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Troy Wallace Frazier
and Cora Reynolds

Cora Reynolds Frazier
Cora Reynolds Frazier
Troy Wallace Frazier b 2 Nov 1894 d 15 Nov 1952; buried Hall Cemetery, Ermine, Letcher Co KY; s/o Hiram Frazier and Lavina Vina Hogg. More about Troy Frazier. Troy Wallace Frazier m. 20 Oct 1939 Cora Reynolds b 16 Jul 1904 KY d 11 Oct 1998 Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY; d/o William Henry Reynolds and Mahala Whitaker.

Cora Reynolds was a school teacher and very active in public affairs. She and her husband Troy Wallace Frazier frequently ran for county clerk office and were involved in numerous activities in their community and in particular in school activities.

Troy Wallace Frazier
and Lola E Collins

Troy Wallace Frazier b 2 Nov 1894 d 15 Nov 1952; buried Hall Cemetery, Ermine, Letcher Co KY; s/o Hiram Frazier and Lavina Vina Hogg. More about Troy Frazier. Troy Wallace Frazier m. 16 Sept 1921 to (1) Lola Collins b 5 Jan 1905 Tillie, Letcher Co KY d 2 Jul 1938 Blackey, Letcher Co KY; shot to death when mistaken for someone else; buried Smoot Creek Cemetery, Van, Letcher Co KY; d/o George Washington Collins and Mary Jane Brown. Children of Lola E Collins and Troy Wallace Frazier;

1. Geraldine Frazier b 10 Feb 1922 Letcher Co KY d 12 Feb 1922 Letcher Co KY; buried Frazier Cemetery, Letcher Co KY

2. Joy Wray Frazier b 20 Sept 1927 Letcher Co KY d 29 Aug 2010 Lexington, Fayette Co KY; buried Isom Cemetery, Isom, Letcher Co KY; m. 25 Apr 1947 to Van Breeding b 27 Jan 1919 Letcher Co KY d 3 Aug 1998 Isom, Letcher Co KY; buried Isom Cemetery, Isom, Letcher Co KY; military service, abt 1942, Staff Sgt. US Air Force, WWII; s/o John D Breeding and Martha Ison.

3. Wallace Glenn Frazier

Lola E Collins
and Virgil Adams

Lola E Collins b 5 Jan 1905 Tillie, Letcher Co KY d 2 Jul 1938 Blackey, Letcher Co KY; shot to death when mistaken for someone else; buried Smoot Creek Cemetery, Van, Letcher Co KY; d/o George Washington Collins and Mary Jane Brown. Lola E Collins m. 26 Dec 1935 Letcher Co KY to Virgil Adams.

The Mountain Eagle, Whitesburg,
Letcher County, Kentucky,
Thursday, March 12, 1925

For County Clerk
by Troy W Frazier

Troy Frazier For County Court Clerk

To the Voters of Letcher Co.: As the primary nears, I feel it my duty to announce my desire to become a candidate for County Court Clerk on the Republican ticket and solicit the personal support of every voter in the county.

I firmly believe in the individual interest of every citizen for the good of his community, his county, the state and the country, and with this policy and thought in mind I would be glad to have a chance to show what I can do in performing the duties of County Court Clerk to the best interest of the taxpayers of Letcher county.

I have been a school teacher for a number of years, served 4 years and 6 months in the United States Army, which included 18 months in France and nine months on the firing line during the World War.

I was born and raised in the mountains, a son of Hiram Frazier of Smoot Creek; have always endeavored to obey the law and help to enforce it; I naturally have the welfare of my brother mountain men at heart, and with my education, my appreciation of hardship and my experience in business I feel able to perform the duties of County Clerk if nominated and elected.

I would appreciate an investigation of my character and past life by those who do not know me, and would ask my friends to use their influence with any who may inquire about my ability and honesty. All I want is a chance to be of service to my fellow citizens and ask your support in the August primary.

Yours sincerely,
Troy W. Frazier

January 8, 1953, Cora Reynolds Frazier
Announces Candidacy Republican Ticket
For Letcher County Court Clerk

Jan. 8, 1953 - Mrs. Cora Reynolds Frazier, Whitesburg school teacher and widow of Troy W. Frazier, announced her candidacy for the Republican ticket for Letcher County Court Clerk. In announcing her candidacy, Mrs. Frazier said she has received encouragement from friends who want her to seek the office her late husband held for a few months in 1950 before a recount of ballots required him to relinquish it to present County Court Clerk Charlie Wright.

Cora Reynolds Frazier
Longtime Educator Dies
Mt Eagle Newspaper
Wednesday, 14 Oct 1998

Longtime Letcher County educator Cora Reynolds Frazier, 94, died October 11 (1998) at her home in Whitesburg (Letcher Co KY). Mrs. Frazier began her teaching career in Letcher County in 1923, and spent many years teaching seventh grade at the old Whitesburg Grade School (Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY). In 1928, she was the teacher at the Whitco School. She continued teaching and worked as a substitute teacher until the late 1960s.

