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Clark D Potter and
Kaie Marlene Steely

Clark Potter in Spain
Clark Douglas Potter
Wife of Clark Douglas Potter - Kaie Marlene Steely Potter and Their Son, Creed Potter on Their Motorcycle
Clark Douglas Potter; s/o of Creed Flannery Potter and Ida Fuller. Clark Douglas Potter m. 23 Jul 1965 Houston TX to Kaie Marlene Steely b 2 Dec 1947 Huntsville, TX d 23 Jun 2020 TX; buried Houston National Cemetery, 10410 Veterans Memorial Dr., Houston TX 77038; d/o Arthur Ray Steely and Merle Opal Barnhill. Children of Clark Douglas Potter and Kaie Marlene Steely;

1. Creed Matthew Potter m. (1) Mari Quijano; d/o Domique Quizano and Nellie Unknown. Children of Creed Matthew Potter and Mari Quijano are;

i. Justine Briana Potter

ii. Shannon Nicole Potter

Creed Matthew Potter m. (2) Tracey Lynn Zease. Children of Creed Matthew Potter and Tracey Lynn Zease;

i. Creed Douglas Potter

ii. Victoria Lynn Potter

iii. Camille Roxanne Potter

iv. Infant Potter

2. Jacinda Dawn Potter married Tommy Burnis Jackson. Child of Tommy Jackson and Jacinda Dawn Potter;

i. Jeneesa Jackson

Jacinda Dawn Potter; m. abt 2020 to Donald Mehas

3. Alethea Kaie Potter m. (1) Darrell Hugh Thompson. Alethea Kaie Potter m. (2) Chuck Terrell. Children Darrell Thompson and Alethea Kaie Potter;

i. Jinaquin Rae Thompson

ii. Allauna Bri Thompson

Obituary: Kaie Marlene Steely Potter
2 Dec 1947 - 23 Jun 2020

Kaie Marlene Steely Potter
Kaie Marlene Steely Potter of Houston, Texas passed from this earth to eternal life on June 23rd, 2020. Kaie was born December 2nd, 1947 in Huntsville, Texas. She was the youngest of 4 children and married Clark Douglas Potter in Houston, Texas on July 23rd, 1965.

She gave birth to 3 children and was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and held numerous positions through the decades.

Sister Potter was well known for active political affiliations that supported Pro-Family ideas. Kaie was a long time member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and served as a congressional aide under Congressman Ron Paul for three terms. She worked on committees to review school textbooks and often participated in debates regarding family values in the federal law and factual historical books.

Sister Potter was an avid genealogy researcher and was willing to drive across America to gather the proper documentation for ancestry. Kaie contributed time, knowledge, and innovation to her church Historical Society and the Genealogy Historical Society of Texas for many decades. Her tireless compassionate efforts to communicate weekly with her friends, family members, and neighbors will be missed.

She has been preceded in death by her mother and father, Merle and Arthur Steely, her brother, Melvin Steely, and great granddaughter, McKenna Bundy.

She is survived by her husband, Clark Potter, and their children; Creed Potter and his wife, Tracey, Jacinda Mehas and her husband, Don, and Alethia Potter. She is also survived by her brother, Bob Steely and sister, Lorita Ballew. She has left her legacy with her ever growing family of grandchildren: Briana Hinson, Shannon Bundy, Jinaquin Morrill, Allauna Thompson, Jeneesa Jackson, Creed D. Potter, Victoria Potter, Camille Potter, Raquel Potter. Her great grand children: Olivia Gluski, Brionna Gluski, Dominic Bundy, Jaielie Terrassas, Robert Hinson, Ary Terrassas, Zoey Bundy, Evelyn Bundy, Kady Belle Hinson, Dane Bundy, Carma Potter, and Ruby Morrill. She has numerous nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and in laws all over the United States that she always stayed in touch with.

A graveside service will be held July 15, 2020; 2:15 p.m., at Houston National Cemetery, 10410 Veterans Memorial Dr., Houston, TX 77038

More About Clark and Family

Clark Douglas Potter was born in Letcher Co KY, and moved to Houston Texas after his stint in the air force. Having seen their father and others work the coal mines, Clark and his brothers Joel Martin "Marty" Potter and David Potter chose not to take part in the mining trade in KY, but chose to seek work in Houston Texas. While in Houston Texas, Clark met and married on 21 July 1965 to Kaie Marlene Steely, the daughter of Arthur Ray Steely and Merle Opal Barnhill.

