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3 Forks Battalian Union

3 Forks Battalion Company D (Union) Roster

13th Kentucky Cav CSA

Company A 13th Kentucky Cavalry Roster
Company B 13th Kentucky Cavalry Roster
Company C 13th Kentucky Cavalry Roster
Company D 13th Kentucky Cavalry Roster
Company E 13th Kentucky Cavalry Roster
Company F 13th Kentucky Cavalry Roster


Absher, Edmond and Katherine Holbrook
Absher, James Gilman and Frances Sparks
Absher, James Mathus and Dora Bell Dixon
Absher, William Hardin and Cassie Elizabeth Ingool


Adams, Absolom Drury and Nancy Frazier
Adams, Benjamin and Henrietta Caudill
Adams, Benjamin 1710 and Agnes Unknown
Adams, Benjamin Ben and Cena Manerva Polly
Adams, Benjamin Jackson and Mary Elizabeth Craft
Adams, Elijah and Mary Jane Polly Smith
Adams, Elisha First Generation
Adams, Elisha 2nd Generation
Adams, Esquire Squire and Elizabeth Craft
Adams, George and Henrietta Caudill
Adams, George Buddy and Mary L Hall
Adams, Gus and Arminda Stidham
Adams, Isaac B and Nancy Hayes
Adams, James H and Sarah A Hampton
Adams, Jesse "Boss Jesse" and Margaret Maggard
Adams, John and Ann Caudill
Adams, John D and Frances Franky Branham Smith
Adams, John L and Jane Jennie Lucas
Adams, John Hobbs and Nancy Caudill
Adams, John Isom and Sarah Sally Craft
Adams, Moses and Mary Garland
Adams, Moses Smoot and Rebecca Roberts
Adams, Nehemiah and Nancy Cook
Adams, Randolph and Nancy Caudill
Adams, Robert Vernon and Oma Blair
Adams, Stephen Shank Steve and Elizabeth Betsy Whitaker
Adams, Watson E and Rosa Hogg
Adams, William 1st Generation
Adams, William and Christina Crase
Adams, William and Mary Baker
Adams, William Green and Mary Polly Webb
Adams, William Green Billy Grit and Mary Ann Polly Adams
Adams, William Morgan and Rebecca Blair
Adams, William of Ireland 1st Generation
Adams, William of Ireland 2nd Generation


Addington, Charles Cromwell and Ann Doty
Addington, David J and Louemma McConnell
Addington, James Robert and Roxie Ann Phoebe Fleming
Addington, James Taylor and Cecelia Adams
Addington, John Henry and Rebecca Jane Potter
Addington, William Fillmore and Nancy Ann Bentley


Alley, Mary Jane
Alley, Thomas A


Amburgey, Alfred and Elizabeth Betts Amburgey
Amburgey, Ambrose and Rebecca Francis
Amburgey, Elijah and Lou Anna Stewart
Amburgey, Hiram H and Leodicy Adams
Amburgey, Humphrey and Nancy Ann Mullins
Amburgey, John
Amburgey, John D and Cora Mullins
Amburgey, John Erastus and Amanda Porter
Amburgey, John J Hoppy and Nancy Jane Smith
Amburgey, John Jr and Elizabeth Hammonds
Amburgey, John S and Maggie Fry
Amburgey, John Wesley and Nancy Christian
Amburgey, Maryland and Martha Jane Smith
Amburgey, Robert and Elizabeth Fuller
Amburgey, Robert Humphrey and Gertrude Quillen
Amburgey, Simeon and Mary Cornett
Amburgey, Sisters Renfro Valley Barn Dance
Amburgey, Wiley J and Dianah Adams
Amburgey, William H and Mary A Scalf
Amburgey, William Riley and Sabrina Franklin
Amburgey, William S and Minerva Pratt
Amburgey, William W and Melvina Sparkman


Anderson, Aaron and Nancy Elizabeth Hall
Anderson, Hiram and Annie Tackett
Anderson, Hiram and Spicy Tackett
Anderson, James and Jane Perlina Potter
Anderson, John and Loucinda Sidney Wright
Anderson, Kenny Aster and Anna Lee Fleming


Anglin, Mary


Arms, Rachel


Arnold, Bobbie Joe and Rheba Faye Potter


Artrip, Dora


Asberry, Frances


Ashford, Samuel Franklin



Atkinson, James


Auxier, Michael


Back, Henry and Susannah Maggard


Baize, Elizabeth

Baker, Andrew (Rev) and Elizabeth Avent
Baker, Henry and Mary Catherine Privett
Baker, James Walter and Elizabeth Shepherd
Baker, Joel and Augusta Potter
Baker, John Jackson and Sarah Sally Maggard


Balthis, Harold Edward and Patsy Potter


Banks, Billy K and Irene Potter
Banks, Johnson and Mary Adams


Barnes, Robert Lee and Zella Potter


Bates, John Wallis and Elizabeth Hall
Bates, Martin Van Buren and Anna Hannon Swann
Bates, Thomas Fletcher and Nancy McCarty
Bates, William and Margaret Young


Battle of Leatherwood


Bays, Charles Malvin and Mary Elizabeth Head Smith


Bentley, Alexander Alex and Clara Mae Fleming
Bentley, Alexander Lafayette and Susan Susie Potter
Bentley, Alexander Lafayette and Susan Susie Potter
Bentley, Andrew Jackson and Marilyn Evelyn Burke
Bentley, Benjamin and Elizabeth Reynolds
Bentley, Benjamin and Jane Fuller
Bentley, Bristol T and Susannah Susan Adams
Bentley, Caleb Kaye and Elizabeth Dolly Fleming
Bentley, Carl Denver and Hattie Quillen
Bentley, Dale Ennis and Jennifer Reis
Bentley, Daniel and Miranda Ramey
Bentley, Duran and Pearl Potter
Bentley, Ira and Hannah M Potter
Bentley, James Martin 1824 and Tabitha Baker Johnson
Bentley, John Vent and Annie Potter
Bentley, Joseph Joe and Sarah Elizabeth Potter
Bentley, May William and Mary Elizabeth Vanover
Bentley, Moses and Martha Patsy Blankenship
Bentley, Otho Sadie Collier and Nancy Hall
Bentley, Simeon and Nancy Hall
Bentley, Squire Richard and Rosemond Fidel Hall
Bentley, Theodore Roosevelt and Bessie Sowards
Bentley, Thomas and Clarinda Fleming
Bentley, Thomas 1825 and Dulcena Johnson
Bentley, Walter and Rhoda Johnson
Bentley, Wilburn and Sarah Johnson Marcum
Bentley, William and Bethann Jane Johnson
Bentley, William and Rebecca Ramey
Bentley, William Finley and Edia Edy Fleming
Bentley, William R and Elizabeth Amburgey
Bentley, William Wesley and Carrie Wolfenbarger

