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Eli Lucas
and Polly Ann Collins

Elijah Eli Lucas
Elijah Eli Lucas b 15 Oct 1867 Lester KY d 1 Jan 1962 Lester, Letcher Co KY; s/o Aaron Lucas and Eliza Vanover. Eli Lucas m. 21 Sept 1885 to Mary Polly Ann Collins b 9 Apr 1867 Smoot Creek, Letcher Co KY d 6 Apr 1940; age 72; Letcher Co KY; buried Lucas Cemetery, Crown, Letcher Co KY; findagrave 98178131; d/o Findley Collins and Nancy Gibson. Children of Elijah Eli Lucas and Mary Polly Ann Collins;

1. Jerry Lucas b 12 Jan 1886 Dry Fork, Letcher Co KY d 8 Apr 1964 Pike Co KY; m. (1) Virgie Banks. Jerry Lucas m. (2) 1905 to Deliah Pigman.

2. Annie Lucas b 12 Apr 1887 d 12 Apr 1887

3. King Lucas b 4 Jan 1888 Dry Fork, Letcher Co KY d 22 Aug 1927 Hazard, Perry Co KY; m. 1907 to Jane Messer

4. Namon Lucas b 26 Dec 1890 d 27 Jul 1961 Dry Fork, Letcher Co KY; m. 1908 to Sadie Stidham.

5. Wesley Lucas b 1 Dec 1891 d 7 Jan 1922 Glowmar, KY; m. Polly Ann Couch.

6. Dicy Lucas b 16 Dec 1894

7. Elizabeth Lizzie Lucas b 16 Dec 1894; m. (1) George Brown. Elizabeth Lizzie Lucas m. (2) John Bearden.

8. Eliza Lucas b 21 Apr 1896 d 21 Apr 1941 MI; m. Bill Powell

9. Willie Lucas b 25 May 1898 d 28 Dec 1956 Winchester, KY; m. (1) Martha Jane Pigman. Willie Lucas m. (2) Pearl Begley.

10. Martha Lucas b 18 Mar 1901 Wise Co VA d 20 Mar 1990; m. (1) William Fred Hughes. Martha Lucas m. (2) John Bearden.

11. Lettie Lucas b 8 May 1903 Dry Fork, Letcher Co KY d 19 Jun 1965 Dry Fork, Letcher Co KY; m. Brown Baker.

12. Finley Lucas b 13 Jan 1906 d 25 Jan 1967 OH; m. Nancy Cornett.

13. Sam Lucas b 12 Sept 1908 Dry Fork, Letcher Co KY d 1 Sept 1990 Kings Creek, Letcher Co KY; m. Pearl Ison.

14. Oma Lucas b 30 Jun 1911 Dry Fork, Letcher Co KY d 14 Jul 1982 Tiffen OH; m. Andrew Tyree.

Elijah Eli Lucas
and Ritter Brown

Elijah Eli Lucas b 15 Oct 1867 Lester KY d 1 Jan 1962 Lester, Letcher Co KY; s/o Aaron Lucas and Eliza Vanover. Eli Lucas m. abt 1941 to Rita Ritter Brown b abt 1920 KY. Children of Elijah Eli Lucas and Ritter Brown;

1. Wanda Faye Lucas b abt 1945 KY

2. Eli Lucas Jr. b abt 1948 KY

3. Millard Ray Lucas b abt 1952 KY

4. Villion Rose Lucas (Vivian) b 2 Dec 1955 KY

5. Nathan J Lucas

Eli Lucas, 92 Year Old Fathre
Beams on 19th Child

The following article was published in the December 31, 1955, issue of the Wilmington Morning Star: 92-Year-Old Father Beams On 19th Child. Whitesburg, Ky., Dec. 30 (AP) - There's a new baby at the Eli Lucas cabin, the 19th for the 92-year-old father. "And I'm not through yet by a lot of it," Uncle Eli said with a chuckle. "There'll be more, I hope." The baby arrived Dec. 2 and was named Villion Rose.

Earlier, it had been reported the baby was born yesterday and that Lucas was 91. But he was quick to set the record straight. "I was 92 years, one month and 17-days old when the baby came. My wife's 35." he told a photographer. Records here verify his statement. Uncle Eli, married twice, had 14 children by his first wife and five by his present wife, Rita. They were married in 1941.

Twelve of the children are alive but only three, Wanda Fay, 10, Eli Jr., 7, and Millard Ray, 3, live at the tiny cabin, eight miles from Whitesburg, the county seat.

"Whenever news of a new baby in our family gets out, a heap of people write and ask what kind of food I eat to make me such a man," Uncle Eli said. And, his wife added, "there was one letter recently from an old man wanting to know how he could go about getting a young wife, too." Uncle Eli contends there is no particular reason for the longevity that runs in his family. A paternal grandmother lived to be 107 and Lucas' father was 97 when he died. "I've just worked hard all my life, eat cornbread and fat meat and paid my debts," Uncle Eli explained.

For years he made a living from farming. He also served 21 years as a deputy sheriff without ever carrying a gun in a remote area where a connon-sized pistol often was the only convincing badge of authority. Today, Uncle Eli spends most of his time on the front porch but manages to dig a little in the garden behind the house. "Lots of folks tell me I don't look any older than I did years ago, but I can tell a big difference. I can't hardly get up and down without pulling on something." That said, he went out and began to work in his garden.

Eli Lucas
15 Oct 1867 - 1 Jun 1962

Published 7 Jun 1962, The Mountain Eagle, Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY: Eli Lucas, 94, dies at hospital. Eli Lucas, Crown, died Friday at Whitesburg Memorial Hospital. He was 94. Mr. Lucas was born at Camp Branch and was a son of Aaron and Eliza Vanover Lucas. He married Polly Ann Collins in 1884 and after her death he was married to Ritter Brown. He was a miner and former railroad worker and served as a deputy sheriff in Letcher County for 20 years. He was a member of the Regular Baptist Church. Survivors include four sons, Jerry Lucas, Shelbiana; Finley Lucas, Columbus, Ohio; Sam Lucas, Whitesburg, and Eli Lucas Jr., Crown; six daughters, Mn. Lizzie Thomas, Michigan; Martha Bearden, Texas; Mrs. Mrs. Lettle Baker and Wanda and Vivian Lucas, .all of Crown; and Mrs. Oma Tyree of Tiffin, Ohio, and SO grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the home of Sam Lucas Sunday by Louie Adams, Maynard Banks and others. Burial was in the family cemetery on Dry Fork. Craft Funeral Home had charge of funeral arrangements.

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