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Samuel Cedar Head Combs
and Sarah Sally Adams

Samuel Cedar Head Combs b 25 Jun 1828 Perry Co KY d 16 Mar 1908 Perry Co KY; s/o Moses Adam Combs and Nancy Campbell. Samuel Cedar Head Combs m. Sarah Sally Allen b 1835 Knott Co KY d 27 Mar 1918 Fayette Co KY; d/o Samuel Allen and Susan Sizemore. Children of Samuel Cedar Head Combs and Sarah Sally Allen;

1. Lucinda Combs b 29 Nov 1851 Perry Co KY d 26 Dec 1934 Ritchie, Knott Co KY; m. about 1872 to Alexander Elic Ritchie b Oct 1848 Perry Co KY; s/o John Ritchie and Sylvania Sizemore.

2. Mary Polly Combs b 6 Mar 1855 Dwarf KY d 12 Feb 1937 Ritchie, Knott Co KY; m. 1872 to Joseph Hall b 26 Mar 1849 Perry Co KY d 18 Feb 1929; s/o Ezekiel Hall and Chloe Branson.

3. Tilitha Lydia Combs b 1857 d 1917; m. 11 Jun 1881 Perry Co KY to Isaiah Creech b 1855 Harlan Co KY d 1927; s/o Gilbert Creech and Elizabeth Maggard. Children of Isaiah Creech and Tilitha Lydia Combs;

i. Gilbert Creech b 23 Sep 1898 KY d 25 Jul 1923 Perry Co KY.

ii. Mary Creech.

iii. John M. Creech.

iv. Issac Creech; m. Sarah Collins.

v. Samuel Creech; m. (1) Lettie Fugate b 1891; m. 26 Dec 1917 Knott Co KY to (2) Betty Fugate,

4. Andrew Combs b 19 Dec 1859 Perry now Knott Co KY d 26 Aug 1932 Fisty, KY; m. Chloe Singleton b Jan 1864 Perry Co KY; d/o Andrew Singleton and Elizabeth Hall. Children of Andrew Combs and Chloe Singleton;

i. Richmond Combs b May 1882 Knott Co KY d 29 Jan 1970 Perry Co KY; m. 9 Mar 1911 Knott Co KY to Susie Combs b 28 Feb 1893 Perry Co KY d 2 Dec 1982.

ii. Lucinda Combs b Mar 1884 Knott Co KY; m. 30 Sep 1922 Fisty, Knott Co KY to Kendrick Gibson b Sep 1881 Knott Co KY

iii. Samuel B. Combs b 04 May 1887 Knott Co KY d 08 Feb 1931 Knott Co KY; m. 6 Feb 1925 Kite, Knott Co KY to Grace Gibson b 1907 Bath, Knott Co KY

iv. Isabelle Combs b Jan 1889 Knott Co KY; m. 11 Apr 1924 Fisty, Knott Co KY to Pete Browning b 1893 Harlan Co KY.

5. Susan Combs b Apr 1861 Perry Co KY d 25 Jul 1914 Viper, KY; m. 17 Dec 1882 Perry Co KY to Eli Hall b 7 Mar 1857 KY d 19 Mar 1936 Viper, KY; s/o Phillip Hall and Elizabeth Branson. Children of Eli Hall and Susan Combs;

i. John H. Hall b Sep 1883.

ii. Sammy Hall b Jan 1885.

iii. Joe H. Hall b Feb 1887.

iv. Cora Hall b Mar 1889.

v. Enoch C. Hall b Jan 1891 Perry Co KY; m. 18 Jun 1914 Perry Co KY to Myrtle Brashear b 02 Oct 1894 Fusonia, Perry Co KY

vi. Laura Hall b 12 Mar 1893 d 08 Jan 1912 Perry Co KY; m. John Browning.

vii. Corbet Hall b Jun 1895; m. Docia Hylton b 1895.

viii. Eunice Hall b Nov 1897.

ix. Phillip W. Hall b Feb 1900.

