he married Ailey without a divorce) (living with his third wife Phoebe in Western District, Washington County, Virginia in 1860 and in Goodson Township, Washington County, Virginia in 1870)

KEZIAH COLE Married SAMPSON COLE (124-6) in 1773, in Ulster County, New York. Keziah was born about 1750, in Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, died in 1778, daughter of Israel Cole III, son of Israel Cole II, son of Israel Cole, son of Daniel Cole of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Keziah was killed after their third child was born by a fall from a horse.

144-1.Keziah (March 6, 1774-Sept. 10, 1845, age 71)

144-2.Samuel (Jan. 23, 1776-died in 1824)

144-3.David (Nov. 9, 1778-died in 1863)

LYDIA WHEELER Married SAMPSON COLE (124-6) in 1780, in Washington County, Tennesse. Sampson's second marriage. Lydia was born in 1770, in New York, died on March 25, 1841, in Smyth County, Virginia, buried in the cemetery at Old Blankenbeckler Shool, north of South Fork of the Holston River, above Riverside and below Adwolf, Smyth County, Virginia, daughter of Abigail and James Wheeler.




144-7.Jesse (July 3, 1781, Holston River, Virginia-Nov. 28, 1870, in Shady Valley, Johnson County, Tennessee, age 89)

144-8.Martha "Patty" (born in 1784)

144-9.Ann (born after 1785-died in 1856)

144-10.Elizabeth (born in 1796-died on May 20, 1880, in Washington County, Virginia) (Married Andrew Patterson on Sept. 6, 1814)

144-11.Abigail (born in 1799-died in 1875)

EVELINE TABITHA OSBORN Married JOSHUA COLE (132-1) on Jan. 8, 1824, in Grayson County, Virginia. Eveline was born about 1805, died after 1850, daughter of Agnes Wells and Jonathan Osborn.

156-1.Elizabeth (born about 1828, Virginia) (Married William Osborn on Nov. 3, 1851, in Ashe County, North Carolina)

156-2.Welborn "William" (born about 1832, Virginia) (Married Mary Osborn)

156-3.James (born about 1834, North Carolina-died before 1870) (Married Rebecca Osborn on April 8, 1855, in Ashe County, North Carolina)

156-4.Joshua (born about 1837) (name may have been Joseph)

156-5.David Fleming (born about 1840-died after 1900, in Ashe County, North Carolina)

156-6.Lorenzo (born about 1843, Virginia)

156-7.Ann (born about 1847, Virginia)

LYDIA Married JAMES COLE (132-2). Lydia was born about 1804. The following were probably children of Lydia and James Cole.

158-1.Charles (born about 1827) (living in Grayson County, Virginia in 1860)

158-2.William (born about 1829) (living in Grayson County, Virginia in 1860)

158-3.David (born about 1830) (living in Grayson County, Virginia in 1860)

158-4.Lorenzo D. (born about 1831, Virginia) (living in Independence, Grayson County, Virginia in 1860)

158-5.Joshua (born in 1832, Virginia) (possibly son of Lydia and James Cole) (he was a cooper and a carpenter) (name also spelled Coale) (lived in 69th District, Washington County, Virginia in 1850, Thompson Valley, Tazewell County, Virginia in 1860, Wilson Creek, Grayson County, Virginia in 1870, and Elk Creek District, Grayson County, Virginia in 1880)

158-6.Cynthia J.

MARGARETT Married JAMES COLE (132-2) by 1880. James’ second marriage. Margarett was born about 1833.

NANCY HANSHOE Married LORENZO DOW COLE (132-4). Nancy was from Union Lead Mines, Wythe County, Virginia. Nancy was born about 1820, in Virginia, she was living with her son Lorenzo Dow Cole Jr. in Wytheville, Wythe County, Virginia in 1860 and in Speedwell Township, Wythe County, Virginia in 1870. Nancy’s last name may have been Burzik or Busick. Lorenzo disappeared soon after their son Lorenzo Dow Cole Jr. was born.

164-1.Lorenzo Dow Jr. (born in 1834, Wythe County, Virginia) (he was a miner) (Married Sarah Elizabeth Briggs) (name also spelled Coale) (his family lived next door to the J. Pearman family, and on Lorenzo and Elizabeth’s marriage license, Lorenzo listed J. Pearman as his father) (living in Wytheville, Wythe County, Virginia in 1860 with Andrew Briggs, laborer, age 16, born about 1844, in Virginia, and his mother Nancy Coale, age 40, also listed) (living in Speedwell Township, Wythe County, Virginia in 1870 with his mother Nancy Cole, age 50, also listed)

AILEY BAKER Married LORENZO DOW COLE (132-4). Lorenzo’s second marriage. Lorenzo probably married Ailey without a divorce from his first wife Nancy Hanshoe. Ailey was born about 1817, in North Carolina, buried on a mountain spur half a mile from Cole Cemetery, Virginia. Ailey was living with her children in Western District, Tazewell County, Virginia in 1850, and she was living in Garden Township, Buchanan County, Virginia in 1870 with Christiansen Cole, female, age 32, born about 1838, Mary E. Cole, age 4, born about 1866, in North Carolina, Charles Cole, age 2, born about 1868, in Virginia, and Fanny Cole, two months old, born in July 1870, in Virginia. Ailey and Lorenzo came from North Carolina to Virginia along with Sally Baker and Loggins Woody.

164-2.Mary (born about 1835, North Carolina) (Married John White) (John was born about 1824, in Virginia) (living in Garden Township, Buchanan County, Virginia in 1870)

From Mary Leslie - Submitted 9 July 2009 in our Feedback Forum. Mary Leslie Wrote: I have an addition to the family tree. Mary Cole, daughter of Lorenzo Dow Cole and Ailey Baker, and James Whitten Day, son of James Daniel Day and Easter Pruitt, had a daughter born 1864 named Susie. Not long after Susie's birth Mary Cole married John White, and James Whitten Day married Louisa Ratliff. In 1880 Susie married Sam DeLong and their son John Wallace DeLong was born in Whitewood, Virginia, in 1886. A daughter was born a couple years later, and when she died, Sam DeLong, possibly a traveling salesman, abandoned the family, and he might have been murdered a short time after that. Susie had two children with Bill Brown, James DeLong born 1892 or 1894 and Mary Lou Emma DeLong born 1897. Mary Lou DeLong married Joseph Yates in 1918 and they moved to Camas Washington where my mother was born.

164-3.Andrew "Andy" (born about 1837, North Carolina) (served in the Civil War, he fought at Gettysburg, Virginia) (he was a farmer) (name also spelled Coal) (Married Manevery) (living in Garden Township, Buchanan County, Virginia in 1870)

164-4.Joshua (born about 1839, North Carolina) (he was a farmer) (name was also spelled Coal) (served in the 45th Virginia Infantry, Company A, enlisted on June 6, 1862 in Monroe County, Virginia, present on final roll, he was captured at Waynesboro, Virginia on March 2, 1865, Prisoner of War at Fort Delaware, released on June 19, 1865, fought at Gettysburg, Virginia) (he was 5 foot 8 inches tall, had blue eyes, dark hair) (Married Narcissus) (living in Garden Township, Buchanan County, Virginia in 1870, and living in Tazewell County, Virginia in 1898)

