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Descendants of George McConnell


135. George W. McConnell

George and Mary had fifteen children with two sets of twins.

In the last part of 1800, pioneers from the counties of Scott, Russell, Washington, and Lee, came into wise County to open up this frontier. Around 1890, Lilburn and pat McConnell moved from the Fort Blackmore section of Scott County to what came to be know as Maytown and Riverview. pat and Lisburn were the sons of George and Mary. Mary moved to Wise County to be with her sons after her husband's death in 1905.

Mary A. Smith

Mary was the daughter of marcus and Celia (Senna) Moore Smith.

288. William Patton "Pat" McConnell

Pat was a merchant; operated a store in the Riverview section of Coeburn until the "great depression" forced him into closure. Pat and Becky are buried in Mills Cemetery, Coeburn, VA.

Rebecca Margaret Ann Henry

She was the daughter of Daniel and Mary Eliza Fletcher Henry of Scott County.

296. Leonidas A. (Len) McConnell

He was 3 months old on the 1880 Scott County, VA Census.

Lucy McClellan

She was the daughter of William A. and Rhoda Baker (Lawson) McClellan.

163. William P. McConnell

He was Scott County Treasurer.

Elizabeth (Eliza) J. Culbertson

It is said that she was the Florence Nightingale of the mountains.

R. L. Elliott

He was a Revenue Officer.

Abijah Alley

He was the son of John S. and mariah Jane (Quillen) Alley.

Hiram Alley

He was the son of James and Sarah (Quillen) Alley.

Lewis Scott Addington

He was the son of Henry and Elizabeth (Gulley) Addington.

Martha Jane Addington

She was the daughter of Charles Cromwell and Mary (Broadwater) Addington.

354. Rev. William Washington Addington

Both William and Cora were ministers in the Pentecostal Church.

Rosa May Addington

She was the daughter of W. E. and Nancy (Wampler) Addington.

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