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Descendants of James Harvey May


12. Mary Ann May

111 Ira Runyan, Descendants of John Runyon (Pond Creek, KY) http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/r/u/n/Ira-A-Runyan/GENE9-0001.htm l 1850 Pike County, Kentucky census (born in 1825, per 1850 census) 1870 Pike Co., census (living with her son William J. May), age given as 50. Jonah May (jomay@eastky.net)
Who does James W. May belong to? Age 28 in 1870. Lived nest door to George Ball and William May in 1870 census.

Adron Runyon

94 Jonah May (jomay@eastky.net) "Runyon Genealogy" by Robert and Amos Runyon, 1955 on page 25 Adron Runyon was born in Tazewell County, Virgnia, June 14, 1801. When a lad he came with his parents, in 1811 or soon thereafter. Adron was living with his parents in Floyd County, Kentucky, in 1820. Adron married Jane ("Jennie") Maynard, daughter of Moses Maynard, December 23, 1824, in Pike County. Moses Maynard signed the marriage bond. Jane was born February 25, 1810, on John'sCreek, which is now in Pike County, and died May 30, 1883. After the death of her husband she lived the remainder of her life at the homestead on Pond Creek. Adron was granted 1,192 acres of valuable coal and tember land, and he purchased other large tracks of land on Pond Creek. He was justice of the peace in Pike County from 1847 to 1857. He devoted most of his time to clearing and cultivating his land holdings. In his later days he was known as "Squire Runyon"; however, his neighbors, friends, and young people called him :Uncle Add". His last will was executed May 26, 1857, and probated August 15, 1859. He left his estate to his wife and children, excepting a tract to be used as a church and cemetery site. He was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church and served as the first secretary until July 2, 1859. He was appointed deacon January 13, 1844." Adron went on a bear hunt July 1859 and upon returning he became critically ill with abdominal pains, (appendicitis ?) and died. (Source: "Supplement To Runyon Genealogy" 1962, page 203) Notes for Mary Ann May: Mary Ann May was never married to Adron Runyon. She was a house keeper for Adron and his wife Jane Maynard. On 10/30/1997 Ireceived E-mail from Vicki Hurst (bbw@netprowler.com) and she stated that " I too am a descendant of Adron Runyon, but through an illegitimate child by a woman named Mary Ann May." During the month of October, 1998 I received E-mails fromJonah May (jomay@eastky.net) from Kentucky who said: "I am descended from Adron Runyon and one of his mistress', Mary Ann May. Mary Ann was a house keeper for Adron and his wife Jane (Maynard) Runyon, and she had 5 children by Adron. A set of twins that died and then William Jefferson, Washington and Harvey May. Washington May's death certificate states that his parents were Adron Runyon and Mary Ann May. Washington May was my GG-grandfather. All three of these boys marriedRUTHERFORDS, two were sisters and the third was a double 1st. cousin. Also I have a note from the special collection dept. at the Pikeville College Library that states that Adron had 4 children by Mary Honaker. I have no further information on the Mary Honaker that was supposed to have 4 children by Adron Runyon, just the note. Mary Ann was born 2-17-1817 in Va. and died 1900 in Pike County. One of my uncles could remember her, and said she told them that she always wanted to kill Adron's wife Jane, so she could have Adron to her self, but could never get enough nerve, because Jane was to good to her over the years. Adron was a justice of the peace and performed the marriage ceremony for all 3 boys and then gave them each a large track of land. I do not have birth certificates for the 3 boys of Mary Ann May, but I do have copies of their marriage license. The Pike County, Kentucky Death Records by Dorcas M. Hobbs and John W. Picklesimer on page 55 shows; WAHINGTON MAY, 44 years, Married, Died: 1878, Birth place: Pike County, Kentucky, Parents: Adron Runyon & Mary A. May, both born Pike County, Kentucky, Cause: Fever. These are well known facts through the descendents of Mary Ann May, that should have been RUNYON, but instead carried the MAY name because their parents were not married." The above information has not been varified by me, and Runyon researchers may want to seek further documentation of this relationship.

Martin Brosten Smith

Located on 1850 census in Pike County,Kentucky

Arminda Melvina Tucker

had 18 children

14. Daniel May

12 children
Located on 1850 census in Pike County, Kentucky

David Kidd

Found in Wayne County, Kentucky on 1860 census.
Found in Martin Springs, Whitley County, Kentucky on 1870 census.

20. William Tunnell Ball

I am unsure on the information on his wives, I am not sure which kids belong to who, because the dates do not match up.

Jesse Swain

Found in Rockhold, Whitley County, Kentucky on 1860 census.
Found in Marsh Creek, Whitley County, Kentucky on 1870 census.

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