164-5.Felix (born in 1842, Ashe County, North Carolina-died in 1921, about age 79) (buried in Whitewood, Virginia) (he was a farmer and he was a merchant) (he was the progenitor of nearly all Coles around Whitewood, Virginia) (name also spelled Coal) (served in the 34th Battalion, Company C, Witcher's Cavalry, under Captain Elias Harman, during the Civil War, fought at Gettysburg, Virginia) (Married Martha Jane Compton on Feb. 18, 1866, in Buchanan County, Virginia) (Martha was born in Feb. 1847, in Tazewell County, Virginia, died on May 26, 1919, in Garden District, Whitewood, Buchanan County, Virginia, age 72, daughter of Sarah T. Johnson and John Allen Compton) (resident of Whitewood, Virginia)

164-6.Sarah (born about 1843, North Carolina)

164-7.Susanna (born about 1845, North Carolina)

164-8.Narcissa (born about 1848, Virginia) (she and Joshua Day had children Mack and Susanna Day) (her son Joshua W. Cole married Caroline Ratliff, daughter of James M. Ratliff, after Josh’s death, Caroline remarried, her last husband was Mr. Gregory from South Carolina) (Married Jake Keen) (Narcissa was aunt to Hannibal Albert Compton)

Marie Burress Davis added the following family members and information in our feedback pages, August 29, 2009 @ 10:41 am

On Narcissa cole (164-8) her son Joshua married Caroline Ratliff their 9 children are as following.(1) Garnett (Garnie) Cole married Millard Cooper, They had 10 children Joshua, Jimmie, (Twins Betty, Billy,) Lois, Graham, (Twins Thelma and Thurman, MacArthur and Gary Cooper. ( 2.) Gallie Cole married Alta Matney they had 3 children Harold, Donold, and Freddie ( 3) Leonard Cole married Thelma Vance they had 4 children Josh, Henry, Carter and Lena Mae they divorced he then married Linnie Horn ( 4.) Kermit Cole married Mona McNeil they had 2 children Shirley, and Nancy.( 5.) Sherman Cole Married Vergie Vance they had 6 children Caroline, Hobert, Mary, Lonnie , Dean and Debra. (6) Trula B. Cole married Hobert Burress (1936) they had 3 children James William Burress born December 13 1937 and Margaret Marie Burress born October 1 1939 and Jr who was stillborn in 1946. ( 7.) Hassell Cole married Birchie Horn.they had 4 children Eugene Cook, Gary, Larry and Jerry they also took care of several foster children in their home. (8.) Caroline (Nell) Cole married Claude Keene they had 4 children Freddie Keene and Kimbrely Keene (a boy and girl babies died shortly after birth.) ( 9) Graham Cole married Christine Shell they had 4 children (Twins Linda and Brenda) Graham Cole Jr and Merry . These are all of my Aunts and Uncles and first cousins. My cousins all have a lot of children if I can I will get them. My name is Marie Burress Davis I was born and raised on the Loggy Bottom section of Whitewood and graduated in 1958 . I married Jerry Jr Davis July 1 1967. he is the son of Luther M and Mary Brown Davis of Raven. Jerry and I live at Claypool Hill Va. We have 1 daughter Karen Denise Davis she married Mark Beggs from Tazewell Va they have 1 daughter Avalon Elizabeth Beggs age 6 she was born December 24 2002, Karen and Mark are both teacher in Tennessee. I would like it if you could get this on the Cole Family Genealogy this may get others to update our family it is a large family and a Family that I am very proud of. Thanks

164-9.James Thomas "Big Jim" (born about 1851, Virginia) (buried in Fortner Cemetery, Rock Camp, West Virginia) (listed in the household of his brother Joshua Cole in Garden Township, Buchanan County, Virginia in the 1870 census) (Married Louvicey Woody, daughter of Elsie White and Theophilus Woody, son of Loggins Woody) (resident of Monroe County, West Virginia)

PHOEBE McMEANS Married LORENZO DOW COLE (132-4) about 1844, in Tennessee. Lorenzo's third marriage. Lorenzo probably married Phoebe without a divorce from Ailey Baker. In Phoebe’s Application for Widow’s Pension, dated Feb. 17, 1905, she stated that they were married "about 1844 by a Magistrate in Tennessee by the name of Grace." Phoebe was born about 1829, in Grayson County, Virginia, died after 1905. One of their great grandsons was Lonnie B. Warren.

164-10.Ruth (March 5, 1846, Virginia-March 13, 1919, age 73) (Married A. J. Hughes)

164-11.Dennis Fielder (born in 1848, Virginia-died on Nov. 16, 1908, about age 60) (served as a Private in Company E, 13th Battalion Virginia Reserves, Echols Army, Southwest Virginia, served under Captain Henry B. Roberts, Confederate Army, during the Civil War) (Married Mary Jane Orfield) (Mary was born on Sept. 1, 1850, died in 1885, about age 35) (remarried to Susan Josephine McVey Arnold in 1887) (Susan was born about 1864, died on July 28, 1911, she was the widow of Nathan William Arnold and had one child Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Arnold who married Charles Baker Cole)

164-12.Elizabeth (born in 1850, Virginia)

164-13.Haskow Bascombe (Nov. 27, 1852, Virginia-Nov. 29, 1885, age 32) (Married Marissa Bailey) (Marissa was born on Jan. 14, 1855, died on March 9, 1893, age 37)

164-14.Isaac C. "Ison" (Oct. 1, 1855, Virginia) (Married Mary E. Joyner, then Fanny Pippin)

164-15.Sampson (March 4, 1858, Virginia) (not in 1870 census)

164-16.Robert David "Dave" (born in 1863, Virginia) (Married Julia A. Miller)

164-17.James W. (born in 1868, Virginia)

164-18.Charles Baker "Charlie" (Dec. 3, 1871, Washington County, Virginia-July 6, 1955, age 83) (Married Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Arnold in 1899)

164-19.Mary Alice (born in 1874)

ANNA RICKERT Married WILLIAM NICHOLAS COLE III. William was born in 1818, at sea between England and Canada.

174-1.Annie (born in Canada)

174-2.Ethelinda (born in Canada)

174-3.Orpha (born in Canada)

174-4.Lorenzo Dow (June 1, 1838, Canada) (Married Ellen Aldrich on Jan. 15, 1865)

174-5.Amos L. (born in 1842, Toronto, Ontario, Canada-died in Grand Rapids, Michigan)

174-6.Levi W. (Sept. 23, 1844, Toronto, Ontario, Canada-April 2, 1914, in Tyrone, Kent County, Michigan, age 69)

174-7.William Leonard (April 23, 1848, Burford, County Brent, Ontario, Canada-July 4, 1943, in San Diego, San Diego County, California, age 95) (Married Mary Jane Dennis on Nov. 10, 1872, in Township Ray, McComb County, Michigan)

174-8.Mahala A. (May 2, 1853, Toronto, Ontario, Canada-Aug. 31, 1933, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, age 80) (Married Benjamin Palmer)

174-9.Edith Mary (July 30, 1883-died in 1972, in Chelsea, Michigan) (Married James Irvin Bisbing)

CELIA BROWN Married JESSE COLE (144-7) on Dec. 15, 1803, in Tennessee. Celia was born on Aug. 4, 1785, in North Carolina, died on March 17, 1873, in Shady Valley, Carter County, Tennessee, age 87.

