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Archibald Fuller
and Celia Couch

Archibald Fuller b Apr 1835 KY d 1905; buried Fowler Cemetery, Hindman, KY; s/o Elijah Green Fuller 1790 NC and Unknown. Archibald Fuller m. 22 Feb 1857 Perry Co kY to to Celia "Celey" Couch (aka Dicy) b 1836 KY; d/o Ira Silas Couch and Permenia Combs. Archibald Fuller was in the Civil War with his brothers Elijah "Bunt" Fuller and Leviticus Fuller in the 13th KY Cavalry, Company B and Company C, CSA. Archibald's Father, Elijah Green Fuller 1790 NC was in the 1880 Perry Co KY Census living in their household, age 90 years. Next door to Archibald Fuller is his brother, Elijah "Bunt" Fuller. Children of Archibald Fuller and Celia "Celey" Couch;

1. Robert Fuller b May 1857 Perry Co KY.

2. Elizabeth Fuller b 15 Oct 1858 d 2 May 1948; m. Jidy Hays.

3. Elijah Fuller b 1861; m. Mary Unknown b 1861 KY (may have married 28 Feb 1884 Logan Co WV to Clal (Chloe?) Messer b 1867 Logan Co WV).

4. Jesse Fuller b 1864 KY

5. Martin V "Tack" Fuller b 1867 d 13 Jun 1934 Short Fork, Knott Co KY m. 30 Jan 1888 Knott Co KY to Nancy Ann Ritchie b 11 Aug 1866 Perry Co., KY d 29 Jul 1942 Clear Creek, Perry Co KY; d/o Samuel Ritchie and Chloe Hall. Nancy Ann Ritchie m. 23 Mar 1885 to (1) Hiram Smith; s/o Samuel Smith and Nancy Jones. Children of Hiram Smith and Nancy Ann Ritchie; i. Surilda ii. Vestie iii. Meldoria iv. Larcena v. John S vi. Carew vii. Elmira Smith.

6. Lorenzo Fuller b 1868 KY.

7. Christopher Fuller b 1869 KY.

8. Hosea Fuller b 1872; m. 14 Jul 1904 Perry Co KY to Adaline Combs b 1885 KY.

9. Levi "Doc" Fuller b Mar 1872 KY d 1953; m. about 1892 to Syntha Ritchie (aka Cyntha) b Oct 1875 KY d 1953; d/o Benjamin C Ritchie and Rose Ann Combs. Children of Levi "Doc" Fuller and Syntha Ritchie;

i. Shelton D Fuller (male) b Jul 1894 KY

ii. Robert Lee Fuller b Sept 1895 KY

iii. Broza Fuller (female aka Brosie) b May 1899 KY

iv. Harlan Fuller (male) b 1901 KY

v. Malissa Fuller b 1903 KY

vi. Allie Fuller (female) b 1906 KY

vii. Delmer Fuller b 1907 KY.

10. Solomon Fuller b Apr 1877 d Mingo Co WV m. about 1896 to Violet Messer b 1877 WV. Children of Solomon Fuller and Violet Messer;

i. Woodrow Fuller

ii. Ruth Luna Fuller; m. Ivan Dunwood Chandler

iii. Alonzo Fuller b Mar 1894 KY

iv. Della Fuller b Feb 1897 KY

v. Margaret Fuller b May 1899 KY.

11. Nancy Fuller b 1876 KY; m. 13 Jun 1890 Perry Co KY to Hiram Smith b May 1867 KY. Children of Hiram Smith and Nancy Fuller;

i. Larcena Smith b 1891 KY

ii. Carew Smith b 28 Aug 1893 Knott Co KY; m. Larcena Jent b 7 Jun 1896 Knott Co KY d/o Reuben Jent and Nancy Ann Smith. Children of Carew Smith and Larcena Jent;

I. Dora Smith

II. Clarence Smith b 1922 Knott KY

III. Joe B Smith b 1921 Knott KY

IV. James E Smith b 1924 Knott KY

iii. Meldoria Jane Smith b Jan 1896 Knott Co KY

iv. Elmira Smith b Mar 1899 Knott Co KY

12. Dorcas Fuller (aka Darcus) b 10 May 1878 Knott Co KY d 3 Feb 1957 Knott Co KY; m. about 1902 to (2) Franklin "Frank" Ritchie b 1882 KY d 1976; s/o Benjamin C Ritchie and Rosanna Combs. (Note: not sure of this Franklin Ritchie. He may be have m. Dorcas Fuller b 1891j; d/o Martin V "Tack" Fuller). Children of Franklin "Frank" Ritchie and Dorcas Fuller;

i. May Ritchie b 1903 KY

ii. Dicie Ritchie b 1905 Knott Co KY d 1981; m. Kelly Marvin Young b 12 Dec 1899 Knott Co KY d 23 Jul 1984; s/o John C Young and Katherine Grigsby.

iii. Polly Ritchie b 1906 KY

iv. Unknown Son (un-named, died as infant).

v. Franklin Ritchie b 1910 KY.

13. Sally Ann Fuller b 1879 KY

Note: If there are any descendants of this family out there, I would love to hear from you with updates and corrections for this family. As it is, this information consists of notes from various sources. Would love to know more about this family.

1880 Perry Co KY Census
259-266 Fuller Archabald M W 45 M KyKyKy Farmer, s/o Elijah & Elizabeth? Messer? Fuller
259-266 Fuller Dicy Wife F W 46 M KyKyKy m. 22 Feb 1857 d/o Ira Silas & Perminia Combs Couch
259-266 Fuller Martin Son M W 14 ? Ky Farm laborer, Martin V. md. Nancy Ritchie on 30 June 1888
259-266 Fuller Lourenzo Son M W 12 ? Ky
259-266 Fuller Christopher Son M W 10 ? Ky
259-266 Fuller Hosey Son M W 8 ? Ky md. Adaline Combs, 14 July 1904 Perry Co., Ky.
259-266 Fuller Doctor Levi Son M W 6 ? Ky m. Cynthia ?
259-266 Fuller Solomon Son M W 5 ? Ky
259-266 Fuller Nancy Dau F W 4 ? Ky
259-266 Fuller Dorcus Dau F W 2 ? Ky
259-266 Fuller Mary NR F W 40 ? Ky Domestic Servant
259-266 Fuller Elijah Father M W 90 ? NCNCNC b. 1790 North Carolina m. Elizabeth Messer
259-266 Fuller Sally Ann NR F W 1 ? KyKyKy

260-267 Fuller Elijah M W 34 M KyKyKy Farmer, s/o Elijah & Elizabeth? Messer? Fuller
260-267 Fuller Susan Wife F W 34 M KyKyKy Susanna d/o John Lorenzo & Polly Ann Combs Combs
260-267 Combs Green NR M W 7 ? KyKyKy
260-267 Stacy Sally NR F W 23 M KyKyKy Servant

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