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Descendants of Hans (John) Maegert Maggard


88. David "Long Dave" Maggard

Notes from Coming Down Cumberland
David was 2 yrs old when the Maggards came down Cumberland. He was the smallest of all when they came down the Cumberland, he became the tallest of all....therefore he was called "Long David"
Early in life, David became a devout Regular Baptist, later becoming a minister (called Elder in that area) in his chosen denomination. He served on the Presbytery that ordained Elder Jim Dixon, a noted mountain preacher.
His parents grew old and feeble. David and his family moved in to take care of them. After a while an opportunity came for settlement in far away Carter Co., KY. David moved his parents to the home of his youngest brother, Moses, who lived near what is now the Maggard Cemetery (site of Vera Raleigh home). David moved his family to Bruin Creek in Carter Co., KY. He prospered greatly and there built a nice home which he painted white. It was then the only white house in Carter Co., consequently the surrounding community was named White House. It is likely that Henry and his wife are buried on Bruin Creek.

Susan Harrison

Susan was the daughter of Col. John Harrison, and said to be a cousin of President William H. Harrison.

309. Francis Maggard

KY death record
Name: Frances Frazier
[Frances Maggard]
Death Date: 28 Sep 1857
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: abt 1840
Birth Location: Letcher
Father's Name: David Maggard
Mother's Name: Susan Maggard

Samuel "Sammie" Caudill

1850 Letcher Co., KY Census list the following for HH # 5, all born in KY except for Samuel
Samuel, 46, Farmer, Val. 700, b. NC
Sarah, 41
David, 19, Farmer
John, 17, Farmer
Mary, 15
Margaret, 12
Abner, 11
Susanah, 8
Abel, 7
Samuel, 6
James, 8/12

Notes from V.N. Phillips, Author of Coming Down Cumberland
Samuel (Sammie) was taken by his father, Mathew, to stay with Sarah's father Samuel to learn the trade of a fine gunsmith, and to pay for his keep he would assist the Maggards in farming and other duties. Through the summer, 20 yr old Sammie, labored with the family and remaining slaves on the Maggard farm. On Rainy days or when there were no field duties, old Samuel Maggard instructed Sammie in the art of gun making.
Sammie fell in love with Sarah but Samuel Maggard wanted them to wait for another year or so before getting married. One mid-September morning Sammie took his new gun and announced that he would like to take a hunt with it towards the mouth of Joe Day Branch. Later in the morning Sarah took a pail and said she was going to the upper spring, near mouth of Joe Day Branch, to get fresh drinking water. She took her brother James (8 yrs old) with her and when Sammie and Sarah met she told James to "Play along through the field, but when you get home, tell father that me and Sammie have gone to get married"
Samuel Maggard laid them off a tract of land there on Cumberland and helped them build a nice hewed log house. It is described by one of the Caudill children that the house was at the foot of big Black Mountain. May possibly be at the head of Joe Day Branch.
Later this couple moved to Knott Co., and settled for a few years near present Hindman. During the Civil War they moved to Rowan Co., KY where they settled near Moorhead.
They built another hewed log house high on a rounded hill. There they lived the rest of their time, and are buried in a family cemetery on that farm.

Daniel Pound Short

The 1880 census of Elliott Co. KY, Mocassin precinct, shows as family #55:
Wm R. Durham, 28, farmer, NC NC NC; Ellen, 25, wife, KY NC NC (really ditto marks); Elijah, 9, son; William, 7, son; Doctor B. F., 3, son; Odom, 1, son. (The children all have ditto marks in the birthplace columns, which if taken literally would mean that Ellen wasn't their mother, since she was born in KY, but I think the census taker just forgot to enter the birthplaces in the columns for Ellen's parents.)

Living next door at family #54 are:
Odem Cox, 59, farmer, VA VA VA; Sydney, 52, wife, KY ENG KY; James, 19, son; Sydney, 16, dau; Charles R., 13, son; Willis R., 11, son. All children born KY VA KY. (Even though the birthplaces don't match for Ellen's parents, the name Odom for Wm & Ellen's son suggests looking at the Odem Cox family in 1870.)

