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Descendants of James McPeak


George F. Rice

The middle initial "F" in George F. Rice was originally Franklin. Unfortunately it was misspelled on his birth certificate as Frankel. While he was in the military, he had it changed to Franklin. Today he uses only the initial "F" for his middle name. (Kim Luther)

981. Daren Keith Henson


Blood stains remained today on the outside wall of an east Dayton house where 13 year old Darren Keith Henson was killed when a speeding, sliding car smashed him against the wall and partiallydecapitated him Friday night.
Dayton Police today said the car apparently went out of controll in the side yard of a house and struck the youngster as he stood talking to his girlfriend. The police said the car left the scene after the accident.
"The car apparently careened down the alley beside the house" said dayton Police Sgt., head of the homicide squad. "It plowed into the boy and pinned him against the house. Then the car backed up, started east in the alley, but some neighbors tried to drag the driver out of the car. That's when he lost control, hit a chained link fence and tree about 100 feet down the road. He demolished the car on impact with the tree. They dragged him out of the car, scuffled with him, but he broke loose, and ran home"
"I always said somebody would get killed in that Alley," the boy's mother Norma Henson, tearfully said today. "I didn't think it would be my son, though"
She said she had taken her son, his sister and his three friends to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds haunted house earlier Friday and had returned home.
Then young Henson, a Mac Farlane Elementary School eighth grader, had gone to his friends house to get permission for his friend to spend the night with him. He was returning home when the incident occurred, she said.
"he was standing on the steps, saw the car sliding and tried to run," said Henson's sister, Glenna.
"He loved football and skating. He was my only brother, a good kid."

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