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Descendants of Robert Hill


49. Mary Seawell Hill

Tombstone inscription:

Mary Seawell Hill
Born October 1, 1786. Died Sept. 29, 1809
Married Abram Maury Degraffenreid.

According to "Green Hill" by Thoma Neal Ivey, Mary and Abram had onechild who never married.

Abram Maury DeGraffenried

From "Early Settlers of Alabama", Col. James Edmonds Saunders, LawrenceCounty, Alabama
L. Graham & Son, New Orleans, 1899 (Call #F325.S28) - page 310

"He had commanded a regiment during the Revolutionary War and was a manof large influence and property. From the fact that Dr. McFerrin, inhis sketch of Colonel Hill (In his History of Methodism in Tennessee)does not mention the name of this daughter, I had my doubts, until I wasassured by Judge Wm. Hill*, her nephew, that it was an omission. Shelived but a few years, and had but one child, Abram, who moved away toLouisiana and died many years ago."

"Abram Maury D. and his brothers, Metcalfe and Matthew F., were in thewar of 1812, under General Jackson, and the latter was shot through thehand. Soon after the land sales of 1819, Abram Maury D. was amongst thefirst of a colony of more than a dozen families which moved from thevicinity of Franklin, Tenn., to this county. A half dozen of thesebelonged to the Maury tribe, and the remainder included my father,William Banks, Judge White, William Manning, Cordial Faircloth, JohnGraham, and others. Abram Maury D. was in his proper element in a newcountry; was an excellent neighbor; and as his friends came in, one byone, he extended the right hand--not only by way of courtesy, but suchhelp as a man needs when he pitches his tent in the wild woods, on thesite of his future home. In old communities, where charity is performedby proxy and visiting is done with cards, people have no adequate idea ofwhat it is to be a good neighbor; but when population is sparse, andhouses are few and far between one feels the true value of a neighbor,especially when sickness or death invades a family. He had a sturdyself-reliance which was a relief to the distressed. He did not "weepwith those who wept," but he extended a helping hand, and a strong arm,for them to lean upon, in their hour of desolation."

*William Henry Shelby Hill, son of Joshua Cannon Hill.


1830 - Lawrence County, Alabama, page 291
Name misspelled = A. M. Digrafitwead
5-10 = 3
10-15 = 1
15-20 = 1
20-30 = 2
50-60 - 1

10-15 = 1
15-20 = 1
40-50 = 1

1840 - Lawrence County, Alabama
A. M. Degrafenread
15-20 = 2
20-30 = 2
30-40 = 1
60-70 - 1

5-10 = 1
20-30 = 1
50-60 - 1[tennhill2.FTW]

129. Abram Alexander DeGraffenried

1830 - Ouachita, Louisiana, page 190
Alexander Degraffenried, age category 20-30. Only person listed in thehousehold.

I did not locate him on 1840 census as yet.

51. William Hill

William moved from North Carolina to Williamson County, Tennessee withhis father, Green Hill, Jr., and 8 brothers and sisters in 1799.

The 1810 and 1820 Census records show a William and John in bothRutherford and Williamson Counties. Trying to match ages and numbersof children. Williamson is most likely.

1830 - Rutherford County, Tennessee, page 343
William listed as head of household - brother John listed next
under 5 =1 (John)
5-10 = 1 (Richard)
15-20 = 1 (?)
30-40 = 1 (William)

5-10 = 1 (Catherine)
10-15=1 (Mary Louisa)
30-40 = 1 (Nancy)

1840 - Haywood County, Tennessee, page 378
William is listed as head of household
10-15 = 1
40-50 = 1
Under 5 = 1
5 - 10 = 1
15 - 20 = 1
40 - 50 = 1
No Slaves

1850 - Haywood County, District 1, shows William (63), Nancy (58), andthe following children: John (22), Martha, Roush W.

1860 - Census information for Haywood County, District 1, shows thatWilliam and Nancy resided at the same residence as son Richard and family.

1870 - Census information for Haywood County, District 1, shows Williamage 79. living in same household as Richard and family.
Nancy was not listed.

Neither William nor Nancy appeared on 1880 census information. No recordfound to date of a burial location for either.

