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Descendants of Robert Hill


159. James Dick Hill , Jr.

Notes from Rachel Patterson 1/2008:
Both Harry and Armide died young but James moved to Australia where hemarried Katherine Frances Mackintosh and had four children.

OBITUARY - Sent to me by Rachel Patterson 6/2010:

Extract from the Yass Tribune from the week of 19 Mar 1929. Taken from anoriginal cutting held by Armide Hill.


The intimation in the last issue of the "Tribune" of the seriouscondition of the late Mr. James Dick Hill, prepared his numerous friendsto some extent, nevertheless the news of his death came as a shock to thecommunity, as it was but a few brief days since he was prominentlyamongst us. He died on Tuesday morning at five o'clock, and with hispassing went a man of fine parts.

For some time the deceased gentleman was not in his usual health, and hefelt the heavy work of his position as secretary of the Yass P. and A.Association and the Yass Picnic Race Club. On Saturday he was orderedinto hospital by his medical adviser, suffering from influenza. Laterpneumonia developed and on Monday little hope was entertained of hisrecovery. He rallied suprisingly on Monday evening in the presence ofhis family, but it proved to be the last strong flicker of life , and hepassed away early next morning. It was a sad aftermath of thefestivities of the previous week, and sympathetic condolence for thebereaved family came from all quarters.

The late Mr. Hill was in his 66th year. He was a man of markedpersonality, and, coming from a lineage of distinction, a man of qualityand exceptional parts. He had a varied career and wide experience, farbeyond the lot of most men. If fortune was varying, he at least had afull life. He was born in South Carolina (United States), so was a nativeof one of the great Southern States, which in the earlier days ofAmerican history were famous for their "brave men and beautiful women. "His father was the owner of a large cotton plantation and employed, aswas then the custom, hundreds of slaves. Before the Civil War the cottonplanters were the aristocrats of the New World, wealthy and cultured, andliving in splendour. That was the brilliant period of the Southern Statesof America. With the coming of the great American Civil War, ruin anddeath came to his father, as it came to so many gallant men of Carolinaand Virginia. Whether the cause they fought for was right or wrong, theycertainly were men. Early in the war, which the late Mr. Hill could justremember, although he was only four or five years old, the old homesteadwas blown up and the place ruined. His father died during the war and hismother, Madame Ginot, took him to France, where he was reared andeducated. The family lived at Pau, in the south of France in the shadowof the Pyrenees. When a youngster of eight years of age he was sent as astudent to the Maison de Melle at Ghent , 800 miles away. He proved abrilliant student, and when only 16 years of age he took with honor adegree equivalent to a B.A. So brilliant was his success that theimpulsive French students crowned him with a wreath of laurels, an actunprecedented in the history of the school. He was dux of the school andkeen on sport.

The late Mr. Hill was a notable linguist and could speak French, Spanish,Italian and German fluently. He studied each of the four foreignlanguages in their home countries. Mr. Hill had practically travelled theworld, as he visited almost every Continental country; New Orleans andNew York, while he also visited Peru.

In Berlin Mr. Hill was in the banking business for a time and his motherwas anxious for him to decide on his avocation but deceased had a longingto go to Australia, and after he turned 21 years of age, he leftSouthhampton, England, for the Southern Hemisphere. Mr Hill came out fromthe Old Country in a private ship belonging to Charles Langstaff, amember of the well-known shipping firm at Le Havre.

On arrival in Australia, Mr Hill went as a "jackaroo" to "Rotherwood" inthe Cassilis district, where he stayed for about twelve months. He thencame down to the Osbornes' station, "Currandooley," where he stayed forsome two and a half years and later became bookkeeper and overseer. Mr.Hill was then about 28 years of age and he decided to launch out on hisown and purchased the old original "Boogalaro" property, at Bookham, partof which is now owned by Mr. L.G. Shannon. Mr Hill lived on this propertyfor twenty years. As a matter of fact, it was exactly twenty years to theday when he purchased "Boogalaro" and the day on which he sold it.

The late Mr. Hill married Miss Mackintosh, daughter of the late Mr. R.C.Mackintosh, who had been manager of the Australian Joint Stock Bank, nowthe Australian Bank of Commerce. After leaving "Boogalaro," the familycame to Yass to live and for a time resided at "Lawhaden," WalkerStreet. Mr. Hill then bought the well-known residence "Weetalabah,"which was sold by him quite recently. At one time Mr. Hill owned thewell-known property Monument Flat, an area of some 30,000 acres but henever lived on the place. He also owned "Boureong," in the Gunningdistrict, and leased Marchmont in Yass.