Birth Announcements

Birth Announcements


Blankenship, Ralph 1st Generation
Blankenship, William and Cassie Potter
Blankenship, William Green and Manila Tackett


Blair, Jacob Descendants 3rd Generation
Blair, Jacob Descendants 4th Generation
Blair, William and Francis Compton


Blanton, James Anderson Descendants


Blevins, William Willie and Sarah Wright


Boggs, James L Descendants
Boggs, Jonathan Bishop Bish and Elizabeth Emma Phillips
Boggs, Moran Lee Dock and Sarah Stidham
Boggs, Silas and Mary Polly Maggard


<Bolling, William R and Nancy F Dotson


Bowens, Will Willie and Ada Fuller


Boone, George and Mary Maugridge


Braun, William J and Ada Rose Potter


Breeding, James H and Vina Cody
Breeding, John D and Martha Isom
Breeding, ELISHA Family of


Brown, Benjamin and Harriett Elizabeth Wright
Brown, Edward Arthur and Twalla Jean Potter


Brummett, Alexander and Catherine Sabrina Masters
Brummett, Calvin Washburn Wash and Sarah Ann Potter


Bunch, Billy Ray and Bobbie Bunch


Burke, Boles and Lillie Mae Ray
Burke, Elbert and Sarah Hall
Burke, Greenville and Louvenia Hall
Burke, Henry Washington and Jane Mercer
Burke, Isaac and Nancy Johnson
Burke, Lewis C and Josephine Josie Fleming
Burke, Simon and Martha Tackett


Burkland, Jake Walton and Leona Carlene Potter


Calhoun, Andrew Jackson and Sarah Musick
Calhoun, Thomas and Virginia Jane Musick
Calhoun, Walton Walter and Sarah Cornett


Campbell, John Jack and Martha Patsy Dinah Smith

Cemetery Records Letcher Co KY

Blackey, KY
Carcassonne, KY
Colson, KY
Crown, KY
Dongola, KY
Ermine, KY
Gilley, KY
Gordon, KY
Hallie, KY
Hemphill, KY
Isom, KY
Jeremiah, KY
Kings Creek, KY
Letcher, KY
Linefork, KY
Mayking, KY
Oscaloosa, KY
Partridge, KY
Premium, KY
Roxana, KY
Seco, KY
Skyline, KY
Thornton, KY
Ulvah, KY
Uz, KY
Whitesburg, KY


Carter, A P and Sarah Dougherty
Carter, James Lloyd and Dola Morrison
Carter, June and Johnny Cash


Cash, Johnny and Vivian Dorraine Liberto
Cash, Ray and Carrie Cloveree Rivers


Cassady, Thomas 3rd Gen


Caudill, James and Mary Adams
Caudill, James and Mary Yarborough
Caudill, James Dixon and Nancy Adams
Caudill, James Dixon and Lucinda Burton
Caudill, James Jim and Arzella Hale
Caudill, John Dixon and Caroline Dotson
Caudill, Samuel Charles and Sarah Jane Hart
Caudill, Stephen and Jane Dehart
Caudill, Stephen Jacob and Elizabeth Adams
Caudill, Watson E and Elizabeth Smith


Cody, Jehu and Matilda Smith
Cody, William Penn and Elizabeth Combs


Coldiron Ancestors Sixth Generation
Coldiron Ancestors Sixth Generation Cont.


Collier, Robert and Martha Yonts
Collier, Wibbie Wib and Belle Potter
Collier, Wilburn B and Drusilla Reynolds
Collier, William D and Rebecca Meade
Collier, Willis K (Rev) and Mary Ellen Adams


Collins, Valentine


Combs, Alex Duff and Muriel Levinson
Combs, Andrew Anderson and Mary Ann Polly Combs
Combs, Andrew and Nancy Francis
Combs, Benjamin and Patsy Jane Brown
Combs, Bertram Thomas and Mable Hall
Combs, Biram and Sarah Ridge
Combs, Clinton
Combs, Clinton Grizzler Homestead
Combs, Clinton Grizzler and Elizabeth Betts
Combs, Earl Bryan and Ruth McCollum
Combs, Elihu Tipton and Sarah Williams
Combs, Elijah and Sally Roark
Combs, Family Migration
Combs, Felix and Susannah Combs

Combs Continued in next column

Combs (Continued)

Combs, George and Lydia Harrell
Combs, George and Nancy Julia Smith
Combs, Granville Pearl and Dianah Collins
Combs, Henry 1876
Combs, Henry and Carrie Combs
Combs, Henry and Polly Roark
Combs, Henry Harrison and Frances Matilda Reynolds
Combs, Henry Harrison and Rachel Clements
Combs, Henry Harrison Jr and Lucy Fields
Combs, Hiram and Eliza Jane Gross
Combs, Jackson and Mary Ann Young
Combs, James Jim and Lou Ann Combs
Combs, James Madison and Susan Suz Combs
Combs, Jeremiah and Judy Combs
Combs, Jeremiah and Rosanne Engle
Combs, Jeremiah Lorenzo and Nancy Combs
Combs, Jeremiah Lorenzo Jr and Sarah Sally Kelly
Combs, John and Martha Ann Reynolds
Combs, John I and Hannah Tutt
Combs, John Lorenzo and Polly Ann Combs
Combs, John S (Dr.) and Celia Combs
Combs, John 1556
Combs, John and Susan Stallard
Combs, John Descendants
Combs, John Jack and Rebecca Combs
Combs, John Merchant
Combs, John Sr and Nancy Harding
Combs, John Wesley and Mary Polly Hogg
Combs, Leslie and Dorothy Louise Enslow
Combs, Luther and Jemima Thomas
Combs, Mason Mace and Jane Jenny Richardson
Combs, Mason Sr
Combs, Mason Sr and Sarah Harding Richardson
Combs, Moses Adam and Lydia Letha Combs
Combs, Nicholas "Birdeye" and Elizabeth Combs
Combs, Nicholas Shanghai Nick and Eliza Williams
Combs, Nicholas S and Peggy Combs
Combs, Old Buckery and Nell Cloud
Combs, Remines and Mary Alene Combs
Combs, Samuel Cedar head and Sarah Sally Adams
Combs, Shadrack Blinky Shade and Polly Ann Cornett
Combs, Shadrack Jr and Sarah Sallie Adams
Combs, Shadrack Shade and Martha Patsy Casebolt
Combs, Stephen P and Martha Adams
Combs, William Lorenzo and Margaret Peggy Kelly
Combs, William Ray and Catherine Polly
Combs, William Riley and Maggie Smith
Combs, William Riley and Sarah Sally Frances


