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Company F

NAME                  RANK 
Hezekiah Webb         Captain     Resigned March 16, 1865 
George J. Allen       1st Lt.     Resigned November 14, 1865 
Augustus E. Kendrick  1st Lt.     Promoted from Sgt to 1Lt. Nov. 21, 1864
Calvin Preston        2d Lt. 
James M. Easterling   1st Sgt.    Promoted from Sgt to 1st Sgt March 26, 1865
Joseph M. Webb        Sergeant    
Joseph Culbertson     Sergeant    
Felix T. Begley       Sergeant    
William Osborn        Sergeant    
James Ratliff         Corporal    
Hiram K. Begley       Corporal    
Jackson Morgan        Corporal    
Henderson Easterling  Corporal    
James Hamilton        Corporal    
Adams, Moses          Private     
Adington, George H.   Private     
Allen, Andrew J.      Private     
Allen, Samuel D.      Private     
Barnett, Nelson       Private     
Biggs, Wiloby         Private
Bolin, Daniel         Private      
Bolin, Enoch          Private     
Bolin, Rice           Private     
Brady, Elias          Private     
Carver, Wiley         Private     
Chapman, Albert       Private     
Click, William H.     Private     
Coburn, George        Private     
Coburn, John          Private     
Collins, Simon        Private     
Dingus, James H.      Private     
Easterling, Peter     Private     
Flanery, John L.      Private     
Frasher, John         Private     
Gibson, Riley         Private     
Gibson, William       Private     
Goodman, Andrew J.    Private     
Goodman, John         Private     
Goodman, Pleasant     Private     
Goodman, William      Private     
Goodman, William J.   Private     
Goodman, William K.   Private     
Hackworth, James      Private     
Handshaw, Adam        Private     
Handshaw, Andrew      Private     
Handshaw, Harrison    Private     
Hicks, Jesse          Private     
Hicks, Harrison       Private     
Holbrooks, Randolph   Private     
Howard, Irvin         Private     
Hughes, Walter        Private     
Jacobs, Leonard       Private     
Justice, Edmund       Private     
Kile, Robert          Private     
McCurry, Andrew J.    Private     
Martin, George        Private     
Martin, Simpson       Private     
Martin, William       Private     
Martin, Wyatt         Private     
Morgan, William       Private     
Morgan, Hiram         Private     
Mosely, Samuel        Private     
Nelson, Jacob         Private     
Orvins, John          Private     
Osborn, David         Private     
Osborn, Thomas        Private     
Patton, Harvey        Private     
Patton, Hiram B.      Private     
Patton, John Jr.      Private     
Patton, John Sr.      Private     
Patton, John P.       Private     
Patton, John R.       Private     
Patton, Samuel        Private     
Patton, Stephen       Private     
Patton, Robert        Private     
Patton, William P.    Private     
Pitts, Alfred         Private     
Prater, Ezekial       Private     
Prater, Newman        Private     
Prater, Wiley G.      Private     
Prater, William       Private     
Preston, David        Private     
Rose, George W.       Private     
Reffett, Daniel       Private     
Reffett, Joseph       Private     
Robinson, Harvey H.   Private     
Salyer, Henry         Private     
Salyer, Riley         Private     
Shepherd, Daniel      Private     
Simpkins, Richard     Private     
Sizemore, Apperson    Private     
Sizemore, Farris      Private     
Sizemore, Jefferson   Private     
Sizemore, Lindsey     Private     
Skeans, Thomas        Private     
Stergeon, William     Private     
Stone, John P.        Private     
Tussey, Jonathan      Private     
Webb, David J.        Private    
Webb, Richard         Private     
Whitt, James P.       Private     
Whitt, John B.        Private     


Brown, Daniel         Private     May 12, 1865 at Paintsville for disability
Prater, James         Private     May 25, 1865 at Covington for disability


William Hamilton      Corporal    Killed April 26, 1863 by accidental shot
William H. Patton     Corporal    Died Dec. 27, 1864 at Balt., Md of typhus 
Barnett Sebra         Corporal    Drowned June 23, 1865 near Cincinnati    
Henderson Gearhart H. Corporal    Died date unk. Andersonville prison, Ga.
Davis, John W.        Private     Died Oct. 3, 1863 at Louisa of typhus 
Dingus, David C.      Private     Died Aug. 13, 1864 at Mt. Sterling of typhus
Justice, Jackson      Private     Died Sep 2, 1864 Andersonville prison, Ga.
McGuire, William      Private     Died of wounds June 15, 1864 at Cynthiana
Nollen, Apperson      Private     Killed Jan. 1, 1864 in Floyd Co. by guerillas
Patton, Christopher   Private     Died March 2, 1865 at Lexington of small-pox
Patton, Henry         Private     Died date unk. Andersonville prison, Ga.
Patton, William       Private     Died date unk. at Andersonville prison, Ga.
Ratliff, William      Private     Died May 1, 1863 at Ashland of typhus 
Sizemore, John        Private     Killed Dec. 7, 1862 of accidental shot
Willis, George        Private     Killed in action Jan. 12, 1865 in Lawrence Co.

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