While at "Weetalabah," Mr. and Mrs. Hill took a leading part in thesocial life of the town and district and were, as host and hostess,famous for their hospitality. A man of culture, wide travel andexperience, the late Mr. Hill was amost entertaining and genialcompanion. Of late years he and Mrs. Hill resided at the CommercialHotel.

The late Mr. Hill took a prominent part in different affairs and wasnotably associated with several important local organisations. He waspresident of the P. and A. Association for some years, and last year wasappointed secretary, a position he held at the time of his death. Hisexceptional organising ability and attention to details, coupled with hisexperience, were largely responsible for the success of the recent annualshow.

The name of J.D.Hill will ever be associated with that of the Yass PicnicRace Club. In the autumn of 1901, a big paper chase was held at"Bellvale," a few miles out of Yass. So delightful was the outing thatthe late Mr. Hill suggested that a Picnic Race Club should be formed, andfrom that humble beginning in 1901 was formed the famous Yass Picnic RaceClub, now known throughout the Commonwealth. Mr. Hill was the firstpresident and held that office until 1907. He was again president in1910. In 1922 he was elected secretary and held that position at thetime of his death. He was the ideal secretary for a Picnic Race Club inwhich the social factor is of such importance, and was esteemedespecially by the many visitors to the club's functions, as he leftnothing undone to provide for their comfort and enjoyment. He was alwaysthe keenest of Picnickers, and owned various horses, one of which,Daylight, won a race on the Old Gums' Road course.

He was trustee of the Marchmont racecourse, in which he took a keeninterest, and was largely responsible for the plantation of trees at thecourse, which should long be a memorial to him. He was a trustee when hedied. The late Mr. Hill al so served on the Memorial Hall Council.

He is survived by his widow, his only daughter, Mrs. Fred Hume (Tarengo),and three sons, J. de S., F. G. and H. M. Hill, of Bendenine. A brotherand sister predeceased him, but his mother, Madame Ginot, who married thesecond time, still lives in France.

He is also survived by a sister, Marchioness de Grasset, who lives in theSouth of France, and one grandchild, Eric Hume.

Although Mr. Hill may have been expected to have seen many more summers,he seemed to have had a premonition of the end. He specially asked thefamily to be together with him at last Christmas-time as he felt it wouldbe the last they would spend together. The family, which has ever beenhappily and closely united gladly acceded to his request, but littlethought his words would so soon come true.

In times of sorrow true friendship is tested. Mr. and Mrs. BarclayHaley, late residents of Yass and very old friends of the Hill family,who were here for the races, intended returning to Sydney at the week-endbut when Mr. Hill was take n to hospital they would not hear of leavingand remained with the family.

Dr Colquhoun, late president of the Picnic Race Club, who is now livingat Mansfield, rang up to convey his sympathy, and advise that thetelegraphed news arrived too late for him to be able to attend thefuneral.

The funeral left St. Clement's for the Church of England cemetery ateleven o'clock yesterday morning. There was a large attendance,particularly of country residents, over 200 people being present. Alarge number of very beautiful wreath s were sent, and they were animpressive tribute of the esteem in which the late Mr. Hill was held. Twomotors had to be requisitioned to carry some of the wreaths. Wreathswere sent by the following:- Mrs. Hill, the Boys, Mr. and Mrs. F. Hume ,Mrs. E. D'Arcy Bucknell, Mrs. Jean McBean, Helen and Alec. Mr. and Mrs.C. C. Hall and family, Mr. and Mrs. Love (Bookham), Dr. and Mrs.Colquhoun, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Duddleston, E. G. and A. Elrington, Mr. andMrs. Glover and Family, Mr. and Mrs . E. J. Merriman, Mr. and Mrs. L. G.Shannon, Glen and Jean Deuchar, Ruby, Vera and John, May and Clive, Mr.and Mrs. Geo. McShane, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Rileyand Family, Mr. and Mrs. Terry Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Hume Barbour , YassP. and A. Association, "Foxdown,", Woodhill, Simon and Co., Mrs.Duddleston and Family, Jessie Hill, Yass Dis. Picnic Race Club, All atLaverstock, Mr. D'Arcy Bucknell, Doroty, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Besnard, Allat Hardwicke, James and Compan y, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Taylor, ThePresident and Members Yass Picnic Race Club, The Committee of Yass PicnicRace Club, Dr. and Mrs. E. Selwyn Harrison and Keith, Mrs. W. TraversJones, Mrs. W. Shumack, Dr. and Mrs. R. J. English, Mr. and Mrs. Crommelin, The Trustees Yass Race Course, Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Kerr, CommercialStaff, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Deuchar, Mrs. L. A. Barbour, Commercial FAmily,Margaret, Mr. and Mrs. David Lawrence, H. Stevenson (Gungewalla), Mr. andMrs. A. Dean, Norman an d Nalda, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Watson, "Woologorang,"Mr. and Mrs. F. Dabbs, Mr. and Mrs. H. D Richards and Family, HarryAustin, Bea and Barc., Mrs. Herbert Kendall, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Skehan,Stanley and Yvonne, Mr. and Mrs. R. Boswell, Mr. and Mrs . Castle Rocheand Mrs. Fox, Members Yass Premier Band, Fred Mac., Arthur H. Johnstoneand Chas D'Arcy Irvine, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cronan, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mudgeand Bert, Mr. and Mrs. F. Lance Kelly, All at "Linton," Joe Carey andFamily, Al l at Fifield, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Taylor, Ida and Murray.

