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Descendants of Ephraim "Eft Of All" Hatfield


Albert Monroe De Board

1900 Pike KY 64-83-14-68 MD 5
Monroe Deboard b April 1867 in KYKYKY m 8 yrs, Laura b March 1875 in KYKYKY m 8 yrs 3c 3l, Isaac H., b Nov 1893 in Ky, Lou V., daughter, born Jan 1895 in KY, Rebecca J., age 2, born Feb 1898 in Ky.

1910 Pike KY ED 76-180-76
Monroe DeBorde age 36 b Ky fbFrance mbKy m1 12 yrs or 17 yrs, Laura age 34 b KYKYKY m1 12 yrs or 17 yrs 8c 5l, Howard age 16 b Ky, Vernie age 14, Darcus age 8 daughter, Jaracy son age 6, Lucy age 2

A. M. Deboard m Elcie Blevins 17 December 1915 in Lawrence Co KY;

1920 Mingo WV 112-11-78
Monroe Debord age 47 b KY, Elsie age 31 b KY, Dorcus daughter age 18 b KY, Jarva age 16 son b KY, Belva age 8 7/12 daughter b WV, Unis age 6 0/12 b KY, Myrtle age 4 7/12 b KY

Note by HLD: Some researchers have Albert b 1873, died 1943

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Jim Slone

PLAC 400 09 5114

393. William N. "Billy" Hatfield

Notes for William N. "Billy" Hatfield, Sr:
There are several somewhat conflicting stories about the death of William. The following is related by Ruth Hatfield as told to her by Vicey Blankenship Hatfield. He was involved in a gun battle with a Baldwin-Felts detective during the mine wars of West Virginia. Both men received mortal wounds during this battle, the detective begging for a drink of water from the newly widowed Vicey Blankenship Hatfield. Vicey obliged his request by filling his hat with water from the nearby river. This incident occurred about a year after the infamous massacre at Matwan and about the same time as the armed rebellion of over 10,000 coal miners in the area. This rebellion brought the US Army into West Virginia. Among the forces was Brigadier General Billy Mitchell with a flight of three DeHavilland Bombers (DH-4B) from Bolling Field in the District of Columbia.

782. Ted Hatfield

lived in Milton WV

408. Allen "River Allen" Hatfield

Sheriff Of Mingo Co. WV For 5 Yrs

my "Granpa"

Grandpa was a selfmade mountaineer in all the sense of the term.
He had the grit of frontiersman and the charm of the best story teller.
He made much of his living buying selling and trading. He woeked for
awhile in the coal mines also as did many of his Irish kin.
I can close my eyes now and see him "polling" the flat bottom boat he
accross the Tug river to his home on the river bank. The same river that
divides WV and KY and earlier the feuding families. The same river that
patrolled as a county sheriff for Mingo, Co. nearly five years. In his
early years the same river he crossed to peddle his moonshine. Yes he was
a real West Virginian of the old days yet in his last years he "mellowed"
much and even began to attend to the things of the Bible. He visited me
at my home in NC not long after Sharon and I were first married. I owned
a horse then as usuall and he was somewhat "spirited". Grandpa wanted to
ride him. I suggested he be carefull and I was a little worried for his
safety. As he grabbed the saddle horn to swing himself up I offered a
hand to "boost" him . He simply push me aside and swung up, grab the
reins, sunk his heels into the horse's side and rode off accross the
farm. In a few minutes he and horse returned (only the horse was
sweating). As he hopped off he slappped the animal and declared it was
"Fit". This at 81 yrs old! This was my "Granpa"!Rod H.

794. Roy E. Hatfield

Uncle Roy was a World War II vetern. He was a tank commander
trained at Fort Knox, Ky. His first mission was invasion on the northern
continent of Africa. He said that their mission was to take away Hitler's
fields thus drain him of his fuel. They nearly made it happen but Roy
said the
heavy clad German tanks took thier toll on the light weight U.S. units.
His group was shot up really bad toward the end and Roy was taken
They moved him to then occupied Italy. He stayed there for nearly 9
months until it was decided to try a mass escape due to the poor
conditions they had
to suffer. Roy was among the fortunate few who made it to the mountains
and stayed hide out there in caves for nesrly another 8-9 months before
rescued. He said the towns people of the villiage below the caves would
food and water to them at night so they could survive.
He returned home and later became a minister and is one today in
Uncle Roy is not only my favorite uncle on my dad's side of the family
but he
is my favorite living vet of WWII!
Rod H.

796. Hatfield

Child Died At Birth - Mother Died Days Later

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