186-1.Sampson (Aug. 29, 1804-March 2, 1891, age 86)

186-2.James (drowned as a young boy)

186-3.Benjamin Brown (March 6, 1808-died in 1905)

186-4.John (born about 1810)

186-5.Susan (March 9, 1814) (her birth dates vary)

186-6.Alfred M. (March 9, 1814, Shady Valley, Tennessee-Feb. 8, 1854, in Leeds, now Kansas City, Missouri, age 39)

186-7.Annie (born possibly in 1814-died in 1905)

186-8.Jesse Jr. (born in 1817-died in 1863)

186-9.Washington (May 9, 1819-died in 1870)

186-10.Elizabeth (born in 1821-died before 1867)

186-11.Celia (Dec. 3, 1823-died in 1916)

186-12.Liddie (born in 1825-died in 1883)

186-13.Lyda (Jan. 5, 1827-March 14, 1878, age 51)

ELIZABETH COLE (144-10) Married ANDREW PATTERSON on Sept. 6, 1814, in Smyth County, Virginia. Andrew died on June 19, 1862, in Washington County, Virginia. Andrew was a preacher. Andrew received a land grant in Washington County, Virginia for services in the War of 1812.



198-3.Sampson C.



198-6.Thomas E.

198-7.Martha (Married Campbell Berry St. John)

ELIZABETH COLE (156-1) Married WILLIAM OSBORN on Nov. 3, 1851, in Ashe County, North Carolina. William was born on April 22, 1830, in Ashe County, North Carolina, died on July 30, 1873, age 43, son of Mary Vanover and Stephen Osborn.

210-1.James (born about 1852)

210-2.Tabitha (born about 1853)

210-3.Larinda (born about 1854)

210-4.Loudena (Dec. 16, 1857-Sept. 8, 1949, in Ashe County, North Carolina, age 91) (Married Johnson Roark before 1892)

210-5.Stephen (born about 1860)

210-6.Daniel (born about 1862, North Carolina)

210-7.Laura (born about 1864, North Carolina)

210-8.Elva (born about 1866, North Carolina)

MARY OSBORN Married WELBORN COLE (156-2). Mary was born on April 13, 1832, in Ashe County, North Carolina, daughter of Mary Vanover and Stephen Osborn.

214-1.Jane (born about 1852, North Carolina)

214-2.Hannah Delia (born about 1854, North Carolina)

214-3.Alfred (born about 1856, North Carolina)

214-4.Sarah Ann (born about 1859, North Carolina)

214-5.Mary (born about 1865, North Carolina)

214-6.Watson (born about 1866, North Carolina)

214-7.Rose (born about 1868, North Carolina)

REBECCA OSBORN Married JAMES COLE (156-3) on April 8, 1855, in Ashe County, North Carolina. Rebecca was born on April 7, 1834, in Ashe County, North Carolina, died in Dec. 1922, age 88, daughter of Mary Vanover and Stephen Osborn. Rebecca was also married to Nathan Ward.

218-1.Rebecca (born about 1852, North Carolina)

218-2.Stephen Wiley (born about 1856, North Carolina)

218-3.Alvin (born about 1858, North Carolina)

218-4.Thomas (born about 1859, North Carolina)

218-5.James M. (born about 1863, North Carolina)

HULDA Married LORENZO D. COLE (158-4). Hulda was born about 1843, in Virginia.

228-1.James (born about 1853, Virginia)

228-2.William P. (born about 1855, Virginia)

228-3.Mary E. (born about 1856, Virginia)

HARRIETT Married JOSHUA COLE (158-5) about 1850, probably in Virginia. Harriett was born about 1833, in Virginia, died between 1870 and 1880.

230-1.Mary E. (born about 1852, Grayson County, Virginia) (Married Samuel F. Russell on March 14, 1872, in Grayson County, Virginia)

230-2.Cynthia J. (April 21, 1853, Washington County, Virginia)

230-3.Newton R. (born about 1855, Tazewell County, Virginia) (Married E. M. Roberts on July 23, 1874, in Grayson County, Virginia) (living in Elk Creek District, Grayson County, Virginia in 1880)

230-4.John J. (born about 1857, Virginia)

230-5.James M. (born about 1859, Virginia) (living in Elk Creek District, Grayson County, Virginia in 1880)

230-6.Levisa A. (born about 1862, Virginia)

230-7.Emily N. (born about 1868, Virginia)

SARAH ELIZABETH BRIGGS Married LORENZO DOW COLE JR. (164-1). Elizabeth was born about 1842, in Virginia, not listed in 1870 census. Garnett Cole may be one of their descendants. Garnett lived in Wytheville, Virginia, died in Florida, had daughter Mildred who was living in Waynesboro, Virginia in 1995.

256-1.Nancy Ann (born in 1859, Virginia) (Married James G. Armentrout)

256-2.James Henry (born in 1864, Virginia)

256-3.William Newton (born in 1866, Virginia) (Married Mattie Mae Nuckolls, then Nancy E. J. Swacker)

256-4.Frances Jane "Fanny" (Dec. 1869, Virginia) (eight months old in 1870 census) (Married Henry Blackburn, then John Owens)

NANCY JANE CALLOWAY Married LORENZO DOW COLE JR. (164-1). Lorenzo’s second marriage. Nancy was born in 1842.

256-5.John Wesley (born in 1873)

256-6.Laura Price (born in 1876) (Married John Fitsgerald, then Hillery Dickenson)

256-7.Ida Mae (born in 1878) (never married)

MARY COLE (14-2) Married JOHN WHITE. John was born about 1824, in Virginia. John was a farmer. John was probably the brother of Elsie White who married Theophilus Woody.

264-1.Catharine (born about 1854, Virginia)

264-2.James (born about 1856, Virginia)

264-3.Susannah (born about 1864, Virginia)

264-4.Felix (born about 1866, Virginia)

264-5.Jonathan (July 1870, Virginia) (two months old in 1870 census)

MANEVERY Married ANDREW COLE (164-3). Manevery was born about 1846, in Virginia.

268-1.James (born about 1859, Virginia)

268-2.Easter (born about 1862, Virginia)

268-3.Aley (born about 1864, Virginia)

268-4.Sarah J. (born 1866, Virginia)

268-5.Louisa (born about 1868, Virginia)

NARCISSUS Married JOSHUA COLE (164-4). Narcissus was born about 1850, in Virginia. Joshua’s brother James T. Cole, age 19, born about 1851, in Virginia, was listed in his household in the 1870 census.

272-1.Hiram (born about 1867, Virginia)

MARTHA JANE COMPTON Married FELIX COLE (164-5) on Feb. 18, 1866, in Buchanan County, Virginia, by Charles Vandykes. Martha was born in Feb. 1847, in Tazewell County, Virginia, died on May 26, 1919, in Garden District, Whitewood, Buchanan County, Virginia, age 72, buried in Garden District, Whitewood, Virginia, daughter of Sarah T. "Sallie" Johnson and John Allen Compton.

278-1.George Washington (born in 1867, Virginia-died before 1946) (he was a well known merchant and business man at Whitewood, Virginia) (Married Florence Deskins) (resident of Whitewood, Virginia)

278-2.John R. (born in 1869, Virginia-died before 1946) (Married Rosie Compton)

278-3.Ailey Victoria (born in 1872-died before 1946) (Married George Edward Ward)

278-4.James William "Jim" (born in 1874-died before 1946) (Married Charlotte Keen)

278-5.Sarah "Sally" (born in 1876) (Married Josh Day) (resident of Argo, Alabama in 1946)

278-6.Amanda Margaret (April 3, 1877, Whitewood, Buchanan County, Virginia-Feb. 9, 1946, at home, Knobs Road, Monroe County, West Virginia, 7:30 a.m., age 68) (buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Union, West Virginia) (Married Henry Jefferson Lockhart) (resident of Whitewood, Buchanan County, Virginia, then moved to Knobs Road, Monroe County, West Virginia in 1910)

278-7.Newton J. (born in 1879-died before 1946) (Married Waitie Viars and had kids Boyd, Bev, and Lick Cole) (remarried to Nannie Ellswick after Waitie died, but had no children)

278-8.Byrd Brown (Oct. 6, 1882, Virginia-Sept. 29, 1962, age 79) (Married Goldie Hunt, then Mary Elizabeth Sparks) (resident of Whitewood, Virginia in 1946)

278-9.Mary R. (Feb. 1885, Virginia) (Married John G. McNeil) (kids Virgie, Macie, and Stella McNeil) (resident of Whitewood, Virginia)

278-10.Mattie S. (March 1887) (Married Marvin Short, then Charles Lockhart) (resident of Whitewood, Virginia in 1946)

278-11.Catherine C. (Nov. 1889, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married William F. "Will" Ratliff) (resident of Orange, Virginia in 1946)




NARCISSA COLE (164-8) Married JAKE KEEN. Narcissa also had son Joshua W. Cole. Joshua married Caroline Ratliff, daughter of James M. Ratliff, after Josh’s death, Caroline remarried, her last husband was Mr. Gregory from South Carolina.