Compton, William Fuller 1st Generation
Compton, William Fuller 2nd Generation


Contributors Page 1


Cornett Ancestry 5th Generation
Cornett, Archibald and Judah McDaniel
Cornett, Robert Bustard and Louisa Combs


Cosse, Xavier and Martha Carson (Irene Amburgey)


Cottle, Charlie Fields and Edna E Potter


Craft, Archie C and Lettie Dallas Wright
Craft, Archelious and Elizabeth Adams
Craft, Henry and Elizabeth Betsy Williams
Craft, Joseph Wiley and Clarinda Adams


Crase, Campbell and Mahala Craft
Crase, George and Charity Morgan
Crase, James W and Elizabeth Stallard
Crase, Peter and Annie Adams


Damron, Bertie C and Nellie Hawkins
Damron, Fonnie C and Violet Baldridge
Damron, George First Generation
Damron, John Hayse and Cora Sanders
Damron, Lawrence First Generation


Davis, Don and Ina Anita Carter


Day, David Floyd and Lourania Smith


Dellinger, Rick Glynn and Judy Marchia McFall
Dellinger, Vernon Elbert and Myrtle Potter


Dotson, James Ellison and Lear A Hatfield
Dotson, John B and Minnie Dotson
Dotson, Reuben First Generation


Dunford, Paul Howard Jr and Leda Novella Betty Potter


Engle, Henry and Polly Ann Combs


Eversole, John and Judea Judy Young


Fields, William Billy and Lydia Margaret Rice


History of Feuds of E KY Mts - Noah Reynolds Pt 1
History of Feuds of E Ky Mts - Noah Reynolds Pt 2


Fleming, Anna Lee and Kenny Aster Anderson
Fleming, Arthur and Minerva Arminda Stewart
Fleming, Bessie
Fleming, Cas Andrew and Missouri Kelly
Fleming, Clarence Cecil and Millie Johnson
Fleming, Clinton and Lessie Mae Johnson
Fleming, Elijah A and Alafair Mullins
Fleming, Fearl and Cassie Sue Belcher
Fleming, Fred Wilson and Georgia Ellen Pittman
Fleming, George Washington and Louise Montana Johnson
Fleming, Harold D and Verla Kiser
Fleming, Harlold Lee and Shirley Wilkerson
Fleming, James Wesley "Jemes" and Virgie Loucindy Stewart
Fleming, James William and Sarah Elkins
Fleming, Jason Harold and Kimberly Kristina Greer
Fleming, John Jackson and Mary Jane Mullins
Fleming, John Jackson and Mary Jane Mullins 1815
Fleming, John Jefferson and Bessie Ellen Stewart
Fleming, John Jefferson Jeff and Mary Frances Johnson
Fleming, John N and Louisa Kelly
Fleming, Johnny and Nancy Jane Bentley
Fleming, Lenville Bow and Lucy Potter
Fleming, Manuel and Betty Mullins
Fleming, Pallas Patty and Opal Potter
Fleming, Phillip "Big Phil" and Hannah Manerva Mullins
Fleming, Rabon Keith and Helena Potter
Fleming, Randall H and Teresa Vance
Fleming, Robert 1773 and Elizabeth Betty Stambaugh
Fleming, Robert 1773 Biography
Fleming, Robert Jefferson and Esther Bentley
Fleming, Robert Lee and Elizabeth Vanover
Fleming, Sol and Delores Lois Johnson
Fleming, Solomon "Black Sol" and Esther Easter Branham
Fleming, Turner Tom and Juanita Holland
Fleming, Virgil and Ethel Strange
Fleming, Willard Wid and Barbara Molner
Fleming, William
Fleming, William Bill and Edna Pearl Johnson
Fleming, William Dennis and Donna Sue Stevens
Fleming, William Jefferson and Martha Jane Patsy Branham
Fleming, William Junior and Helen Hall
Fleming, William Whiskey Bill and Elizabeth Lettie Mullins


Francis, George Elliott and Idely Combs
Francis, George Washington and Melvina Smith
Francis, Samuel and Jane Kelly and Barbara Smith
Francis, Simeon Sim and Cassie Branham Smith


Franklin, Aaron Lindsey and Essie Rose Thompson
Franklin, Bird and Agnes Stallard
Franklin, James W and Eliza Cornett
Franklin, Kelly and Elizabeth Francis
Franklin, Watson and Flora Pigman
Franklin, Watson and Margaret Huff
Franklin, William M and Nancy Ann Combs
Franklin, William and Sarah Jane Kelly


Frasure Robert and Judy Martin


Frazier, Charles Kingdon and Mary Jane Rodgers
Frazier, James W and Lucinda Back


Frisby, Earl and Anna Welch Potter


Fugate, Henley and Tabitha Bithie Ritchie
Fugate, John Blue and Lettie M Smith
Fugate, Martin and Elizabeth Betsy Smith
Fugate, Zachariah Ball Creek Zack" and Mary Polly Smith


Fuller, Archibald and Celia Couch
Fuller, Delzie B and Golda Adams
Fuller, Elijah Bunt and Susan Combs
Fuller, Elijah Green and Elizabeth Messer
Fuller, Elijah Green and Margaret Amburgey
Fuller, Elijah Green G and Grace Breeding
Fuller, Elijah Lige and Alpha Banks
Fuller, Family Stories Bobby and Grandpa Green
Fuller, Goldie Adams Tombstone Photo
Fuller, Henry and Catherine Ann Salling
Fuller, Isaac S and Susannah Wallis
Fuller, Jeptha and Elizabeth Mullins
Fuller, Jessee and Elizabeth Betsy Lea
Fuller, John and Sarah Heath
Fuller, Leviticus Levi and Jane Jennie Combs
Fuller, Martin V Tack and Nancy Ann Ritchie
Fuller, Nehemiah and Mary Conant
Fuller, Robert Lee and Joy Fay Ables
Fuller, Samuel


