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Roll of Field and Staff

NAME                  RANK                
John Dils, Jr.         Colonel             
David A. Mims         Colonel             
Stephen M. Ferguson   Lt. Colonel         
John B. Auxier        Major               
Martin Thornsbury     Major               
Levi J. Hampton       Adjutant            
John F. Stewart       Adjutant            
Robert F. Huey        Adjutant            
Martin Fulkerson      Quartermaster       
Lindsey Layne         Quartermaster       
James H. Hereford     Surgeon             
William E. Phillips   Surgeon             
James N. Draper       Asst. Surgeon       
James H. Phillips     Asst. Surgeon       
Hamilton Swetnam      Asst. Surgeon
Marcus S. King        Chaplain            
Lewis A. Thornsbury   Sergeant Major      
Clinton B. Bushkirk   Sergeant Major      
James E. Grace        Sergeant Major      
James W. Allison      Quartermaster Sergeant         
Tandy M. Layne        Quartermaster Sergeant         
William N. Randolph   Commissary Sgt.     
J.S.C. Taylor         Hospital Steward    
Isaac Rice            Hospital Steward    

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