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Descendants of Hans (John) Maegert Maggard


Sanford Amos Debord

1900 Rowan Ky census Ed 116-16-11 fam 275 Rowan MD 3 Hogtown
Sandford Deboard, age 33 b Feb 1867 KY, KKK farmer can read/write m 13 yrs
Manda S. Deboard, age 31 b April 1869 KKK 1c 1l, Danel H. son, age 12 b July 1887 KY, James Nickell, bo, age 14, b June 1885 KY

1910 Rowan KY ED 74-156-253
Santford A. Deboard age 43 b Ky, Amanda S. Debard age 41 b Ky m 23 yrs 1c 1l, Henry age 21 son b Ky, Freddy Arnold age 14 boarder b KYKYKY, Earnest Arnold age 12 boarder b KYKYKY.

1920 Rowan Ky 227-3-16 fam 39
Sanford Debord age 52 b KYNCKY, Manda age 50 b KYKYKY wife, William E. "cousin" age 6 b KYKYKY

1930 Rowan KY
S. A Debord 1866, Mertie Debord 1891 wife, Isa Mae Foster 1919 daughter

Ashland obit: DeBorde Sanford Dry Creek, Rowan Co., Ky June 1, 1932/6

Buried Caudill Cem Rowan Co KY (the one at Brady's cruve on US 60 near HW519) Stork Street Morehead Ky
1. Amanda Debord b 2 Apr 1869 d 14 Mar 1921
2. smaller stone beside Amanda Debord's: Henry her son, dates not clear but looks like Aug 1887 - Mar 1917

Following article per Terri Pettitt
Article in the Rowan County News of Thursday, June 2, 1932:

"Sanford DeBord died Tuesday evening as the result of serious knife wounds received Sunday night at the hands of Sam Cassity, according to reports. The cutting was the result of a quarrel earlier in the evening, it is alleged.

Cassity whose home is in West Virginia and who arrived here for a visit on Saturday evening, accompanied by his wife, was an old friend of the DeBords, it is said. He and his wife were visiting at the DeBord home and DeBord and Cassity had attended church together Sunday morning. Various stories with regard to the cutting have been circulated. All stories agree that the quarrel started at the DeBord home.

Cassity and his wife left there and later DeBord set out for the home of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Caudill. He met Cassity and his wife on the way and the cutting occurred. DeBord was cut fourteen times in the stomach and abdomen and died on Tuesday night. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. DeBord was a brother-in-law of D. C. Caudill and D. B. Caudill of this city and an uncle of Steve and John Caudill. He was 66 years of age, while Cassity is said to be 53 years. (Note by HLD: D. C. and D. B Caudill were David Crockett and Daniel Boone Caudill brothers of Sanford's first wife Amanda Caudill who died in 1921 ; D.B., D.C., and Amanda were children of Abel Caudill and Mary Hall. John and Steve Caudill were children of Sanford's sister, Elizabeth, who married Henry Clay Caudill, son of David Caudill and Rosannah Christian)

Cassity immediately gave himself up to Constable Andy Alderman and is being held in the county jail pending his examining trial.

On Monday, DeBord made a deathbed statement to County Attorney J. W. Riley. He said that, realizing that he was about to die he wished to make a final statement of the tragic affair. He said that Cassity and his wife came to his home where they planned on spending the night. They had been great friends in the past. While they were standing talking, Cassity, who he said had been drinking, knocked him down. Cassity and his wife then left. Mrs. DeBord and her children also fled. After Cassity left, he (DeBord) went down to Steve Caudill's to find his wife. He said that he had evidently gotten ahead of them and turned back when he got to the barn, running into Cassity accidentally. He stated that they had exchanged words but that Cassity jumped on him and knocked him down and then proceeded to cut him up. He admitted that at the time he had both a pistol and a knife on his person but that he had not been able to get either of them out of his pocket. He also carried a stick and attempted to strike Cassity but did not know whether or not he had succeeded. He admitted that he had two drinks with Cassity, the liquor belonging to Cassity, but stated that he was not under the influence of liquor at the time.
Examining trial for Cassity has not been held."
Note by HLD: This must refer to the 2nd wife and children of Sanford Debord. Sanford's 1st wife was Amanda Caudill (sister of Daniel Boone Caudill and David Crockett Caudill). I'm fairly certain that Amanda died in 1921 in Rowan. I have not found Sanford in the KY Death Index, which is not surprising for a normal death but is very unusual for a violent death.