LOUVICEY "VICEY" WOODY Married JAMES THOMAS COLE (164-9). Vicey died in 1916, buried in Fortner Cemetery, Rock Camp, West Virginia, daughter of Elsie White and Theophilus Woody. Elsie and Theophilus were married on Jan. 8, 1854, by John Christian. Elsie was from White Mountain, Buchanan County, Virginia, born about 1834, in Virginia, daughter of Catharine and James White. Theophilus was born about 1833, in North Carolina, son of Loggins Woody. Loggins came from North Carolina to Virginia along with Sally Baker, Ailey and Lorenzo Cole.



282-3.Jesse Lee (born in 1891-died in 1956) (buried in Fortner Cemetery, Rock Camp, West Virginia)

282-4.Samantha Victoria (Married Isaac Noah Lowe) (had grandson Ronald W. Hutchison, born in 1943, in Ohio)

MARY JANE ORFIELD Married DENNIS FIELDER COLE (164-11). Mary was born on Sept. 1, 1850, died in 1885, about age 35.

SUSAN JOSEPHINE McVEY ARNOLD Married DENNIS FIELDER COLE (164-11) in 1887. Susan was born about 1864, died on July 28, 1911, about age 47. Susan was the widow of Nathan William Arnold and had one child Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Arnold who married Dennis’ brother Charles Baker Cole.

SARAH ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" ARNOLD Married CHARLES BAKER COLE (164-18) on March 8, 1899, in Abingdon, Virginia. Lizzie’s full name was Sarah Elizabeth Margaret Annis Virginia Arnold. Lizzie was born on June 13, 1883, in Washington County, Virginia, died on Oct. 7, 1961, age 78, daughter of Susan Josephine McVey and Nathan William Arnold. Nathan died before 1887. Susan remarried to Charlie’s brother Dennis Fielder Cole.

284-1.Mabel Smith (Dec. 17, 1899-Dec. 23, 1990, age 91) (Married Carl Dalton, then Faye Messick, then Edmund Arnet Bales)

284-2.James Gordon (Oct. 14, 1901-July 20, 1995, age 93) (Married Mabel Grace Jinkins) (resident of Logan, Ohio)

284-3.Dennis Virgil (Jan. 18, 1904-Sept. 3, 1979, age 75) (Married Bertha Estelle) (resident of Tarpon Springs, Florida)

284-4.Estal Baker (June 15, 1906-Nov. 11, 1911, age 5)

284-5.Leonard Addington (Oct. 28, 1908-Nov. 28, 1976, age 68) (Married Ethelynne Adalake Fields) (resident of Richlands, Virginia)

284-6.Roena Marie (Jan. 12, 1911-Oct. 3, 1989, age 78) (Married Josiah Bailey Horne) (resident of Bluefield, West Virginia)

284-7.Mary Cecile (July 4, 1913) (Married Hobert Manning Dye)

284-8.Sherman Edward (June 13, 1916-Sept. 30, 1990, age 74) (Married Gladys Lilly Yates)

284-9.Billie Leona (Oct. 27, 1923) (Married Luther Wilson "Bill" Martin, then Joseph Henry McClaugherty)

HARRIETT BLEVINS Married ALFRED M. COLE (186-6) on Aug. 16, 1834, in Carter County, Tennessee. Harriett was born on June 9, 1814, in Johnson County, Tennessee, died on July 10, 1875, in Jackson County, Missouri, age 61.

285-1.Andrew Jackson (Feb. 24, 1836-March 15, 1860, age 24)

285-2.James (June 4, 1837-Oct. 6, 1844, age 7)

285-3.William Blevins (Sept. 1, 1838-died in 1854)

285-4.Jesse (March 5, 1840, Carter County, Tennessee-Dec. 29, 1915, in Leeds, now Kansas City, Missouri, while visiting relatives, age 75) (buried in the family cemetery in Leeds, Missouri) (resident of Cheyenne, Wyoming)

285-5.Elizabeth (Feb. 10, 1842)

285-6.Celia A. "Sely" (Oct. 1, 1848)

285-7.Alfred Huit (Sept. 16, 1852-March 31, 1927, age 74)

NANCY ANN COLE (256-1) Married JAMES G. ARMENTROUT. James was born in 1859.

286-1.William P.

286-2.Charles A.

286-3.Hobart M. (Married Beulah Redden)

286-4.Hattie L.

286-5.William P.

286-6.Verner O.

MATTIE MAE NUCKOLLS Married WILLIAM NEWTON COLE (256-3). Mattie was born in 1876.

288-1.William Roy (born in 1898) (Married Sadie)

288-2.Bonnie Marie (born in 1899) (Married Harry Good Perrine)

288-3.Conrad (born in 1901)

288-4.Hazel Lettitia (born in 1903) (Married Richard Owen Moore)

288-5.Jay Newton (born in 1906) (Married Fern Payne)

288-6.Mildred (born in 1909)

288-7.Frances Mae (born in 1912) (Married Phillip Brown)

288-8.Eloise Chilton (born in 1914)

288-9.Lee Edwin (born in 1916)

288-10.Jack Kingdon (born in 1919) (Married Mary Catherine Lilly, then Lucy Carter Borndahl) (resident of Bradenton, Florida in 1997)

NANCY E. J. SWACKER Married WILLIAM NEWTON COLE (256-3). William’s second marriage. Nancy was born in 1867.


290-1.Sadie Mae (born in 1892) (Married William Hollingsworth Rawley, then James Howard Burke)

290-2.Addie (born in 1894)

290-3.Arnold Basil (born in 1896) (Married Willie Frances Pardue)

MISS THOMPSON Married JOHN WESLEY COLE (256-5). John’s second marriage.

290-4.Myrtle (Married Mr. Lilly)

MARTHA LUCILLE CALLAWAY Married JOHN WESLEY COLE (256-5). John’s third marriage.

290-5.Clifton Callaway (born in 1908) (Married Irene Spradlin)

290-6.Martha Mae (Married Emil Ross Stenstrom)

290-7.Detta Lee

290-8.Alice Lucille

290-9.Mary Sue

290-10.Lorenzo Dow


290-12.John Friel

LAURA PRICE COLE (256-6) Married JOHN FITSGERALD. Laura’s first marriage.

LAURA PRICE COLE FITSGERALD (256-6) Married HILLERY DICKENSON. Laura’s second marriage.


FLORENCE DESKINS Married GEORGE WASHINGTON COLE (278-1). Florence was the daughter of Leah Fletcher and John Deskins.


