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Descendants of William Greear

Third Generation

3. Noah Greear (Shadrack , William ) was born on 15 Dec 1790 in Wythe Co,VA. He died on 9 Mar 1870 in West Liberty,Morgan,KY. He was buried in Rose Cemetery.

Widows claim for pension for Noah during War of 1812 National Archive # W.O. -44552 says Noah was 18 in 1814 and he was " 6 ft. high, blue eyes, light,fair complexion". Also that Noah died 2-16-1872 while on visit to his son Hiram in Grassy Creek, Morgan Co., KY. The pension was denied because they couldn't find Noah on any roster for the War of 1812.

Noah married Mary Elizabeth Bonham. Mary was born in 1792 in Grayson Co,VA. She died on 10 Oct 1850 in Scott Co,VA.

They had the following children:

+ 4 M i James G Greear was born on 14 Jan 1814. He died in 1852.
  5 F ii Almarine Greear was born in 1816 in Grayson Co,VA.
  6 F iii Susannah Nelson Greear was born on 30 Aug 1817 in Grayson Co,VA. She died after 1858.
        Susannah married (1) Timothy Perkins in 1832. Timothy was born in 1809. He died before 1848 in Grayson Co VA.
        Susannah married (2) John P Comer on 9 Nov 1848. John was born in 1815 in VA.
  7 M iv Frances Bonham Greear was born on 22 Jun 1819 in Grayson Co,VA. He died on 21 Feb 1909 in Flatwoods,Scott Co,VA.

Military 50th Va. Reg of Inf. Co. H Civil War Unit from Wise Co., VA

Francis Greear lived on a mountain farm in Wise Co., VA where along the Guest River, he owned some of the best farm land in Wise, as well as one of the most impressive and rockiest river gorges in the state. He was an educator of no mean ability and of progressive instincts.Teaching private schools in Wise, before the Civil War, he improved the methods use by preparing and publishing keys to the arithmetic and grammar text books they had. When the free school system was started in 1870 he became a trustee and a leader in the movement in Wise County. Besides teaching and building public schools, he rendered many and varied services to the people of his section, such as surveying their land, drawing up deeds and other legal papers, keeping accounts and working out sums and acting as general legal and business advisor for all and sundry. He had a decided mechanical genius and in his blacksmith and carpenter shops turned out many contrivances and did much repair work for his neightors. For all of which services he rarely if ever received any money.

--The Southwest Corner by Goodrich Wilson
        Frances married (1) Sarah Mullins on 9 Feb 1847 in Letcher Co,KY. Sarah was born on 6 Sep 1827. She died on 15 Jul 1849.
        Frances married (2) Priscilla Price Stallard on 4 May 1854 in Scott Co,VA. Priscilla was born on 23 Nov 1829 in Scott Co VA. She died on 31 Mar 1905 in Scott Co VA.
  8 M v Shadrack Freeland Greear was born on 6 Dec 1821 in Grayson Co,VA. He died on 31 Aug 1902 in Coeburn,Wise Co,VA.

TAXPY: 1858 Letcher Co KY: Description: 300 acres, KY River at $1100, 1 over 21, 1 horse at $50, 6 cattle, 3 children ages 6-18, 5 hogs at $240, $312 total value
        Shadrack married (1) Mary Ann Moore on 20 Sep 1844 in Scott Co,VA. Mary was born in 1825 in VA. She died in 1865 in VA.
        Shadrack married (2) Nancy Moore on 2 Aug 1852 in Scott Co,VA. Nancy was born in 1832.
        Shadrack married (3) Eliza Horn on 9 Aug 1879 in Wise Co,VA. Eliza was born in 1839 in Russell Co VA.
+ 9 M vi Hiram Greear was born on 9 Nov 1822. He died on 21 Feb 1911.
+ 10 M vii Joseph Parker Greear was born on 22 Aug 1824. He died on 12 Jun 1904.
  11 F viii Arey Eveline Greear was born on 26 Mar 1826 in Grayson Co,VA. She died on 8 Feb 1908 in Scott Co,VA.
        Arey married George Washington Stallard on 1 Jun 1848 in Scott Co,VA. George was born on 13 Sep 1825 in Dungannon, Scott Co VA. He died on 18 May 1898 in Scott Co VA.
  12 M ix Madison Greear was born in 1830 in Grayson Co,VA. He died on 26 Dec 1892 in Coeburn,Wise Co,VA.