The chief mourners were Messrs. J. de S., F. G., and H. M. Hill (sons),Mr Fred Hume (son-in-law), Mr. Fred Mackintosh (Brother-in-law), and MrBarclay Haley.

The pall-bearers were Messrs. Hugh Stewart, Walter Merriman, E. M. deMestre, and J. J. Garry. They were supported by other members of theYass Picnic Race Club committee including the president, Dr. R. J.English, and Messrs. P. C. Julian , G. A. Crommelin, N. Milson, A. J.Christian, and C. S. D. Hay.

The last service was read by Rev. W. M. Holliday and the funeralarrangements were in the hands of Mr Walter McIntosh.


164. John Green Hill

1850 - age 3; home with parents

1860 - age 13; home with parents

1870 -

1880 - Logan, Phillips County, Kansas
Hill, John G. (32), Manda M. (33), Belle (12), Susan J. (10), Viola S. (9)

1900 - Logan, Phillips County, Kansas
John G. Hill (52), Amanda M. (54)
shows they had been married for 33 years; had 5 children with 5 living atthe time of the census

1910 - Logan, Phillips County, Kansas
John Hill (62), Harriett (51), stepson William - no last name (18) bornin Kansas.
Shows this was second marriage for both. Harriett had 2 children with 2living at the time of the census.

Died before 1920


1920 - Logan, Phillips County, Kansas
Harriett (61) widowed; also listed is Mamie E. Hill (17) listed as fosterdaughter

166. Basil L. Hill

1880 - Logan, Phillips County, Kansas
[BUGGLE] Hill (21), Rosella (18), James T. (10 months)

170. Henry Jordan Cannon

Have a transcription of a letter H. J. wrote to his uncle Ben F. Hill inTexas dated 1860 in which he stated his health was bad but he wantedbadly to move to Texas where Ben lived (in the area of Port Lavaca).
See Benjamin F. Hill for the letter.

1840 - Northampton County, North Carolina
Henry J. Cannon is listed as head of household
Males under 5 = 2
Males 20-30 = 1
Females 20-30 = 1

1850 - Henry (38) is listed as head of household on the 1850 Census forFayette County, District 8, page 301B, Tennessee. Also listed are SarahS. (32) his wife and children: Robert (12), Henry (10), William (8) andAtlas (5). Also listed is Martha A. Cannon, age 24 (sister). propertyvalue $17,500

1860 - Fayette County, Tennessee, 15th District, page 524a
Listed are H. J. (48), S. S. (44), H. E. (19), W. D. (17), Atlas P. (14),S. G. (10), C. (6).
Also shown is John Cleaves, 33, farmer, no place of birth or relation.

419. Atlas P. Cannon


The following was found while checking Memphis/Shelby County Deaths.Obviously this is not the Atlas born in 1845, but it could be (1) his sonor (2) son of one of his brothers.

Name: Cannon, Atlas P.
Age: 27 years (born 1888)
Sex: M
Race: W
Date of
Death: 6/18/1915
Source: Death Records
File: 1589
Memphis/Shelby Death Certificates

172. Robert H. Cannon

1860 - Somerville, Fayette County, Tennessee page 412b
R. (35), Norah (30), Kate (8), Nora (5), Sarah (2).

