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Company K

NAME                   RANK               
Harrison Ford          Captain            
Nathaniel Collins      Captain            
Joseph D. Powers       1st Lieutenant     
Samuel Keel            2nd Lieutenant     
John W. Swindel        1st Sergeant       
John Damron            Sergeant           
Forest P. Sergent      Sergeant           
James P. Alley         Sergeant           
William Sword          Sergeant           
Abijah D. Alley        Corporal
William H. Sword       Corporal           
James M. Poore         Corporal           
James D. Bush          Corporal           
Joseph Hibbitts        Corporal           
Richard Hibbitts       Corporal           
Richard Quillin        Corporal died 7 Dec 1864 at Louisa, Ky 
James Cool             Corporal           
Harmon Mullins         Corporal           
Harvey Wherley         Wagoner            
Adams, William         Private            
Baity, James           Private            
Baity, John            Private            
Bailey, Calvin         Private            
Bailey, James C.       Private            
Bennett, Golder        Private            
Bennett, John          Private            
Bentley, May           Private            
Bentley, John Q.       Private            
Bentley, William       Private            
Blankenship, Mitchell  Private           
Branham, Alfred        Private            
Brooks, Francis M.     Private            
Brown, Marion          Private            
Bruntey, Jesse         Private            
Burks, James           Private            
Bush, Auston           Private            
Candwill, Jackson      Private            
Casebolt, Hiram        Private            
Clay, Andrew           Private            
Clear, Henry H.        Private            
Damron, Spurlock       Private            
Edwards, Reuben        Private            
Farmer, John           Private            
Friley, Mc.            Private            
Hale, Isaac M.         Private            
Hale, James W.         Private            
Hall, Benjamin         Private            
Hall, David            Private            
Hall, Granville        Private            
Hall, Harmon           Private            
Hall, Preston          Private
Hall, Richard          Private            
Hall, Riley            Private            
Hall, Samuel           Private            
Hall, Thomas           Private            
Hamilton, Leonard      Private            
Holdbrooks, Robert A.  Private            
Horn, Jesse F.         Private            
Horn, John             Private            
Huse, Gabriel          Private            
Jackson, Jasper        Private            
Kenady, John           Private            
Kenady, Mc             Private            
Lambert, Joseph        Private            
Little, Reuben         Private            
Marshall, John         Private            
Martin, James A.       Private            
Maynard, James         Private            
McCowen, James         Private            
McKinsey, Ballard P.   Private            
Meade, John P.         Private            
Meade, Mc.             Private            
Meade, Rodes           Private            
Miller, Samuel         Private            
Newsome, Davenport     Private            
Newsome, David         Private            
Newsome, Harrison      Private          
Newsome, Jarvey        Private            
Newsome, Robert        Private            
Newsome, Samuel        Private            
Neece, Samuel          Private            
O'Brine, Author        Private           
Osborn, Sherwood       Private            
Owens. Reace           Private            
Parks, James           Private            
Patton, David          Private            
Peterson, Allen        Private            
Peterson, Charles      Private            
Peterson, Lawson       Private            
Powers. Linsey M.      Private            
Ray, Jackson           Private            
Ray, James L.          Private            
Ray, Martin            Private            
Ray, Reuben            Private            
Richey, John           Private            
Rogers, John           Private            
Rose, Thomas W.        Private            
Riley, Thomas          Private            
Reynolds, Stephen      Private            
Reynolds. William H.   Private            
Sampson, Daniel M.     Private            
Southards, Bluford     Private            
Sturgill, Lemuel       Private            
Tackitt, John          Private            
Tackett, Robert        Private            
Tipton, David          Private            
Tipton, James M.       Private            
Tipton, John C.        Private            
Tipton, Reuben         Private            
Wood, James F.         Private            
Wood, John             Private            
Yates, Andrew          Private            
Young, Jobe            Private            
Youts, Solomon         Private            

Cumpton, William       Private      Transferred to Company B      

Lewis P. Damron        Sergeant     KIA, 21 Aug 1863 in Carter County, Ky           
Richard Quillin        Corporal     Died 7 Dec 1864 at Louisa, Ky      
John W. Sword          Corporal     Died 21 Dec 1864 at Ashland, Ky      
Adams, Jesse B.        Private      Died 14 Dec 1864 at Louisa, Ky      
Bennett, Jason         Private      Died 18 Dec 1864 at Paintsville, Ky      
Blankenship, Isam      Private      Died 21 March 1863 at Louisa, Ky      
Branham, James         Private      Died 21 March 1864 at Camp Nelson, Ky      
Casebolt, David        Private      Died 22 Nov 1863 at Louisa, Ky      
Damron, Jackson        Private      Died 12 Sep 1864 in Pike County, Ky      
Elliott, Granville     Private      Died 9 April 1863 at Ashland, Ky      
Gilliam, Lilborn       Private      Died 5 Dec 1864 at Louisa, Ky      
Hamilton, Kenas F.     Private      Died 5 Dec 1864 at Louisa, Ky      
Hamilton, Samuel       Private      Died, date unk., a POW in Richmond, Va      
Horn, Jesse            Private      Died 20 Feb 1864 at Louisa, Ky      
Kenady, James          Private      Died 28 Dec 1864 at Louisa, Ky      
Newsom,. Lackey G.     Private      KIA, 25 Feb 1865 at Piketon, Ky      
Parsons, William       Private      Died 10 April 1863 at Ashland, Ky      
Powers, William H.     Private      KIA, 12 June 1864 at Cynthiana, Ky      
Tipton, Jacob          Private      Died 11 Feb 1865 at Ashland, Ky      
Youts, Elijah          Private      Died, date unk., at Louisa, Ky      

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