Gambill, Millard Avery and Docia Amelia Absher


Gibson, James and Rosanna Johnson

Grandma's Apron

Grandma's Apron


Gregory, Oscar Lee and Barbara Bernice Johnson


Gibson, Thomas and Adeline Combs


Givens, James Alfred and Melba D Amburgey


Grindstaff, Nicholas Isaac and Mary Magdalen Stout


Hagins, John Vint and Jane Amburgey


Hale, Alexander Alex and Lavina Doshia Honeycutt
Hale, James Dickenson and Mary Jane Grizzle
Hale, James Wheeler and Margaret Yates
Hale, Thomas and Matilda Smith
Hale, Thomas Joseph Fourth Generation
Hale, Thomas Tommy and Ada Elizabeth Caudill


Hall, Alexander Elic and Clarinda Hall
Hall, Allen and Hannah Yonts
Hall, Andrew Jackson Andy and Susan Susie Isaacs
Hall, Anthony Descendants
Hall, Anthony and Ruth Butler
Hall, Anthony Big Tony and Dicy Childers
Hall, Benton B and Barbara Paige
Hall, Bruce and Geraldine Sparks
Hall, Buffalo and Ida Reynolds
Hall, Canada Cannie and Lillie Mae Vance
Hall, David and Anna Johnson
Hall, Ezekiel and Chloe Branson
Hall, George W and Lorena Brummett
Hall, George Washington and Elizabeth Tackett
Hall, Grats and Gloria Faye Fleming
Hall, Gunsmith Billy and Margaret Johnson
Hall, Henry Dora and Hannah Hall
Hall, Herman and Della Marie Fleming
Hall, Hiram and Matilda Privett
Hall, Hiram and Sarah Taylor
Hall, Howard Lewis Lute and Eveline Quillen
Hall, James and Sarah Johnson
Hall, James Henderson and Louisa Hall
Hall, James M and Maggie Houston Bentley
Hall, James One Eyed Jim and Sarah Sally Johnson
Hall, James Richard and Elizabeth Anderson
Hall, John "Big John" and Karenhappick Yonts
Hall, John A Johnny and Sally Ann Reynolds
Hall, John 1675 and Elizabeth Ball
Hall, John First Generation
Hall, John First Generation Page 2
Hall, John Q and Ida Gibson
Hall, Jonathon Looby and Mary Sanders
Hall, Joseph and Mary Polly Combs
Hall, Kelly Kell and Mary Everidge
Hall, Lafayette Mack and Eva Poindexter
Hall, Lee Dog and Florence Thornsberry
Hall, Masias Sr and Unisiah Branham Smith
Hall, Miles Buddy and Clerinda Caudill
Hall, Noah and Juanita Newsome
Hall, Reuben Descendants
Hall, Reuben and Mahala Bentley
Hall, Reuben Richard and Mary Pop Fleming
Hall, Richard Dick Descendants
Hall, Samp Jr and Glassie Ordella Fleming
Hall, Samuel Q and Louise Angeline Baker
Hall, Solomon Sol and Lucinda Lucy Johnson
Hall, Talton "Bad Talt" and Marinda Triplett
Hall, Thomas and Julia Holbrook
Hall, Thomas and Martha Patsy Whitaker
Hall, Thomas Descendants 1st Generation
Hall, Thomas Descendants 3rd Generation
Hall, Thomas Sr Descendants 4th Generation
Hall, Thomas Tom and Nancy Johnson
Hall, Walter and Maggie Vance
Hall, William Bill Dee and Lou Anzie Isaacs
Hall, William Milton and Sarah Frances Cornett
Hall, William Riley and Nancy Higgins


Hamilton, Schuyler and Susannah Sookie Dotson


Hampton, Solomon M and Margaret Peggy Maggard
Hampton, Stephen and Annie Adams


Hanvold, Everett and Arella Mae Potter


Hatfield Ancestry Eleventh Generation
Hatfield Ancestry 13th Generation
Hatfield, Anderson C Preacher 1st Generation
Hatfiled, Anderson C Anse Preacher 2nd Generation


Heinbockel, John Andrew and Martha Sue Reynolds


Hill, John and Martha Ann Combs


Hogg, James W and Mary Adams
Hogg, Kelly and Mary Polly Ison
Hogg, Stephen and Millie Stamper


Holbrook, Anderson and Manerva Bentley
Holbrook, Benjamin Woodrow and Nancy Quillen
Holbrook, Bruce Edgar and Darlene Fleming
Holbrook, Ezekiel and Susannah Crouse
Holbrook, Jason Lewis and America Morgan
Holbrook, Jimmy Wayne and Wilma Jean Baldwin
Holbrook, Randolph and Elizabeth Adams
Holbrook, Ransom R T and Thelma Manies
Holbrook, Robert and Mary H Polly McCoy
Holbrook, William and Mary Adams
Holbrook, William B and Sarah Sallie Adams


Holcomb, Hardin and Mary Polly Cornett


Howell, Samuel James G and Sarah Watson


Hollyfield, Jeff and Essie Potter Tombstone Photo


Honeycutt, Grant and Mary Polly Stamper


Hoskins, Jimmy Rex and Pamela Sue Fleming


Houston, James and Martha Jane Bentley
Houston, Nathaniel Thaney and Elizabeth Betsy Fleming


Howell, George Washington and Artemia M Artie Potter


Hughes, Gabriel and Nancy Potter
Hughes, James and Frankie Tackett


Isaacs, George Washington and Millie Ann Yonts
Isaacs, William Billy and Jane Hall