294-2.J. G. (Married Kate)





294-7.Arthur Riley (Married Viola Durham) (had daughter Roberta Cole who married Mr. Ritchie)



294-10.Gladys (living in 1995) (Married Mr. Kennedy)

294-11.Josie (Married Mr. Maxwell)


294-13.Samuel McDowell (died about eight months old)

ROSA E. "ROSIE" COMPTON Married JOHN R. COLE (278-2) in 1897. Rosie was born on May 8, 1879, the oldest daughter of Louisa O. Jackson and Miles Levi Compton, who was the son of Benjamin Wallace Compton.

296-1.Ballard T. (Oct. 17, 1898-Oct. 1975, age 76 or 77) (resident of Whitewood, Virginia)

296-2.Louise J. (March 1899) (Married Tom Cole, then Clarence Ratliff)

296-3.Dennis (Married Ethel)

296-4.Stuart (he was a policeman) (Married Margaret)




296-8.Mary (Married Elmer White)



AILEY VICTORIA COLE (278-3) Married GEORGE EDWARD WARD. George was born about 1866, in Virginia, son of Pricilla and John W. Ward.

298-1.Sidney G.

298-2.John W.

298-3.Martha J.

298-4.Lydia Amanda



298-7.Ella K.

298-8.Milton T.

298-9.Arch Byrd

CHARLOTTE "CHATTIE" KEEN Married JAMES WILLIAM COLE (278-4) in 1896. Charlotte was born about 1875, daughter of Oscar Keen. Charlotte was the sister of Steve Keen and Bettie Fletcher.







302-7.Carma "Carmie" (Married Paul Ward, who died in 1996) (resident of Pounding Mill, Virginia)

302-8.Flora Belle


302-10.Clyde (Married Pansy) (kids Danny and Debby) (resident of Richlands, Virginia)

302-11.Byrd (killed in the coal mines) (Married Okie) (had son Richard Cole, who had son Scott Cole)


302-13.Doc Van Dyke (foster son)



304-2.Chap (had daughters Bertha and Catherine Day) (Catherine married Ed Birdine and was living in Alabama in 1997)






304-8.Martha Jane

AMANDA MARGARET COLE (278-6) Married HENRY JEFFERSON LOCKHART on March 16, 1898. Jeff was born on Sept. 10, 1873, in Buchanan County, Virginia, died on Aug. 16, 1957, in Monroe County, West Virginia, age 83, buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Union, West Virginia, son of Rebecca A. Prater and Mark Tollett Lockhart.

310-1.Pearl Mae (Dec. 22, 1898, Whitewood, Buchanan County, Virginia-Jan. 30, 1980, at home, Knobs Road, Monroe County, West Virginia, age 81) (Married Holly Pembrook Broyles) (resident of Knobs Road, West Virginia)

310-2.Elizabeth Beatrice "Lizzy" (June 3, 1900, Whitewood, Buchanan County, Virginia- March 22, 1982, in a Salem hospital, Salem, Virginia, age 81) (buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Union, West Virginia) (Married Dewey Madison Brown) (resident of Hillsdale, West Virginia)

310-3.Bertha Jane (July 21, 1904, Whitewood, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Russell Long) (resident of Union, West Virginia)

310-4.Robert Lee (Sept. 20, 1906-Sept. 2, 1971, age 64) (Married Riva Scott) (resident of Richwood, West Virginia)

310-5.Gladys Virginia (Nov. 20, 1908-Aug. 13, 1992, in nursing home, Akron, Ohio, age 83) (Married William Ralph Nelson) (resident of Akron, Ohio)

310-6.Hettie Macy "Ted" (Nov. 10, 1911, Union, Monroe County, West Virginia-May 27, 1991, in Galax Hospital, Galax, Carroll County, Virginia, age 79) (buried in Pleasant Grove Baptist Cemetery, Galax, Virginia) (Married Elmer "Pat" Austin) (resident of Akron, Ohio in 1946, and resident of Galax, Virginia)

310-7.Rosa Ethel (Jan. 4, 1917, West Virginia-Dec. 13, 1979, age 62) (Married Sam Collins, then Edgar Trusty, then Charles Stark) (resident of Wooster, Ohio in 1946, and resident of Grenada, Mississippi)

310-8.Clarence William (April 4, 1918, Monroe County West Virginia- Nov. 22, 1982, in a Wooster hospital, Wooster, Ohio, age 64) (buried in Sherwood Memorial Gardens, Wooster, Ohio) (U. S. Army, World War II, 1945) (Married Margie Delores Hooper) (resident of Knobs Road, West Virginia in 1946, and resident of Wooster, Ohio)

310-9.Margie Marie (July 16, 1919, Union, Monroe County, West Virginia-Aug. 23, 1993, in Greenbrier Valley Medical Center, West Virginia, age 74) (buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Union, West Virginia) (Married William Arthur Short) (resident of Union, West Virginia) unknown (died before 1946) unknown (died before 1946)


312-1.Boyd (had son Johnson Cole)



NANNIE ELLSWICK Married NEWTON J. COLE (278-7). Newton's second marriage. Newton married Nannie after Waitie died. Nannie was a daughter of Squire Bill Ellswick of Bearwallow. No children.

GOLDIE HUNT Married BYRD BROWN COLE (278-8). Goldie was from Red Root Ridge, Virginia. Goldie died while giving birth to son Homer Cole.

324-1.Claude Swanson (Nov. 1, 1912, Whitewood, Tazewell County, Virginia-July 19, 1981, in Humana Hospital, Richlands, Tazewell County, Virginia, age 68) (buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Claypool, Virginia) (resident of Richlands, Virginia)

324-2.Woodrow (died at age 14)

324-3.Garnie Catherine (July 24, 1916, Whitewood, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Curtis Hanover, then Thurmon Hess) (resident of Bristol, Tennessee, and Doran, Virginia)

324-4.Curtis (resident of Charlotte and Indian Trail, North Carolina)

324-5.Verlie Irene (May 28, 19??-Jan. 4, 1993) (Married William Bruce McDonald)

324-6.Homer (died at age 4)

MARY ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" SPARKS Married BYRD BROWN COLE (278-8). Byrd's second marriage. Lizzie was a young widow when her and Byrd married. Lizzie was previously married to Mr. Sparks and had two children. Lizzie was the daughter of Mr. Sparks. Lizzie was born on Aug. 6, 1890, died on Aug. 9, 1963, age 73. Byrd married Lizzie after Goldie died.

324-7.Oma (Married Frank Gauge) (resident of Bristol, Virginia, and Kentucky)

324-8.Mabel (died at age 7)

MARY R. COLE (278-9) Married JOHN G. McNEIL. John was born about 1868, in Virginia, son of Rachel Jane Brown and William B. McNeil. John's brother Harvey T. McNeil married Rachel Nebraska Ratliff.

330-1.Virgie (Married Norman Clifton) (resident of Richlands, Virginia)

330-2.Macie (died before 1997) (Married Ed Salyers, son of Lula Lambert and Fugatt Arthur Salyers) (Ed’s sister Ava Bell Salyers married Claude Swanson Cole)

330-3.Stella (Married Francis Carlson, who died before 1995) (resident of Whitewood and Tazewell, Virginia)


334-1.Newt (died at birth) (died eight months old with croup)

MATTIE S. COLE SHORT (278-10) Married CHARLES LOCKHART. Mattie's second marriage. Mattie married Charles after Marvin died. Charlie was the son of Rebecca A. Prater and Mark Tollett Lockhart. Charlie was the brother of Henry Jefferson Lockhart. No children.

