John Eldridge and Elizabeth Betsy Caudill
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John C Eldridge and
Elizabeth "Betsy" Caudill

John C Eldridge b 5 Sept 1833 Rockhouse Creek, Perry Co KY d 29 Jul 1910 Roxana, Letcher Co KY; s/o Levi Eldridge and Easter Caudill. John C Eldridge m. 22 Dec 1850 Letcher Co KY to Elizabeth "Betsy" Caudill b 24 Dec 1835 Perry Co KY d 2 Nov 1913 Letcher Co KY; d/o Matthew Caudill and Terry Caudill. (1860 Letcher Co KY Census). Children of John C Eldridge and Elizabeth "Betsy" Caudill;

1. Henry Eldridge b: 29 Mar 1852 Letcher Co KY d 30 Jan 1931 Fleming, KY

2. Easther Boggs Eldridge (aka Esther) b: 11 Apr 1853 Letcher Co KY d 6 Dec 1918 Deer Park, Spokane, WA

3. Tarry Eldridge (aka Terry) b: 26 Feb 1854 Letcher Co KY

4. Mathew C Eldridge b: 13 Nov 1859 Letcher Co KY d 29 Oct 1912 Kings Creek, Letcher Co KY; m. Ozine Fields b 16 Feb 1863 Letcher Co KY.

5. Eliza M Eldridge b: 11 May 1863 Letcher Co KY d 14 Feb 1944 Letcher Co KY

6. William John Preston Eldridge b: 4 Dec 1864 KY d 6 Apr 1947 KY; m. 1885 Letcher Co KY to Elizabeth Crase b 30 Sept 1869 Letcher Co KY d 2 Nov 1926 Letcher Co KY; d/o Andrew Jackson Crase and Nancy "Nannie" Caudill. Children of William John Preston Eldridge and Elizabeth Crase;

i. Ardelia Eldridge b 10 Jul 1886 Letcher Co KY d 20 Jan 1919 Letcher Co KY m. 15 Feb 1906 Letcher Co KY to Felix Day b 30 Jan 1885 Letcher Co KY d 16 Jan 1932 Letcher Co KY; s/o John Moses Day and Elizabeth Day. Children of Felix Day and Ardelia Eldridge; i.I. Kernie Day b 29 Oct 1908 Blackey, Letcher Co KY i.II. Verna Day b 30 Aug 1911 Letcher Co KY i.III. Hermie Day b 30 Nov 1913 Letcher Co KY i.IV. W Preston Day b 13 Feb 1917 Letcher Co KY i.V. Billie Day b 18 Dec 1918 Letcher Co KY.

ii. Leander Eldridge b 14 Jun 1888 Roxana, Letcher Co KY d 7 Nov 1960 KY m. 1906 to Bettie Day b 28 May 1891 KY d 31 May 1982 Beavercreek, Greene Co OH; d/o Hiram Day. Children of Leander Eldridge and Bettie Day; ii.I. Henry Eldridge b 8 May 1907 KY ii.II. Henry D Eldridge b 1 Sep 1907 Letcher Co KY ii.III. Eva Eldridge b 24 Jan 1910 KY ii.IV. Howard Eldridge b 18 Mar 1912 Letcher Co KY ii.V. Willie Eldridge b 20 Aug 1914 Letcher Co KY ii.VI. Ethel Eldridge b 18 Aug 1917 Letcher Co KY ii.VII. Elma Eldridge b 20 Jan 1920 Letcher Co KY ii.VIII. Lloyd Eldridge b 3 Aug 1922 Lincoln Co, KY ii.IX. Astor Eldridge b 16 Feb 1935 Letcher Co KY

iii. Vida Vicy Eldridge b 1889 Letcher Co KY d 5 Jul 1907 Letcher Co KY

iv. Nehemiah Eldridge b 16 Dec 1891 Roxana, Letcher Co KY d 7 Nov 1960 Lincoln Co KY m. 4 Jul 1909 to Cora Ann Day b 2 May 1893 Letcher Co KY d 10 Dec 1965 Lincoln Co KY d/o Robert Hiram Day and Eliza Eldridge. Children of Nehemiah Eldridge and Cora Ann Day; iv.I. Virgie Eldridge b 1911 KY iv.II. Roy Eldridge b 12 Nov 1911 Letcher Co KY iv.III. Hargis Eldridge b 28 Mar 1913 Letcher Co KY iv.IV. Preston Eldridge b 22 May 1915 Letcher Co KY iv.V. Margie Eldridge b 19 Jun 1917 Letcher Co KY iv.VI. Alta Eldridge b 3 Feb 1923 Letcher Co KY

