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Descendants of James McPeak


358. Milton Jeptha McPeek

He reputedly had three middle names: Jeptha Jennings Bryan (contributed by Stewart McPeek) He died accidentally working in a coal mine in which he was decapitated.

675. Leona McPeek

Her name also appeared as Neona and Nona. The Kentucky birth records listed her as Nona. She married three times. The first was to a man named Spears, they later divorced. She married another man, who I have yet to learn his name and her final marriage was to Hinton Pardue.

Amanda Nichols

Her residence at the time of death was Dorton, Kentucky.

Milton Wright

Milton was the illegitimate grandson the infamous "Devil" John Wright.

Leo Randall Slusher

His body was cremated. Part of his ashes were sprinkled over his wife's grave and the rest at Pine Mountain, in Pineville, Kentucky (Sally slusher)

690. Elsie Ruth Wright

She died at two days of age. No record exists for her birth or death dates.

696. Don McPeek

He died on 12 February, but records were not filed till the 14th, which was listed on his official death record.

365. Myrtle McPeek

Her residence at the time of death was Jenkins, Letcher County, Kentucky. Her tombstone indictes she was born 28 May 1898 and died and died 12 December 1974.

Thomas Anderson

His tombstone indicates he was born 3 November 1896.

374. Milo B. Stevens McPeek

According to marriage records, he indicated his full name was Milo B. Stevens McPeek.

Caroline Moore

Her death certificate indicates she was born in 1878.

376. Emily Frances McPeek

Emma indicated she was divorced when she married Willard Maggard.

According to the Kentucky Birth Index, there were two girls born to Emma McPeek:

1. Virgie McPeek, died 12 November 1912 @ less than one year old. (father was W.K. Haynes)
2. Zola McPeek born 10 February 1914 in Pike County, Kentucky.

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