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Findley Collins
and Nancy Gibson

Findley Collins b 3 Oct 1836 KY d 6 May 1915 Rockhouse, Letcher Co KY; s/o Larkin Collins and Cynthia Williams. Findley Collins m. 3 Apr 1857 Letcher Co KY to Nancy Gibson b 1837 d 24 Sept 1916 Letcher Co KY; d/o John Gibson and Charity Gibson. (1860 Letcher Co KY Census). Children of Findley Collins and Nancy Gibson;

1. Margaret Collins b 22 Jun 1859; m. 26 Nov 1883 Letcher Co KY to John Sherman Gibson. Children of John Sherman Gibson and Margaret Collins;

i. Ida Gibson b 1884

ii. Pricy Gibson b 1887

iii. Malissa Gibson b 1890

iv. Dora Gibson b 1892

v. Noah Gibson b 1893

vi. Polly Gibson b 1894

vii. John D Gibson b 1896

viii. Nannie Gibson b 1898

2. Julia Ann Collins b 14 Oct 1860; m. 20 Nov 1883 Letcher Co KY to James Garrett Hensley b 20 Nov 1883 Letcher Co KY. Children of James Garrett Hensley and Julia Ann Collins;

i. Sydney Hensley b 1883

ii. Finley Hensley b 1885

3. Anna Collins b 1860 KY

4. Sarah "Sallie" Collins b 20 Jul 1862 Letcher Co KY d 12 Oct 1925 Wise Co VA; m. 20 Jan 1882 (or 20 Jan 1880) Letcher Co KY to William "Buck" Gibson b 4 Mar 1855 d 4 Dec 1917 VA; s/o Elijah Gibson and Oma Sexton. Child of William "Buck" Gibson and Sarah "Sallie" Collins;

i. Nannie Gibson

ii. Major Gibson

iii. Eliga Gibson

iv. William Gibson

v. David Gibson

vi. Oma Gibson

vii. Mary Gibson b 1883; m. 4 Nov 1899 Letcher Co KY to Belvey Collins; s/o Larkin Collins and Elizabeth Collins. Children of Belvey Collins and Mary Gibson; I. Lucille Collins II. Leo Collins III. Lemon Paul Collins b 11 Sept 1902 IV. Larkin Collins b 9 Feb 1907; V. Leander Collins b 1913 VI. Elizabeth Collins VII. Nannie Collins VIII. Omay M Collins b 1916

viii. Virgie Gibson b 11 May 1887 Letcher Co KY d 9 Nov 1936 Hemphill, Letcher Co KY; m. John Marion Dishman. Children of John Marion Dishman and Virgie Gibson; I. Clarence Dishman b 14 Jan 1911; m. Ella Kilgore II. Hallie Dishman b 1913; m. (1) John Jackson. Hallie Dishman m. (2) John Brown. Hallie Dishman m. (3) Dank Smith. III. Callie Dishman b 1917; m. Earl Johnson IV. Lawrence Dishman b 1919; m. Geraldine Mullins IV. Ernest Dishman b 1921; m. Nannie Gibson V. Sarah Caroline Gibson b 1925; m. William Gould VI. Evelyn Jean Dishman b 28 Feb 1931 Letcher Co KY d 4 Nov 1987 Detroit MI; m. 23 Jul 1952 Letcher Co KY to Robert Alton McCullum VII. Nannie Ellen Dishman

ix. Bessie May Gibson b 25 Jul 1902

x. Addie Gibson b 1904

5. Mary "Polly Ann" Collins b 9 Apr 1867 Smoot Creek, Letcher Co KY d 6 Apr 1940 Letcher Co KY; m. 21 Sept 1885 Letcher Co KY to Elijah Lucas b 15 Oct 1867 Letcher Co KY d 1 Jan 1962 Lester KY; s/o Aaron Lucas and Eliza Vanover.

6. Cynthia Collins b 19 Aug 1869

7. Lucinda Collins b 11 May 1878; m. 15 Nov 1894 to James Garrett Hensley. Children of James Garrett Hensley and Lucinda Collins;

i. Garret Hensley b 1889

ii. Nancy Hensley b 1896

iii. Finley Hensley b 1898

7. Dicey "Dixie" Collins (aka Dicie) b 13 Sept 1886 d 27 Oct 1938; m. 7 Jan 1901 Letcher Co KY to Monroe Amburgey b 17 Sept 1882 Bath KY d 3 May 1965; s/o Wiley Amburgey and Betty Jane Amburgey. (Not sure where Dicey Belongs - dates seem out of place) Children of Monroe Amburgey and Dicey "Dixie" Collins;

i. Cindy Amburgey; m. Male Hammonds

ii. Wiley Francis Amburgey b 23 Jun 1917 Knott Co KY d 18 Oct 1997; m. 10 Dec 1938 to Grace Seals b 9 Jul 1920 KY d 20 May 2002 Mallie, Knott Co KY; d/o Millard Seals and Tonya Craft. Children of Wiley Francis Amburgey and Grace Seals; I. Jewell Amburgey; m. Male Fields II. Cornell Amburgey III. Charlotte Amburgey b 14 Mar 1943 Letcher Co KY; m. Male Banks IV. Sue Amburgey; m. Male Banks V. Wiley Amburgey Jr b 3 Sept 1951 Knott Co KY VI. James Amburgey b 3 Feb 1955 Knott Co KY VII. Deborah L Amburgey b 7 Apr 1957 Knott Co KY; m. Male Huff VIII. Joe Amburgey.