Ison Family Descendants


Jackson, Tommy Burnis and Jacinda Dawn Jackson


Jaynes, Charles and Billie Joyce Johnson


Jent, Chester and Oma Smith
Jent, Reuben and Nancy Ann Smith


Johnson, Abraham Lincoln and Freelove Johnson
Johnson, Ashley and Thelma Johnson
Johnson, Bailey and Clarinda Burke
Johnson, Bailey and Rebecca Johnson
Johnson, Benjamin F and Mary Elizabeth Wright
Johnson, Benjamin Franklin and Sarah Ellen Johnson
Johnson, Daniel Van and Opal Oneida Land
Johnson, Elisha and Anna Thornsberry
Johnson, George and Belva Lockwood Mullins
Johnson, George J and Della Fouts
Johnson, James Webster and Mable Lee Fleming
Johnson, Jeffrey and Myra Johnson
Johnson, John First Generation
Johnson, John Descendants
Johnson, John Henry and Oma Lee Potter
Johnson, John Martin and Susannah Anderson
Johnson, Kennis and Caldonia Johnson
Johnson, Lorenzie Dale LD Johnson and Emma Emmy Johnson
Johnson, Lorenzo Dow and Annie Johnson
Johnson, Lorenzo Dow and Ellen Burke
Johnson, Mander and Pearlie Quillen
Johnson, Morgan Festus and Mary Baby Houston
Johnson, Noah S and Liza Jane Burke
Johnson, Patrick Descendants
Johnson, Pleasant and Anna Burke
Johnson, Robert Bob and Esther Branham
Johnson, Solomon Sol and Mahala Branham
Johnson, Talmage and Ada Hall
Johnson, Talmage and Mary Strange
Johnson, Tandy and Matilda Wright
Johnson, Thomas Jr and Mary Polly Miller
Johnson, Uriah Washington and Rebecca Ann Ison
Johnson, William Harvey and Sarah Caudill
Johnson, William Mander and Cordelia Johnson
Johnson, William Payne Doc and Lavina Viney Fleming
Johnson, William Payne Jr and Margaret Peggy Bates
Johnson, William Payne and Sarah Sally Tackett
Johnson, William Varner and Matilda Tillie Mullins


Jones Clabe and Millie Martin


Keel, Marshall G and Lavina Fleming


Kelly, George Washington and Sarah Sally Smith


Kincer, Byron and Delcie Mae Adams


Kiser, Samuel Blaine and Alifair Combs


Krause, Charles and Betsy Potter


Lawson, Steve and Nettie Jane Fleming


Little, Hayes and Cynthia Johnson
Little, William and Rebecca Mae Hall


Lopez, Pete and Maria Oliverio


Luntz, William S Wright (Luntz or Lunce) and Lettishia Lettie Bates


Maggard, Henry
Maggard, Hosea and Alta Catherine Willis
Maggard, Jim and Yvonne Jent
Maggard, John B
Maggard, Rudolph
Maggard, Samuel
Maggard, Samuel Ancestry
Maggard, Samuel Sr and Rebecca Robertson
Maggard, Samuel and Elizabeth Bolling


Manies, William Wilson and Ethel Sizemore


Martin Descendants First Generation
Martin Descendants Third Generation
Martin, Silas and Malinda Millie Hall
Martin, William and Caroline Frasure
Martin, Wyatt and Clarinda Jones


May, James Harvey First Generation
May, John First Generation


Maynard, Charles
Maynard, Christopher Columbus
Maynard, Isaac Sr First Generation
Maynard, Jesse First Generation
Maynard, William Bill First Generation


McBrayer, Ichabod and Mary Stratton
McBrayer, James R and Ann Sanders


McCallister, James First Generation


McConnell, Carl P and Mabel Ruth Moore
McConnell, Henry Morse and Elizabeth Betty Kilgore


McCormick, John Samuel and Sarah Ann Burke


McCoy, Archibald First Generation
McCoy, William "Old William" First Generation


McFall, James Madison and Sarah Sallie Maix
McFall, Joseph and Nancy Mullins
McFall, Reuben and Nancy Whitaker


McIntyre, Benjamin and Sally Watts
McIntyre, Homer and Minnie Fuller
McIntyre, William and Dianah Combs


McKinnon, Mike and Dena Ann Thompson


McKnight, Anthony and Susannah Blair


McLaughlin, Eli Descendants 1st Generation


Meacham, John Joseph

Meade, Ballard and Nancy Jane Wright
Meade, Clifton and Elsie Marie Stewart
Meade, James Madison and Letitia Wright
Meade, John Paul and Polly Anna Bentley
Meade, Milford and Ollie Strange
Meade, Newberry and Mary Elizabeth Dixie Hall
Meade, Reuben William and Malinda Verline Thornsberry
Meade, Richard
Meade, Richard
Meade, Thomas Kronis and Mary Polly Hall
Meade, William Henry and Martha Ann Bentley


Meador, Clessie Allen and Sondra Anne Holbrook


Medlock, Larry and Patricia Ann Potter


My Memorial Tribute to Mother, Ida Fuller Potter


Messer, James First Generation


Middleton, Walter and Sarah Turner


Miracle, Frederick First Generation
Miracle, Frederick 3rd Generation


Big Sandy News Feb 1916 Woman Bootlegger, Sarah Compton
Floyd County KY 1860 Census
Harlan County KY 1850 Page 1 Census
Letcher County Kentucky 1850 Census
Marriage Records, 1892-1895 Letcher Co Kentucky
Millstone, 1910 Letcher Co KY Census Excerpt
Our Military Men and Women


Monroe, James Buchanan Buck and Melissa A Vandiver
Monroe, John Jess Buchanan and Lyda Charlotte Stevens
Monroe, William Smith Bill and Caroline Brown


Moonshining Remembered


Moore, Boyd and Stella Potter
Moore, Isaac
Moore, John


Morgan, James and Elizabeth Hall
Morgan, James and Mary Emily Polly
Morgan, Joseph
Morgan, Nathaniel
Morgan, Zachariah
Morgan, Zachariah


Mounts, David


Mowery, J Marion and Grace Victoria Sims


Mullins, Abraham Moulins
Mullins, Ambrose and Nancy Mullins
Mullins, Ambrose and Nancy Mullins
Mullins, Booker and Polly Elizabeth Hamilton
Mullins, Booker Sr and Nancy Potter
Mullins, Henry Franklin and Hannah Potter
Mullins, Isham Isom Wildcat and Elizabeth Betty Vanover
Mullins, James Booker and Nancy Jane Stanley
Mullins, James Jim (Dr) and Nancy Mullins
Mullins, James and Mary Sullivant
Mullins, John Alexander and Margaret Peggy Fleming
Mullins, John H and Susannah Bly Morton
Mullins, John L and Martha Patsy Potter
Mullins, Joshua and Anna Robinson
Mullins, Joshua and Mary Polly Johnson
Mullins, Lilburn and Jane Fuller
Mullins, Marshall Big Foot and Mary Polly Mullins
Mullins, Owen Oade and Jane Jenny Potter
Mullins, Solomon Sol and Mahalia Haley Johnson
Mullins, Spencer and Elizabeth Johnson
Mullins, Thomas Marion Tom and Lucretia Hall
Mullins, William and Lucinda Fleming
Mullins, William Grancer and Kathryn Smythe Smith
Mullins, William L and Cynthia Smith
Mullins, William M and Katherine E Varner
Mullins, William Varner "Cooney Bill" and Nancy Jane Stanley
Mullins, Wilson Bacon and Rebecca Frances Maggard