6. Jordan Combs b 24 Jul 1864 Perry Co KY d 14 Jan 1940 Perry Co KY; m. 1891 Perry Co KY to Catherine Faye Gayheart b 1868; d/o William Gayheart and Mary Combs. Children of Jordan Combs and Catherine Faye Gayheart;

i. Hester Combs b 13 Sep 1892 Perry Co KY d 15 Nov 1968 Arkansas; m. 1909 Perry Co KY to Ashford Burton Conley b 1893 Knott Co KY d 1972 Knott Co KY

ii. Della Combs b Jan 1895 KY.

iii. Alexander Combs b Aug 1897 Perry Co KY d 07 Mar 1997 Perry Co KY; m. 1927 Perry Co KY to Thelma Hall b 1909 KY d 14 Dec 1935 Perry Co KY

iv. Sarah Sallie Combs b Feb 1899 Perry Co KY; m. 17 Feb 1923 Perry Co KY to Harlen Allen b about 1900 Perry Co KY.

Jordan Combs b 24 Jul 1864 Perry Co KY d 14 Jan 1940 Perry Co KY; m. 1903 to (2) Mary Ann Polly Combs b 15 Apr 1867 Knott Co KY d 26 Apr 1947 Dwarf, KY d/o Jackson Combs and Mary Ann Young. Children of Jordan Combs and Mary Ann Polly Combs;

v. Moses Combs b 07 Dec 1904 d 10 Jan 1977 Lexington, KY; m. 14 Oct 1974 Wolfe Co KY to Retha Spencer b 26 Dec 1930.

vi. Spencer Combs b 01 Jan 1906; m. Nancy Jane Chaffins 1926 Perry Co KY b 29 Dec 1906.

vii. Malando Combs b 1908.

viii. Allora Combs b 1910 Perry Co KY; m. 19 Sept 1932 Perry Co KY to Arthur Edwards b 1908 Hull, England.

ix. Wallace Combs b 1913 d 28 Dec 1988 Lexington, KY; m. Frances Anna Hornback 26 Mar 1938 Perry Co KY b 1916 Lexington, KY.

x. Ora Faye Combs b 1915 Perry Co KY; m. 12 Jun 1936 Perry Co KY to Eulis Napier b 1914 Perry Co KY.

Mary Ann Polly Combs b 15 Apr 1867 Knott Co KY d 26 Apr 1947 Dwarf, KY; d/o Jackson Combs and Mary Ann Young. Mary Ann Polly Combs m. 1886 to Henry Engle b Aug 1854 Knott Co KY; s/o Henry Engle and Leanna Grigsby. Children of Henry Engle and Mary Ann Polly Combs;

i. William Engle b Jun 1885 KY

ii. Angeline Engle b Jun 1887 KY

iii. Mary A Engle b Oct 1888 KY

iv. Melda Engle b Mar 1892 KY

v. Hala Engle b May 1894 KY

vi. Jason Engle b 14 Jan 1897 Knott Co KY d 14 Dec 1946 Perry Co KY; m. Poppie Calhoun b 1903.

vii. Harvey Engle b Oct 1898 KY

viii. Anderson Engle; m. Jessie Ritchie; d/o Benjamin Ritchie and Sarah Cornett.

7. Felix Combs b 1865 Perry Co KY d 24 Oct 1912 Knott Co KY; m. 1885 Knott Co KY to Arty Stacy b Mar 1861 KY; d/o Mina Stacy. Children of Felix Combs and Arty Stacy;

i. Columbus Combs b May 1886 Knott Co KY d 09 Jan 1925 Knott Co KY; m. 24 Jul 1917 Knott Co KY to Rachel Shepherd b about 1894 Knott Co KY d 15 Apr 1946 Perry Co KY

ii. Mary Combs b Sep 1887 Knott Co KY; m. 14 Jan 1909 Knott Co KY to Harrison Williams b 1886 Perry Co KY.

iii. Nancy Combs b 05 May 1888 Perry Co KY d 17 Apr 1917 Knott Co KY.

iv. John S Combs b Jul 1889 d 09 Apr 1912 Knott Co KY.

v. Martha Combs b Mar 1892.

vi. Margaret Combs b Mar 1893 Knott Co KY.

vii. Samuel Combs b Apr 1895 Knott Co KY d 31 Jan 1943 Ritchie, Knott Co KY.

viii. Astor Combs b 04 Jan 1900 Ritchie, KY d 31 Oct 1986 Knott Co KY; m. 9 Nov 1925 Perry Co KY to Rachel Shepherd b about 1894 Knott Co KY d 15 Apr 1946 Perry Co KY

ix. Alexander Combs b 1903 Knott Co KY; m. Polly Ritchie b 1907 Knott Co KY

x. Willie Combs b 1905.

