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James William Dunford
and Susie Tessie Christian

James William "Jim" Dunford b 1871 WV d 1915 Tazewell Co VA s/o William Albert Dunford and Rebecca Aldridge. James William "Jim" Dunford m. 11 Oct 1890 Tazewell Co VA to Susie Tessie Christian b Jun 1872 Tazewell Co VA d 1955, d/o Mathias Christian and Eleanor Beavers. Children of James William Dunford and Susie Tessie Christian;

I. Barney Dunford b Aug 1891 d 1960 m. Annie Fitzpatrick b 1896 d 1981, d/o Unknown Fitzpatrick.  Children of Barney Dunford and Annie Fitzpatrick;

i. Georgia Dunford b 29 Dec 1922 m. Pat Griffith. Children; John Griffith, Dixie Griffith m. Unknown Mitchem, Patsy Griffith m. Unknown Walker.

ii. Tom John Dunford

iii. Squeak Dunford m. Helen Poe d/o Charles Poe and Alice Unknown

iv. Dorothy Dunford

v. Bill Dunford

vi. May Dunford

vii. Mary Toonie Dunford

viii. Badge Dunford

ix. Helen Dunford

x. Elizabeth Dunford

II. Bettie M Dunford b Apr 1893

III. Myrta M Dunford

IV. Josie Ellen Dunford b Jun 1896 d 1925 m. Joseph Harrison Lewis b 16 Aug 1889 Buchanan Co VA d 4 Dec 1940 McDowell Co WV. Children of Josie Ellen Dunford and Joseph Harrison Lewis;

i. Belva Faye Lewis

ii. Thomas Virgil Lewis b 1910

iii. Jessie James Lewis b 1912

iv. Essie Hester Lewis

v. Nannie Lola Lewis

V. Stella Dunford

VI. Ollie Faye Dunford b 1898

VII. Thomas A Dunford b 1902

VIII. William Mathias Dunford b 20 Jun 1903 d 17 Jul 1969 m. Ethel Marie Mullins b 20 Jul 1903 d 18 Dec 1971. Children of William Mathias Dunford and Ethel Marie Mullins (aka Mullens);

i. Bernice Matilda Dunford b 25 Aug 1930 m. James Price b 6 Mar 1917 d 22 Dec 1997. Children; Earl Price b 1 Jul 1947; James Price b 3 Sept 1948 m. Sarah Edith Rose b 19 Oct 1945; Rita Price b 13 Mar 1950; Chester Price b 11 Oct 1951; Ralph Price b 20 Mar 1953 d 12 Apr 1977; Randy Price b 18 Jul 1954; Diane Price b 18 Aug 1955; Roger Price b 22 Sept 1956; Mary Price b 29 May 1958; Ruby Price b 22 Dec 1959; Pricilla Price b 27 Dec 1960 d 5 Mar 1996; Barbara Price b 18 Dec 1961; Elsie Price b 20 Mar 1963; Jennifer Price b 8 Apr 1964; Susie Price b 14 Dec 1965; Ethel Price b 22 Dec 1967; Charlotte Price b 9 Mar 1969; Melissa Price b 10 Feb 1970; William Charles Price b 20 Mar 1971; Brittan "Britt" Price b 20 Jul 1972

ii. Frank D Dunford

iii. Ruby Dunford m. John Pako

iv. Geraldine M Dunford b 19 Mar 1932 Warriormines WV d 3 Jul 2006 Warriormines WV m. Unknown Leedy. Children; John Anthony Leedy; William R Leedy. Geraldine M Dunford m. Coy Bailey. Children; Floyd Bailey.

v. Dolly Dunford

vi. James Edward Dunford

vii. Alice Fay Dunford m. Unknown Maloney.

viii. Jewell Dunford (male)

IX. Robert Britt Dunford m. Tessie Unknown.

X. Mary Virginia Dunford b 1908 m. 1923 to Thomas Andrew Johnson Sr, s/o Monty Johnson. Children of Mary Virginia Dunford and Thomas Andrew Johnson Sr;

i. Hester Johnson m. James Sizemore. Children of Hester Johnson and James Sizemore; Veronica Ann Sizemore b 28 Feb 1964 m. Daniel Brewster. Child of Veronica Sizemore and Daniel Brewster; Cody Brewster b 12 Jan 1994. Veronica Ann Sizemore m. Rick Conatzer. Children of Veronica Ann Sizemore and Rick Conatzer; Jackson Conatzer b 5 Jun 1991; Avery Conatzer b 5 Jun 1999; Pamela Lynn Sizemore b 20 Jul 1965 m. Roger Carter. Children of Pamela Lynn Sizemore and Roger Carter; Caroline Carter b 19 Dec 1990; Casey Carter b 13 Jan 1992; James Randall Sizemore b 12 Apr 1967; John Jay Sizemore b 20 Nov 1969 m. Christine Wyman. Children of James Randall Sizemore and Christine Wyman; Brandon Sizemore b 27 Feb 1990; Lauren Sizemore b 24 May 1993.

ii. Thomas Andrew Johnson Jr m. Geneva Anderson. Children of Thomas Andrew Johnson Jr and Geneva Anderson; Wayne Johnson; Mark Johnson; Sherri Johnson.

iii. Barbara Johnson b 1923 m. Oliver Blankenship. Child; David Blankenship b Jul 1963.

iv. Kenneth Johnson b 1926 d 24 Jan 2005 m. Gladys Sparks. Children of Kenneth Johnson and Gladys Sparks; Cathy Ann Johnson b 31 Aug 1952. Children of Cathy Ann Johnson and Unknown; Angela Johnson; Jennifer Johnson; Tracie Johnson (female); Craig Anthony Johnson. Children of Craig Anthony Johnson and Unknown; Meagan Johnson b 1991; Amy Johnson b 1994.

v. Alice Faye Johnson b 16 Mar 1939 Tazewell Co VA d 11 Mar 2002 Tazewell Co VA m. 1957 to Roger Bill Barnett b 24 Apr 1933 Tazewell Co VA s/o Albert William Barnett Sr and Bertha Lee Trivett. Children of Alice Faye Johnson and Roger Bill Barnett; Patricia Barnett b 10 Mar 1957 m. Mike Cummings (aka Cummins). Children of Mike Cummins and Patricia Barnett; Jason Cummins b 21 Oct 1977 m. Kellie Unknown. Child of Jason Cummins and Kellie Unknown; Kayla Nicole Cummins b 24 Apr 2002; Michaelle Cummins b 20 May 1980 m. Rickie Gravley. Children of Michaelle Cummins and Rickie Gravley; Michael Gravley b 24 Apr 2002; Roger Bill Barnett Jr b 2 Jan 1959 m. Carmen Unknown. Children of Roger Bill Barnett Jr and Carmen Unkown; Jeremy Barnett; Alisha Barnett; Phillip Barnett b 30 Jan 1961 m. Nora Unknown Children of Phillip Barnett and Nora Unknown; Meagan Barnett (female). Children of Nora Unknown by previous marriage; Heather Hunsaker; Rhonda Hubbard; Nickie Unknown; Kevin Barnett b 15 May 1969.

XI. James Dunford b 1914.

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