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Jacob Cooper
and Martha Patsy Meade

Jacob Cooper b abt 1814 Wythe Co VA; s/o William Cooper and Martha J Elswick. Jacob Cooper m. abt 1832 Russell Co VA to Martha Patsy Meade b abt 1818 Russell Co VA; d/o Fielding Lewis Meade and Mary Polly Thacker. Children of Jacob Cooper and Martha Patsy Meade;

1. William Powell Cooper b 16 Jun 1833 Russell Co VA

2. Mary J Cooper b 5 May 1836 Russell Co VA

3. Nancy Cooper b abt 1838 Russell Co VA

4. Nathaniel T Cooper b 1840 Russell Co VA

5. Martha Cooper b abt 1842 Russell Co VA

6. Edward Dolan Kernan Cooper b 30 May 1844

7. Thomas A Cooper b 2 Apr 1846 Russell Co VA

8. Sarah E Cooper b 30 May 1848 Russell Co VA

9. John Franklin Cooper b 1851 Russell Co VA

10. Charles Cooper b 2 Oct 1855 Russell Co VA

11. Andrew Cooper b abt 1857 Russell Co VA

1850 Russell Co VA Census
41 108 108 Cooper Jacob 36 M House Carpenter Wythe Co. VA
42 108 108 Cooper Martha 32 F Russell Co. VA
1 108 108 Cooper William P. 17 M Laborer Russell Co. VA
2 108 108 Cooper Mary 15 F Russell Co. VA
3 108 108 Cooper Nancy 12 F Russell Co. VA
4 108 108 Cooper Nathaniel T. 10 M Russell Co. VA
5 108 108 Cooper Martha 8 F Russell Co. VA
6 108 108 Cooper Edward D. K. 6 M Russell Co. VA
7 108 108 Cooper Thomas C. 4 M Russell Co. VA
8 108 108 Cooper Sarah E. 2 F Russell Co. VA

1860 Russell Co VA Census
2 67 67 Cooper Jacob 48 M W Carpenter Va
3 67 67 Cooper Martha 45 F W Va
4 67 67 Cooper Nancy 21 F W Va
5 67 67 Cooper Nathan 20 M W Va
6 67 67 Cooper Martha 18 F W Va
7 67 67 Cooper Edward D. K. 15 M W Va
8 67 67 Cooper Thomas 12 M W Va
9 67 67 Cooper Sarah 10 F W Va
10 67 67 Cooper John 9 M W Va
11 67 67 Cooper Charles 3 M W Va
12 67 67 Cooper Andrew 2 M W Va

1870 Russell Co VA census
38 316 316 Cooper Jacob 60 M W farmer 250 Virginia X X
39 316 316 Cooper Martha 56 F W keeping house Virginia X
40 316 316 Cooper Nancy 33 F W house work Virginia X X
1 316 316 Cooper Martha 28 F W house work Virginia X X X
2 316 316 Cooper John 18 M W farm hand Virginia
3 316 316 Cooper Charles 16 M W farm hand Virginia

1880 Russell Co VA census
Cooper, William P 46
Cooper, Tabitha 35
Cooper, Charlie C. 18
Cooper, John 13
Cooper, Robert 10
Cooper, Eliza 8
Cooper, Rebecca 6
Cooper, Ellen 3
Cooper, Emmitt 1
Cooper, Martha D. 62 (William's Mother)

Deed Book 6 p 153 Russell County VA
Jacob Cooper to Deed of Trust Nathan T. Meade

This indenture made this 12th day of January 1849 between Jacob Cooper of the one part and Nathan T. Mead of the other part both of Russell Co. VA witnesseth that the said Jacob Cooper for and in considerartion of one dollar to him on hand paid, doth bargain and sell unto the said Nathan T. Mead and his heirs the following property to wit:

1 red cow and calf, 1 black cow with white face, 1 sorrel mare; and their increase; 24 geese, three beds, bed stead and furniture; 1 cupboard, and cupboard furniture; 1 table; 1 clock; his broad axe and carpenters tools; 1 shovel plough, 1 set of horse gears; 1 rifle gun; 1 big wheel; one ____wheel; 1 reel; 1____; 1 sythe and cradle; 1 bushel ___, bushel kettle; bushel pot; 3 ovens; 1 skillet; shovel; (a mark that might mean 5) fire dogs; and all his other household furniture. To have and to hold said property unto said Nathan T. Mead and his heirs against the claims of all persons whomsoever;

In trust, nevertheless that of the said Jacob Cooper on his heirs, shall on or before the 12th day of January 1854 well and truly pay or came to be paid unto Vivan M. Mead the just and full sum of one hundred and thirty dollars with interest from this date, which is justly due him, together with the expense of drawing and recording this indenture then this indenture to be void. And in further must, that if the said Jocob Cooper or his heirs shall fail to pay the said sum of one hundred and thirty dollars and interest on or before the 12th day of January 1854, then it shall be lawful for the said Nathan T. Mead or his heirs executors or administrators to proceed to sell the above described property at public sale to the highest bidder, for ready money, having advertised the time and place of sale ten days by putting up and advertisement for that purpose for that length of time, at the front door of the courthouse of Russell County and out of the proceeds of said sale to pay said Viven M. Mead whatever maybe due him of the debt aforesaid the expense of drawing and recording this indenture, the expense of sale and five per cent to said trustee for his trouble and the surplus if any to the said Jacob Cooper or his heirs. In witness whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands and seal the day and year first above written.

Teste Jacob(X)Cooper
Nathan T. Mead

This deed of Trust, between Jacob Cooper of the one part and Nathan T Mead of the other part was acknowledged before me in the clerks office of Russell County on the 12th day of January 1849 by the said parties to be them act and deed and admittted to record.

James P. Carrell CRL

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