133. John Hill

John was listed on the 1850 census as residing at his father William'sresidence. His age was 22 at that time. (Following on the page areMartha age 20 and Rush age 1). I've assumed that Martha is William'sdaughter whose age should have been listed as 12. But I wonder if Johnwasn't a son and Martha and Rush his family??

I have not located this John (or a Rush W. Hill again).

135. Rush W. Hill

This child was listed on the 1850 census and I have not been able tolocate him since. He may have died at an early age.

52. Joshua Cannon Hill Rev., Maj.

OBITUARY - "The Western Balance", Franklin, Tennessee
May 25, 1827, Number VI. Vol III

DIED, At half past 5, P. M. in the 12th inst. after a lingering illnessof 12 months, which he bore with exemplary patience and Christianfortitude, Maj. Joshua C. Hill aged 32.

The partiality of friends and the unity of relations, have renderedcustom of eulogizing the dead and lauding their virtues so common, that asmall ? of an obituary is believed, save that such a man lived and such aman died. For those who knew Maj. Hill this is enough to inform them,that society has lost a worthy member, our country an honest, uprightcorrect citizen, his amiable wife an affectionate companion, his infantchildren an indulgent father, and his servants a kind master. To hisChristian brethren we would say, that never was more incontestiblyverified that, "Jesus can make the dying be soft as downy pilows are"than than in his last ? moments. Collected, calm and resigned, he hadlong viewed his approaching disolution as inevetable. A (few moments)before he expired, he said "(I am) dying!" He called for his wife, hischildren, his servants and his friends. He took each separately by thehand, gave them his dying advice, and bestowed on them his lastbenediction. When this solemn scene was performed, he folded his arms,closed his eyes & without a groan or the distortion of a lineament, of amild & serene countenance, softly breathed his soul to that God who gaveit.

Tombstone inscription:

Revrd Joshua C. Hill
Born Aug. 10, 1795. Died May 12, 1827.
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord


I have a copy of his will which lists the full name of his children. (Seebelow)
From Williamson County Records:
Will - 1827
Inventory & Sale - 1827
Appointment of Appraisers - 1827
Allotment of Property - 1827
Settlement - 1830, 1832
Guardian Settlements - 1832, 1846

Excerpt from "Early Families of Northeastern Williamson County" by T.Vance Little:
"In 1827, the will of Joshua C. Hill was probated. He named his wifeLemiza and his children: William Henry Shelby Hill, James Green Hill,John Lanier Hill, Mary Elizabeth Hill and Robert Fletcher Hill."


In the name of God Amen, I, JOSHUA CANNON HILL of the County ofWilliamson and State of Tennessee do make and ordain this, my last Willand testament, revoking all others in manner and form as follows

First I resign my soul to God who gave it trusting with confidence in hisprovisions for life and Salvation by grace through faith in our LordJesus Christ.

With respect to my temporal estate that it hath please God to help mewith I dispose of as follows (to wit) I leave to my beloved wife LEMIZAHILL for and during her natural life that part of my land whereon I nowlive bounded as follows. Beginning at a stake in the East boundary lineof my land due East from the South East Corner of my peach orchard andthat lies south from my house then running due West with the South fenceof said peach orchard and continuing west to the branch thence down thebranch where my __ sits then due West with a fence that extends to theback fence at the woods and continuing on due West to a point where a dueNorth course with __to the south West corner of Joshua Cannons land,thence East with a lien between said Cannon and myself to my North Eastcorner then south with my East boundary line to the beginning to have andenjoy the same during her natural life. I also give my wife privilege ofgetting the timber that is on fifty acres more land to be laid off on thewest boundary of the above named land and said land is not be cleared byany persons only by her consent and at her death I give the first namedland to be equally divided among my five children (to wit) WILLIAM HENRYSHELBY HILL, JAMES GREEN HILL, JOHN LANIER HILL, MARY ELIZABETH HILL AN DROBERT FLETCHER HILL to them and their heirs forever and the residue ofmy land whereon I live also one other tract of sixty acres joining LukePryor Smiths and others I give to my before named children to them andtheir heirs forever to be equally divided among them when my oldest sonWILLIAM HENRY SHELBY SMITH shall arrive at lawful age and until thatperiod of time shall arrive the cleared part of the land to be rentedout. As respects my coloured people I am to my beloved wife during hernatural life one Negro man Tom and two Negro women Nancy and Marsha toenjoy the benefit of them and at her death I give the same Negroes to mybefore named children, to them and their heirs forever. I give to mybefore named five children the following Negroes (to wit) TUCKY, LIZA,WILL, MOSES, FANNY, HARRY and LUCINDA to them and their Heirs forever thesaid Negroes to be hired out until my oldest son shall arrive at lawfulage and then to be equally divided among my said five children.