CATHERINE C. COLE (278-11) Married WILLIAM F. "WILL" RATLIFF on March 27, 1911, in Virginia. Will was the son of Catherine Looney and John Sherman Ratliff.




JOSEPH COLE. Joseph was born about 1906, died on Jan. 9, 1963, near Williamsburg, Ohio, age 57. Joseph lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.

ROSE MARIE ROGERS Married JESSE LEE COLE (282-3). Rose was born in 1903, died in 1962, buried in Fortner Cemetery, Rock Camp, West Virginia.

340-1.Emogene (April 5, 1927, Jenkin Jones-Feb. 26, 1993, age 65) (buried in Fortner Cemetery, Rock Camp, West Virginia) (Married Opha Keith) (resident of Rock Camp, West Virginia)

340-2.Jesse Lee Jr. (Nov. 10, 1929, Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia-July 20, 1992, in Zenith, Monroe County, West Virginia, age 62) (buried in Cole Family Cemetery, Peters Mountain, West Virginia) (U. S. Navy)

340-3.Arthur (resident of St. Albans, West Virginia)

340-4.Franklin D. (June 29, 1937, Blue Lick-Jan. 10, 1999, in a Charlottesville hospital, Charlottesville, Virginia, age 62) (buried in Fortner Cemetery, Rock Camp, West Virginia) (member of the Steel Workers Union, Cleveland, Ohio) (resident of Cleveland, Ohio)

340-5.David (resident of Zenith, West Virginia)

340-6.James (resident of Zenith, West Virginia)

340-7.Velma Kathleen "Cat Boone" (Sept. 12, 1934, Lindside, Monroe County, West Virginia-Nov. 15, 1993, at home, Rock Camp, Monroe County, West Virginia, age 59) (buried in Fortner Cemetery, Rock Camp, West Virginia) (Married Dall Junior Kanode) (resident of Rock Camp, West Virginia)

340-8.Lois (Married Mr. Capaldo) (resident of Moncove Lake, West Virginia)

340-9.Louise (Married Mr. Cordasco) (resident of Belleville, New Jersey)

340-10.Violet (Married Mr. Crawford) (resident of Lindside, West Virginia)

340-11.Juanita (Married Mr. Handy) (resident of Peterstown, West Virginia)

340-12.Mary (died before 1992) (Married Mr. Detillion)

ROENA MARIE COLE (284-6) Married JOSIAH BAILEY HORNE on Nov. 28, 1928. Josiah was born on June 24, 1903, died on Dec. 22, 1978, age 75.

348-1.Helen Elizabeth "Beth" (May 7, 1931) (Married Jack Frederick Thomas) (Jack was born on May 14, 1930) (resident of Hardy, Virginia)

EMMA BASYE COATES Married JESSE COLE (285-4) on April 30, 1911, in Carter County, Tennessee. Emma was a widow with two children when she married Jesse. Emma was born on June 20, 1855, died on May 23, 1905, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, age 49.

349-1.Silas Larimore (April 23, 1887, Kansas City, Missouri-Dec. 1941, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, age 54)


350-1.Harry Good Jr.


352-1.Richard Cole


354-1.Jay Newton Jr.

354-2.Betty Jane


356-1.Phillip Cole

356-2.Lance (Married Katrina)

MARY CATHERINE LILLY Married JACK KINGDON COLE (288-10). Mary was born in 1924.

358-1.Jack Kingdon II (born in 1946) (Married Susan Lynn Weiss) (had son one Jack Kingdon Cole III, born in 1984)

358-2.William Newton (born in 1953)

358-3.Rosemary (born in 1959) (Married James David Withers) (had kids Jamirose, born in 1982, and Marijean Withers, born in 1990)

LUCY CARTER BORNDAHL Married JACK KINGDON COLE (288-10). Jack’s second marriage. Lucy was born in 1944.


360-1.Winifred Jean (born in 1929) (Married John Gude Gosnell) (kids Teresa Jean, John William, Linda Susan, and Barry Rawley Gosnell)

SADIE MAE COLE RAWLEY (290-1) Married JAMES HOWARD BURKE. Sadie’s second marriage.

362-1.James Howard Jr.

362-2.Billy Bruce


364-1.Richard Keaton

364-2.Peggy Elaine


368-1.Roberta (Married Mr. Ritchie)

GLADYS COLE (294-9) Married MR. KENNEDY.

370-1.Paul (Married Ruby) (resident of Paynesville, West Virginia)

370-2.Clark (Married Joyce) (resident of Paynesville, West Virginia)

JOSIE COLE (294-10) Married MR. MAXWELL.

380-1.Helen (Married Mr. Drumheller) (resident of Bon Air, Virginia)

380-2.Harold (resident of Flint, Michigan)

380-3.Bernard (Married Shelby) (kids Debbie and Darrel) (resident of Whitewood, Virginia)

380-4.Pierce (resident of Whitewood, Virginia)

380-5.Juanita (Married Mr. Tatum) (resident of Whitewood, Virginia)

OKIE Married BYRD COLE (302-11).

390-1. Rufus Cole m. Harriet Unknown.

390-2. Creta Cole

390-3. Byrd "B.B." Raymond Cole m. Shirley Unknown. Children of Byrd "B.B." Raymond Cole and Shirley Unknown; i. Vicky Cole ii. Tommy Cole

390-4. Ralph Leland Cole b 1934

390-5. Rex Ellis Cole b 1937. Children of Rex Ellis Cole; i. Ralph Cole ii. Rex Cole iii. Ricky Cole iv. Camilla Cole

390-6.Richard (runs Cole’s Insurance Agency, Inc. in Richlands, Virginia) (had son Scott Cole and daughter, Beth Cole)

Rex A Cole * From Ty Rex Jr by email - 15 Jul 2009: Cretta is the oldest and Rufus, (married Harriet) is first son, had 2 kid Karen Sue and Byrd "B.B.' Raymond (Shirley) is 3rd child of Okie and Byrd. He had 2 kid Vicky and Tommy. Ralph was 4th with no children. Rex was 5th with 4 kids Ralph (Eddie) Rex (Tony) Ricky, Camilla. Richard is 5th with 2 kids Scoo, Beth. Hope this helps a little.. Ty Rex jr

Rex A Cole *
Date: 2009-07-14
Your Ancestors? Byrd, Okie Cole
Your Location? N Tazewell Va

I wanted to add three more sons to your addition. Rex Ellis Cole (Born 1937) and Ralph Leland Cole (Born 1934) Raymond "Bo" ( not known ). Rex's kids are Ralph, Rex, Ricky, Camilla Nielsen of Canada. Ralph had no children. Raymond had Tom and daughter Vicky. End submission Rex A Cole *

ETHEL LOUISE GILKESON Married MR. COLE. Ethel was born on Jan. 11, 1927, in Grassy Meadows, West Virginia, died on Dec. 24, 1990, at home, in Asbury, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, age 63, buried in Wallace Memorial Cemetery, Clintonville, West Virginia, daughter of Jessie Lewis and Lou Thomas Gilkeson.

398-1.Billy Joe (resident of Asbury, West Virginia)

398-2.Donna Sue (Married Mr. Jackson) (resident of Wolf Creek, West Virginia)

ETHEL M. ENGLAND Married ALEXANDER COLE. Alexander died in 1980. Ethel was born on July 5, 1915, Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia, died on May 11, 1993, in Glenwood Park Retirement Village, Princeton, Mercer County, West Virginia, age 77, buried in Orchard Cemetery, Ballard, West Virginia, daughter of Matilda Bishop and Noah England. They lived in Rich Creek, Virginia.

