William A. Taylor, Company E

William A. Taylor was born Aug. 11, 1806 in probably Logan County, Wva. He was the son of probably John Taylor and Mary Ann Varney. John Taylor was said to have served during the War of 1812 and died in service. William moved to Pike County, Ky by 1830. He married Sally Maynard Slone, daughter of Lewis Maynard and Tabitha Edwards, in Pike Co. Ky in 1832. They had a large family: Margaret, Lydia, Tabitha, Alvis, John H., Pricy, Jane, Sarah Ann, Parlee, Harriet.

William and his family lived on Pond Creek, near where the village of Stone is now located. William was a farmer. When the Civil War broke out, William had to relocate his family to Louisa, Kentucky due to his being sympathetic to the Federal government. William enlisted in the Union Army in the 39th Kentucky Infantry at Peach Orchard, Ky on November 16, 1862 at the age of 56. He gave his age as 41 years old but probably lied about his age so he would be considered young enough to be a soldier. He was a private.

William was absent on a scouting mission according to the March and April, 1863 muster rolls. In the July and August, 1863 muster rolls, William was absent without leave. It is said William was captured by the Rebels and held briefly in Logan, West Virginia. That could be why he was absent on the July/Aug. 1863 muster rolls. He was also absent without leave in January and February, 1864. It is unclear but William was said to have deserted in either April or in September, 1864. He returned in May, 1865 under President's pardon or proclamation. He was mustered out with his regiment in September, 1865. William's wife, Sarah, received a pension for his services. William's son, Alvis Taylor, also served in Company E, 39th Ky. Alvis was either captured by the Rebels or deserted in either Feb. or July, 1863. His daughter Sarah Ann, married another soldier of the 39th, George M.D. Bevins in 1867.

William returned to Pike County after the war. He was a member of the Baptist church. He was either a gunsmith or returned to farming. William died in 1887. His wife survived him, living until 1903.

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