So doing that, the 1870 census of Elliott Co, Newcombe Fork precinct, family #97:
Oden Cox, 49, farmer, VA; Lydia, 43, KY; Henry, 17; Ellen, 14; Phebe, 12; James, 10; Sidney, 6 (male); Charles, 4; Willis, 1. (I believe Lydia 43 and Sydney 52 are the same wife; capital L and S are almost indistiguishable in handwriting of the period. Which is the correct name, I don't know. Notice also that the child Sidney/Sydney has changed gender between the two censuses.)

90. Samuel II Maggard

Some notes from Coming Down Cumberland
Samuel early professed faith in Christ and before long began preaching the gospel.
He married at about 19 yrs old, they settled first at the head of Cumberland, and then moved to the Left Fork of Troublesome Creek, Knott Co., KY
About 1873, he and his wife moved in with a daughter, Roseanna Maggard Bradley, who lived near the mouth of Quicksand, in Breathitt Co., KY. Samuel and his wife both died there.
1850 Letcher Co., Census: Dwelling 46, Pg 128a used to validate/input some information
He was a Baptist Preacher who wrote hymns, many are still sung in that section.

1850 Letcher Co. census listed:
John: age 15
Moses: age 13
Mary: age 11
William: age 7
Jemima: age 5
Sarah: age 4
Samuel: age 2

Maggard, Samuel, Jr.
State: Kentucky Year: 1840
County: Harlan Roll: M704_113
Township: Unknown Townships Page: 109
Image: 218

91. James Franklin (Panther Jim) Maggard

Picture of double headstone reads:
In Loving Memory
They Have Left This Weeping World Below
James Abigail
Nov. 6, 1816 July 7, 1818
Oct. 11, 1874 Nov. 15, 1877
Safe In The Bosom Of Our Savior

Some notes from Coming Down Cumberland
James (called Jimmie) "Panther Jim" got this name by taking on a panther with a knife. That knife was forged by his brother John, an expert blacksmith, and had a two edged blade that was fourteen inches long.
Just a year or so before he got the knife he went hunting, with his younger brother Moses, far up Pine Mountain behind Maggard Cemetery. Near midnight the dogs treed a large panther and James raised his rifle and took careful aim at what he thought was a point just back of the panthers nose, but what he thought was a nose was a bend in the back leg. Injured, the panther sprang down for James and James threw the rifle to Moses for reloading, he then attacked the panther with a hatchet in one hand and a knife in the other and killed the panther before Moses could get the gun loaded.
Before Autumn harvest in 1836 he went bear hunting with the bear dogs, not long he got a shot at a huge bear but only injured it. The chase was on. Finally in the dark woods just above the valley Callahan Creek (near present Stonega, VA) Jimmy got a fatal shot. Jimmy knew he couldn't drag the bear back over Black Mountain and he had heard a girl calling a cow in the valley below and there was the smell of cornbread. He aimed to drag it down to the farmstead below, skin it out, give most of it to the family and save only a few choice pieces to carry back home the next day. As steep as the hill was he had no trouble sliding the bear downward. As it was it slid out right at the railed in milking lot. A tall girl was sitting on a 3 legged stool milking the family cow. That cow snorted a time or two, jumped sidewise, knocking the girl backward and the milk pail went sailing, pouring part of the contents over the downed girl. By then the cow had jumped the fence and bawling loudly was tearing down Callahan Creek, and the girl was soon up scolding the mountain hunter. Her father came due to the commotion. He calmed when he recognized one of the Maggard boys from over on Cumberland (his son Silas had already married Jimmy's niece). Old Eley (Eli) Boggs just called for his son Billy (who would later be the notorious "Devil Bill" Bill Boggs) to go see if he could catch the cow. Then he called his other sons to help with the "bear butcherin" and told Abigail (Abby) to go see if she couldn't hasten up supper a bit, this Maggard boy "wher hongry".
That is how my G-G-Grandfather met my G-G-Grandmother
During that winter, his father laid off a tract of land for his son. It included what was later the Dave Mullins farm and on up Cumberland to near the Maggard Cemetery. James (Jimmy) erected a small log house about where Shepherd's store (now Maggard's store) later stood. It's possible it was in the little bottom just below it. James and Abby were in that house for several years. Later he chose a new house site located further down Cumberland. Here he built another hewed log house situated up and down river. In the 1850's he added another hewed log house across the end of his older building. The front door of this portion faced down river.