1870 -

1880 - See Nora[tennhill2.FTW]

1860 - Somerville, Fayette County, Tennessee page 412b
R. (35), Norah (30), Kate (8), Nora (5), Sarah (2).

1870 -

1880 - See Nora


1880 - Somerville, Fayette County, Tennessee - page 161c
Nora (51), Nora J. (24), Robert H. (18), Mattie (14). Nora is listed asmarried but no husband is listed in the household?? Nora is listed asborn in North Carolina, father North Carolina, mother New York.

1880 - Somerville, Fayette County, Tennessee - page 161c
Nora (51), Nora J. (24), Robert H. (18), Mattie (14). Nora is listed asmarried but no husband is listed in the household?? Nora is listed asborn in North Carolina, father North Carolina, mother New York.

174. William J. Cannon Dr.

1860 - Fayette County, Tennessee, 5th District, Tennessee, page 441b
Listed is William (32), Catherine (29) and Cora (1).
Also listed is Catherine's sister: Caroline Wirt, 29; she had her ownproperty ($14,250 real value; $34,019 personal value)


From "Fayette County History":
Dr. William J. Canon (b 7 Aug 1827, Raleigh, North Carolina, d 14 Aug1898, Fayette County, Tennessee)
was one of the pioneer practicing physicians of Fayette County. He wasone of three sons and three daughters born to Robert and Ann T. HillCannon who were natives of Pitt and Franklin Counties, North Carolina.Dr. Cannon moved to Fayette County in 1847, left to attend the MedicalUniversity of Pennsylvania, and practiced medicine in Jackson County,Arkansas, before returning to Fayette County in 1864, when he marriedCatherine Wirt (b. 27 Nov 1829, d 7 Apr 1884) of Somerville. Dr. Cannonand his family lived at Hatchie Hall in the Lambert Community where hecontinued to practice medicine and farm.

Two daughters survived - Lily (b. 22 May 1869, d a6 Mar 1902) and Corinne(d. 30 Apr 1914). Lily Cannon married Eugene Carter Boswell (b 5 Nov1856, d 19 Jan 1942) in 1890 and Corrine Cannon married F. E. Buford."

(Lambert is located slightly northwest of Somerville, TN)

175. Peyton Jeffreys

Peyton Jeffries is listed as head of household on the 1850 Census forMonroe County, Kentucky, page 426; also listed are Mary (39), Marmaduke(13), Martha (11), Samuel (9), Osborn (6), Mary (4), Hannah (3).

1860 - Benton County, Arkansas
P. J. Jeffreys (45) Farmer, NC; Mary (49) Martha (21), Samuel (19),Osborn (17), Mary (15), Simon (9)

176. Sarah Louise Jeffreys

Sarah and husband Pharoh Price are listed on the 1850 Census for MonroeCounty, Kentucky page 432A at the residence next to that of her parents,M. N. and Hannah Jeffreys/Jeffries. Children shown at this time areHannah (10), Catherine (8), Marmaduke (7), Mary (5) and Martha (2). Allchildren were born in Tennessee.

Pharoah Price

1850 - Monroe County, Kentucky page 432A
at the residence next to that of Sarah's parents, M. N. and HannahJeffreys/Jeffries. In addition to Pharoah and Sarah are their children:Hannah (10), Catherine (8), Marmaduke (7), Mary (5) and Martha (2). Allchildren were born in Tennessee.

1860 - Ball, Benton County, Arkansas
Pharaoh Price (44?), Sarah (44), Hannah (19), Catherine (18), Marmaduke(17), Mary (16), Martha (12), Harrison? (8),
John (6), Frances (1) and Willamina (1).

John Daniel

1850 - Ball Township, Benton County, Arkansas page 54a
John (29), Mary (29), Martha (6), Melvinia (3) and James (1)

1860 - Flint, Benton County, Arkansas, page 329
House #658 (at House #657 is William Daniel, 62)
John (37), Mary (37), Martha (17), Melvinia (14), James (12), John (10),Henry (8), Rachel (6), Nancy (3) and Daniel (5 mos)

179. William Wallas Jeffreys

1850 - Census for Grainger County, 2nd District, Tennessee (page 16,house 226).
William. W (24), Orlena E. (19) and Agnes M (1).

1860 - Census for Monroe County, Kentucky (Tompkinsville Post Office),page 080.
William is listed as head of household. Also listed are O. E. (27), A. M.(11), H. E. (9), M. H. (7), A. F. (5) and M. L. (2)

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