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Company D

Martin Thornbury      Captain        Promoted to Major March 31, 1865      
Issac E. Gray         Captain        Promoted to Captain May 6, 1865       
Alfred C. Hailey      1st Lt.        Promoted to Capt., Co. E,  May 6, 1865
Hughy Plymale         1st Lt.        Promoted from Sgt to 1Lt, May 6, 1865 
Walter Thornbury      2d Lt.         KIA Sept 22, 1863 at Marrowbone Creek 
William Weddinton     2d Lt.         
Tobias Waggoner       1st Sergeant   
Loyd Rowe             Sergeant       
John W. Judd          Sergeant       
Thomas McCown         Sergeant       
Curtis Coleman        Sergeant       
Mitchel Nunery        Corporal       
William J. Hogstan    Corporal       
Thomas Hayton         Corporal       
Lewis Adkins          Corporal       
Lorenzo D. Porter     Corporal       
Berry C. Gilliam      Corporal       
Daniel J. Dougherty   Corporal       
Albert Thompson       Corporal       
Adkins, James D.      Private        
Baker, William        Private        
Baker, Thomas V.      Private        
Band, Henry M.        Private        
Bevins, John W.       Private        
Blackburn, Nathaniel  Private        
Biliter, William      Private        
Brown, William S.     Private        
Browning, Miles B.    Private        
Cain, Oliver          Private        
Childers, David       Private        
Childers, Pleasent    Private        
Clevinger, Silas      Private        
Coleman, Daniel       Private        
Coleman, Moses, Sr    Private        
Coleman, Moses, Sr    Private        
Coleman, Miles        Private        
Coleman, William      Private        
Cook, William         Private        
Dougherty, Francis M. Private        
Elswick, Harvey G.    Private        
Epling, James H.      Private        
Friley, William       Private        
Gilliam, Demarcus L.  Private        
Gilliam, John W.      Private        
Hamilton, James W.    Private        
Hayton, Moses         Private        
Hayton, Joseph        Private        
Hopkins, James C.     Private        
Hunter, Martin        Private        
Hunter, William       Private        
Hunter, Keanas P.     Private        
Johnson, William P.   Private        
Johnson, Payton       Private        
Justice, William C.   Private        
Justice, Alexander    Private        
Judd, William S.      Private        
Judd, Elijah H.       Private        
Justice, John         Private        
Kickhoefel, Earnest   Private        
McBrayer, Lewis P.    Private        
Mainard, Thomas       Private        
Michel, John          Private        
Mutter, John W.       Private        
Murphy, William       Private        
Nunery, Thomas        Private        
Patrick, Reuben       Private        
Penix, Isaac W.       Private        
Prater, John          Private        
Raney (Ramey), Miles  Private        
Ratliff, John, Jr     Private        
Ratliff, Colbert      Private        
Ratliff, Harrison     Private        
Ratliff, Joel         Private        
Rowe, Jacob           Private        
Rowe, Reuben H., Sr   Private        
Rowe, Reuben H., Jr   Private        
Rowe, Soloman         Private        
Sanders, Jacob        Private        
Shortridge, Jefferson Private        
Sick, Daniel W.       Private        
Sick, George W.       Private        
Smallwood, John       Private        
Smallwood, Wm H.      Private        
Spears, Arnott C.     Private        
Spears, George W.     Private        
Stratton, Richard     Private        
Swiney, Spincer       Private        
Sword, William J.     Private        
Thompson, Samuel      Private        
Waricks, Calvin       Private        
Weddington, Henry     Private        
Wilson, Asa           Private        
Wilburn, James        Private        
Williamson, Benjamin  Private        
Wolford, Daniel       Private        
Wolford, George       Private        
Yates, Howard         Private        


Brown, Jeremiah       Private        July 23, 1865 at Louisa, of wounds
Justice, James C.     Private        Feb. 15, 1864 at Louisa, of disability
Price, James R.       Private        Mar 19, 1865 at Louisa, of disability
Priest, John          Private        Jan. 24, 1864 at Ashland, of disability
Rowe, Stephen         Private        Aug 18, 1865 at Louisa, of wounds
Smallwood, Elijah R.  Private        Feb. 15, 1864 at Louisa, of disability
Thornbury, Levi       Private        Feb. 15, 1864 at Louisa, of disability


Coleman, Joseph       Private        February 19, 1863 to Company H        
Porter, Andrew        Private        July 1, 1863 to Company E             
Thornbury, Lewis      Private        Aug 24, 1864 to NCO Staff as Sgt Major


Isaac Elswick         Corporal       Died Dec 6, 1864 at Lousia, Ky        
Blackburn, John       Private        Died Aug 15, 1863 at Louisa, of wounds
Campbell, James M.    Private        Died May 9, 1863 at Louisa, Ky        
Casady, Henry         Private        Died March 14th, 1864 at Louisa, Ky   
Clark, A. J.          Private        Died July 2, 1863 at Ashland, Ky      
Coleman, Isaac        Private        Died May 24, 1863 at Louisa, Ky       
Coleman, Mathew       Private        Died June 2, 1863 at Ashland, Ky      
Collins, Harvey       Private        KIA July 2, 1863 in Pike County       
Duty, Russell         Private        Died July 3, 1865 at Louisa, Ky       
Johnson, John         Private        Died Jan 5, 1864 at Peach Orchard, Ky
Lacy, Keanas F.       Private        Drowned March 16, 1865, Middle Creek  
McCoy, Elijah         Private        Died May 8, 1863 at Ashland, Ky       
McBrayer, Soloman S.  Private        Died April 13, 1863 at Louisa, Ky     
Plymale, William H.   Private        Died July 29, 1864 at Andersonville, Ga
Price, John W.        Private        Captured July 2, 1863, died Salisbury,NC
Price, W.C.           Private        Died April 10, 1863 at Louisa, Ky     
Rowe, Huffman         Private        Died Nov 9, 1863 in Richmond, Va      
Rowe, Stephen W.      Private        Died April 2, 1863 at Louisa, Ky      
Ratliff, John Sr.     Private        Died July 27, 1864 at Ashland, Ky     
Slone, Jarrett        Private        Died April 10, 1863 at Ashland, Ky    
Smith, Curtis         Private        Died April 8, 1863 at Ashland, Ky     
White, Lewis          Private        Died March 4, 1864 at Louisa, Ky      

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