Murphy, Gabriel


Musick, Elijah and Elizabeth Pigman


Newman, Larry Sr and Braskie Louise Potter


Newsome, Frederick F and Agnes Ansy Hall
Newsome, Hartwell Will and Jenny Jincy Mullins
Newsome, Hartwell Will and st Jenny Jincy Mullins
Newsome, William P and Margaret Potter


Nickels, James Sr and Jane Matney


Osborne, James 1st Generation
Osborne, James Emory 1st Generation
Osborne, Jeremy Hieremy
Osborne, John 1st Gen
Osborne, John 4th Gen
Osborne, Shadrach Shade and Elizabeth Robinson
Osborne, Sherwood and Louisa Levisa Collier


Parsons, Robert S and Elizabeth Wells


Pettijohn, Earl and Myrtle Potter


Pharris Ancestry 6th Gen


Phipps, George Washington and Lucinda Lucy Vanover
Phipps, Joseph 2nd Gen


Polly, Edward and Mary Agnes Mullins
Polly, Edward Oliver Ned and Jane Buntin Adams
Polly, Henry and Martha Patsy Hall


Potter, Abraham NC and Lydia Stewart
Potter, Abraham and Selena Phillips
Potter, Abraham II and Sarah Sallie Wright
Potter, Abraham Abraham's Dog Brings Home a Human Foot
Potter, Abraham Jr and Martha Hollingsworth
Potter, Albritton Brit and Ardelia Mullins
Potter, Alfred and Lucretia Evaline Whitehead
Potter, Allsop and Margaret Jane Whitehead
Potter, Andrew Andy and Elizabeth Betty Bolling
Potter, Annette
Potter, Archie Vincent and Vera Edith Mullins
Potter, Archie Vincent and Vera Mullins
Potter, Benjamin and Frona Amburgey
Potter, Benjamin and Melvinia Jane Gardner
Potter, Benjamin and Susannah Hollingsworth
Potter, Benjamin C and Mary Polly Hall
Potter, Benjamin Franklin and Missouri Ousley
Potter, Benjamin Franklin and Missouri Ousley
Potter, Boonie and Mary Hall
Potter, Carrick W and Rutelia Messer
Potter, Charlie Victor and Delphia Rogers
Potter, Clabe and Braskie Hall
Potter, Clark D and Kaie Marlene Steely
Potter, Clyde and Myrtle Potter
Potter, Clyde H and Nora Alice Wallace
Potter, Conley and Cora Nelson
Potter, Creed Flannery
Potter, Creed Flannery Descendants
Potter, Creed Flannery and Ida Fuller
Potter, Creed Flannery and Sarah Rose Robinson
Potter, Creed Matthew and Mari Quijano
Potter, Culvert Anderson and Hedy Anne Quillen
Potter, Curtis C and Ellen Bartley
Potter, Dan Morgan II and Jolene Unknown
Potter, Dan Morgan and Ivalee Profitt
Potter, David and Dianne Stewart
Potter, Enoch and Elizabeth Betsy Baird
Potter, Enoch and Emma Clark
Potter, Enoch H and Nancy Victoria Dunn
Potter, Essie (Photo of Essie Potter)
Potter, Ezekiel and Delilah F Messer
Potter, Family and Friends Old Home Page
Potter, Family and Friends Wedding Announcements
Potter, Fred Lee and Marie Unknown
Potter, Gladys Photo
Potter, George and Cynthia Owsley Ousley
Potter, George and Maxie Potter
Potter, George W and Sarah Ann Sykes
Potter, George Washington and Mary Jane Belcher
Potter, George Washington and Rebecca Jane Remines
Potter, Henry Harrison and Emaline Keller
Potter, Ida Fuller Potter
Potter, Ida Fuller Eulogy
Potter, Henry Harrison and Emaline Keller
Potter, Ida Fuller Our Precious Mother
Potter, Irvin and Joyce Vickie Tolliver
Potter, Isaac and Allie Fair Stiltner
Potter, Isaac and Emaline Bentley
Potter, Isaac and Mary Polly Houston
Potter, Isaac and Sarah Elizabeth Russell
Potter, Isaac Ike and Dallie Hall
Potter, Isaac Potter and Cletis Kiser
Potter, Isaac Shooter Ike and Mary Polly Ison
Potter, James and Louise Hall
Potter, James and Louise Hall
Potter, James and Cynthia Ann Allen
Potter, James Big Jim and Rebecca Evelyn Short
Potter, Jerome and Arminta Hollyfield
Potter, Jesse and Mary Ellen Riley
Potter, Jimmie Martin and Martha Strange
Potter, Joel Martin and Eliza Frances Reynolds
Potter, Joel Martin Mart Application for Medical for being Shot
Potter, Joel Martin Mart 1913 Article - Moonshiners Kill Deputies and Wound Mart
Potter, Joel Martin Marty
Potter, Joel Martin Mart Tombstone Photo
Potter, John Boone and Susan Ellen Sanders
Potter, John Calvin J C
Potter, John Calvin and Hattie Rosemond Holcomb
Potter, John M and Mary Molly Stout
Potter, John Morgan and Betty Maxie Moore
Potter, John Morgan and Hulda Bartley
Potter, John and Elizabeth Ramey
Potter, John and Margaret Gibson
Potter, Johnny D W and Rozzie Hall
Potter, John M and Mary Molly Stout
Potter, John M Skipper and Hannah Sarah Sallie Tidwell
Potter, Johnson O and Unknown
Potter, Johnson O Joseph and Susannah Susan Main
Potter, King and Matilda Mullins
Potter, Leona Smith Hale Fuller Tombstone Photo
Potter, Levi and Jane Hollingsworth
Potter, Levi and Sylvania Little
Potter, Levi Frank Nancy Jane Bentley
Potter, Levi Monroe and Sarah Sallie Cantrell
Potter, Lonnie D and Ollie Johnson
Potter, McKinley and Dora Mullins
Potter, Morgan T and Alpha Craft
Potter, Noah F and Mahulda Francisco
Potter, Perry and Joda May Bowen
Potter, Paul Douglas and Bernice Reynolds
Potter, Ray and Hulda Hill
Potter, Reuben and Arminda Hall
Potter, Reuben and Hulda Wright
Potter, Richard and Christina Teenie Ramey
Potter, Richard and Nancy Stuart
Potter, Richard Dick and Sarah Riddle
Potter, Roland T and Elvena Moore
Potter, Roosevelt RV and st Hattie Collier
Potter, Roy Buran and Bessie Gross
Potter, Roy Denton and Janice Gale Rogers
Potter, Ruth Tombstone Photo
Potter, Sallie Tombstone Photo
Potter, Samuel and Martha Mattie Wright
Potter, Sarah
Potter, Shadrach Shade and Rebecca Jane Reed
Potter, Sherman Garfield and Thursie Sarah Akers
Potter, Solomon Sol and Eliza Keen
Potter, Thomas Isom and Sarah Jane Bentley
Potter, Trent Martin
Potter, Victor Vick and Myrtle Strange
Potter, William Descendants
Potter, William Henry and Dideama Hall
Potter, William James and Rosina Frasure
Potter, William Sherman and Augie Reynolds
Potter, William Sherman and Belle Dora Mullins
Potter, William and Martha Jane Parker
Potter, William and Nancy Mullins
Potter, Willie C and Pairlee Ratliff
Potter, Willie T and Rebecca June Vanover
Potter, Zachariah Zack and Dora Skeens