He became a member of the Oven Fork Regular Baptist Church at an early age, later he served as its clerk. Finally he began to preach and was ordained as a minister (Elder) on the first Sunday in September, 1868. His credentials were signed by Rev. Wiley Morris and Rev. Jim Dixon, both noted ministers of the area.

The summer of 1874 he could only occasionally rise from his bed to sit by his cabin. One day he saw a very tall figure riding slowly toward the cabin, it was unmistakenly "Long" David, then an old man, yet he had ridden all the way from Carter Co., KY to see his ailing brother.

October 11 that year "Panther" Jim was helped to his cane bottomed chair outside the cabin door. A little later he called for his Bible. His son, Elihu, took it to him. A little later, "Panther" Jim had leaned back against the cabin, his hands were folded over his Bible, and he was gone.

In those days when one died, they were simply buried. Then later a funeral meeting was called for them. It was not until next May that his funeral meeting was held. Long David once again rode from Carter Co., to attend the meeting. Later in the service Long David stood alone and sang a song which he had composed especially for his brothers service. It was Long David's last visit to Cumberland Valley, which he had come down when he was a 3 yr. old child.
1850 Letcher Co., KY census,
James Maggard, m, 33, Val. 150, b. KY
Abigail Boggs Maggard, f, 32, b. VA (d/o Eli Boggs & Tabitha Pennington)
Sally, f, 12, KY
David, m, 10, KY
Henry, m, 8, KY
Mary, f, 5, KY
James, m, 5/12 months, KY

Descendant online: Roxie G. Maggard-O'Hagan <topaz1946@gmail.com>

Abigail (Abbey) Boggs

Some notes from Coming Down Cumberland
After the death of Panther Jim, Abby and son Elihu stayed on at the old home for about 2 yrs.
The late Abby Callahan of Rock Castle Co., KY and a daughter of Preacher Dave Maggard, once stayed with them for awhile, doing cooking and house work (Abby Callahan was named for her grandmother).
Elihu married in 1876. At that time the home was broken up, a sale being held to dispose of the property. After that Abby began to live around among the children. She seemed never to be happy again. It is possible she fell into the throes of involutional melancholia, with its resultant acute anxiety and depression. This may have been developing before her husband passed away. For it is said that when Panther Jim was away and left her alone and went into the mountains to hunt, she would become troubled and fearful. She would then send someone to bring him in saying that the love of Jimmy would drive the witch spells away. Most people in that area believed in witch spells, and she mistook her symptoms as being the oppression of neighborhood witches. It seems the passing of her husband and the breaking up of her home drove her deeper into gloom and despair.
The late Martha Maggard Sumpter-Back-Caudill Crase, remembered Henry coming for his mother, but the
mother did not want to go. Henry gently persuaded her, getting her bonnet and placing it on her head, and he took her to his home.
She was living with her son Henry when she hung herself from a beam with an old loom.
She was buried next to her husband in the Maggard Cemetery in Eolia, Letcher Co., KY

341. Francis Maggard

KY birth record
Name: Francis Maggard
Birth Date: 19 May 1859
Birth County: Cumberland
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Father's name: James Maggard
Mother's name: Abigal Boggs

Cause of Death: Cold-from wading the Cumberland River

92. Moses (Old Moses) Maggard

Some notes from Coming Down Cumberland
Moses was the last son of Samuel, later yrs he was called "Old" Mose to distinguish him from other Maggards with that name, including his son. Moses took an early interest in farming. The name Moses came into the Maggard family because of the old slave that had come down Cumberland with the Maggards many yrs. before. His name was Moses and was said to have been bought from a family named Judy back in VA (a Maggard or two had married into the Judy family). He was such a faithful slave and beloved by the Samuel Maggard family.
Moses was given a large tract of land around the green spur (site of present Maggard Cemetery).
His home was erected on the site of the present Verna Raleigh house.
He was known to be hard to understand in speech, he either had a foreign accent or had a speech impediment.

