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Samuel Cedar Head Combs
and Sarah Sally Adams

Samuel Cedar Head Combs b 25 Jun 1828 Perry Co KY d 16 Mar 1908 Perry Co KY; s/o Moses Adam Combs and Nancy Campbell. Samuel Cedar Head Combs m. Sarah Sally Allen b 1835 Knott Co KY d 27 Mar 1918 Fayette Co KY; d/o Samuel Allen and Susan Sizemore. Children of Samuel Cedar Head Combs and Sarah Sally Allen;

1. Lucinda Combs b 29 Nov 1851 Perry Co KY d 26 Dec 1934 Ritchie, Knott Co KY; m. about 1872 to Alexander Elic Ritchie b Oct 1848 Perry Co KY; s/o John Ritchie and Sylvania Sizemore.

2. Mary Polly Combs b 6 Mar 1855 Dwarf KY d 12 Feb 1937 Ritchie, Knott Co KY; m. 1872 to Joseph Hall b 26 Mar 1849 Perry Co KY d 18 Feb 1929 s/o Ezekiel Hall and Chloe Branson.

3. Tilitha Lydia Combs b 1857 d 1917; m. 11 Jun 1881 Perry Co KY to Isaiah Creech b 1855 Harlan Co KY d 1927; s/o Gilbert Creech and Elizabeth Maggard. Children of Isaiah Creech and Tilitha Lydia Combs;

i. Gilbert Creech, b. 23 Sep 1898, KY; d. 25 Jul 1923, Perry Co KY.

ii. Mary Creech.

iii. John M. Creech.

iv. Issac Creech, m. Sarah Collins.

v. Samuel Creech, m. (1) Lettie Fugate; b. 1891; m. 26 Dec 1917 Knott Co KY to (2) Betty Fugate,

4. Andrew Combs b 19 Dec 1859 Perry now Knott Co KY d 26 Aug 1932 Fisty, KY m. Chloe Singleton b Jan 1864 Perry Co KY; d/o Andrew Singleton and Elizabeth Hall. Children of Andrew Combs and Chloe Singleton;

i. Richmond Combs, b. May 1882, Knott Co KY; d. 29 Jan 1970, Perry Co KY m. 9 Mar 1911, Knott Co KY to Susie Combs, b. 28 Feb 1893, Perry Co KY d. 2 Dec 1982.

ii. Lucinda Combs, b. Mar 1884, Knott Co KY; m. 30 Sep 1922, Fisty, Knott Co KY to Kendrick Gibson, b. Sep 1881, Knott Co KY

iii. Samuel B. Combs, b. 04 May 1887, Knott Co KY; d. 08 Feb 1931, Knott Co KY; m. 6 Feb 1925, Kite, Knott Co KY to Grace Gibson, b. 1907, Bath, Knott Co KY

iv. Isabelle Combs, b. Jan 1889, Knott Co KY; m. 11 Apr 1924, Fisty, Knott Co KY to Pete Browning, b. 1893, Harlan Co. KY.

5. Susan Combs b Apr 1861 Perry Co KY d 25 Jul 1914 Viper, KY m. 17 Dec 1882 Perry Co KY to Eli Hall b 7 Mar 1857 KY d 19 Mar 1936 Viper, KY; s/o Phillip Hall and Elizabeth Branson. Children of Eli Hall and Susan Combs;

i. John H. Hall, b. Sep 1883.

ii. Sammy Hall, b. Jan 1885.

iii. Joe H. Hall, b. Feb 1887.

iv. Cora Hall, b. Mar 1889.

v. Enoch C. Hall, b. Jan 1891, Perry Co KY m. 18 Jun 1914 Perry Co KY to Myrtle Brashear, b. 02 Oct 1894, Fusonia, Perry Co KY

vi. Laura Hall, b. 12 Mar 1893; d. 08 Jan 1912, Perry Co KY;  m. John Browning.

vii. Corbet Hall, b. Jun 1895; m. Docia Hylton b. 1895.

viii. Eunice Hall, b. Nov 1897.

ix. Phillip W. Hall, b. Feb 1900.

