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Company I

NAME                 RANK
Joseph M. Kirk       Captain    Dismissed from the service March 31, 1864
Benjamin A. Rodgers  Captain    Promoted from Pvt to Captain Nov. 10, 1864
William Hagerman     1st Lt     Resigned March 27, 1865 
John D. Reinhart     1st Lt     Promoted to 1st Lt. June 1, 1865 
Charles Helton       2nd Lt     Dropped from the rolls by General Court Martial
Simeon L. Payne      2nd Lt     Promoted from Sgt to 2Lt. June 1, 1865 
James D. Kirk        1st Sgt    
John H. Gates        Sergeant   
Calvin Harrison      Sergeant   
Joseph A. Dempsey    Sergeant   
Sampson Meade        Sergeant   
Ricely Roberts       Corporal   
John B. Hurley       Corporal   
William Hagerman     Corporal   
Daniel Workman       Corporal   
David Jackson        Corporal   
James Moore          Corporal   
William Lockard      Corporal   
John Marcum          Musician   
Elihue Wiley         Musician   
Adkins, Henry        Private    
Adkins, Owen         Private    
Aikins, William H.   Private    
Aldridge, Ali Sr.    Private    
Aldridge, Ali, Jr    Private    
Bandy, Guy           Private    
Blankenship, P.J.    Private    
Burget, Moses        Private    
Cassada, Enoch       Private    
Chambers, Hugh       Private    
Chaney, Abner        Private    
Chaney, Jonathan     Private    
Charles, George W.   Private    
Childers, Alexander  Private    
Clime (Cline), Jacob Private    
Collins, John        Private    
Crisp, James R.      Private    
Dale, Cumins         Private    
Davis, Benjamin, Sr  Private    
Davis, Benjamin, Jr  Private    
Davis, Henry         Private    
Davis, John          Private    
Davis, Jeremiah      Private    
Davis, Morgan        Private    
Davis, Squire        Private    
Deskins, Lewis       Private    
Foster, Irving       Private    
Hagerman, John       Private    
Hall, Alexander      Private    
Hall, Elijah         Private    
Hall, Hiram          Private    
Hall, James          Private    
Hall, William        Private    
Helton, Hiram        Private    
Hurley, Asbury       Private    
Hurley, Fleming      Private    
Indicut, Samuel      Private    Captured at Wheeler's Ford, ret. June 23, 1865
Justice, Gilmore     Private    
Justice, Samuel      Private    
Justice, William A.  Private    
Kendrick, Thomas J.  Private    
Lackey, Daniel J.    Private    
Luster, Abner        Private    
McLain, George W.    Private    
Mainard, Mark        Private    
Mainard, William T.  Private    
Marcum, Thomas       Private    
Martin, Reuben P.    Private    
Massingale, Wm.      Private    
May, Charles         Private    
May, David C.        Private    
May, Henderson       Private    
Messer, Jacob        Private    
Messer, Daniel       Private    
Mounce, Elijah       Private    
Mounce, Harrison     Private    
Mounce, Michael      Private    
Mounts, David        Private    
Muncey, Archibald    Private    
Muncey, William      Private    
Nelson, Milton       Private    
Norris, David        Private    
Pack, Leander J.     Private    
Pasley, Samuel       Private    Absent sick at muster-out of Company  
Pasley, William      Private    
Payne, David L.      Private    
Payne, George W.     Private    
Payne, John D.       Private    
Payne, William       Private    
Powers, William P.   Private    
Privett, Elias       Private    
Pucket, Malichi      Private    
Rakes, Peter         Private    
Rakes, Richard       Private    
Ridner, James S.     Private    
Ross, John           Private    
Rowe, Arquillis      Private    
Runion, Alexander    Private    
Runion, Hereford     Private    
Sanders, Zachariah T Private    
Slater, Napoleon     Private    
Sloane, Morgan       Private    
Sloane, Simeon       Private    
Spencer, Andrew J.   Private    
Stewert, William     Private    
Stiltmer, Fredrick   Private    
Thacker, Thomas      Private    
Tucker, John         Private    
Upchurch, Shad. T.   Private    
Vandever, Nicholas T Private    
Wallice, Amos        Private    
Watson, John         Private    
White, David         Private    
White, John          Private    
White, Sylvester     Private    
Wolford, Fredrick    Private    
Yates, John          Private    


Richard Elswick      Sergeant   Drummed out of camp March 12, 1864
Daniel Christian     Corporal   June 2, 1864 at Covington, Ky
Elijan Hensley       Corporal   At Ashland for disability
Hall, Isham          Private    Feb. 15, 1864 at Louisa, Ky
Harman, Daniel       Private    Feb. 15, 1864 at Louisa, Ky 
Horn, Americus D.    Private    Date and place unknown 
Rowe, B.             Private    Nov. 21, 1864 at Lexington, Ky
Runion, Adam         Private    Date unknown, at Louisa, Ky


Hall, Fleming        Private    Transferred to Company B 
Kendrick, William    Private    Transferred to Company G 
Roberts, Preston     Private    Transferred to Company C 


Grant, John          Private    Not on muster-out rolls 
Moore, John W.       Private    Not on muster-out rolls 


Adkins, Jesse        Private    Died April 9, 1864 at Louisa, Ky 
Charles, George W.   Private    Captured and killed January 1, 1863
Davis, Adam          Private    Captured and killed January 1, 1863 
Davis, Henry, Sr     Private    Died January 9, 1865 at Camp Nelson 
Daniels, Michael     Private    Died April 14, 1863 
Jewell, James        Private    Died January 9, 1865 at Louisa 
Lackey, William A.   Private    Drowned April 20, 1864 at Paintsville 
Mounce, James        Private    Died, date and place unknown 
Muncey, Thomas       Private    Died May 18, 1864 at Louisa 
Payne, John          Private    Died January 1865 at Louisa 
Payne, Lewis         Private    Died April 24, 1863 at Louisa, Ky 
Roberts, Richard     Private    Died, date and place unknown 
Runion, Uriah        Private    KIA May 18, 1864 in Pike County 
Sipples, Leroy B.    Private    Died June 1863 at Ashland 
Stacey, William      Private    Died March 7, 1864 at Camp Nelson 
Stafford, E.         Private    Died March 19, 1865 at Ashland 
Stump, Henry         Private    Died March 24, 1865 at Ashland 
White, Edward        Private    Died Jan. 12, 1865 at Louisa of small-pox
White, James         Private    Died Jan. 1, 1863 at Peach Orchard 
White, P.            Private    Died Dec. 25, 1862 at Peach Orchard 
Yates, William       Private    Died, date and place unknown 

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