Obituary: Troy W. Frazier
2 Nov 1894 - 15 Nov 1952

Troy Wallace Frazier
If a man die shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come. Thou shalt call, and I will answer thee: thou wilt have a desire to the work and thine hands. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

The above could have been the words that kept Troy inspired to live an humble clean life. Because he knew that his fleshly body was going back to the dust of the earth and that his spirit was going back to God who gave it. He wanted to be ready when his change came. He knew that man that was born of woman, his days were few and full of trouble. Yet he clung tenaciously to that hope and knelt by his bed night after night and prayed to that God in whom he trusted asking him for help and guidance.

How thankful we are that years ago when but a young man Troy gave his heart to Jesus and confessed that Jesus was the Christ. He joined the Indian Bottom Regular Baptist Church when but a young man and brought his letter to live with his wife in the Thornton Church.

Troy W. Frazier was the son of the late Hiram and Vina Hogg Frazier was born Nov. 2, 1894 at Dalna, Letcher County, Kentucky. During his childhood be remained in that vicinity and learned to love the people. After going to school Troy acquired a teacher's certificate and taught school for a number of years.

In 1915 at the beginning of World War I Troy volunteered his service for his country and dufing his enlistment saw action at the front in France and Germany, serving in Battery A of the 32nd Railroad Batallion. He was discharged in 1920 with the rank of Sergeant.

Troy returned to his native Section after the war and was married to Lola Collins. To this union were born three children. Two of them having preceded him in death.

In 1939 he was married to Cora Reynolds. They lived a happy and devoted life. They traveled to church somewhere every Sunday. To their home church at Mayking to Little Colly, to Little Rock, to Little Ruby, to Lothair and to Hemphill. He love to go to church.

During 1946 he was Commander of Douglas Day Post of the American Legion, at the time of his death was Chaplain of Whitesburg VFW Post. He was a member of the Whitesburg Masonic Lodge No. 754 and Hester Chapter 540. E. S.

Troy served as County Court Clerk of Letcher County during the first four months of 1950 and in this capacity showed his love for his fellow man by his firm handshake, his happy smileand an ambition to serve the people faithfully.

He leaves to mourn his passing his companion Cora Reynolds Frazier, one daughter Joy Wray Breeding, and three brothers, Fred, Hiram, and George, and a host of friends and relatives.

A precious brother from us is gone
A voice we loved is still
The place is vacant in his home
That never can be filled
A dear one from our church is gone
There sits a vacant place
But in that bright and shining home
Someday we'll see his face
He is waiting for you
He has crossed the rolling tide
Are you ready to meet him
Over on the other side.

The Whitesburg Funeral Home is in charge of the funeral.

Card of Thanks
Mountain Eagle News
Thursday, Dec. 4, 1952

We want to thank our neighbors and friends who came to our assistance in the passing of our precious humble husband and father, who believed in his God and the power from on high to lead and direct his steps here on earth.

Troy bore his afflictions and suffering with cheerful patience. In the Holy word it says, "By their fruites ye shall know them." I believe Troy bore that fruit and with the help of God we will be united on that Great Day. I know Troy is at rest and through suffering.

I want every one to know how deeply and sincerely we appreciated every act of kindness and sympathy shown to us.

To Albert Routley and Duard Banks of the Craft Funeral Home, who helped me to get to Sharon Heights Hospital, I shall never forget. I wish also to thank the Sisters and Dr. Moran who showed sympathy and gave words of comfort to my broken heart.

To those who helped to carry out the funeral as we desired and made such special effort, we especially thank the following: Hester Chapter No. 54, E. S., Ladies Auxiliary of the V. F. W., the F. F. W. Post 5829, American Legion Douglas Day Post and the Masonic Lodge 754 F&AM. Also Mr. Quillen, Don Froste, and Christine of the Whitesburg Funeral Home, who had charge of the funeral and gave such efficient, courteous and kind service, and to Miss Gertrude Gambill, who gave her service so willingly.

We shall never forget the ministers, who came and offered prayer in our home, Bro. Clel B. Rodgers of the First Baptis Church and Bro. Bassel Hall. To those who conducted the funeral Bros. W. S. Tolliver, M. M. Music and Raymond Collins.

Mrs Troy W. Frazier and daughter, Joy Wray Breeding ltc.

Resolution of Respect
In memory of Troy W. Frazier
who died Saturday, Nov. 15, 1952
Mountain Eagle News
Thursday, Dec. 4, 1952

Death again entered our Chapter Hall and called to the Eternal Home a dearly beloved brother who has completed his faithful labor here in ministering to the cry of the orphan to the call of want and to the piteous wail of sorrow.

And as recompense has received the welcome "well done" from the Great Master.

And whereas, the Loving Father having called our beloved and respected Brother home, and he having been a true and respected member of our Mystic Order therefore, it be resolved that Hester Chapter No. 54, Order of Eastern Star of Whitesburg, Ky., in testimony of its loss, drape its chapter in mourning for 30 days.

And that we tender to the family of our deceased Brother our sincere condolence in their deep affliction and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family.

"I cannot say and I will not say,
With a submissive smile and a wave of the hand
They have entered into a better land
And left us thinking how ver fair
It need must be since they linger there
And you, oh you, who so fondly yearn
Think of them as living on as dear
In the land of there as the land of here."
Fraternally submitted
Edith Polly
Kermit Combs
Sarah Bowen

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