Shanghai Nick Combs
and Eliza Williams

The following submitted by Lynda Combs Gipson. Visit her at her Perry Co KY Stuff Website

Descendants of Nicholas Shanghai Nick Combs

Generation No. 1
Shanghai Nick Combs
Shanghai Nick Combs
1.  NICHOLAS SHANGHAI NICK COMBS  (JEREMIAH LONG JERRY LORENZOJOHN SOLDIER;   JOHN FATHER OF THE 8;   MASON STAFFORD;   JOHN;  ARCHDALE;  JOHN;   JOHN COMBE;) was born 12 Oct 1839 in around Vicco, Perry Co. Ky, and died 28 Aug 1914 in Fincastle, Lee Co. Ky.  (1850 Perry Co KY Census); Military service, Co C, 13th Kentucky Cavalry, Civil War, captured at Gladesville, VA, 7 Jul 1863; He married ELIZA J. WILLIAMS 10 Feb 1860 in Perry Co., daughter of NICHOLAS WILLIAMS and ANN WILLIAMS.  She was born Abt. 1843 in Perry Co., and died Abt. 1928 in Lee Co. Ky. Children of NICHOLAS COMBS and ELIZA WILLIAMS are:

 i. NEWBERRY COMBS, b. 1862, Perry Co. Ky; d. 16 Mar 1923, Onotonagon, Mich; m. (1) DELITHA NOBLE, 01 Sep 1887, Breathitt Co. Ky; b. 1872; m. (2) CORA CHILDERS, Abt. 1893, Ky; b. 1871, Wolfe Co. Ky; d. 14 Jan 1931, Onotonagon, Mich.

 ii. JEREMIAH JERRY COMBS, b. Jul 1863, Perry Co. Ky; d. 11 Apr 1944, Harlan Co. Ky; m. about 1884 to (1) GILLIANN CHILDERS, b. 19 Nov 1858, Morgan Co. Ky; d. 20 Nov 1932, Middletown, Ohio; m. 30 Sep 1903 Owsley Co KY to (2) MARY ELIZABETH PETERS, b. Mar 1875, Owsley Co. Ky; d. 08 Feb 1930, Lexington, Ky; d/o Henry Dough Gut Peters and Denicia Nicy Vires; Child of Jeremiah Jerry Combs and Mary Elizabeth Peters;

I. Courtney Allen Combs Sr b 20 Mar 1899 Clark Co KY d 30 Jul 1978 Scott Co KY m. 7 Jun 1918 to Nancy Clay Owen b 14 Aug 1898 Clark Co KY d 24 May 1991 Kenton Co KY d/o William David Owen and Mary E Vine. Child of Courtney Allen Combs Sr and Nancy Clay Owen;

1. Courtney Allen Combs Jr (male) b 22 Mar 1922 Clark Co KY d 6 Jun 1988 Franklin Co KY m. 31 Aug 1942 Harlan Co KY to Gene Speaks Evans (female) b 22 Apr 1923 Bourbon Co KY d 2 Mar 1983 Franklin Co KY d/o Cletis Lee Evans and Helen Errol Speaks. Child of Courtney Allen Combs Jr and Gene Speaks Evans; i). Lynda Kay Combs b 10 Dec 1947 Pike Co KY m. Male Gibson.

Jeremiah Jerry Combs m. after 1930 to (3) MARGARET CLEM, b. 09 Aug 1909, Elliott Co. Ky; d. 01 Oct 1940, Eastern State Hosp, Lexington, Ky.

 iii. JOHN M. P. COMBS, b. 12 Aug 1867, Perry Co. Ky; d. 20 Jan 1936, Clark Co. Ky; m. FANNIE TAULBEE, Abt. 1884; b. 1863, Wolfe Co. Ky; d. 16 Mar 1917, Clark Co..

 iv. ELIJAH COMBS, b. 25 Dec 1868, Perry Co Ky; d. 09 Jul 1901, Lee Co. Ky; buried Olinger Cemetery, Lee Co KY; m. ELIZABETH OWENS; b. 22 Feb 1869, Wolfe Co. Ky; d. 10 Mar 1960, Lee Co. KY buried Olinger Cemetery, Lee Co KY.

 v. WILLIAM M. COMBS, b. 1871, Wolfe Co. Ky; d. 01 Mar 1941, Hazard, Ky; m. EVELYN FULTS; b. 1885; d. Bef. 1941.

 vi. MARTHA ELLEN COMBS, b. 20 Mar 1873, Perry Co. Ky; d. 18 Dec 1955, Lee Co. Ky.

vii. Margaret Jesse Combs b 1873 (or 1863) Perry Co KY m. 1895 to Harvey Harve Hensley b 1860 s/o Andrew Jackson Jack Hensley and Gemima Deaton. Children of Margaret Jesse Combs and Harvey Harve Hensley;

I. Cynthia Hensley b 1896

II. Pocahontas Hensley b 1900

III. Opsie Hensley b 1902 d 1 Nov 1959; m. Daniel Boone Campbell b 1899 d 14 Feb 1939; s/o James H Campbell and Rebecca Campbell. Children;