410-1.Lee (resident of Lindside, West Virginia)

410-2.James Howard (March 7, 1939, Lindside, Monroe County, West Virginia-Jan. 29, 1994, at home in Lindside, Monroe County, West Virginia, age 54) (buried in Swope Cemetery, Lindside, West Virginia) (Married Laura L. Johnson) (one daughter Priscilla Louise Cole of Lindside, West Virginia) (resident of Lindside, West Virginia)

410-3.Janice (Married Mr. Amos) (resident of Lindside, West Virginia)

410-4.Della (Married Mr. Everette) (resident of Peterstown, West Virginia)


420-1.William (died before 1999)

420-2.Henry (died before 1999)

420-3.Dailey (died before 1999)

420-4.Virginia (died before 1999) (Married Mr. Walters)

420-5.Nan (died before 1999) (Married Mr. Perry)

420-6.Ida (Nov. 11, 1917, Giles County, Virginia-Nov. 6, 1999, in a Princeton hospital, Princeton, Mercer County, West Virginia, age 81) (buried in Peterstown Cemetery, Peterstown, West Virginia) (Married Richard Joseph Schoenbachler, then Edward F. Nicholas) (resident of Peterstown, West Virginia)

AVA BELL SALYERS married CLAUDE SWANSON COLE (324-1) on Nov. 10, 1940, in PaPa, Kentucky. Ava was born on Dec. 23, 1913, in Gate City, Scott County, Virginia, daughter of Lula Lambert and Fugatt Arthur Salyers. Lula Lambert Salyers died when Ava was age 2.

430-1.Loraine (Married Bobby Huffman) (kids Blane, Barry, and Brian Huffman) (resident of Richlands, Virginia)

430-2.Pauline (Married Bob Casey) (kids Sheila and Lisa Casey)

430-3.Janice (Married Clyde Quick) (kids Chip and Shawna) (resident of Whitewood, Virginia)

430-4.Kathleen (Married Larry Green) (kids Michelle and Beth Green) (resident of Charlotte, North Carolina)

430-5.Claude Swanson Jr. (Married Rita Horne) (kids Brandon and Courtney Cole) (resident of Whitewood, Virginia)

430-6.Patty Sue (Married Russell "Russ" Quick) (daughter Kelli Quick) (resident of Pounding Mill, Virginia)

430-7.Clay Shaw (Married Constance "Connie" Keene) (daughter Denise Cole) (resident of Richlands, Virginia)

430-8.Wanda (Married Danny Lowe) (she works at Cedar Bluff Post Office) (resident of Richlands, Virginia)


440-1.Thelma (foster daughter) (she was the mother of Ricky Vanover, who was later adopted by Garnie and Curtis Vanover)

440-2.Ricky (adopted) (Married Patricia Byrd) (two sons) (resident of Raven, Virginia)

GARNIE CATHERINE VANOVER (324-3) Married THURMON HESS. Thurmon died before 1993. No children.

VIRGINIA ALTIZER Married CURTIS COLE (324-4). They were divorced. Virginia remarried. Curtis remarried to Jean.

450-1.Wayne (killed in a highway wreck on Sept. 1, 1970)

450-2.Carol Lynn (Married Steve Ruhl) (resident of Charlotte, North Carolina)

450-3.Troy Davon (Married Linda) (resident of Huntersville, North Carolina)

450-4.Connie (Married Tony Lee) (resident of Charlotte, North Carolina)

VERLIE COLE (324-5) Married WILLIAM BRUCE "BILL" McDONALD on Dec. 16, 1939.

456-1.Byrd William (June 13, 1941)

456-2.Linda McLedge (Jan. 17, 1943) (Married Henry Estridge) (kids Nicole and Gilbert) (resident of Tannersville, Virginia)

OMA COLE (324-7) Married FRANK GAUGE.

460-1.Gerald Franklin "Jerry" (Married Sandra) (kids Theresa and Kathy) (resident of Old Landing, Kentucky)

460-2.Brenda Gail


464-1.Opha Jr. "Buddy" (resident of Rock Camp, West Virginia)

464-2.David W. (resident of Rock Camp, West Virginia)

464-3.Charles Miller (resident of Lebanon, Virginia)

464-4.Shirley J. (Married Mr. Hall) (resident of Rock Camp, West Virginia)

464-5.Sharon R. (Married Mr. Buckland) (resident of Rock Camp, West Virginia)

464-6.Rellana M. (Married Mr. Helmick) (resident of Cleveland, Ohio)

WILLIA GRAY O’NEILL Married JESSE LEE COLE JR. (340-2) on Oct. 14, 1949, in Union, Monroe County, West Virginia. Willia was from Hillsdale, West Virginia. After Jesse died, Willa remarried to Dall Kanode.

466-1.Bobby Gene (resident of Peters Mountain and Zenith, West Virginia)

466-2.Brian "Bear Dog" (resident of Peters Mountain and Union, West Virginia)

466-3.Betty G. (Married Ed Bindas) (had daughter Kristine Bindas who married John Robert Grefsheim on July 1, 1995) (John was born on Jan. 3, 1970, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, died on June 29, 2001, in Indianapolis, Indiana, age 31, when another motorist hit him from behind, buried in Northwood, North Dakota, son of Sandy and Harley Grefsheim) (resident of Salem, Virginia)

466-4.Melanie Rose (Married Mr. Tingler) (resident of Peters Mountain, West Virginia)

FRANKLIN D. COLE (340-4). Wife's name unknown.

468-1.Larry (resident of Cleveland, Ohio)

468-2.Jerry (resident of Cleveland, Ohio)

468-3.Rosalin (resident of Cleveland, Ohio)

468-4.Betty (resident of Cleveland, Ohio)

468-5.Debbie (resident of Union, Alabama)

VELMA KATHLEEN COLE (340-7) Married DALL JUNIOR KANODE in April 1951. Junior was from Rock Camp, West Virginia. Kathleen was from Zenith, West Virginia. After Kathleen died, Junior remarried to Willa G. O'Neill Cole and was living in Zenith, West Virginia. Willa was previously married to Jesse Lee Cole Jr..

470-1.Robert Lee (July 24, 1951, Rock Camp, Monroe County, West Virginia-May 10, 1999, near Union, Monroe County, West Virginia, age 47) (buried in Dropping Lick United Methodist Church Cemetery, Dropping Lick, West Virginia) (Married Linda C. Martin, daughter of Jean and Boots Martin of Zenith, West Virginia) (had son Ramey Lee Kanode of Lindside, West Virginia who married Paula; and daughter Robin of Lindside, West Virginia who married Eric Dillion) (resident of Zenith, West Virginia)

470-2.Johnny Dale (resident of Zenith, West Virginia)

470-3.David R. (resident of Zenith, West Virginia)

470-4.Kathy (Married Earl Frazier) (resident of Peterstown and Bozoo, West Virginia)

HELEN ELIZABETH HORNE (348-1) Married JACK FREDERICK THOMAS. Jack was born on May 14, 1930.

480-1.Mark Hunter (July 5, 1958) (Married Lucinda Lavada "Cindy" Crook on Dec. 27, 1976) (Cindy was born on Jan. 18, 1959) (had one daughter Merideth Lorraine "Lori" Thomas, born on Aug. 28, 1977)

480-2.Jamie Faye (Jan. 11, 1960) (Married Harley Eugene Joseph Jr. on Aug. 14, 1982) (Harley was born on Sept. 13, 1960) (had kids Courtney Elizabeth, born on Nov. 2, 1988, and Austin Thomas Joseph, born on June 25, 1993)

MARGARET TRAINOR Married SILAS LARIMORE COLE (349-1) on April 30, 1911, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Margaret died on Aug. 14, 1912, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They had no children.

