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Descendants of Hans (John) Maegert Maggard


268. John "Johnny" Maggard

Note from V.N. Phillips
Johnny and Nancy were married by "Long" David Maggard.
About 1851 he took his family and walked out of the hills of Kentucky, to the Ohio River, where they took a steamboat for Missouri. They settled in Douglas Co., MO
During the Civil War, he served in the Union Army.
It is thought that his wife died in MO. They had settled at Keltner, on Swan Creek, near Rome, Douglas Co., MO. In 1907, he moved with his son, Jesse, to Venus, Madison Co., AR. The trip was made by wagon. He died about one month after arriving there.
A granddaughter remembered his strange death. He had called all of the family to his bedside. There he shook the hand of each just as if he were leaving on a journey. When all farewells were said, he turned toward the wall and quietly died.

Note from Jeanne Dobbs
Living with son Jesse in 1900.

Following notes from Bev
From: MIKESHONEY@aol.com
Subject: Re: [MAGGARD-L] John P. Maggard and Louisa Soward
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 16:11:16 EST

In a message dated 03/25/2000 7:44:52 PM Central Standard Time, bcaudill@metrolink.net writes:

Can anybody help with this Maggard Line. I received the following query to be placed on my Letcher
County web page:
I am looking for information on John P. Maggard abt. 1829 married Louisa Soward. he is the son of Henry
Maggard and he died in Lecher co., Henry abt 1801 married a Elizabeth Parker I believe they may
have moved to Letcher co., from Va. John P. was killed in the civil war and At Cowan Creek ?

My records show this John Maggard to be the oldest child of Henry Maggard and Elizabeth Parker, born
in 1829, died 1863/1864 by bushwhackers during the Civil War. I do not have a record of a wife. However,
a John Maggard recorded a land deed in Letcher County, KY (Book 23, page 281) for 100 acres on the
Poor Fork. The land was surveyed 4 November 1847.

According to the 1850 Letcher County Census, there is a listing for a John H. Maggard 24, KY and wife
Surviller (Mullins) 23, KY and children David 3, KY and Mary 1, KY. There are no Sowards listed in
Letcher County in 1850. Also, I find an entry in the Oven Fork Church records dated Saturday, August
2, 1850, which reads: ..."then John Maggards letter was red (sic) to the church which stated that hitt KO
(?) has against the church and requested the church for a letter of dismission for him and his wife and it
was granted them." I also find an entry in the church records dated September the second Saturday,
1852 where..."Abel Boggs made application for a letter of dismission for Brother John Maggard and wife
and it was granted them".

My research indicates there were 2 John Maggards in the area between 1850-1852. Both were married
in 1846. I believe John B. Maggard had already moved to Perry County, KY, according to dates of land
deeds, so that should eliminate him. There was a Johnny Maggard, son of Rudolph Maggard. This
Johnny Maggard's wife was Nancy Bolling. My records indicate they moved to Douglas County, MO
c. 1851. Possibly Abel Boggs' request for the letters for John Maggard and wife may have referred to
this John Maggard.

The first reference to John Maggard in 1850 MAY have indicated this was John Maggard, son of Henry.
If he was married, the church records do not indicate his wife's name. I do not show a John P. Maggard in
any of my records, nor a Soward.

By the way, there was another church located at Cowan. I do not know when it was formed, but in June
1858, the Cowan church requested ministerial help from the Oven Fork Church.

There are no entries made in the church records from the 1st Saturday in September until the next entry
which is the 3rd Sunday in August, 1866.

Folks, this is simply a process of elimination, and a good deal of assumption.

St. Louis


From: Mary Kuhn
Date: Thursday, June 07, 2001 21:30:40
To: Roxan O'Hagan
Subject: Johnny Maggard

I didn't notice this bit of info on your web page.

This information taken from a book called "Christian County It's First 100 years" pages 164 and 165
found at Library in Ozark, MO:

John Maggard and Nancy Bolin Maggard (two of the charter members of the Union Hill Missionary
Baptist Church) came to Missouri from Kentucky during the 1840's. They lived at "Egg Tavern" before the
Civil War. Two of their children died there. With the help of one neighbor they prepared them for burial
and carried them approximately two miles to a small cemetery which is just across the road from the
John Harville residence. There were so many Bushwhackers prowling about on the Jackson Port Road
that Mr. Maggard was afraid to live in such an exposed place. He selected a spot in the easternmost
part of the county (Buck Branch) where there was no road, built a cabin, moved his family into it, and
joined the home guards.


859. Mary "Polly" Maggard

Name is Polly on marriage license.

Caleb David Hampton

May have had more than one wife, some of the children were born when the mother was more than 50 yrs old.

272. Henry M. Maggard

1860 Letcher Co., Ky census. Living with his brother John in 1850.
Died of Typhoid on same day as mother and buried in same grave.

Jemima Sturgill

1850 census age is 14

871. Nancy Maggard

KY Birth Record
Name: Nancy Sturgill
[Nancy Maggard]
Birth Date: 3 Dec 1855
Birth County: Letcher
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Father's Name: Henry Maggard
Mother's Name: Mima Sturgill
County of Residence: Letcher

Marriage Record....Note...Husband name John
Name: Nancy Maggard
Age: 19
Est. Birth Year: abt 1855
Birth Location: Letcher
Father Birth Location: Harlan
Spouse Name: John Williams
Spouse Age: 20
Est. Spouse Birth Year: abt 1854
Spouse Birth Location: Letcher
Spouse Residence: Letcher
Marriage Date: Aug 1874
Marriage Location: Letcher
County of Record: Letcher