1. Nicholada Campbell

2. Quentin Campbell m. Charlotte Versailles

3. Jesse Campbell

4. Margaret Campbell b 1924 d 4 May 2008 Dayton, OH m. Donavin Spitler.

5. Louella Campbell b 1926 m. Samuel Miller

6. Estes Campbell m. Martha Stein

7. Hershel Campbell m. Effie Mae Sisco.

IV. Roscoe Hensley

V. Dema Hensley

VI. Crusoe Hensley

VII. Rome Hensley

VIII. Melda Hensley

IX. John Doc Hensley (aka Johnny)

X. Homer Hensley

William Spitler said,
January 3, 2011 @ 7:23 pm
In the list of Harvey and Margaret Combs Hensley’s children, Rome should be between Crusoe (Robinson Crusoe) and Melda. There was no child named Doc- John or Johnny was called John Doc. I have a photo of Opsie, John Doc, Rome, and I either Crusoe or Ross- if I could ever figure out how to scan it and attach it .I also have a photo of Opsie and Ray.

Harvey Harve Hensley m. Lidda J Combs b 1858 d/o Alexander S Combs and Mary Brashear. Children of Harvey Harve Hensley and Lidda J Combs;

I. Mahalia Hensley b 1886 m. Jackson G Gambill b 1904

II. Rory Hensley b 1888

July 25, 2010 - 09:13 PM - Comment Forum
William Spitler
I am Margaret Combs Hensley's greatgrandson. I don't believe your info about her is entirely correct.
Although the marriage certificate of
Harve Hensley and Margaret Combs says
the bride's name was Jesse, Jesse was not a common woman's name in Perry co in 1895.
I believe Jesse was a witness and Margaret's brother - not the bride. Remember most of them could not read. Also 1873 does not match Margaret's birthdate in later censuses, that show how many years that she was married and her age. I believe Margaret was the daughter of Milton Combs and Polly Ann Sizemore- the birthdate matches better,
Also Margaret & Harve had 7 more children Roscoe, Dema, Crusoe, Melda, John Doc, and Homer. I knew all of them. Perry County geneologist JD Downard speculated to me many years ago that Margaret and Harvey's first wife Lydia Combs were sisters. Lydia's grandson Harve said definitely not. Then JP speculated that Margaret was
Nick and Annie Williams daughter. The birth dates don't work. Margaret and Harve's daughter Opsie (my grandmother) had a son named Jesse born in 1921 and a daughter named Margaret ( my mother) in 1924. It is not likely that she would have named her son Jesse after her mother. I believe Jesse Combs on the marriage certificate was Opsie's uncle

vii. SPENCER COMBS, b. 1876, Lee Co. Ky; d. 20 Jan 1961, Bradford, Penn; m. (1) ROSA BELLE FULKS; b. 08 Dec 1879, Wolfe Co. Ky; d. 12 Aug 1904, Bundy, Town of Harrison, Wis; m. (2) MARY KATHRYN GENTRY, 17 Apr 1906, Fincastle, Lee Co. Ky; b. Dec 1887 (d/o Joseph Gentry and Mariam Kincaid? Source).

 viii. FLOYD COMBS, b. 1880, Perry Co. Ky; d. 26 Jan 1936, Newport, Ky; m. SALLIE F. WILLIAMS, 20 Dec 1900, Clark Co. Ky; b. 25 Aug 1884, Wolfe Co. Ky; d. 30 Sep 1955, Campbell Co. Ky.

 ix. JAMES ELBERT COMBS, b. 10 Jan 1885, Wolfe Co. Ky; d. Abt. 1954, Fairborn, Ohio; m. (1) ARA RATLIFF, 20 Oct 1904, Lee Co. Ky; b. 12 Aug 1884, Clay Co. Ky; d. 12 Aug 1922, Bonnyman, Ky; m. (2) MILLIE GODSEY, 20 May 1925, Perry Co. Ky; b. Apr 1892, Perry Co. Ky; d. 21 Sep 1970, Fairborn, Ohio.

 x. MALVARY BELLE COMBS, b. 06 Jan 1888, Wolfe Co. Ky; d. 08 Jul 1952, Lee Co.; m. WALTER THOMAS DAY, 24 Dec 1902, Lee Co.; b. 1880, Lee Co. Ky; d. 30 Nov 1946, Lee Co..


Thanks to Lynda Combs Gipson for corrections and additions to this family. Be sure to visit Lynda's Perry Co KY Stuff Website

1880 Perry Co KY Census District 4 ED 82
268 275 Combs Nicholas M W 40 M Farmer KY KY KY
268 275 Combs Liza W F 37 Wife M Keeping house Can't read/write KY KY KY
268 275 Combs Newberry W M 18 Son S Farm Laborer Attends School Can't Write KY KY KY
268 275 Combs Jerry W M 17 Son S Farm Laborer " " " " " " "
268 275 Combs John M P W M 15 Son S " " " " " " " " "
268 275 Combs Eligah W M 12 Attends School Can't read/write KY KY KY
268 275 Combs William W M 9 Son KY KY KY
268 275 Combs Martha W F 7 KY KY KY
268 275 Combs Spencer W M 4 KY KY KY

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