1850 Letcher Co. Census: Dwelling 48 used to validate/input some information

93. Rebecca Maggard

The following is an excerpt from interviews in the "Dickey Diary":
Rebecca Maggard Boggs Combs, Hazard Co., KY 4-26-1898, pp 2261-3:
"I was born in 1821 in Harlan Co., Ky on the Poor Fork. My father was Samuel Maggard. He was born in Rockbridge, Co., Pa, He was Dutch (?). My mother was Rebecca Robertson. They had 12 children to live to be grown. The children were; John, Susannah, Henry, Rudolph, David, Mgt.[sic], Sarah, James, Moses, Samuel, Rebecca & Elizabeth.
Susannah married Henry Back, related to the Breathitt Backs.
Mgt.[sic] married Jesse Adams
Sarah married Samuel Caudill
Elizabeth married a Creech. He was killed in the war.
My father and mother were members of the old Baptist Church, so were my brothers & sisters.
John was the father of Samuel, Rueben or Rudolph Maggard of Leslie Co.
My parents died on the Poor Fork, six or eight miles from its source.
My husband's name was Abel Boggs. He was raised on the Callahoun Creek, Lee Co., VA, a mile from the Powell's River.
I was married to Mr. Boggs when I was 15 years old. We had 4 children.
Jesse, who lives at Hazard
Silas, lives at tombstone, a Baptist Preacher
Elizabeth (Huff), who lives on the head of Call in Knott Co.
Susannah, who married William Amburgey and lives in Montgomery Co., KY
I married John S. Combs, Nov 1875"

Henry's mother Rebecca Maggard Boggs does not claim Henry as a son in this interview, did she forget Henry and Jane? Jane being the oldest child of Able and Rebecca, or was Henry dead at the time or did she for one reason or another disown Henry? Henry Boggs, age 22 is listed in the 1880 Perry Co., KY census with Polly Ann, wife and sons Samuel and Jesse, per Woodrow Boggs, grandson of Henry C. Boggs. Henry died abt 1881 when Samuel Marcus Boggs was only 3 or 4 years old. Supposedly had a general store in Hazard at the time of death. Boggs, was the name of the store.

Abel Boggs

Source: Paul Boggs
Paul Said: Now we have papers showing that Rebecca & 1st husband Abel Boggs also had a son by the name of Henry. Henry will be Paul Stanton Boggs g-grandfather.
1850 Letcher Co., KY Census list the following for HH #208,
Abel Boggs, m, 37, farmer, 400, VA,
Rebecca, f, 39, KY
Jane, f, 17, KY
Elizabeth, f, 11, KY
Susannah, f, 9 KY
Silas, m, 5, KY
Nancy Mullins, 14, f, KY

From the 1860 Census of Letcher Co., KY, house #236 from Brian K. Caudill, bcaudill@metrolink.net
Abel Boggs, m, 47, VA
Rebecca, f, 38, KY
Silas, m, 15
Jesse, m, 8
Henry, m, 5
Why Rebecca leaves out Jane & Henry in the Dickey interview is anyones guess.

From Perry Co., land records, 1868
Boggs, Able,
Grantee Walker, John
Grantor Deed Book "D" Pg. 23, Acres or Lots
250 acres Troublesome Creek.

Notes for Abel Boggs:
Raised in Lee Co., VA
On the Callahana Creek he was christened.
He was buried at Boggs Cemetery at Carrie, KY Knott Co.
Abel Boggs is on the 1843 & 1848 Tax list in Letcher Co., KY Cumberland River.

