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Descendants of Hans (John) Maegert Maggard


1448. Samuel Marcus Boggs

Source: Paul Boggs Notes
Marriage Record: Oct 30, 1901, Samuel Boggs to Nora M. Combs at Bud Combs. Witnessed by Jesse Boggs, Polly H. Boggs, Bud Combs, ML, Surety was A.S. Petry, MG. Marriage Book G, Pg 40-41.

From the KY Land Grants: p, 1047 Grantee: Boggs, S.M. Acres: 38, Book: 124, Pg 178, Date Survey: 12-20-1912, County: Perry, Watercourse: First & Lost Cr.

For a time, while living in Perry Co., KY, Samuel and his family lived at a place called Rock Branch, in Combs, KY.

Some of Samuel Marcus Boggs children were walking home and seen a snake. They went running home to tell their father. He got his gun and told the children to show him where they saw the snake. Upon getting to the location the snake had crawled under some rocks. Samuel Marcus gave the gun to one of the children so that he could lift the rock and find the snake, the gun went off and shot their father. He either died on the way to the hospital or after he got there.

The information below comes from Darrell Wood, son of Flossie Boggs, grandson to Samuel Marcus Boggs, Daddy Sam (Samuel Marcus Boggs) was not killed in a hunting accident but as follows:
Woodrow, June, Kathleen and Earl saw some copperhead snakes go under a rock or log as they walked from school, back to Rock Branch, where they lived. They told Sam, and he took a pistol with him and went back to the snake site. He got a limb and was prying up the log or rock the snake or snakes went under and handed the pistol to Earl to hold. Earl obviously activated the trigger accidentally and shot Sam in the side. the area where we lived (including my mother and I, I was 3 yrs. old) was remote and Sam was carried to the rail line as the closest place he could be taken to the hospital in Hazard. He died either the next or following day. From the KY death Index 1911-1986 Samuel M. Boggs, Date 8-31-33, Age 56, Place, Perry, Volume 40 Cert. 19832, Death Vol. 33, File #678 Vol. "G" Pg 40

Nora "May" Combs

Source: Paul Boggs Notes
1880 Perry Co., KY census #464
Combs, Elijah C., 22, (m. 28 Jan 1879, s/o Elihannon & Harriet)
Sarah Jane, 21
Nora, 6/12, b. Nov 23, 1879

4064. Chalmers Earl Boggs

Source: Darrell wood:
Earl learned printing at the Masonic home and after he came out of the Navy at the end of WWII he managed the print shop there. They printed lots of job stuff for organizations. The home only kept students through the 9th or 10th grade. Earl turned 17 before Pearl Harbor and his first attempt to enlist in the Navy was turned down because he was underweight. He came home and ate bananas and everything he could stuff down, went back a week later and was still under weight. An examing doctor said "Take him anyway, he will gain weight in boot camp". from the KY death Index: Chalmers E. Boggs Deathdate8-30-1992, Age 68, Sex M, Race, White, Placecode, 256, Place JEFFN, Residence, 256, Volume 42, Cert. 20865, Deathvol 92

Francis Stubblefieldf

Source: Paul Boggs Notes
Francis birthplace is per ss# 539-26-7141 issued in Washington, residence, 40291, Louisville, KY

1449. Jesse A. Boggs

WW1 Draft Reg. Card
Name: Jesse A Boggs
County: Perry
State: Kentucky
Birth Date: 21 Sep 1879
Age: 38
Race: White
Roll: 1653779
DraftBoard: 0
Occup: Surveyor
Nearest Relative: Allie Boggs (Wife)
Height: Medium
Build Medium
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark

Source: Paul Boggs Notes
Jesse a. Boggs, Date 23-29-59, age 80, Place, JEFFN, Residence, Jefferson, Volume 57, Cert 28047, Deathvol 59, File # 441 Vol. "H" Pg 14 Married by Robert Combs
KY Death Index
Name: Jesse A Boggs
Death Date: 29 Dec 1959
Death Place: Jefferson
Age: 080
Residence: Jefferson
Volume: 57
Certificate: 28047

Allie H. Combs

Source: Paul Boggs Notes
Allie Thomas Combs according to family papers was the sister of Nora Mae Combs who married Jesse's brother, Samuel Marcus Boggs. Possibly born in Perry Co., KY and possibly died in Louisville, KY, SS#402-62-2846

I, Roxan, Am not convinced on this marriage....Note above states Allie Thomas Combs. I would think that the "Thomas" was a maiden name. Also previously stated in Nora Mae Combs notes, there was a mention of a brother, Oscar B., b. 1881, it did not mention anything about a sister born the same time. Were there twins? Allie was listed as Allie "H". Combs, wife of Jesse A. Boggs, Typo???

Alice Maggard

Source: Marcia Wilson

Luther Cornett

Included in 1910 Census
Novie Maggard, Step-daughter, age 9

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