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Descendants of Hans (John) Maegert Maggard


Jeremiah P. Dixon

Note from V.N.'S Phillips
Jermiah , KY was named after Jeremiah Dixon. Mr. Dixon was Tax Commissioner of Letcher Co. for sometime

Phoebe Brashears

It is shown on the web tht Phoebe is a Phoebe Margaret and she died in 1920. I find Phoebe in the census as being alive in 1930.

2281. Arthur (Judge) Dixon

I am including a section of an email I received from Margaret Collier on 05-06-01
She gives a good Character reference.

Anyway, in looking over the information you had, I have run across so many family names that were familiar to me that I am completely unable to comprehend it all. We are related to the Colliers (several of whom were listed), the Maggards, and I noted on the list a Judge Arthur Dixon from Whitesburg. Surprisingly, he was the first person I worked for after I got married and moved here from Wise County, Virginia. I worked for him for four years, and he was one of the sweetest and best people I ever knew in my life.
Note from V.N.'S Phillips
Judge Arthur was a maker of fine Kentucky rifles

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