1173. Samuel (Twin) Caudill

1930 Rowan KY index
Samuel M. Caudill 1871, Tinie 1874, Roy 1914 son, Gladys Scaggs 1908 daughter Charles E. Scaggs son (sic)

Buried Caudill Cem, Stork St Morehead KY
1. Samuel M. Caudill 29 Dec 1870 - 3 Jan 1949 DS
2. Tinnie Caudill 25 Feb 1874 - 17 Aug 1967
KY Death Index: Samuel M. Caudill age 78 d 3 Jan 1949 in Fayette, resident Rowan
The Morehead News Thursday, Jan 6, 1949
Twin tragedy ends in funeral for 3
A funeral was held today for Samuel M. Caudill, 78, his twin sister Mrs. Sarah A. Scaggs, and her daughter, Miss Pearl Scaggs, 50. Mr. Caudill died Monday in a Lexington hospital. Mrs. & Miss Scaggs, enroute from their home in Kankakee, Illionois to attend the funeral, were killed Tuesday evening in an automobile accident at Lewisburg, Mason Co. Mr. Caudill was born Dec 29, 1870. He married Lucinda Blair at Blair's Mills on May 26, 1893. He leaves a son, Roy Caudill, four daughters, Mrs. Thelma Barker of Ashland; Mrs. Gladys Beckwith of Smithville, Tenn.; Mrs. Anna Reynolds of Clay, and Mrs. Vergie Elam of Morehead. Also six brothers, Dave C., Cornelius P. & D. B. of Morehead, George W. of Lexington, Joseph E. of Palm Beach, Fl; Watson H. of Philadelphia, and one sister, Mrs. Hannah Blair, Morehead.
"Mrs. Scaggs was the wife of Dr. Aleck Scaggs who practiced in Morehead several years before moving to Lovington, Ill. He died in 1944. They are the parents of Hannah Maurer wife of Dr. Siegfried Maurer of Chicago, Luther Scaggs of Long View, Tx, and Harold Scaggs of Amarillo, Tx."

Lucinda "Tinnie" Blair

KY Death Index: Lucinda B. Caudill age 93 d 8/17/1967 in Fayette, resident Rowan

3241. Thelma Frances Caudill

Her obituary in the Rowan County News of March 16, 1961 read "Final services for Mrs. Thelma (Caudill) Barker, 58, will be conducted this (Thursday) morning at 10 o'clock in First Church of God in Morehead followed by burial in Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens.

Mrs. Barker passed away Tuesday morning [March 14, 1961]. She was born Oct. 20, 1902 in Morgan County, daughter of the late Samuel M. Caudill and Lucinda (Blair) Caudill. Her mother, who has been ill for some months, survives. Her father was one of Morehead's pioneer builders and prominent business men.

Immediate survivors are her husband, John L. Barker; a son, William Litton, Paintsville; and two daughters, Mrs. Virginia Schrader, Covington, and Mrs. Louella Carter, Circleville, O. She also leaves a brother, Roy C. Caudill, cashier of the People's Bank of Morehead; and three sisters, Mrs. Virgie Elam and Mrs. Anna Clay, of Morehead, and Mrs. Gladys Haggard, Winchester. There are nine grandchildren; a step-daughter, and three step-sons.

Mrs. Barker was a devout and active member of the Church of God. Reverends John Conley and Stanley Caudill will officiate at this morning's funeral. Arrangements are being cared for by Stucky-McBrayer Funeral Home."

1179. Daniel Boone Caudill

From a 1908 newspaper clipping reproduced in the 1956 Centennial Edition of the Rowan County News:

"Mr. Daniel B. Caudill and Miss Etta Proctor were married at the home of the bride Friday night at 8:30 o'clock, F. C. Button officiating. Mr. Caudill is one of our most promising young lawyers and business men. He was educated in M.N.S. and the Normal School at Valparaiso, Ind., where he took both the law course and the commercial course in banking. Miss Proctor was also a student at Morehead Normal. The happy couple will reside in our city, and the best wishes of all our citizens will be with them."

1183. Hannah Mae Caudill

Rowan KY Marriages: Hannah Caudill age 16 res Wagoner b Rowan fb Letcher mb Morgan to Isaac C. Blair age 21 res Blairs Mill b Morgan parents b Morgan on 3 Nov 1902 @to be @bride's res, @Able Caudill's by S. B. Caudill w: A. E. Caudill, S. A. Deboard

KY Death Index: Hannah M. Blair age 94 d 9 May 1981 in Franklin Co KY

Isaac Cassity Blair

Rowan KY Marriages: Hannah Caudill age 16 res Wagoner b Rowan fb Letcher mb Morgan to Isaac C. Blair age 21 res Blairs Mill b Morgan parents b Morgan on 3 Nov 1902 @to be @bride's res, @Able Caudill's by S. B. Caudill w: A. E. Caudill, S. A. Deboard

1910 Morgan Ky
Isaac Blair age 29, Hannah age 23, Oscar age 6, Everett age 4

Buried Caudill Cem Stork St Morehead KY
1. Isaac C. Blair 1881-1947
2. Hannah Blair 1886-1981 DS w Isaac

KY Death Index: Isaac C. Blair age 66 d 24 Aug 1947 in Rowan

3246. Everett D. Blair

KY Death Index: Everett D. Blair, d. 14 July 1968, age 62, Rowan Co., certificate Vol. 36, #17804.

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