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Company G

NAME                   RANK               
Allen P. Haws          Captain            
John B. Vanhoose       1st Lieutenant     
James M. Rice          1st Lieutenant     
Addison Miller         2nd Lieutenant     
John Preston           1st Sergeant       
William Deboard        Sergeant           
Allen H. Miller        Sergeant           
John W. Hickman        Sergeant           
Arthur Boyd            Sergeant           
James Mullett          Corporal           
John H. Spencer        Corporal           
Lorenzo D. Harmon      Corporal           
Eli Conner             Corporal           
Michael Davis          Corporal           
John Deboard           Corporal           
Thomas B. Sanson       Corporal           
John Vanhoose          Corporal           
George Bishop          Musician           
William Childers       Musician           
Burgess, George T.     Private            
Boyd, Anderson         Private            
Borders, Daniel        Private            
Bowen, Henry           Private            
Berry, William T.      Private            
Bowen, John            Private            
Branham, George W.     Private
Craft, Tillman         Private            
Cook, Thomas A.        Private            
Castle, Amos           Private            
Crum, Adam             Private            
Castle, Daniel         Private            
Castle, Marion         Private            
Castle, Benjamin       Private            
Childers, Henry        Private            
Cross, John M.         Private            
Doss, John             Private            
Davis, Samuel B.       Private            
Daniels, George        Private            
Daniels, Thomas J.     Private            
Davis, Apperson        Private            
Daniels, John          Private            
Daniels, Newton        Private            
Dorton, William P.     Private            
Davis, Jedediah F.     Private            
Edwards, Joel G.       Private            
Fletcher, Sylvester    Private            
Fletcher, Winston      Private            
Fletcher, Walter       Private            
Gunnels, George        Private            
Hall, Harmon           Private
Harmon, James W.       Private            
Harless, Van L.        Private            
Hatfield, George       Private            
Hatfield, Jacob        Private            
Hatfield, Ephraim      Private            
Jesse, Noah K.         Private            
Kendrick, William H.   Private            
Kendrick, George M.    Private            
Kazee, Jeremiah        Private            
Kazee, Oliver R.       Private            
Kidd, James L.         Private
Lyons, William L.      Private            
Lemastis, Ela          Private            
Marcum, James          Private            
Mosely, William        Private            
Miller, Lafayette      Private            
Miller, Sylvester B.   Private            
McNeil, Austin B.      Private            
Mullett, Elias B.      Private            
Mullett, John          Private            
Mead, Charles          Private            
Mounce, Asberry        Private            
Mounce, Elijah         Private            
Parsons, O.K.          Private            
Perkins, George        Private            
Porter, Larkin         Private            
Perkins, John H.       Private            
Pack, William          Private            
Pack, George W.        Private            
Pack, John B.          Private            
Ramey, John            Private            
Redaford, Elliott      Private            
Stafford, William      Private            
Stapleton, Eli         Private            
Stapleton, Isaac       Private            
Steamburger, J. R.     Private            
Thomas, James          Private            
Thornbill, James       Private            
Vanhoose, Valentine    Private            
Vanhoose, Reuben N.    Private            
Vanhoose, Samuel       Private            
Wiley, Andrew J.       Private            
Watkins, Wallace       Private            
Ward, Sampson          Private            
Ward, Thomas           Private            
Webb, Sylvester        Private            

Hatfield, Jeremiah     Private     Discharged 27 Dec 1864 at Lexington, Ky            
Nelson, Gabriel        Private     Discharged 21 Nov 1864 at Ashland, Ky       
Price, Jesse           Private     Discharged 2 Jan 1864 at Lexington, Ky       

Austin, John           Private     Turned over to civil authorities       
Wheeler, Stephen M.    Private     Transferred to Vet Reserve Corps       

James Sellards         Private     Died 10 April 1863 at Ashland, Ky       
Flemmon Clay           Private     Died 28 May 1863 at Louisa, Ky       
David D. Davis         Private     Died 1 Aug 1864 at Mt. Sterling, Ky       
John Stapleton         Private     Died 15 April 1863 in Johnson Co, Ky       
Absher, John B.        Private     Died 10 March 1865 at Ashland, Ky       
Borders, Hezekiah      Private     Died 6 Sep 1864 at Ashland, Ky       
Castle, Madison        Private     Killed by guerillas in Floyd County       
Cordle, Holly          Private     Died 22 March 1863 at Louisa, Ky       
Gibson, Samuel         Private     Died 15 June 1863 at Ashland, Ky       
Hall, William          Private     Died 15 Mar 1863 in Richmond, Va            
Huntingdon, Edward     Private     Died 10 April 1863 at Louisa, Ky       
McDowell, Joseph       Private     Died 30 March 1863 at Ashland, Ky       
Rose, George           Private     KIA 4 Dec 1862 in Floyd County       
Salmonds, Wm R.        Private     Died 15 May 1863 at Ashland, Ky       
Wallace, Soloman       Private     Died 8 June 1864 at Louisa, Ky       

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