1850 Census Scott Co., VA Note: Description: Pg. 408, Western Dist. 21 Aug 1850 living in household 790/790 Noah Greear
Census: 1880 Morgan Co., Ky Note: Description: Grassy Precint, Pg. 510 70/73 Greear, 45 single, Blacksmith
Military Scott Co., VA Note: Description: was in Co. B of the 13th KY CAV (CSA) under the command of Lt. Col. David Jessee Caudill. He participated in the Battle of Leatherwood in Perry co., KY on 19 Oct 1862.
TaX Rolls: 1861 Letcher Co., KY Note: Description: 1 male over 21, 1 child 6-18, 100 bushels of corn, no tax.

excerpt from newspaper article, 1893 UNCLE MAT, THE MOONSHINER A Short Sketch of His Career, the Chases He Led the Revenue Men, Etc. Madison Greear, better known as "Uncle Mat the Moonshiner", died at the home of his brother, Shade Greear at Coburn, Va on the 26th of January last, aged about 65 years. He was one of the most noted moon shiners that ever infested Eastern Kentucky, and one of the most successful in eluding the angry eyes of Revenue Agents. He commenced operating illicit stills soon after the tax was put on whisky and though pursued many times, was never caught. He operated a still in Morgan Co., or in fact, several places, but was never caught red handed in the act. One time, however, they had him in uncomfortably close quarters, and he used to say that for a few minutes he thought that "the end of old Mat's moonshining". The Revenue Officers were so hot on his trail that he sought the shelter of a large piece of bark that had been stripped from a poplar saw log. He had just concealed himself when one of his pursuers, badly winded from the run he had made, took a seat on the very log from which Greear's bark covering had been stripped. "He had treed me," he used to say he thought at the time," as I was looking him in the eye and thought he was looking straight at me. He lit his pipe and smoked and after muttering something about "he must have sunk into the earth,"got up and walked away. Oh, it was a close call, and when I found that he had not discovered me the cold chills chased up and down my spinal column at the thought of what might have happened had he dropped the match with which he lighted his pipe into the leaves that littered the ground around." On another occasion he was still at work when the Revenue Men came onto him and he hastily turned a hogshead upside down, under which he hid to await developments. The heat of his improvised hiding place was so intense that he was just about to cry out and make known his presence when he heard one of the officers say, "Well Boys,we.........."
  13 F x Darthula Greear was born in 1833 in Grayson Co,VA. She died on 17 Mar 1877 in Letcher Co,KY.
        Darthula married Ira C Fugate "Bug" about 1862. Ira was born in 1840 in Scott Co VA. He died on 11 Nov 1877 in Letcher Co KY.
  14 M xi William Melvin Greear "Buck" was born in 1835 in Grayson Co,VA. He died on 25 Aug 1890.
        William married (1) Emily B Bickley in 1855. Emily was born in 1837. She died before 1879 in Scott Co VA.
        William married (2) Sarah M Bond on 25 Mar 1879 in Wise Co,VA. Sarah was born in 1853 in Scott Co VA.
  15 F xii Mary Anne Eliza Greear was born in 1838 in Grayson Co,VA. She died in 1862 in Letcher Co,KY. She was buried in MOunt Sandlick Cemetery, Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY.
        Mary married Rev Samuel Charles Caudill son of John Adams Caudill and Rachel Cornett on 14 Nov 1854 in Letcher Co,KY. Samuel was born on 29 Dec 1831 in Perry Co KY. He died on 29 Oct 1907 in Letcher Co KY. He was buried in Hale Cemetery, Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY.

Died of tuberculosis. He was a Lieutenant in the Confederate CAV. He was a Baptist Preacher.

1st Lieutenant Colonel 10 KY Mtd Inf, CSA;


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