Powers, Jonas and Sarah Ann Reynolds


Pratt, Stephen S and Melvina Watts


Profitt, Alexander and Ada Crase
Profitt, Jeremiah and Phoebe Roark
Profitt, Jesse Edward and Mary Ellen Smith
Profitt, John and Susannah Arrington


Quillen, Andrew and Susan Adams
Quillen, Daniel Van and Hattie Potter
Quillen, Henry H and Leanza Leansy Caudill
Quillen, James Henry and Rozzie Emeline Johnson
Quillen, Richard Teague and Catherine Yonts
Quillen, William M and Essie Blaine Wright
Quillen, Wilburn W B and Nona Wright


Rainbolt, Adam and Hannah Jane Potter


Raleigh, Enoch and Ruth Unknown


Ramey, Moses Mosie and Tabitha Cantrell


Ramsey, Tom and Opal Compton


Rasnake, Jacob 1st Generation


Ratliff, Paul and Emmah Hall
Ratliff, William Bigger and Martha Patsy Thornsbury


Reedy, Peter and Nancy Jane Adams


Reese, Isham Descendants


Renfro, John W and Lucinda C Nickels


Reynolds, Elihu and Dora Belle Bowling
Reynolds, James Lewis and Wanda Rodgers
Reynolds, James Roger and Melissa Rose Wilson
Reynolds, Joe Coleman and Stella Irene Lewis
Reynolds, John Christopher and Aurea Rea Middleton
Reynolds, John Christopher and Eliza Craft
Reynolds, John Harvey and Carrie Addington
Reynolds, Joseph Coleman and Manerva Morgan
Reynolds, Morgan Tillman and Myra Johnson
Reynolds, Noah Milburn and Mary Chaney Stone
Reynolds, Noah Milburn and Mary Jane Maggie Sergent
Reynolds, Robert
Reynolds, Stephen Nathaniel and Drucilla Siller Craft
Reynolds, William Henry and Frances Matilda Baker
Reynolds, William Henry and Mahala Hall
Reynolds, William Henry III and Bertha Mae Combs


Ritchie, Henry and Sarah Smith
Ritchie, James and Hannah Fugate
Ritchie, John and Sarah Collins
Ritchie, Miles Henry and Rachel Jane Accord
Ritchie, Samuel and Chloe Hall
Ritchie, Samuel and Ellen Fuller
Ritchie, Thomas Grigsby and Keziah Kizzie Smith
Ritchie, William R and Amanda McDaniel


Roberts, James and Elizabeth Mumbray
Roberts, James and Nancy Annie Damron
Roberts, Vinton Thomas and Maryland Pearl Potter
Roberts, William James and Elizabeth Betty Johnson


Robinett, Allen 1st Generation
Robinett, Michael and 1st Generation


Robinson, Joseph Sr and Mary Sarah Stout


Roten, James


Runyon, Joseph 2nd Gen


Rutherford, Adam 1st Genertation
Rutherford, Reuben and Priscilla Staton


Sanders, Greenville and Rhoda Potter
Sanders, Isaac and Sabrah Gibson
Sanders, Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth McBrayer
Sanders, Wade Hillard and Hannah Hanner Potter


Senter, Andrew Franklin and Francis Jane McFall


Sergent, David and Christina Lucretia Morgan
Sergent, Stephen and Elizabeth Bagwell


Sexton, Jerry and Lucy Potter


Shotton, Robert Bob and Bessie Fuller


Sizemore, William and Ann Asher


Skaggs, Brian and Jennifer Denise McDonie


Smallwood, Miles Harvey and Betheney Potter


Smith, Alexander and Mary Ashley
Smith, Benjamin and Cecelia Hall
Smith, Carl and June Carter Cash
Smith, Franklin and Larcena Smith
Smith, John Riley and Nannie Belle Breeding
Smith, Jordan and Mary Ann Combs
Smith, Henry Schmidt
Smith, Hilliard Jackson and Armelda Melda Combs
Smith, Isaac and Cynthia Stacy
Smith, James and Rhoda Owens
Smith, Jeremiah
Smith, Jeremiah Joshua and Jemima Amy Holliday
Smith, Jordan and Mary Ann Combs
Smith, Lewis
Smith, Lorenzo Dow Anse
Smith, Mary Polly Hatfield Ancestry
Smith, Nathaniel B and Rachel Virginia Craft
Smith, Nicholas and Nancy Artie Johnson
Smith, Richard and Mary Polly Kelly
Smith, Samuel and Nancy Jones
Smith, Sarah Sally as related to Joel Ramsey
Smith, Thomas and Sarah Clemmons
Smith, Thomas "Bad Tom" and Emeline Combs
Smith, Thomas Bad Tom and The French and Eversole Feud
Smith, William II and Millie Combs
Smith, William Medford Med and Martha Ashley
Smith, Thomas and Vinabelle Smith