My Will and desire is that all my stock of every kind, all my tools ofevery sort, also my Mill and a pair of Millstones, my household andkitchen furniture of every sort be sold on a twelve month credit with theexception of the following articles (to wit) all my Books, one large andone small Bureau, one set of silver tea spoons, one Womans saddle, oneclock, three Beds, Bedsteads and furniture all my sitting chairs, onesugar chest, one china press and furniture, one large table also feathersenough for a bed and after all my just debts are paid the balance that myremain, I give to be equally divided among my wife and five children(after deducting the price of certain articles reserved to her which willbe hereinafter named from her share and adding it to the children's partssaid reserved property to be valued by commissioners to be appointed byCourts to them and their Heirs forever.

My Will and desire is that my sons be Educated so as to qualify them forprofessional callings if they should choose it and my daughter receive asufficient Education to qualify her for a womans business and that theInterest of the moneys that may fall __there from the sales hereof theNegroes and rents of the land shall be applied to defray that expense andshould that prove insufficient to use so much of the principle as willcomplete the same.

My Will and desire is that the dividend of the money that may fall to mychildren from the amount of sales of the property, the hire of theNegroes given to them and the rent of the land be held out and kept atInterest until my oldest son WILLIAM HENRY SHELBY HILL shall arrive atlawful age and then all the principle and Interest that may remain, afterthe Education and support to be paid for, to be equally divided among myfive children.

My Will and desire is that the reserved property be disposed of asfollows: my Books to be carefully (?) preserved until my oldest sonshall come to lawfull age and then to be equally divided among my fivechildren, my Wife to have the large Bureau, one womans saddle and oneclock not to be valued, also three Beds, Bedsteads and furniture, all mysitting chairs, one sugar chest, one china press and furniture and onelarge Table (the Beds to be of her choice) to be Valued to her. Thefeathers______, I give to Marth White my niece. My daughter to havethe small Bureau my wife to have the set of Tea spoons until my daughterbe of age or marry and then to give them to her my said daughter for herown proper use and behoof.

My Will and desire is that all moneys due me either by note or account atthis time in my possession be collected, my crop of every sort sold on acredit of Twelve months and the amount that may arrive from the money dueme and sale of the crop to be equally divided among my Wife and fivechildren after the necessary deduction from her part for reservedproperty as before named the part that may came to my children to be heldout and kept at Interest and to be applied to their support and Educationand what may remain to be equally divided among my said five childrenwhen my son William shall arrive at lawful age.

Lastly I nominate and appoint my Brother John Hill and my friend Thomas(initial?) Douglas Executors to this my last Will and testament, alsoGuardians to my children. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my handand seal this the 7th day of May in the year of our Lord 1827 and 32ndyear of my age.

Signed sealed published }
and recorded in presence of }
David Bell, Jurat } J. C. Hill {SEAL}
Wm Hill }
Jabez Owen }

Recorded in Record of
Wills Book D, Pages 226, 227 & 228

Lemiza Lanier

1820 Census for Williamson County, TN shows that Joshua and Lemizaresided in the same household as his father Green Hill, Jr.

1830 Census for Williamson County, TN shows Lemiza as head of household.She lived 3 residences from her sister-in-law Lucy Hill Cannon andhusband Joshua Cannon. There were 4 male children listed, there is afemale age 5-10 . In addition there were 8 slaves listed.

1840 Census for Williamson County, TN shows Lemiza as head of household.In addition there are 5 males between the ages of 10 and 30 which is onemore than shown in 1830 info. There are 2 females between the ages of 15and 40, one of which is Lemiza. The other would be Mary Elizabeth. Thereare also 8 slaves listed.

