Joan and Keith's Family History

Joan passed away on October 2, 2015. This website will remain available for your use.

We live in Oregon, but love the Southwest and all things native American. That is why we have decorated this site with some of our favorite images.

What began over thirty years ago as a quest for information about my father's two youngest siblings quickly became an addiction. Our family research has spanned the United States: from the West coast to the East coast and from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico. We've visited over sixty court houses and libraries, plus too many cemeteries to count. Along the way, we've met 'new' relatives and strangers have become friends. A big plus is that our knowledge of United States history and geography has grown ten-fold.

We hope you find our site interesting but more importantly, we hope it is helpful as you continue your own ancestral search.

Joan and Keith in Arizona
on their 50th wedding anniversary

Thanks go to my cousin Fae for getting me started; to my cousin Evelyn in Riverton for her support; to Carolyn, who has been a great help with our Missouri research and to my husband of over 50 years for seeing that I got to my research sites and especially for lifting the heavy ledgers when I was no longer able to.