Sparks, Nathan H and Eliza Jane Potter


Stacy, John and Cynthia Smith


Stallard, Jesse Clay and Elizabeth Betsy Adams


Stamper, Isaac D and Mary Polly Adams
Stamper, James B and Sarah Sallie Jones
Stamper, William Thomas and Elizabeth Adams


Stern, Robert Bob and Wilma Jeanette Potter
Stern, Robert Bob and Wilma Jeanette Potter


Stewart, Charlie Vaughn and Arlena Moore
Stewart, Clinton Millard and Martha Jane Fleming
Stewart, Milton Edward and Euary Burke


Stout, Daniel and Mary Fultz
Stout, Daniel and Sarah Potter
Stout, David D and Elizabeth Howard
Stout, George Peter and Elizabeth Potter
Stout, Godfrey Daniel and Catherina Margaret Voltz
Stout, Henry T and Sarah Dunn or Dove
Stout, Johnand Sarah Grindstaff


Strange, Billy and Opal Meade
Strange, Mearl and Ruth Meade


Sturgill, Richard (Stodgell) Descendants


Sumner, James and Nancy Adams


Tackett, Abel and Rebecca Elizabeth Caudill
Tackett, Abner and Elizabeth Caudill
Tackett, Columbus Lafayette and Bertha Johnson
Tackett, George and Martha Casebolt
Tackett, George and Martha Casebolt
Tackett, James and Delilah Osborne
Tackett, James and Mary Ann Martin
Tackett, King Solomon and Rhoda Tackett
Tackett, Lint and Martha Johnson
Tackett, Matthew and Lucinda Johnson
Tackett, Solomon and Mariba Hall
Tackett, Solomon and Nancy Osborne
Tackett, William Bucky and Sarah Caudill
Tackett, William Preacher Billy and Amy Johnson


Tafoya, Salvador and Darlene Fleming


Taylor, Franklin and Sarah Sally Fleming
Taylor, John S and Rebecca Osborne
Taylor, Samuel Sammy and Chrissie Adams


Terrell, Chuck and Alethea Kaie Potter


Thompson, Byrd Darrell Bert and Hazel Allene Potter
Thompson, Roscoe and Reba Dean Ayers


Todaro, Nick Joseph and June Angel Dunford


Toler, Steve and Linda S Fleming


Tolliver, Wiley Vanburen and Flora Quillen


Triplett, Napoleon B and Mary Jane Hall


Vance, John Wesley and Martha Patsy Hall
Vance, Meekin S Phoebe Workman


Vandiver, George Robert and Sarah Jane Coy
Vandiver, Joseph Dutch and Minerva Jane Pharris


Vanover, Benjamin H and Della Rose Johnson
Vanover, Cassie Potter
Vanover, Cornelius III and Marretje Maria Buys
Vanover, Cornelius IV and Unknown Vanover
Vanover, Cornelius V and Abby Easterd
Vanover, Cornelius VI and Sarah Cooley Hill
Vanover, Cornelius Neely Sr and Margaret Peggy Johnson
Vanover, Daniel and Nancy Collins
Vanover, Daniel May and Emaline Potter
Vanover, Eli and Olive Ollie Mullins
Vanover, Henry and Sarah Jane Bentley
Vanover, John H and Nancy Johnson
Vanover, John Huffy John and Keziah Kizzie Landreth
Vanover, Roscoe and Martha Potter
Vanover, Wesley Y and Martha Jane Fleming
Vanover, Wilburn and America Ratliff
Vanover, William Squire Bill and Elizabeth Betsy Howell


John Walker Jr and Mary Polly Combs


Wallen Family 7th Generation Frances Wright


Warrix, William and Mahala Potter


Watts, Thomas and Nancy Hagins


Webb, Henry M Chunk and Frances Adams
Webb, John and Mary Adams
Webb, William and Isabelle Musick


Whitaker, Esquire and Clarinda Combs
Whitaker, Isaac and Ellender Nellie Adams


White, Burnin and Maggie Johnson
White, Ziegler and Minerva Arminda Stewart


Whitt, Walter Cooper and Linda Kay Potter


Williams, Nicholas and Ann Williams
Williams, William First Generation


Williamson, Alden First Generation


Wilson, Richard First Generation


Wolford, John Sr


Woods, Benjamin


Wooten, Charles Wooton


Wright, Alexander and Mary Matilda Collier
Wright, Andrew Jackson and Harriett Adams
Wright, Andrew J and Nancy Bates
Wright, Benjamin 1870 and Nancy Jane Clay
Wright, Benjamin F and Fanny M Hall
Wright, Devil John
Wright, Elijah 1880
Wright, Francis
Wright, Frank Phillip and America Potter
Wright, George and Mary Pop Potter
Wright, George Washington and Harriett Addington
Wright, Harvey and Cora Potter
Wright, Hiram and Lurena Bolling
Wright, Hiram and Susannah Profitt York
Wright, Isaac and Susannah Rose
Wright, James Chigger Jim
Wright, James Martin and Seatta Baldridge
Wright, Joel 1836 and Seligna Sidney Adams
Wright, Joel 1872 and Susannah Susan Johnson
Wright, Joel Ellis and Eliza Agnes Bates
Wright, Joel Martin and Jane R Venters
Wright, Joel Martin and Susannah Unknown
Wright, John and Mary Bentley
Wright, John M and Martha Potter
Wright, John Phillip and Mary Chaney Reynolds
Wright, John Wesley Devil John
Wright, Jonathon Wesley and Mary Jane Polly Bailey
Wright, Joseph H Joe and Winnie Mullins
Wright, King Solomon King and Louisa Eliza Jane Addington
Wright, Samuel J Kinky Hair Sam and Martha Jane Reynolds
Wright, Samuel J Kinky Hair Sam and Martha Jane Reynolds
Wright, Samuel J Kinky Hair Sam and Martha Jane Reynolds Tombstone Photo
Wright, Samuel W and Elizabeth Betsy Adams
Wright, Willard and Edith Bentley
Wright, William Henry and Nannie Lou Branham
Wright, William Jesse and Micheli Vanover
Wright, William L J Stonewall Jackson and Mary Wright
Wright, Ziegler Isaac and Victoria Birdy Mullins


Yates, Valentine


Yonts, Solomon and Frances Franky Whitaker
Yonts, Solomon and Susannah Elliot
Yonts, William and Delilah Dove Holbrook
Yonts, William and Margaret Bentley
Yonts, William and Nancy Rhea Ray


Young, Drury and Nancy Madden

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