6. Jordan Combs b 24 Jul 1864 Perry Co KY d 14 Jan 1940 Perry Co KY m. 1891 Perry Co KY to Catherine Faye Gayheart b 1868; d/o William Gayheart and Mary Combs. Children of Jordan Combs and Catherine Faye Gayheart;

i. Hester Combs, b. 13 Sep 1892, Perry Co KY d. 15 Nov 1968, Arkansas; m. 1909 Perry Co KY to Ashford Burton Conley, b. 1893, Knott Co KY; d. 1972, Knott Co KY

ii. Della Combs, b. Jan 1895, KY.

iii. Alexander Combs, b. Aug 1897, Perry Co KY d. 07 Mar 1997, Perry Co KY m. 1927 Perry Co KY to Thelma Hall b. 1909, KY; d. 14 Dec 1935, Perry Co KY

iv. Sarah Sallie Combs, b. Feb 1899, Perry Co KY m. 17 Feb 1923 Perry Co KY to Harlen Allen, b about 1900, Perry Co KY.

Jordan Combs b 24 Jul 1864 Perry Co KY d 14 Jan 1940 Perry Co KY m. 1903 to 2nd Mary Ann Polly Combs b 15 Apr 1867 Knott Co KY d 26 Apr 1947 Dwarf, KY d/o Jackson Combs and Mary Ann Young. Children of Jordan Combs and Mary Ann Polly Combs;

v. Moses Combs, b. 07 Dec 1904; d. 10 Jan 1977, Lexington, KY; m. Retha Spencer, 14 Oct 1974, Wolfe Co. KY; b. 26 Dec 1930.

vi. Spencer Combs, b. 01 Jan 1906; m. Nancy Jane Chaffins, 1926, Perry Co KY b. 29 Dec 1906.

vii. Malando Combs, b. 1908.

viii. Allora Combs, b. 1910, Perry Co KY; m. Arthur Edwards, 19 Sep 1932, Perry Co KY; b. 1908, Hull, England.

ix. Wallace Combs, b. 1913; d. 28 Dec 1988, Lexington, KY; m. Frances Anna Hornback, 26 Mar 1938, Perry Co KY b. 1916, Lexington, KY.

x. Ora Faye Combs, b. 1915, Perry Co KY; m. Eulis Napier, 12 Jun 1936, Perry Co KY; b. 1914, Perry Co KY.

Mary Ann Polly Combs b 15 Apr 1867 Knott Co KY d 26 Apr 1947 Dwarf, KY; d/o Jackson Combs and Mary Ann Young. Mary Ann Polly Combs m. 1886 to Henry Engle b Aug 1854  Knott Co KY; s/o Henry Engle and Leanna Grigsby. Children of Henry Engle and Mary Ann Polly Combs;

i. William Engle b Jun 1885 KY

ii. Angeline Engle b Jun 1887 KY

iii. Mary A Engle b Oct 1888  KY

iv. Melda Engle b Mar 1892  KY

v. Hala Engle b May 1894  KY

vi. Jason Engle b 14 Jan 1897  Knott Co KY d 14 Dec 1946  Perry Co KY m. Poppie Calhoun b 1903.

vii. Harvey Engle b Oct 1898  KY

viii. Anderson Engle m. Jessie Ritchie; d/o Benjamin Ritchie and Sarah Cornett.

7. Felix Combs b 1865 Perry Co KY d 24 Oct 1912 Knott Co KY m. 1885 Knott Co KY to Arty Stacy b Mar 1861 KY; d/o Mina Stacy. Children of Felix Combs and Arty Stacy;

i. Columbus Combs, b. May 1886, Knott Co KY; d. 09 Jan 1925, Knott Co KY; m. 24 Jul 1917 Knott Co KY to Rachel Shepherd, b about 1894, Knott Co KY; d. 15 Apr 1946, Perry Co KY

ii. Mary Combs, b. Sep 1887, Knott Co KY; m. 14 Jan 1909 Knott Co KY to Harrison Williams, b. 1886, Perry Co KY.

iii. Nancy Combs, b. 05 May 1888, Perry Co KY d. 17 Apr 1917, Knott Co KY.

iv. John S Combs, b. Jul 1889; d. 09 Apr 1912, Knott Co KY.

v. Martha Combs, b. Mar 1892.

vi. Margaret Combs, b. Mar 1893, Knott Co KY.

vii. Samuel Combs, b. Apr 1895, Knott Co KY; d. 31 Jan 1943, Ritchie, Knott Co KY.

viii. Astor Combs, b. 04 Jan 1900, Ritchie, KY; d. 31 Oct 1986, Knott Co KY; m. 9 Nov 1925 Perry Co KY to Rachel Shepherd, b about 1894, Knott Co KY; d. 15 Apr 1946, Perry Co KY

ix. Alexander Combs, b. 1903, Knott Co KY; m. Polly Ritchie; b. 1907, Knott Co KY

x. Willie Combs, b. 1905.