Clark has now retired after having worked 32 years at the Sinclair Oil Refinery later called ARCO, Lyondell, or Lyondell Citgo. At Arco, he was actively involved in the Union as Chairman of Workmens Committee OCAW Local 4227. Clark was also Scoutmaster of troop 611 in which his son Creed was a member. Clark somehow found time to also coach several girls softball teams in which his own daughters, Jacinda and Alethia were players.

Clark's wife, Kaie Marlene Steely has worked in politics spearheading campaigns for congressional offices. Kaie and Clark are both very active in their church. Kaie has also been a house wife. Clark and Kaie have 3 grown children who also have children of their own.

From Annette Potter, 20 Oct., 2016

I was on Facebook this afternoon (20 Oct 2016) and found this piece of writing by a long time friend of the Clark Potter family, Corky Camery. She is a member of the Mormon church. She and Clark Potter's family are involved in the church work for others. I have observed them helping others in disasters. I am not a member myself. I see them do for others across the world. So, Clark is well received for his participation in his efforts. Corky Camery has been on this earth for over 90 years. Here is what she wrote regarding a visit she made to another ward. She posted this on October 20, 2014:

Corky's Chronicles # 5

Folks, I missed church in my own ward today, It isn't because I don't love and enjoy my Ward, but I had an opportunity to go with, Sister Becky Peterson to the Broadway Ward. She went in her capacity of Stake Relief Society, and let me tag along.

When I walk into that aging building, I become emotional, until this building was built we met in a rented Methodist Church, on Telephone Road, then in an Old Church down in such a rundown area that when a high wind blew, the windows blew in, also we had to build a wood fire in the stove to warm the Chapel when we met.

One time as we were having our Sacrament meeting, an Old man stumbled in, he was drunk, no one paid him any attention, and he went off to sleep. I guess it was a dull meeting for him. HA. All this went on while we were building the Broadway Ward, way back in the 1960's. At that time, Salt Lake sent some one to oversee the project of building our Chapels, this person was," Brother Horace Foote", and the member's did the work. One of those NON members who helped was my husband, Ralph Paul Camery. he donated over 700 hours of free work toward building the Broadway Ward, because I was a member.

As I walk into that building with all of it's memories, I have to laugh at some of them. Since I'm old, I have a bad time with remembering names, I'll just tell you one of the Teen age girls, who helped was up on the roof, helping in some way on the building, she became frightened and couldn't come down. It took several Priesthood men to take her hands loose then to get her off the roof. HA

Ralph was a construction man, and was a great help with the untrained people. One day, the crew were standing in the parking lot talking, Brother Horace Foote, said to Ralph, "Brother Camery, why haven't you joined the Church? His answer was, "No one ever ask me too," So as the work went to an end, and our beautiful building stood ready and waiting, the Baptismal font was filled, and YES, you guessed it, Ralph Paul Camery was the first one Baptised in the font he helped to build. He serves as a Counslor to several Bishop's while in Broadway Ward, Then as Bishop when we were moved into the Pasadena 1st Ward. It all stared because of the Broadway Ward.

Today as I walked into the Chapel, memories overwhelmed me. I sat down with a small group of wonderful women, Just a few, my heart ached for those long passed, but gloried in those still here. Sister Hopkins who is way up in her 90s, and I held hands and I remembered how they had been used to work all those years in the Church, How she gave up 15 years of not having her husband home until late, as he did his work those long years as the Bishop in Broadway Ward.

Juanita Tolar, We have know each other for many long years, We are the same age. she sat in front of me in the Chapel with the rest that I knew so well. Way up front sat my (I can't call her OLD friend) she is my son's age, but we have been friends most of her life. We have been on many fun trips together. Kaie and Clark Potter, and guess what? I lucked out, "Clark," was giving the talk today. It was very good, I told him I was surprised, he ended on time. He laughed, he's a great family man, and wise in many ways.

I feel right at home in that wonderful friendly Ward, the hours I've spent there have helped shape my life, and has been the foundation of my love of the Gospel. It is where my testimony grew. The members have given me so many hours of joy and laughter, A lot of lessons, both spiritual, and in other ways, also gave me the learning I never would have received any other place. It has given me a lifetime of wonderful friends and experiences that I can remember and laugh, or cry, or ponder over to the end of my days, and on into the Eternities.

Yes, As I sat and remembered all these things and all those," Happy Old Broadway Days," I know I am a Blessed woman even with all my loses, Heart Ache's and disappointments, that we humans," ALL," have in our journey here on earth, I still know," I'm a blessed woman," and always have been.


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