8. Jeremiah M Combs b 14 Mar 1869 d 6 Mar 1959; m. 10 May 1890 Knott Co KY to Ellender Smith b 22 Feb 1869 d 15 Jan 1967; d/o Daniel Smith and Martha Campbell. Children of Jeremiah M Combs and Ellender Smith;

i. Cora Combs b Jun 1892.

ii. Susan Combs b 22 Oct 1894 d 06 Jan 1987 Knott Co KY; m. 23 Jan 1915 Knott Co KY to Manual Ritchie b Jul 1894 KY d 10 Nov 1953 Ritchie, Clear Creek, Knott Co KY

iii. Robert Lee Combs b Mar 1896 Knott Co KY; m. 10 Oct 1918 Knott Co KY to Doshia Young b 9 Aug 1904 Knott Co KY d 19 Jun 1993.

iv. Martha Combs b 28 Jul 1900 Knott Co KY

v. Laura Combs b about 1904.

9. John S Combs b 25 Sept 1871 d 18 Sept 1964; m. 21 Aug 1890 Perry Co KY to Abigail Brashear b 18 Sept 1871 Viper, KY d 11 Dec 1950 Viper KY; d/o Sampson Brashear and Mary Hall. Children of John S Combs and Abigail Brashear;

i. Samuel Clifton Combs b 22 Jul 1891 d 19 Sep 1981 Perry Co KY; m. 13 Jul 1915 Perry Co KY to Mallie Combs b 24 Apr 1895 KY d 09 Aug 1978 Perry Co KY

ii. Curtis E. Combs b 15 Feb 1894 Perry Co KY d 15 Aug 1976 Perry Co KY; m. 19 Nov 1913 Perry Co KY to Cora Brashear b 22 Nov 1889 Fusonia, KY.

iii. Nora Belle Combs b 1905.

10. Jason Combs b 30 Oct 1875 KY d 8 Apr 1952 Hazard, KY; m. 6 Sept 1905 Knott Co KY to Sylvania Ritchie b 27 Nov 1881 d 26 Feb 1969 Perry Co KY; d/o Edward Ritchie and Kizzie Smith. Children of Jason Combs and Sylvania Ritchie;

i. Effie Combs b 1907.

ii. Corbett Combs b 02 Oct 1909 Perry Co KY d 20 Mar 1984 Perry Co KY; m. 1935 Perry Co KY to Delphia Boyd.

iii. Kezzie Combs b 16 Feb 1912 Perry Co KY d Sep 2000 Perry Co KY

iv. Sallie Combs b 1915 Perry Co KY d 03 Nov 2000 Lexington, KY.

v. Sophronia Combs b 01 Aug 1917 Perry Co KY d 04 Sep 2001 Perry Co KY; m. Herbert Davidson b 11 Nov 1919 Perry Co KY.

11. Sarah Sally Combs b Jul 1877 KY d 1946 KY; m. 12 Apr 1899 Perry Co KY to Eli W Ritchie b Dec 1870 KY d 1956 KY; s/o John Ritchie and Cynthia Hall. Children of Eli W Ritchie and Sarah Sally Combs;

i. Curtis G. Ritchie b Jan 1900 Knott Co KY.

ii. Jason W. Ritchie b about 1904 Knott Co KY; m. Serena Fugate.

iii. Alton Ritchie b about 1906.

iv. Ezekiel L. Ritchie b about 1909 Knott Co KY; m. Almeda Owens b about 1920.

v. Tabitha Ritchie b 1912.

12. Rachel Combs b 10 Apr 1880 Perry Co KY d 25 Jul 1941 Fisty, KY; m. 15 Mar 1900 Perry Co KY to Balis Gayheart b Ritchie, Knott Co KY. Children of Balis Gayheart and Rachel Combs;

i. Arminta Gayheart.

ii. Eunice Gayheart b 1901 d 24 Oct 1935 Hardburly, KY; m. Cephas Begley.

iii. Melda Gayheart b 1906 d 1998; m. Bill Fugate.

iv. Carson Gayheart b 06 Oct 1908 Knott Co KY.

v. Arthur Gayheart b 20 Sep 1911 Fisty KY; m. 10 Sept 1948 Perry Co KY to Dora Combs b 04 Apr 1929 Ritchie, KY

vi. Irvin Gayheart b 28 Jul 1914 Knott Co KY.

vii. Malta Gayheart b 13 Aug 1917 Knott Co KY

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