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Michael Gabbard and
Mary Margaret Peters

Michael Gabbard b 1794 VA d 1869 Breathitt Co KY s/o Henry Gabbard and Barbara Hunsaker. Michael Gabbard m. about 1812 to Mary Margaret Peters b 1796 VA d 16 Sept 1875 Breathitt Co KY d/o John Peters and Catherine Lane. Children of Michael Gabbard and Mary Margaret Peters;

I. Anna Gabbard b 1817 m. John Peters

II. Wilson Gabbard b 1820 Clay Co KY d 1870 Owsley Co KY m. 13 Sept 1838 Owsley Co KY to Susannah "Susan" Abner b 1821 Clay Co KY d 1906 Owsley Co KY; d/o Elisha Abner and Nancy Loving.

III. Rebecca Gabbard b 1822 Clay Co KY m. 11 Feb 1832 Clay Co KY to Isaac Gilbert b 1811 Clay Co KY s/o Felix Gilbert and Nancy Wallace.

IV. Barbara Gabbard b 6 Jun 1824 Clay Co KY d 14 Feb 1901 Breathitt Co KY m. about 1839 Breathitt Co KY Isaac Terry b about 1820.

V. Isaac Gabbard b about 1825 Clay Co KY m. 28 Jul 1842 Clay Co KY to Mary Burgess b about 1825 d/o Samuel Burgess.

VI. Claiborne Gabbard b 20 Dec 1825 Clay Co KY d 12 Sept 1908 Lee Co KY m. about 1864 Breathitt Co KY to Mary Elizabeth Chambers b 4 Apr 1836 Morgan Co KY d/o Elijah Chambers and Rachel Ann Morrow.

VII. Catherine Gabbard b 1827 Clay Co KY d 1864 Breathitt Co KY m. Joseph Angel b 1830 Madison Co KY.

VIII. Mary Gabbard b 1830 m. Stephen Jett Jr

IX. Michael Gabbard b 1831 Clay Co KY d 1906 Breathitt Co KY m. about 1856 to Elizabeth Cundiff b about 1838 Breathitt Co KY d 1917 d/o William Cundiff and Elizabeth Jett.

X. Henry G Gabbard b 11 Nov 1834 Breathitt Co KY d 27 Jul 1911 Breathitt Co KY m. Lucinda Cundiff b 14 Oct 1836 Clay Co KY d 17 Mar 1917 Breathitt Co KY d/o William Cundiff and Elizabeth Jett.

XI. Margaret Gabbard b 29 Dec 1838 Madison Co KY d 11 Jun 1912 Breathitt Co KY m. Theodopolis Garrett Cundiff b 4 Aug 1834 Lee Co KY d 26 Mar 1901. Child of Margaret Gabbard and Theodopolis Garrett Cundiff;

1. Steven Cundiff b 10 Feb 1857 Breathitt Co KY d 7 Jan 1930 m. Nannie Baker. Child; i. Bruce Cundiff b 22 Aug 1884 d 22 Nov 1944 Breathitt Co KY m. 21 Jun 1925 to Awilda Brown.

XII. William Gabbard b 1839 Madison Co KY m. Lucinda Robinson

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