3. Verda Amburgey; m. Male Franklin

4. Haymond Amburgey

5. Lester Amburgey (aka Leslie) b 22 Feb 1921 (or 21 Feb 1921) Knott Co KY d 24 Apr 1987; m. 14 Mar 1948 to Georgia Collins. Children of Lester Amburgey and Georgia Collins; I. Lester Amburgey Jr. II. Larry Wayne Amburgey III. Robert Allen Amburgey Wilbur Joel Amburgey b ? drowned 1974 IV. Wanda Sue Amburgey m. Male Kaiser V. Joyce Ann Amburgey m. Male Evans.

6. Monroe Amburgey Jr b 7 Apr 1929

7. Mallie Amburgey b Mar 1905 d 7 Jul 1985; m. James Robert "Crick" Collins b 15 Dec 1881 Colson, Letcher Co KY d Dec 1964 Arkansas; s/o James Wesley Collins and Elizabeth "Liz" Amburgey.

8. Raymond Amburgey b 11 Jul 1913 d 11 Feb 1969 Red Fox, KY

9. Beulah Amburgey b 3 Feb 1924 (or 5 May 1923) d 3 Feb 1979; m. Male Combs

Obituary: Monroe Amburgey Sr.17 Sept 1882 - 3 May 1965

Monroe Amburgey was born to Wiley and Betty Jane Amburgey on Sept 17 1882 at Bath, Ky and died May 3 1965. He was married to Dicie Collins in 1900 and they had 4 girls/5 boys: Mallie Collins, Cinda Hammons, Virda Franklin, Bulah Combs, Raymond, Haymond, Wiley, Lester and Monroe Jr. Dicie died in 1938; one sister: Cinda Taylor; one brother J. W. Amburgey.

Obituary: Lester Amburgey
22 Feb 1921 - 24 Apr 1987

The following obituary is from the 1987 Minutes of the Indian Bottom Association: By the help of the good Lord, I will try to write the obituary of Brother Lester Amburgey. He was born February 22, 1921 in Knott County, Kentucky. He was the son of the late Monroe Amburgey and Dixie Collins Amburgey.

Brother Lester had heart problems for the last few years and after much sickness, God saw fit to take him home where no sickness comes. He died on April 24, 1987, about 8:30 a.m., being sixty-six years, two months and two days old.

On May 14, 1948 he married Georgia Collins. To this union were born six children: three boys: Lester, Jr.; Larry Wayne; and Robert Allen; and Wilbur Joel, who drowned in 1974; two girls: Wanda Sue Kaiser; and Joyce Ann Evans. He also leaves to mourn their loss his wife, Georgia; eleven grandchildren; two step grandchildren, all of Connersville, Indiana, where Brother Lester worked and raised his family. Also left are three brothers: Haymond of College Corner, Ohio; Wiley of Litt Carr, Kentucky; Monroe Jr. of Connersville, Indiana; two sisters: Verda Franklin of Mallie, Kentucky; and Cindy Hammonds of Clarksville, Indiana; and many friends and loved ones.

His parents, one son, one brother and two sisters preceded him in death.

On September 21,1974 Brother Lester joined the Old Regular Baptist Church at Little Children's Home, and was baptized by Elder Roy Caudill and Elder Zee Holbrook. He was a good and faithful servant. He soon felt his calling to the ministry and he sure loved the old time way. His favorite songs were, "How I Came To Love These Pilgrims" and "Two Coats." In 1979 Brother Lester felt the Lord wanted him to take his letter to the Little Bethel Church at Sligo, Ohio, where he was welcomed with much love and fellowship. Brother Lester loved all the churches and he would travel many miles to church even when he was not able to go, but when the Lord would bless him, he would always say "I am glad I went." Brother Lester, Sister Georgia and I went many places to church and had many happy times praising the good Lord and he enjoyed that so much. There is so much I could say about Brother Lester, but children, we feel he has gone where no sickness and sorrow can come, and by the grace of God, if you will look to the same God that Brother Lester looked to then, when Jesus comes we can all go home together. Written by Elder Zee Holbrook

Obituary: Wiley Amburgey
21 Jun 1917 - 18 Oct 1997

It is with a sorrowful heart that I try to write the obituary of Wiley Amburgey. Wiley was born on June 21, 1917 to Monroe and Dicie Collins Amburgey. He was one of nine children, all of whom have preceded him in death. On December 10, 1938, Wiley married Grace Seals and to this union were born eight children, 4 boys and 4 girls. They are: Jewel Fields, Cornell Amburgey, Charlotte Banks, Sue Banks, Wiley Amburgey, Jr., James Amburgey, Deborah Huff, and Joe Amburgey. The family grew to include 25 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchildren. He is preceded in death by one grandchild, Lisa Banks. God has blessed Wiley and Grace to have a large family and many, many wonderful years together. Though in these last few years there had been sickness and heartache, the Lord has truly smiled upon them. How happy we should be that God has allowed us the privilege of having a dad like Wiley Amburgey. Dad believed in working hard to provide for his family, from working shoveling coal in the mines, to carpentry work, he was never one who thought of himself over other people. On the outside, to people who didn't know him, he looked tough, but on the inside he had a good heart. Expressing how he felt came hard for Dad, but in his actions, we all knew that he loved and cared for us. I always admired Dad for his honesty and independent nature. Dad believed in the old ways, that actions spoke louder than words. I always thought Dad was a handsome man and in my eyes, he stood nine feet tall. He had earned the respect of his children and all the people who truly knew him. Most of the stories that he would tell were about his younger days, his travels, how he had met Mom, and about his hunting and fishing trips. When the Lord took Dad on October 18, 1997, he had just shot a deer. What better way could someone who loved hunting like he did leave this earth? Dad never joined the church, but his heart was with the Old Regular Baptist Church. He was a God fearing man and he knew where his blessings came from. Dad told some of us that he was all right. I believe that when the Lord called Dad away, he went to sleep in the arms of the Savior. Written by his daughter, Deborah Amburgey Huff

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