273. Margaret "Peggy" Maggard

KY death record
Name: Peggie Hampton
[Peggie Maggard]
Death Date: 11 Aug 1917
Death Location: Letcher
Residence Location: Letcher
Age: 80
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 1837
Birth Location: Letcher, Kentucky
Father's Name: Rude Maggard
Father's Birth Location: Letcher, Kentucky
Mother's Birth Location: Letcher, Kentucky

275. Samuel Maggard

Information below is from a Maggard message board,via Jim Dingus
************************************************************************** *
To all Maggards concerned. I would like to point out an error in Bud Phillips' book, Coming Down
On page 61 the wife of Samuel (d 1889) is listed as Betsey Bolen. (m about 1860} The Children are listed
as (p62) Arminia, Lilbren, and Frank. Sam was my great grandfather and he married Sarah Wright, (d late 1880's), Cousin of Devil John Wright. Arminia should be Armanda, she was my grandmother. Lilbren, I'm not sure of the spelling, but the pronunication is correct, my great uncle. Frank is correct. Unknown is unknown, Mom never mentioned a fourth uncle. If anyone has any information on Betsey Bolen I would like to have it. Was Samuel Maggard perhaps married twice?
Jim Dingus great grandson of Samuel Maggard and Sarah Wright Maggard.

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276. Silas Maggard

Birth year is 1859 on the 1900 census

America "Mary" "Elizabeth" Roberts

2 different birth dates for Elizabeth
1. Source...Coming Down Cumberland
2. Jeannie Dobbs
Name was America in 1860 and then Merican in 1870 and Elizabeth in 1880. Then America on the 1900
Douglas county census and that she had given birth to 10 children with 7 living.

277. Elihu M. Maggard

Source: Letcher co. Marriages record #8, 1888
Buried by 1st wife in Hall Cemetery, Elkhead, MO

MO death certificate: #6842
Elihue Maggard
Age: 75yr 2m 3d
Informant: James Maggard, Keltner, MO
Burial: Ongo Cemetery

893. Mary Jane Maggard

Headstone has birth as 1892

896. John Henry Maggard

MO death certificate #8700
John Henry Maggard
9yrs 8m 26d

Gladys Butler

Name: Gladys V. Maggard
SSN: 496-52-5624
Last Residence: 65608 Ava, Douglas, Missouri, United States of America
Born: 22 Mar 1924
Died: Apr 1990
State (Year) SSN issued: Missouri (1964)

899. Benton Maggard

Never married

278. Moses Maggard

He was a widower in the 1920 census

Lucinda Melvina Roberts

Name is Mary L. on marriage license
Headstone shows Cinda Maggard, no dates

907. Caleb "Burley" Maggard

WW1 Draft reg. card (M) Sept. 12, 1918
Name: Caleb Burley Maggard
Home address: Salina, Mayes Co., OK
Birth Date: 22 May 1898
Age: 20
Occupation: Farmer
Nearest reltive: Moses Maggard
Height: Medium
Build: Medium
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Race: White
Roll: 1851888
DraftBoard: 0

911. Rosie Maggard

Rosey Maggard not listed in HH of Father in 1920 Mayes Co., OK

279. Caleb Dire Maggard

KY birth record
Name: Calob Maggard
Birth Date: 17 Jun 1874
Birth County: Letcher
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Father's Name: Rudolph Maggard
Mother's Name: Elisabeth Boggs
County of Residence: Letcher
Notes from V.N. Phillips
Caleb and Sarah lived for a time in Douglas Co., MO.
After the death of Sarah, Caleb moved to Nowata, OK where he died.
WW1 Draft reg. card (M) Sept. 12, 1918
Name: Caleb Maggard
Home address: Fairland, Ottawa Co., OK
Birth Date: 17 Jan 1874
Age: 44
Occupation: RR Trackman,
Nearest relative: Joseph D. Maggard
Wife dead
Height: Medium
Build: Medium
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light
Race: White
Roll: 1852067
DraftBoard: 0

Sarah Elizabeth Pruett

Her Mother Harriet died in 1879, Sarah was very young and was raised by Josephs sister Betsy.
In 1880 she was living with her Uncle David Pruett and his sister Elizabeth"Betsy".
Betsy was living with her and Caleb in the1900 census.

280. John P. Maggard

Notes from V.N. Phillips, Author of "Coming Down Cumberland"
John met a sad fate and became the first Maggard to be buried in the Cemetery that now bears the family name. He fathered a child by a young neighbor girl, whose father refused to let them marry. However, the father soon allowed the girl to marry a much older man, who soon moved her to his home near the head of Big Cowan Creek. But the young lovers continued to see each other on the sly. Once when John was visiting her in her remote cabin, the husband unexpectedly returned home. John fled to the attic and hid behind a large grain box. One of the hunting dogs "picked up the scent" and began barking up the pole ladder which led to the attic. The husband became suspicious, climbed up, and discovered his wife's lover in hiding. He quickly dropped back to the room below and loaded an old cap and ball pistol. Returning to the attic he found John knocking off roof boards trying to escape. He was shot by the irate husband. John was carried down the mountain to his Uncle Moses home, then buried in the Maggard Cemetery. The young woman came along with those who carried her sweetheart to his uncles home, bringing their child along with her. She would never live with her husband after that. She returned to her fathers home near the Henry Maggard place, and there lived the rest of her days. Not long after returning there, she "took up" as they say on Cumberland, with John's brother James. They never married but she bore several children by him.

What may the truth be????????

The following is from Joel Hager
An irate husband in KY did not kill John P. Maggard. As the book coming down Cumberland states. He married Lousia Sowards. And his son Thomas Maggard moved to WV. And served on the jury of the Sid Hatfield trial. However he was killed by bushwhackers during the civil war.

931. Nancy Shepherd

Not listed in 1870 HH

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