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Descendants of George McConnell


36. Dr. Abraham Berry McConnell

He was a physician.

130. Sarah D. (Sally) McConnell

They had at least six children: (1) Florence Storng born 1857, married Hugh Smith December 21, 1880; (2) Martha S. Strong born May 30, 1859, married Will Pendleton; (3) Samuel Strong born May 30, 1859; (4) Lucy Strong born 1862; (5) Hannah Strong; (6) Susan Strong.

131. Elizabeth Compton McConnell

Elizabeth and Robert Strong had at least two children: (1)Eleanor Victoria Strong born August 15, 1859, married Son Dotson; (2) Helen Strong born May 15, 1862.

Elizabeth and R. A. Smith had at least four children: (1) John Smith married Lizzie Quillen; (2) George W. Smith married Lulu Dougherty; (3) Lillie Smith married N. M. Frazier; (4) W. P. Smith married Emily Meade and Margaret Edwards.

132. Milton O. P. McConnell

Milton, a member of the original Nickelsville Spartan Band, died on Culp's Hill, Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. He enlisted July 2, 1861 at Nicklesville, Scott County, VA at the age of 19.

134. Polly McConnell

Polly and Samuel had nine children: (1) Robert L McClellan married Kade Salling; (2) A. B. McClellan married Myrtle Salling; (3) George McClellan married Anna McClellan; (4) James McClellan married Dela Wolfe; (5) Cleve McClellan married a Brooks; (6) Florence McClellan married George Broyles; (7) Hester McClellan married James Reed; (8) Victoria McClellan married Henry Enix; (9) Rebecca McClellan married Hop Quillen.

137. Serepta McConnell

Serepta and Charles had ten children: (1) Ezekiel Quillen married Laura Wampler; (2) Elbert Quillen married Sallie Hartsock; (3) John A. Quillen married Hannah Chatman; (4) Floyd Quillen married Nannie Chatman; (5) Vernon Quillen married Lillie Lane; (6) Warner Quillen married Alice Compton; (7) Anna Quillen married Emery Brickey; (8) Elizabeth Quillen married Brent Baldwin; (9) Pearl Quillen married Kenneth Lane; (10) Hop Quillen married Rebecca Quillen.

140. Florence McConnell

Florence and Marion had six children: (1) Helen Wampler; (2) Hop Wampler; (3) Laura Wampler married Thomas D. Addington; (4) Ava E. Wampler married Sylvester C. Dougherty; (5) W. W. Wampler (male) married Ackland Broadwater; (6) Ethel Wampler married Charlie Quillen.

Rev. William Washington Addington

Both William and Cora were ministers in the Pentecostal Church.

41. Capt. Henry Morse McConnell

Captain Henry McConnell organized the Nicklesville Spartan Band and marched them to Abingdon and service in the Confederate army. He was discharged by October 1861, "ruptured on one side while on detached duty from company." He lived until the age of 76.

42. Sylvester P. McConnell

Sylvester Patton was in school in Missouri when he was called back home to Scott County to take care of the family's business interests after his father had become ill. He enlisted as a private in the Nickelsville Spartin Band, 48th Virginia Infantry at age 33. He won a battlefield commission as Brigadier General with another unit. In 1864, he returned to his old job as the Scott County Clerk. He was able to save the county records from Federal cavalry units. He remained clerk until 1865 "when he was turned out by the Federal military government." He was active in postwar politics and was director of the Bristol Coal and Iron Narrow Gauge Railroad. He never did return to college.

On the 1880 Census - Estillville, Scott County, VA, S. P. McConnell age 46, occupation Clerk of Circuit and County Courts, and Ezekial K. H. McConnell age 19 (attending school) were living with Ezekial H. Herron and his family.

Phoebe Frazier

She was the daughter of Thomas L. and Lucretia (Flanary) Frazier.

187. Narra (Nancy) E. (Ellie) McConnell

Her name is listed as Nancy E. on the birth record.

Henry M. C. Kilgore

Henry was a member of the Scott County Militia during the Civil War.

52. Phoebe McConnell

Eula Lyons McNutt of west end, Gate City, VA, genealogist and expert on grave locations, gave this information on Phoebe and George. She says that they both were buried on the Will Robinette place. A person named Ladd later bought the property and bull-dozed the graves to put in a swimming pool, not knowing that graves were in the honeysuckles. This is in Robinette Valley near the Scott/Hancock County line, near an area where brother, William McConnell, lived.

James Kilgore

James was in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

On the 1900 Census they were living in Hancock County, TN, District 66.

198. Launa E. Kilgore

She never married.

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