Notes for Rebecca Maggard Boggs:
The following is an excerpt from interviews in the Dickey Diary:
Rebecca Maggard Boggs Combs, Hazard, KY, 4/26/1898, pp 2261-3; I was born in 1821 in Harlan Co., KY, on the Poor Fork. My father was Samuel Maggard. He was born in Rockbridge Co., PA. He was Dutch. My mother was Rebecca Robertson. They had 12 children to live to be grown. The children were; John, Susannah, married Henry Back, related to the Breathitt Backs. Mgt [sic] married Jesse Adams, Sarah married Samuel Caudill, Elizabeth a Creech. He was killed in the war. My father and mother were members of the Old Baptist Church, so were all my brothers and sisters. John was the father of Samuel, Rueben or Rudolph Maggard of Leslie Co. My parents died on the Poor Fork, six or eight miles from its source. My husband's name was Abel Boggs. He was raised on Callahan Creek, Lee Co., VA, a mile from the Powell's River. I was married to Mr. Boggs when I was 15 years old. We had 4 children, Jesse, who lives at Hazard; Silas, lives at Troublesome, a Baptist Preacher; Elizabeth (Huff), who lives on the head of the Ball in Knott Co.; Susannah, who married Wm. Amburgey and lives in Montgomery Co., KY. I married John S. Combs, Nov. 1875.
There is Able Boggs in the 1848 Tax List for Letcher Co., KY

1850 Letcher Co., KY census HH # 208
Abel, 37, Farmer, Val. 400, VA
Rebecca, 39, KY
Jane, 17, KY
Elizabeth, 11, KY
Susanah, 9, KY
Silas, 5, KY
Nancy Mullins, 14, KY

94. Elizabeth (Betsy Screech) Maggard

Some notes from V.N. Phillips, author of "Coming Down Cumberland"
One of Elizabeth's delights was to strum a dulcimer and sing old ballads that had been handed down through generations of the Maggard family and Robertson clan. Her dulcimer had been crafted by old Ely Boggs. It was brought to her by James (Panther Jim). Her love of music and singing to Gib is what won his heart. they lived for a time on Cumberland. Later they moved to Leslie Co., KY. They were living there when the the Civil War commenced. Gib bid his family good bye to go and fight. He was captured by the foe and was shot and killed on Big Leatherwood Creek in Perry Co., KY on the site where later stood the Marion C. Cornett home. He is buried at P.H. Hall Cemetery.
Elizabeth gathered her children to return to Cumberland and on the way they reached Leatherwood Creek, Elizabeth made inquiry and finally found her late husbands grave. There she took her dulcimer from the sack and standing at the head of the grave she strummed out a tune and made up a long song to go with it...a song which was never written down.

Gilbert (Gib) Creech

Gilbert was charged with bushwhacking by persons of Confederate sympathies. He was tried by a court-martial and shot on the spot during the Civil War by the Confederates

359. Martha Creech

KY birth record
Name: Martha Schrich (CREECH)
Birth Date: 12 Feb 1852
Birth County: Harlan
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Father's Name: Gilbert Schrich (CREECH)
Mother's Name: Elizabeth Maggard
County of Residence: Perry

364. Nancy Creech

Married a cousin


John Creech

Rec'd this:
Database: roxiemaggardclan
Individual: I02733
Link: http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=roxiemaggardclan&id=I02733
Name: Sue Ann Hornung White Morrow
Email: Kygal@tampabay.rr.com
URL: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~kyborn/index.html
URL title: Kentucky is My Home!
to view her death certificate please go to this link:


103. Andrew Bush

Included in 1850 HH
Susan M. Persinger, age 16

388. Alchany J. Bush

Alleghany Co., birth record
Name: A. Bush
Birth Date: 20 May 1858
Race: White
Sex: M (Male)
Father: Andrew
Mother: Patsy
Number at Birth: 1
Page: 12

104. Jacob Bush

Included in 1860 HH
Sarah Bush, age 42, VA
Eliza Brown, age 16, OH
Alfred Zughars, 23, Boatsman, Prusia?
William Zughars, 24, Sailor, Prusia ?
Theodore Zughars, 19, Sailor, Prusia ?

105. Adam Bush

Adam is not listed with this family in the 1850 census

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