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Descendants of Ephraim "Eft Of All" Hatfield


725. Eamme Scott

Not sure of name.

291. Polly Hatfield

This info. came in a note from:
Polly H. Frazier
501 N. Ocean St. 1101
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
July 26, 1984

298. Elias "Bad Elias" Hatfield

Marriage records in the county of Logan, WV, show Elias as a son of James
Hatfield and Polly Ferrell, but census records record him in the house
of George Hatfield and Nancy Whitt (James' father). This seems to
confirm that he was the illigimate son of James. Later, he was adopted
by his grandfather, George.

Source "Index to Marriages-Husband-Logan County, W. Va. 71"
Book 1--page 33 "Register of Marriages Within the County of Logan 1877"

734. Kentucky Hatfield

she is buried in the Blue Springs Cem.

737. Daniel Boone Hatfield

never married:

he is buried in the Blue Springs Cem.

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