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Company A

John B. Auxier Captain Promoted to Major Dec. 22nd, 1863
David V. Auxier Captain Killed Oct. 4th, 1864 at Saltville, Va.
Henry R. Brown Captain
Isaac Goble 1st Lt.
Richard L. Burchett 2nd Lt.
Jonathan Roton 1st Sgt.
Benjamin F. Hill Sergeant
Andrew J. Music Sergeant
Robert A. Hillman Sergeant
James M. Welch Sergeant
Samuel Elkins Corporal
George H. Clay Corporal
Christopher C. Hurt Corporal
Samuel Haws Corporal
James A. Webb Corporal
George W. Auxier Corporal
Louis Roberson Corporal
James Adams Corporal
Adams, James M. Private
Adams, Thomas Private
Adams, Joshua Private
Adams, Robert Private
Akers, William Private
Akers, James Private
Baldridge, John Private
Baldridge, Andrew J. Private
Baldridge, Thomas Private
Bow, Hargis Private
Bow, William Private
Bow, James Private
Christian, Louis Private
Castle, Benjamin F. Private
Crabtree, John Private
Devenport, Thomas Private
Devanport, Isham Private
Devanport, David Private
Devanport, William Private
Dials, Eli R. Private Captured during Johnson Co. Boat Fight Dec. 4, 1862
Elliott, Thomas W. Private
Elliott, Abraham Private
Franklin, Fredrick Private
Goble, Andrew J. Private
Grizzle, John Private
Hite, Robert Private
Hite, Nicholas Private
Hatfield, Owen Private
Hill, William E. Private
Herndon, Moses Private
Hannah, Samuel B. Private
Jourdan, George W. Private
McIntire, John Private
Music, Michael Private
Music, George W. Private
Music, Thomas M. Private
Meade, Lorenzo D. Private
Murphy, Alexander Private
Murphy, James C. Private
Milam, John Private
Milam, James Private
Milam, Henry Private
Preston, Nathan Private
Patrick, Greenville Private
Poston, Harvey G. Private
Rice, George W. Private
Rice, Andrew W. Private
Roberts, Benjamin Private
Roberts, George W. Private
Roberson, Geo W., Sr Private
Roberson, William J. Private
Roberson, Geo W., Jr Private
Reynolds, John Private
Reynolds, Oliver Private
Skeans, Henry Private
Smith, Thomas Private
Spears, Vincent F. Private
Spradlin, Soloman Private
Ward, Adam Private
Ward, William Private
Webb, James Private
Webb, William W. Private
Webb, Joseph H. Private
Welch, Peter S. Private
Welch, Toliver Private
Welch, William H. H. Private
Wells, Hiram Private
White, Harvey Private
White, Rufus Private
White, George Private
Wilcox, George W. Private
Williamson, James Private
Yates, Alexander Private


Baldridge, James Private June 15th, 1865 at Covington, Kentucky
Dils, William S. Private Date unknown at Louisville, Kentucky
Hannah, George W. Private Date unk. at Covinton, Ky, of wounds
King, Chocklet Private Date unknown at Louisville, Kentucky
Miliam, Samuel Private June 15th, 1865 at Covington, Kentucky


Grace, James E. Private Promoted Reg. Sgt Major, Nov. 1st, 1863
Huey, Robert S. Private Promoted to QM Sgt., October 1st, 1863
Randolph, Wm N Private Promoted to Comm. Sgt., Aug 21, 1863
Rice, Isaac Private Promoted Hosp. Steward, March 21st,1864


Badgett, Americus J. Private Died Feb. 24th, 1865 at Louisa, Ky
Castle, John Private Died April 4th, 1863 at Ashland, Ky
Elliott, James W. Private Died Feb. 26th, 1863 at Louisa, Ky
Ewing, James A. Private Died April 25th, 1863 at Louisa, Ky
Franklin, William J. Private Died July 14th, 1863 at Louisa, Ky
Isaacs, Francis Private Died Dec. 25th, 1864 at Lexington, Ky
Roberts, Richard Private Died Nov. 25th, 1864 at Lexington, Ky
Reynolds, Noah Private Killed Feb. 21, 1863 in Johnson Co, Ky
Spears, Thomas J. Private Died Aug. 26th, 1864 at Mt. Sterling, Ky
Sparks, Reuben Private Died April 1863 at Louisa, Kentucky
Taylor, J.J.C. Private Died March 22d, 1863 at Louisa, Ky
Wilcox, Owen Private Died date unknown at Louisa, Kentucky
Weddington, Jacob Private Died Feb. 5th, 1865 at Ashland, Ky

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