MARIE ANNETTE McFARLAND Married SILAS LARIMORE COLE (349-1) probably in 1920, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Silas' second marriage. Marie was born on Jan. 7, 1898, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, died in March 1987, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, age 89.

494-1.James Silas (Jan. 9, 1921, Cheyenne, Wyoming-Aug. 22, 1981, in Independence, Missouri, age 60) (buried in Kirksville, Missouri) (Married Joyce Jeanne Pawson on Oct. 9, 1952, in Cheyenne, Wyoming) (resident of Cheyenne, Wyoming)

494-2.Agnes Marie (born in 1922-died in 1998)

494-3.Jesse Alfred (born in 1925-died in 1987)


496-1.Samuel Albert (Oct. 2, 1938, Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia-Feb. 8, 1994, in Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia, age 55) (buried in Keaton Cemetery, Greenville, West Virginia) (Married Thelma Cochran, who died before 1994) (resident of Beckley, West Virginia)

496-2.Beatrice (Married Mr. Wright) (resident of Ballard, West Virginia)

496-3.Estella (Married Mr. Barnette) (resident of Aberdeen, Maryland)

496-4.Rose (Married Mr. Rogers) (resident of Dayton, Ohio)

496-5.Nellie Faye (resident of Greenville, West Virginia)

496-6.Carl (resident of Peterstown, West Virginia)

496-7.David (resident of Greenville, West Virginia)

496-8.Glen (resident of Beckley, West Virginia)


506-1.Peter Paul (June 29, 1926, Berwin-June 29, 1999, in a Low Moor hospital, Low Moor, Alleghany County, Virginia, age 73) (interment in Wallace Memorial Mausoleum, Clintonville, West Virginia) (retired coal miner) (U. S. Army, World War II) (Married Annabelle Young) (kids Peter Paul Capaldo Jr., Patricia Ann Fick, and Carol Kolman) (resident of Anjean, Gauley Bridge, and Alderson, West Virginia)

506-2.Dutch (died before 1999)

506-3.Frank (died before 1999)

506-4.Mary Ann (died before 1999) (Married Mr. Peters, then Mr. Walls)

506-5.Tony (resident of Wilmington, Delaware)

506-6.Steve (resident of Gap Mills, West Virginia)

506-7.Billy (resident of Gap Mills, West Virginia)

506-8.Basil (resident of Caldwell, West Virginia)

506-9.Mattie (Married Mr. Highlander) (resident of Danese, West Virginia)

506-10.Elizabeth (Married Mr. Martin) (resident of Clintonville, West Virginia)

506-11.Nellie (resident of Gap Mills, West Virginia)

IDA COLE (420-6) Married RICHARD JOSEPH SCHOENBACHLER. Richard died before 1999. Ida remarried to Edward F. Nicholas, who died before 1999.

516-1.Karen Jo (Married Donnie McClanahan) (resident of Oceana, West Virginia)

516-2.Martha Jane (Married Mr. Crisler) (resident of Peterstown, West Virginia)

516-3.Betty June (not married) (her father was Edward F. Nicholas) (resident of Peterstown, West Virginia)

516-4.Bonnie Jean (Married Richard Viars) (resident of Union, West Virginia)

516-5.Mary Jeanette (Married Jubal Perdue) (resident of Peterstown, West Virginia)


















534-1.Ava Kel-la "Kelli" (born about 1977) (Senior at Emory and Henry College in 1997, studying psychology) (winner of 1997 Miss Virginia pageant at Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, Virginia on June 28, 1997)




560-1.Rosie Vernie (April 19, 1916, Buchanan, Virginia-May 22, 2001, in Carilion Giles Memorial Hospital, Pearisburg, Giles County, Virginia, age 85) (buried in Birchlawn Burial Park, Pearisburg, Virginia) (Married Frank S. Douthat Sr., who died before 2001) (remarried to Sam Zappavigno, who died before 2001) (had one son Frank Douthat Jr. of Newport, Virginia who married Elva and had children Timothy Lee and Lisa Dawn Douthat)


580-1.Curtis R. (Sept. 11, 1947, Goldbond, Virginia-Jan. 29, 2001, in Greenbrier Valley Medical Center, Ronceverte, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, age 53) (buried in Bradley Cemetery, Lindside, West Virginia) (he was a farmer) (had son Michael Cole of Lindside, West Virginia) (resident of Lindside, West Virginia)

580-2.Ralph (died before 2001)

580-3.Violet (died before 2001) (Married Buddy Lively)

580-4.Carl (Married Margaret) (resident of Lindside, West Virginia)

JOYCE JEANNE PAWSON Married JAMES SILAS COLE (494-1) on Oct. 9, 1952, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Joyce was born on June 22, 1936, in Denver, Colorado, died on Aug. 15, 1981, in Independence, Missouri, age 45, buried in Kirksville, Missouri.

590-1.James Silas Jr. (Sept. 8, 1953, Cheyenne, Wyoming) (Married Ann Marie Shoemaker on May 24, 1975, in St. Louis, Missouri) (Ann was born in 1953)

590-2.Joyce Jeanne (Sept. 25, 1954, Cheyenne, Wyoming) (Married Paul Fred Prato Kelley on Jan. 19, 1974, in Independence, Missouri, divorced Jan. 23, 1980) (Paul was born in 1951) (had daughter Michelle Irene Kelley, born in 1987, whose father is Anthony H. Jackson, who was born on Aug. 7, 1963)

590-3.Patrick Larimore (Dec. 10, 1955, Cheyenne, Wyoming) (Married Yvonne Goettemoeller on May 19, 1979, in Brunswick, Missouri) (Yvonne was born in 1960)

590-4.Howard Rogan (Sept. 17, 1957, Cheyenne, Wyoming-Jan. 9, 2001, in Chiriaco Summit, California, age 43) (buried in St. Louis, Missouri) (resident of Tucson, Arizona)

590-5.Thomas Michael (Nov. 22, 1959, Cheyenne, Wyoming) (Married Ruth Marie Sutphin on March 17, 1985, in Sierra Viest, Arizona, divorced in 1987) (had daughter Erin Lynne Cole, born in 1986)

590-6.Charles William (Sept. 29, 1962, Cheyenne, Wyoming) (not married)

590-7.John Bennett (March 23, 1964, Mount Ayr, Iowa) (not married)





Bertha Lockhart Long; Edward Arnold Broyles; Larry Franklin Ratliff; Garnie Cole Hess; "Looking Back One Hundred Years, A Brief Story of Buchanan County and It's People" by Hannibal Albert Compton, 1958; "The Monroe Watchman"; "New Dictionary of American Family Names" by Elsdon C. Smith, 1973; "The Times Dispatch: Know Your Name" by John C. Downing; 1850 Tazewell County, Virginia Census; 1870 Buchanan County, Virginia Census; 1860 and 1870 Washington County, Virginia Census; 1860 Wythe County, Virginia Census; 1860 Grayson County, Virginia Census; Jack Kingdon Cole; Elizabeth Horne Thomas; Ronald W. Hutchison; "Beyond The Pilgrim Story," 2000; "Neale's Coles" by L. Neale Clifton, 2001; "Our Cole Ancestors" by Rita S. Jacobs, 2001; "My Genealogy - Cole, Pawson, McFarland, Talbot, Watkins, Hunt" by Joyce Jeanne Cole Kelley, 2001







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