1850 - 16th Civil District, Williamson County, TN. (Listed on Index asLouisa)
Listed as head of household; age 49; real estate value $12,600. Also inthe household are Mary E. (26), son John L. (29), his wife Ann (20) andson Robert F. (1).

1860 - Died February 1860. Census was not done until July.
Tombstone inscription:

Lemiza Hill
Daughter of Wm and Penelope Lanier and relict of Rev. J. C.
Hill. Born near Williamston, N.C. Jan 16th, 1801. Died Feb. 10,
Blessed are they that keep His testimonies and that seek Him
with the whole heart.

136. William Henry Shelby Hill

1850 - On the 1850 Census information for Williamson County (9th CivilDistrict) TN - - living in the same household with brother Robert Hill.William's occupation is listed as Chancery Clerk. Single.

1860 - Franklin, Williamson County, TN, page 183b
He is listed as head of household, farmer, rv $60,000; pv $30,00. Alsoin the household, but no relationship shown, is T. W. Fly, 32, Farmer,born in TN and his family all born in Tennessee; Misa, wife, 21, Mary,dau, 6, William L. 3, and Infant 5 mos.

1870 - Franklin, Williamson County, TN, District 9, page 132
William is listed as head of household; rv $81,000, PV $8,000; occupationshown as farmer & lawyer. Also in the household were William Burr (46)= William's brother-in-law; Mary Elizabeth had died in 1855 - apparentlyWilliam Burr had remarried as there is also Malinda Burr, age 37; LauraBurr (17);
Rachel Henderson, F, B, 40, domestic servant, born in TN and her childrenHenry (17) and Edmond (5). The other person listed is John Cunningham(56), cabinet maker, born in Pennsylvania.

1880 - District 16, Williamson County, Tennessee, page 239a
Listed as Judge W. H. S. Hill. Age 62. no one else was listed in thehousehold. Oddly he is listed as widowed; I've never come across anyrecords that show he was ever married.

1894 - Died


Volume II 1861-1901
Page 420
Hill, William H. S. (1817-1894)
SENATE, 34th (Confederate) General Assembly, 1861-63; representingWilliamson and Rutherford counties; Confederate Party. Born inWilliamson County on March 13, 1817. Names of parents and extent ofschooling not determined. Engaged in farming and practice of law. Wasunmarried in 1861; nothing found to indicate later marriage. Clerk andmaster, chancery court, Williamson County. Died on January 6, 1894;buried in Old Green Hill graveyard, Williamson County.

W. H. S. Hill was appointed Executor of John Lanier Hill's, his brother,estate and guardian to his two minor children (Robert and Thomas).Settlement of will was made 25th of May 1855.

137. James Green Hill

Tomstone inscription:

"Blessed Are They That Do His Commandments"

140. Robert Fletcher Hill

On the 1850 Census for Williamson County, 9th Civil District, TN - -living in same household as brother, William H. S. Hill. Single.

53. Lavina Hill

"The Star", 3/28/1811, Volume III, Issue 13, Page 51, published inRaleigh, NC

In this city, greatly lamented, Mrs. Lavina Hill Wheaton, the amiable andexcellent wife of Dr. Sterling Wheaton.

57. James Jones Hill


Franklin County Court Minutes
[Dec.? 1819]
A Deed in trust from Simon Jeffreys to Mark Cook & others was proven
by the oath of James J. Hill one of the subscribing witnesses thereto
& onMOR

FRANKLIN COUNTY, NC - COURT - Extract of Minutes, 1811-1813
Ordered that James J. Hill, Mark White, and Simon Jeffreys jr. audit
the accounts of James Richards Guardian &c and Report.

Minutes of March Court, 1812
No. 30 James J. Hill Security &c. vs. Edmond Jones admr. &c of
William Brickell decd.} notice &c. Judgement of the Court that the
defendant has fully admr. and has no aSsets that the plaintiffs
recover the sum of L49"1"11" when aSsets and costs

See notes on his daughter Barbara Hill.

Martha Jeffreys

Martha was buried at the Tipton Family Cemetery in Covington (TiptonCounty, TN. She died in 1830. Records show that her daughter, Barbara,had married and moved to Covington. Daughter Marina also married inHenderson County and relocated to Tipton County. Son Lafayette lived inCovington all his life.