8. Jeremiah M Combs b 14 Mar 1869 d 6 Mar 1959 m. 10 May 1890 Knott Co KY to Ellender Smith b 22 Feb 1869 d 15 Jan 1967; d/o Daniel Smith and Martha Campbell. Children of Jeremiah M Combs and Ellender Smith;

i. Cora Combs, b. Jun 1892.

ii. Susan Combs, b. 22 Oct 1894; d. 06 Jan 1987, Knott Co KY; m. 23 Jan 1915 Knott Co KY to Manual Ritchie, b. Jul 1894, KY; d. 10 Nov 1953, Ritchie, Clear Creek, Knott Co KY

iii. Robert Lee Combs, b. Mar 1896, Knott Co KY; m. Doshia Young, 10 Oct 1918, Knott Co KY; b. 09 Aug 1904, Knott Co KY; d. 19 Jun 1993.

iv. Martha Combs, b. 28 Jul 1900, Knott Co KY

v. Laura Combs, b about 1904.

9. John S Combs b 25 Sept 1871 d 18 Sept 1964 m. 21 Aug 1890 Perry Co KY to Abigail Brashear b 18 Sept 1871 Viper, KY d 11 Dec 1950 Viper KY; d/o Sampson Brashear and Mary Hall. Children of John S Combs and Abigail Brashear;

i. Samuel Clifton Combs, b. 22 Jul 1891; d. 19 Sep 1981, Perry Co KY; m. 13 Jul 1915 Perry Co KY to Mallie Combs, b. 24 Apr 1895, KY; d. 09 Aug 1978, Perry Co KY

ii. Curtis E. Combs, b. 15 Feb 1894, Perry Co KY d. 15 Aug 1976, Perry Co KY m. 19 Nov 1913 Perry Co KY to Cora Brashear, b. 22 Nov 1889, Fusonia, KY.

iii. Nora Belle Combs, b. 1905.

10. Jason Combs b 30 Oct 1875 KY d 8 Apr 1952 Hazard, KY m. 6 Sept 1905 Knott Co KY to Sylvania Ritchie b 27 Nov 1881 d 26 Feb 1969 Perry Co KY; d/o Edward Ritchie and Kizzie Smith. Children of Jason Combs and Sylvania Ritchie;

i. Effie Combs, b. 1907.

ii. Corbett Combs, b. 02 Oct 1909, Perry Co KY d. 20 Mar 1984, Perry Co KY m. 1935 Perry Co KY to Delphia Boyd.

iii. Kezzie Combs, b. 16 Feb 1912, Perry Co KY d. Sep 2000, Perry Co KY

iv. Sallie Combs, b. 1915, Perry Co KY d. 03 Nov 2000, Lexington, KY.

v. Sophronia Combs, b. 01 Aug 1917, Perry Co KY; d. 04 Sep 2001, Perry Co KY; m. Herbert Davidson; b. 11 Nov 1919, Perry Co KY.

11. Sarah Sally Combs b Jul 1877 KY d 1946 KY m. 12 Apr 1899 Perry Co KY to Eli W Ritchie b Dec 1870 KY d 1956 KY s/o John Ritchie and Cynthia Hall. Children of Eli W Ritchie and Sarah Sally Combs;

i. Curtis G. Ritchie, b. Jan 1900, Knott Co KY.

ii. Jason W. Ritchie, b about 1904, Knott Co KY; m. Serena Fugate.

iii. Alton Ritchie, b about 1906.

iv. Ezekiel L. Ritchie, b about 1909, Knott Co KY; m. Almeda Owens; b about 1920.

v. Tabitha Ritchie, b. 1912.

12. Rachel Combs b 10 Apr 1880 Perry Co KY d 25 Jul 1941 Fisty, KY; m. 15 Mar 1900 Perry Co KY to Balis Gayheart b Ritchie, Knott Co KY. Children of Balis Gayheart and Rachel Combs;

i. Arminta Gayheart.

ii. Eunice Gayheart, b. 1901; d. 24 Oct 1935, Hardburly, KY; m. Cephas Begley.

iii. Melda Gayheart, b. 1906; d. 1998; m. Bill Fugate.

iv. Carson Gayheart, b. 06 Oct 1908, Knott Co KY.

v. Arthur Gayheart, b. 20 Sep 1911, Fisty KY; m. 10 Sept 1948 Perry Co KY to Dora Combs b. 04 Apr 1929, Ritchie, KY

vi. Irvin Gayheart, b. 28 Jul 1914, Knott Co KY.

vii. Malta Gayheart, b. 13 Aug 1917, Knott Co KY

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