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Descendants of Hans (John) Maegert Maggard


48. Abraham Maggard

Included in 1870 census
St. Paris PO, Johnson Twp., Champaign Co., OH, HH #2
Michael, age 47, OH, Farmer
Sarah, age 42, OH
Julia, age 26, OH, Keeping house
John, age 16, OH, Farm Laborer

50. Jacob Maggard

Jacob Maggard patented three parcels of land in MO in 1829, 1844:

Deed Books M and N1799-1804
Compiled by Amelia C. Gilreath14200 Vint Hill Road, Nokesville, Virginia 22123
July 1989[The is a copy of this book at the WV State Archives and History Library in Charles ton, WV July 19, 1997 -KJ]
M-11, 28 June 1798 Between Margaret Magert of County of Shenandoah [to] Frederick Judy of the County ... consideration of twenty pounds ... tract of land lying and being on the south si de of south river of Shenandoah it being part of a tract of one hundred and fifty three acres of Land which was granted to said Margaret Magert by patent the 15th of August 1789 and part there of hereby conveyed to said Frederick Judy ... line of the land which did belong to David Magert deceased ... Containing fifty eight Acres ...Wit: John Mundell Margaret (X) Magert Isaac Strickler Jacob Magart Recorded: 11 June 1799
M-13, 28 June 1798 Between Margaret Margart (widow) of County of Shenandoah [to] Jacob Margert, son of said Margaret, of same County ... consideration of twenty pounds ... tract of land lying and being on the south side of the south river of Shenandoah it being part of a trac t of one hundred and fifty three acres which was granted to said Margaret Magert by patent th e 15th August 1789 ... containing fifty seven acres ...Wit: John Mundell Margaret (X) Magert Isaac Strickler Fredk. Judy Recorded: 11 June 1799

Jacob Maggart moved from Kentucky to Howard county Missouri where he paid taxes in 1817. He later moved to Scotland County where he was known to take his gun to church, kill a deer on the way, and leave his son to watch it until he returned. Susan was living with her daughter Elizabeth Ann in Scotland County in 1850.
Following note from Dave Maggard (leftysoldguitar@yahoo.com)
Jacob Maggard was born to Henry Maggard and Margaret Sullivan before 1782 in Sullivan or Davidson County., Tennessee after his marriage to Susan Bright, he lived in Ky a few years then pioneered to Randolph County., in 1815 or 1816 in Missouri and built a fine two story home which was used as a Union hospital after the battle of Vassar Hill on July 18, 1862 this battle took place between Maj. Cloppers Union forces , 11th Calvary Missouri State Line Militia and Confederate forces under the command of Col. Joe Porter. 83 Union forces were killed or wounded and also a total of 23 Union fatalities were later buried on the Maggard farm which were casualties of that battle. the Jacob Maggard house is now owned by Dean E. Bradley and is vacant at this time, and is currently on the State and National historic register

Susan Bright

Email from Pat King 3-2004 <jerpatking@thegateway.net>

Obituary in CA of Irvine Johnson in 1889 states that Susan Bright, the mother of his wife Elizabeth Ann Maggard, was born in SOUTH CAROLINA in 1783.
The family kept meticulous Bible Records, etc., and the biographies of many members of this family were recorded and published, so I find it hard to imagine that they would say that Susan was born in SC if she was not.
Susan Bright Maggard was living with Irvine Johnson and his family at time of 1850 census in MO, but Irvine and his family moved to CA 1853-1854. The question is, did they move after the death of Susan in MO, or did she attempt the trip to CA and die along the way? There seems to be no record of her death or burial anywhere

Catherine Kepler

Marriage Bond from the Greenbrier County (North House)Historical Society Museum (actual document on file).
Know all men by these presents, That we David Judy and Frederick Kepler are held and firmly bound unto James P. Preston Governor of Virginia and his successors, for the use of the Commonwealth, in the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, to which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated thies 27th day of January A.D. 1818
The condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas a marriage is shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound David Judy & Catharine Kepler both of Greenbrier county, if therefore, there shall be no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage, the the above obligation to be void, otherwise to reamin in full force and virtue. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of JA M Mathews
David Judy's mark and seal
Frederick Kepler's mark and seal.

178. Samuel Judy

There seems to be way too much confusion on the births of children by both wives via the internet, therefore I am not listing any.

59. Adam Maggard

(Written by Guyneth Williams for "Champaign County Ohio 1991," p. 208-9.)
After the death of Adam's parents, he and his wife, Polly, lived on the homestead in Johnson Twp. Adam and Polly had five children: Milly; Jesse, probably married Rebecca Jones and died in Indiana; Solomon, born 1815, married Sarah Michaels about 1839 and died September 5, 1855 in Clark County, Illinois; Moses married Katherine Higginbottom in Logan County 1838 and died in Clark County, Illinois; Andrew married Elizabeth Maggert July 28, 1844 and died February 1847 at St. Paris, Ohio.
Polly's life was short; she died before 1828. Adam then married Sarah Shroufe March 13, 1828. They had two sons, Allen and Jacob. Soon after 1850 they moved to Indiana. Adam died there March 4, 1853 and is buried in Valley Cemetery, Sparta Township, Noble County.
Adam's son, Solomon, had a son, Charles, who was among the last of the true pioneers. On September 16, 1893, near Hennessey, Oklahoma, Charles was one of 100,000 landseekers on horseback, on wagons, and on foot. At high noon, when the starting signal was fired, they raced across the trackless prairie Indian lands to stake 160 acres near what is now Lahoma.
His young son, James, was with him and after improvising a shelter in a creek bank, Charles brought his wife and daughters, who had waited near Hennessey, to the makeshift sod house. One of the daughters was my mother, Estella, who was 10 years old at the time. Oklahoma red soil produced good wheat crops and soon the family had a two-story white frame house to enjoy.
The son of James, USAF Lt. Col. Donald Maggert, began the search for our ancestors and I have continued since his death, nine years ago. My husband, USAF Col. Hugh Williams (Ret), and I visited Champaign County in the autumn of 1990. Nice homes, tall corn, and colorful woods dot the landscape of Jacob and Mary's land. As in olden days, a Pence family lives not far away. On the land once owned by Thomas and Nellie, Owens Creek still looked clean and clear, sparkling in the October sunlight.
Old pioneer names I have seen in census books we found in neighboring cemeteries. Among them were many Maggerts, generation after generation.

60. Elizabeth Maggard

Included in the 1860 HH is an Eva Maggart/Maggard age 19, OH

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