v. Millie Eldridge b 1 Sep 1893 Letcher Co KY d 12 Dec 1927 Blackey, Letcher Co KY m. 14 Dec 1911 to David D Caudill b 30 Jul 1895 KY d 21 Jan 1975 Jeremiah, Letcher Co KY; WWI Vet, Purple Heart recipient; s/o Henry Caudill and Lucinda Back. Children of David D Caudill and Millie Eldridge; v.I. Richard B Caudill b 7 Nov 1912 Letcher Co KY v.II. Tamsie Caudill b 24 Jan 1916 Letcher Co KY v.III. Preston Caudill b 15 Aug 1917 Letcher Co KY v.IV. Wilburn Caudill b 21 Sep 1918 Letcher Co KY v.V. Crit Caudill b 20 Jan 1922 Letcher Co KY v.VI. Nemish Caudill b 2 Jun 1924 Letcher Co KY. David D Caudill m. 10 Nov 1928 to Angeline Hampton b 23 Jun 1902 Jeremiah, Letcher Co KY d 7 Oct 1967 d/o John Hampton and Lourania Ranie Whitaker. Child of David D Caudill and Angeline Hampton; v.VII. Edith "Edy" Caudill b 11 Sept 1921 d 2 Feb 2004 Jeremiah, Letcher Co KY m. Winslow Caudill b 23 Feb 1916 d 16 Jul 1985 s/o Willie Caudill and Bertha Unknown.

vi. Levi Eldridge b 5 Oct 1897 Roxana, Letcher Co KY d Oct 1932 Blackey Letcher Co KY; m. Julia Caudill b 22 Jun 1896 Letcher Co KY d 28 Feb 1952 Letcher Co KY d/o Isom H Caudill and Terry Caudill. Children of Levi Eldridge and Julia Caudill; vi.I. Delza Eldridge b 4 Aug 1918 Letcher Co KY d 12 Apr 1945 in Germany in WWII. vi.II. Elbert Eldridge b 4 Apr 1921 Letcher Co KY d 29 Nov 1982 Whitley, KY

vii. Crit Eldridge b 1 Jan 1899 KY d 9 Jul 1979 Letcher Co KY m. Susie Caudill b 4 Jan 1898 KY d 1 Jul 1962 Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY d/o John C Caudill and Sarah Caudill. Children of Crit Eldridge and Susie Caudill; vii.I. Vera Eldridge b 16 Nov 1919 Letcher Co KY vi.II. Jim Eldridge b 1 Apr 1922 Letcher Co KY vi.III. John Preston Eldridge b 8 Apr 1924 Letcher Co KY vi.IV. Vada Eldridge b 12 Jan 1926 Letcher Co KY vi.V. Mallie Eldridge b 11 Aug 1935 Letcher Co KY.

viii. Stephen Eldridge b Dec 1900 KY d 8 May 1906 KY

ix. Noah Eldridge b 14 Nov 1902 KY d 2 Mar 1974 Montgomery Co KY m. Lizzie Fields b 1903

x. Nannie Eldridge b Sep 1904 Roxana, Letcher Co KY d 12 Jan 1945 Letcher Co KY; m. Spencer Witt b 24 Jan 1904 d Oct 1982 Henryville, Clark Co IN

xi. Colonel Eldridge b 2 Jun 1908 KY d 3 May 1992 Kenton Co KY m. Angeline Caudill b 19 Sept 1904 KY d Nov 1970 Moores Hill, Dearborn, IN

7. Levi Eldridge b: 16 Dec 1867 Mill Branch, Letcher Co KY d 18 Mar 1939 Rowan Co KY m. Martha Jane Day.

8. Rachel Eldridge b: 1 Jan 1872 Letcher Co KY d 26 Mar 1954.

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