58. Charles Applewhite Hill

1830 - Foster, Franklin County, North Carolina
Head of household: Charles A. Hill - believe he was the principal of aschool at this time, which accounts for the numbers of boys listed.
Under 5 = 1
5-10 = 1
10 - 15 = 19
15 - 20 = 14
20 - 30 = 1
40 - 50 = 2

5 - 10 = 2
20 - 30 = 1
30 - 40 = 1

"First Families of America" - Charles Applewhite Hill, M. A., U. of N.C., '16; noted educator.

From "GREEN HILL" by Thomas Neal Ivey (descended through William - son ofGreen Hill - then Charles Applewhite Hill)

"Charles Applewhite Hill, the next in the present writer's line, was adistinguished and successful educator, the author of a 'Latin Grammar', acopy of which is now is the possession of Mrs. Louisa Hill Davis, thewriter's grandmother." "The name of Charles Applewhite Hill is attachedto the bill providing funds for the first public schools in NorthCarolina."

The children of Charles and Rebecca are listed in the same book, listedin order of birth, but with few dates.
Following is a newspaper article received from David F. Hill (2004) adescendant of Charles Applewhite Hill:

"The Franklin Times", January 19, 1943

Charles Applewhite Hill, University graduate, teacher, preacher,legislator and public man was another of the Hill family who let hisimpress upon the life and history of Franklin in these earlydays--possibly a deeper impress in a way and on one particular linethananyof his forbears. He was a son of Wm. Hill, grandson of the firstGreen Hill and his wife, Grace Bennett, nephew of Henry Hill who hadpreceded him in the Senate, and of Henry Hill's brother, Rev. Major GreenHill. He was born in 1784, was a student at the University in 1804 whichhe left that year without receiving a diploma. A tradiiton in the familywas that he was displeased with the way in which awards and distinctionswere made. There is little room to doubt however that his leavingsynchronizing as it did with the departure of twenty young men from thisseat of learning to enter Dickinson's Academy of Learning in Louisburg onaccount of the monitorial system was part of the same episode. Seequotation from Edward Hooker's diary before referred to in these pages.Hill married in 1806 Rebecca Long, daughter of Gabriel and Sarah RichmondLong, who on the death of Long, married Rev. Daniel Shine and wasafterwards more widely known as Grandma Shine. Hill then moved toGeorgia where he taught for a number of years. Returning here in 1815 hethen went back to Chapel Hill and received his diploma, graduating withthe Class of 1816 when he was 32 years old. Dr. Battle in his historyof the University of N. C., page 248, has this to say of that class: "Ofthe 16 graduates of the Class of 1816 those most notable were: Wm.Julius Alexander, a Trustee, member of the Legislature, Speaker of theHouse and Solicitor of the District. Thomas J. Haywood, Judge inTennessee, John DeRossett, physician of great promise, dying young.Charles Applewhite Hill, who left the University in 1804, Principal ofClassical Schools, Preacher and State Senator. John Patterson, TutorU.N.C. and preacher. James W. McClung, Speaker of the House in Tennesseeand John Y. Mason, Secretary of the Navy, Attorney General and Ministerto France". As Minister he incurred the displeasure of his Chief,Secretary of State Wm. L. Marcy by wearing a simple diplomatic uniform atthe Court of Napoleon III, when all American Ministers had been orderedto wear plain civilian costume at State functions--an incident that mayhave been responsible for Nathaniel Hawthorne's characterization of himas a "fat-brained, good hearted sensible old man." Mason was aVirginian. Associated with John Slidell of Louisiana, he was sent asCommissioner by the Confederacy from England and France. Taken from theBritish steamer Trent by a Union vessel he was imprisoned at Fort Warrenin Boston but in 1862 at the demand of the Bristish Government he wasliberated and proceeded on his mission.

Hill on his return from Georgia devoted himself to teaching and becamewidely known as such in Franklin and Warren Counties.

Rebecca Wesley Long

1850 - have not located in 1850

1860 - Franklin County, North Carolina, page 502
Rebecca W. Hill (69), living in household of Ellis Malone (son-in-law)

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