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Company B

NAME                   RANK               
William Ford           Captain            
Jacob S. Eberman       Captain            
Ellington Kilgore      1st Lieutenant     
John Breeding          1st Lieutenant     
John Frew Stewart      2d Lieutenant      
Andrew J. Adkins       2d Lieutenant      
John Harkins           2d Lieutenant      
Andrew J. Akers        1st Sergeant       
John W. Compton        Sergeant           
John W. Ford           Sergeant           
William H. Rowe        Sergeant           
Jacob P. Miller        Sergeant           
Wiley Tipton           Corporal           
James W. Ramsey        Corporal           
Alexander Baldwin      Corporal           
Spurlock Adkins        Corporal
Daniel Bias            Corporal           
George W. Kilgore      Corporal           
Jacob Kilgore          Corporal           
William R. Powers      Corporal           
Adkins, Samuel         Private            
Akers, Caleb           Private            
Alley, Joseph H.       Private 
Austin, Thomas         Private            
Baldwin, Jarvy         Private            
Baldwin, John W.       Private            
Blair, John            Private            
Blair, Isaiah          Private            
Burk, Moses            Private            
Burk, Owen             Private            
Calhoun, Robert        Private            
Clark, Isaac L.        Private            
Compton, William       Private            
Damron, James          Private            
Damron, Moses D.       Private            
Damron, Robert         Private            
Damron, William        Private            
Damron, Wright         Private            
Elkins, Andrew J.      Private            
Elliott, Robert        Private            
Ford, Andrew J.        Private            
Frasier, Cirus         Private            
Frasier, William       Private            
Gillum, John           Private            
Grant, John            Private            
Greer, William         Private            
Hall, Flemming         Private            
Hall, Henderson        Private           
Hall, Owen             Private
Hall, Richard          Private            
Hall, Robert T.        Private
Hall, Samuel           Private            
Hall, Squire           Private            
Hall, William, Jr.     Private
Hall, William Sr.      Private            
Hamilton, Craig        Private
Hamilton, Freeman      Private
Hamilton, John         Private
Harkins, John J.       Private            
Howell, John           Private
Ingland, George W.     Private
Ingland, James         Private
Ingland, Soloman       Private
Jones, Ambrose         Private
Justice, Caleb         Private
Justice, George T.     Private
Justice, Peyton C.     Private
Keathley, C. C.        Private
Keathley, Oliver G.    Private
Keathley, Sympkins     Private
Keathley, William T.   Private
Kiney, Henry           Private
Kiney, John W.         Private
Kiney, William         Private
Lewis, James M.        Private
Long, Joel D.          Private
McKinsey, Hiram        Private
Marshall, Hiram        Private
May, Soloman           Private
Mead, Robert           Private
Moore, John W.         Private
Powers, Jonas H.       Private
Powers, Reuben H.      Private
Ramsey, George W.      Private
Riley, George          Private
Robison, Harvey        Private
Robison, Richard P.    Private
Robison, Samuel        Private
Saulsberry, Wm T.      Private
Sturgeon, John         Private
Tackitt, Benjamin      Private
Tackitt, George        Private
Tackitt, Granville     Private
Tackitt, Harvey        Private
Tackitt, William       Private
Taylor, David          Private
Vanhook, William       Private
Vanover, David         Private
Vanover, Henry         Private
Wooten, Cassell        Private
Wright, James C.       Private
Wright, Joel, Sr.      Private
Wright, Wetzel         Private
Yost, Lorenzo D.       Private


William C. Kilgore 1st Sergeant Collins, Nathaniel Private Justice, William Private Rice, James M. Private


Austin, John Private Crabtree, John Private Neace, Samuel Private Newsom, Davenport Private Newsom, Lackey G. Private


Taylor, Charles Private

DIED Akers, James M. Private Died April 5th, 1863 at Ashland, Kentucky Compton, William Private Died May 31st, 1863 at Ashland, Kentucky Ford, James Private Died April 26th, 1863 at Louisa, Kentucky Gibson, George C. Private Died April 20th, 1863 at Ashland, Kentucky Gilburn, William Private Died March 14th, 1864 at Louisa, Kentucky Hall, Marion Private Died March 11th, 1863 in Floyd Helton, Robert Private Died September 8th, 1865 Justice, Jesse Private Died May 20th, 1863 at Ashland, Kentucky Lambert, Erastus Private Died April 20th, 1863 at Louisa, Kentucky Morgan, William Private Died July 19th, 1863 at Ashland, Kentucky Ramsey, John F. Private Died March 27th, 1863 at Louisa, Kentucky Stanley, John R. Private Died March 31st, 1863 at Ashland, Kentucky Taylor, John R. Private Died June 1st, 1863 at Louisa, Kentucky

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